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Hieronymite chiircli and monastery of S. Miguel de los Reyes at Valencia, and
cominencen the cloister of it ; and other works.
t65, Diego Siloe of Toledo. Cathedral and Alcazar at Granada; church and convent ol
S. Jerome in the s.ime city.
166. GiiiOLAMO Genoa of Urbino.Repaired the ducal palace at Urbino
built another
on the Monte lni])eriale, near Pesaro
church of Fan Giovanni Battistaat Pesaro;
facade of the cathedral, and restored tlie bishop's palace at Mantua; convent de'
Zoccolanti at Monte Baroccio ; and the ^hurch of St. Maria delle Grazie, and tiie
episcopal palace, at Sinigaglia. His son Bartoloivieo assisted him, and also prac-
tised at Pesaro, Urbino, and other places.
!MicHELE San Michem of Verona.

Cathedral at Montefiascone; tliurch of S. Do-

menico at Orvieto
fortresses in the Venetian territory, in Corfu, Lombardy, and
the ecclesiastiial states, as at Legnani, Orzi Nuovo, and Castello; palazzo di
Canossa, dell'Gran Guardia on the Bra; Pellegrini de' Verzi ; the preficturate and
fd^ade of the palazzo Bevilacqua
chapel Guareschi in the church of S. Bernardino;
design for the campanile of the Duomo
churches of Santa Maria in Organo de'
Monaci, di Monte Dliveto, di S. Giorgio, and della Madonna dilla Campagna
gates Nuova, del Pallio, di S. Zenone. del palazzo Pretorio, and del palazzo Pre-
fettizio, all at Verona
; as well as fortifications of the same city, where triangular
bastioj s were first introduced, that of della Madtllena being erected in 1527.
168. Phii.ibert DE L'OiiJiE of France. Commenced the Tuileries ; built the cliateaux of
St. iNIaur, Anet, Meudon, and many others. Wrote on architecture.
169. Gaieazzo Alessi of Perugia in Italy.Directed the works at the monastery of
S. Pietro ; entrance gateway of the fortress and the governor's residence
del Sacramento in the cathedral, and the front of the church of Sta. Maria del
Popolo, and several ))a1azzi, all at Perugia. VVorks at the arsenal and the haven
and mole at Genoa, where he executed the public granaries
loggia dei Banchi with
a large hall; Palazzo Reale ; cupola, choir, and other works of the duomo of
S. Lorenzo ; the church of Sta. Maria di Carigiiano
the Stradi nuova and
nuovisMima, with most of the palazzi in them, and other palacts in the Borgo di
S. Pier d' Arena. At Bologna, at Milan, and other cities, he designed many
palaces and churches; later he made a design for the church del Gesii at Rome,
and for the Escuiial in Spain.
170. Sante Lombaicdo of Venice.Assisted Ids father Giulio in the Scuola di S. Rocca
palazzi Trevisani and Gradenigo; the church of S. Georgio de' Greei with Chiona;
all at Venice.
171. Michel Agnolo Blonarroti Si.mone of Florence. Chapel and cupola of the new
saciisty to the church of San Lorenzo
part of the facade of the church; library
of the Medici, generally called the I-aiirentian Library
all at Florence. Church
of San Giovanni, which he did not finish
Fortifications at Florence, and at Monte
San jNIiiiiato. Monument of Julius IL in the church of San Pietro in Vincola;
the Campidoglio, with the palazzo de' Conservatorj, the building in the centre, and
the flight of steps; the celebrated cornice and other portions to the palazzo Farnese
and several gates, particularly the I'orta del Popolo and the Porta Pia, all at Rome.
Plans for many other palaces, churches, and chapels. He was employed on St.
Peter's, after the death of Ant. Picconi da San Gallo, making many alterations in
the design, and giving the inodel for the great dome, which was followed out,
except as to the lantern.
172 GiACOMO Barozzi, of Vignola in Italy. Vaiious buildings at Bologna
palace; church of S. Agostino
palazzo di S. Giorgio dei Scotti, all at Pi.iccnza.
Received tlie cliarge of the Acqiia Vergine at Rome, and the works at the Vigna
of Pope Julius III. (or his villa), and other buildings for liimand liis family.
Constructed the celebrated palace at Caprarola, near Viterbo, for Cardinal
Alessandro Farnese. Became architect to S. Peter's after the death of Buonarroti,
when he designed the lateral cu])olas
and many other works in that city, inclu-
ding the church del Gesu up to the cornice. 'I'he large church of Sta. Maria degli
Angeli at Assisi. Consulted on the designs for the Escurial in Spain, and made
one which was highly approved.
173. Giui.io Pippi of Rome, called GiuLio Romano.Villa Madama
Palazzo Lante at
San Pietro
church della Madonna del Orto
Palazzo Ciccia porci alia Strada di
Banchi ; Palazzo Cenci sulla Piazza S
Eustachio, and other buildings in Rome.
The celebrated Palazzo del Te at Mantua; palace at 3Iarmiruolo near that city;
modernised the ducal palaces, the Duomo, and many oiher buildings in Mantua;
facade of San Petronio at Bologna; and works at Vicenza.
17^. Eustace M.vscall or Makshaii. or Malcolm of England. Clerk of the works at

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