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Students registered for the academic Master Study Proramme i! E!"is# P#i"o"oy can
choose to write a Master thesis (MA thesis) in the following fields:
English Language Teaching (ELT) Methodology;
An MA t#esis

is a students research wor! which de"onstrates ac#uisition of theoretical and
$ractical nowledge! "ethodological and organisational sills in a field or su%&field in the
a"ount identified in the study $rogra""e. The thesis should $ro'e the a%ility of a student to
carry out research containing ele"ents of inno'ation and $ractical a$$lication and to draft
inde$endent decisions( ()L Senate *ecision +o. ,-. of ./.01..002 3egulation on 4inal
Tests at the )ni'ersity of Lat'ia().
The MA thesis writing $rocess consists of se'eral stages! each with its own interi"
deadline (see for the s$ecific deadlines: htt$:55www.h6f.lu.l'5studi7as5studi7udar%i5 ):
,) The ty$ed a$$lication (see A$$endi8 ,)! which is addressed to 9ead of the rele'ant
*e$art"ent and signed %y the ad'iser! in which the author $ro$oses a the"e for the MA
.) *iscussion of the research outline with your ad'iser;
2) :riting of the draft of the thesis! which includes a re'iew of literature! research results
and a discussion of these results;
1) ;resentation of the draft;
<) :riting and su%"ission of the final 'ersion of the thesis! in which all the suggestions and
changes noted %y the ad'iser are i"$le"ented;
-) The registration of the final 'ersion of the thesis! in which all the suggestions and changes
noted %y the ad'iser ha'e %een i"$le"ented (students should u$load an electronic co$y
and su%"it two %ound co$ies of the MA thesis and fi'e co$ies of the theses;
=) The $resentation of the thesis.
The file with the final draft of the >A thesis "ust %e con'erted into the ;*4 for"at and
u$loaded in the )ni'ersity of Lat'ia infor"ational syste" (L)?S). The a%stract "ust %e also
$asted in the $ro'ided slot in L)?S.
The electronic co$y is sa'ed under the na"e for"ed fro" the students full na"e without
diacritic "ars and ?*! e.g.! >er6ins@Aanis@>AB20,0. The si6e of the file %eing u$loaded "ust
not e8ceed <0 M>.
The MA thesis "ust %e $rinted in two co$ies C one with a hard co'er and the other one C
%ound. 4i'e co$ies of the theses "ust ha'e the na"e and surna"e of the author! the title of the
MA thesis.
4urther! the DA thesis "ust %e registered and su%"itted in accordance with the general
uni'ersity re#uire"ents (see htt$:55www.h6f.lu.l'5studi7as5studi7udar%i5 : L) 02.0...0,.
rEo7u"s +r. ,5./ F;rasE%as noslGgu"u dar%u (%aalaura! "aHistra dar%u! di$lo"dar%u un
'alifiIci7as dar%u) i6strIdIJanai un ai6stI'GJanai Lat'i7as )ni'ersitItG) on the date
s$ecified %y the faculty.
?t is i"$ortant to $resent a MA thesis according to the standards laid down %y the 4aculty of
The length of the DK thesis is set %etween %& to '& (aes. The li"its of length i!c"ude a list
of a%%re'iations5acrony"s (o$tional)! an introduction! cha$ters! conclusions! theses!
references and a glossary (o$tional)! %ut e)c"ude a$$endices. Lnly under e8ce$tional
circu"stances will $er"ission %e granted to e8ceed the li"its. A student who needs to e8ceed
the li"its should su%"it a for"al a$$lication to 9ead of the rele'ant *e$art"ent! su$$orted
%y his5her ad'isor! %ut not later than one "onth %efore the date of the su%"ission of the MA
,. MLNE3 (see A$$endi8 .)
.. T?TLE ;AOE (see A$$endi8 2)
2. AMP+L:LE*OEME+TS (o$tional)
Most MA theses include this $age in which the writer acnowledges the assistance
recei'ed. Ty$ically the acnowledge"ents are %rief and include thaning the staff! the
$artici$ants of the research! any funding source and others.
?t should %e a translation of the a%stract (see $oint < %elow)
The length of the a%stract is not "ore than /<0 characters with s$aces. ?t should co"$rise
the following infor"ation:
After a $aragra$h long a%stract! add also ey words! i.e. 1&/ words or $hrases
characterising the the"e! for e8a"$le:
Key words: Oscar Wilde, Dorian Grey, ethics, aesthetics, symbols, gothic
horror! hedonis".
-. TA>LE L4 ML+TE+TS (see A$$endi8 1)
The ta%le of contents is designed auto"atically.
=. L?ST L4 A>>3EN?AT?L+S A+* AM3L+RMS (o$tional)
/. ?+T3L*)MT?L+:
The introduction should state clearly and concisely:
%acground of the study;
significance of the $ro%le";
goal of the research $a$er;
research #uestions (each #uestion should corres$ond to a cha$ter in your $a$er);
research "ethods (7ust a list of those);
short su""ary (,&. sentences) of the cha$ters.
This %ody of the thesis deals with the theoretical and e"$irical as$ects of the research and
should %e organised in cha$ters and su%cha$ters! with cha$ter and su%cha$ter headings.
Each cha$ter should start with a $aragra$h long introductory $aragra$h and conclude with
a su""arising $aragra$h. The %ody co"$rises:
Literature re*ie+ , a re'iew of the theoretical and e"$irical literature! $ro'iding the
theoretical %acground to the $ro%le" under research.
Em(irica" researc# , the ai" of e"$irical analysis is to integrate $rofessional
nowledge with e"$irical data of the research #uestion. ?n this cha$ter you should
identify! e8$lore! confir"! discuss and ad'ance the theoretical conce$ts introduced in
the Literature re'iew.
,0. ML+ML)S?L+S
The cha$ters are followed %y rele'ant conclusions drawn on the %asis of the analysis. This
section %riefly su""ari6es the "ain findings of the research! %oth theoretical and
e"$irical. Thus! it co"$rises:
an introductory $aragra$h including a restate"ent of the goal and research #uestions;
su""ary of the research results;
,,. T9ESES
These are the "ost significant findings "ade while $erfor"ing the research. ,0&,. theses
are sufficient.
,.. 3E4E3E+MES
3eferences is a list of %oos! articles and other sources used while writing the thesis. Lnly
the sources referred to in the %ody of the thesis should %e listed. ?f the ad'isor considers it
rele'ant! an additional list of sources called Bibliography (sources a'aila%le or consulted)
can %e added. ?te"s in the references should %e nu"%ered and listed al$ha%etically:
Latin characters (English! Lat'ian! then Oer"an and other);
Myrillic characters (3ussian);
?nternet sources without the author and the title.
The section %elow outlines the "ost co""on entries for writing ite"s in the references. ?f
any #uestions are not answered here! one should consult his5her ad'isor. ;ro'ide also
na"es of the authors. Su$$orting te8t "ust clearly indicate where #uoted "aterial
A -oo. /y a Si!"e Aut#or
Last na"e and na"e of author Title ;lace of $u%lication ;u%lisher Rear of $u%lication
,. 3ice! Ann. The Queen of the Damned. L8ford: L8ford )ni'ersity ;ress! ,B//.
A -oo. /y Se*era" Aut#ors0
.. Oil"an! Sander! 9elen Ping! 3oy ;orter! Oeorge 3ousseau! and Elaine Showalter.
Hysteria Beyond Freud. >ereley: )ni'eristy of Malifornia ;! ,BB2.
A! A!t#o"oy or a Com(i"atio!1 -oo. +it# a! Editor0
Oi'e the na"es in the sa"e order as they a$$ear on the title $age.
2. Macdonald! Oina! and Andrew! Macdonald (eds.). Jane Austen on Screen. +ew Ror:
Ma"%ridge )ni'ersity ;ress! .002.
1. S$afford! ;eter! (co"$. and ed.). Interference The Story of !"echoslo#a$ia in the %ords of
Its %riters. Mheltenha": +ew Mlarion! ,BB..
C#a(ter or Artic"e i! a! Edited Co""ectio!0
<. Sel%y! Peith. Hardy& History and Ho$um. ($. B2&,,1) 4ro": 3o%ert Oiddings; Erica Sheen
(eds.). The !lassic 'o#el. From (age to Screen. *elaware: Manchester )ni'ersity ;ress!
2ictio!aries a!d E!cyc"o(aedias0
-. 4erguson! 3osalind (ed.). Dictionary of )nglish Synonyms and Antonyms. London:
;enguin >oos. ,BB..
=. )ncyclopaedia of *irginia. +ew Ror: So"erset! ,BB2.
A! I!troductio!1 a Pre3ace1 a Fore+ord or a! A3ter+ord0
/. >rodsy! Aose$h. 4oreword. (oetry as a Form of +esistance to +eality. ('iiC8'iii.) 4ro":
Nenclo'a! To"as. %inter Dialogue. E'anston: 9ydra&+orthwestern );! ,BB=.
A Wor. i! a! A!t#o"oy0
B. Allende! ?sa%el. Toads Mouth.( 4ro": Margaret! Sayers ;eden. A Hammoc$ Beneath the
,angoes Stories from -atin America. Tho"as Molchie (ed.). +ew Ror: ;lu"e! ,BB.. /2C
4our!a" or Maa5i!e Artic"e0
Last na"e and na"e of author Title Aournal Nolu"e +u"%er5issue Rear of $u%lication ;age nu"%ers
,0. Mann! Susan. Myths of :o"anhood.( Journal of Asian Studies <B..! .000: /2<C/-..
MA T#esis0
,,. Lie$iSa! Anna. Symbolism in .. %ilde/s -yrics. )n$u%lished MA thesis. 3iga: )ni'ersity
of Lat'ia! .000.
E"ectro!ic Pu/"icatio!s0
Basic Entry Document from Internet Site
,.. Tei! Se"ir. Artistic Mreati'ity and the >rain.( Science ,aga"ine. .1 Se$t. .00..
A'aila%le fro" htt$:55www.science"ag.org5cgi5content5full5.B25<<.=5<, UAccessed Aune 1!
Online Books
,2. +agata! Linda. 0oddesses. Scifi.com. .000. A'aila%le fro"
htt$:55www.scifi.co"5originals5originals@archi'e5nagata5 UAccessed Lcto%er 1! .0,0V.

,1. Peats! Aohn. Lde on a Orecian )rn.( (oetical %or$s. Bartleby.com 0reat Boo$s .nline.
Ste'en 'an Leeuwen (ed.). ,//1. A'aila%le fro" htt$:55www.%artle%y.co"5,.-51,.ht"
UAccessed May 1! .00BV.
?f o!"y t#e I!ter!et address is .!o+!! it "ust a$$ear at the end of the list under a se$arate
heading Internet sources& !um/ered a!e+! for e8a"$le
I!ter!et Sources
,. A'aila%le fro" htt$:55www.ou$.co"5elt5glo%al5 UAccessed Aanuary .! .002V.
.. A'aila%le fro" htt$:55ete8t.li%.'irginia.edu UAccessed Aanuary .! .0,0V.
2. A'aila%le fro" htt$:55www."aretsa"urai$ro"ocode.co"5 UAccessed 4e%ruary B! .0,0V.
1. A'aila%le fro" htt$:55danieltanseo$ressor.co"5 UAccessed May ,,! .0,0V.
,. Harry (otter and the !hamber of Secrets. U4il"V *irected %y: Mhris Molu"%us. )SA!
:arner >rothers! .00..
Lther rele'ant details can also %e added! for e8a"$le
.. (ride and (re1udice. U4il"V >>M5AWE "ini&series! (200 "in). *irected %y: Si"on
Langton; Screen$lay %y: Andrew *a'ies! ,BB<.
2. (ride and (re1udice& The -atter Day !omedy. U4il"V Ma"era 105>est%oy ;ictures; (,01
"in) *irected %y: Andrew >lac; Screen$lay %y: Anne P. >lac! Patherine >ri" (as
Patherine Swigert)! .002.
2V2 a!d Video0
1. Tess of the D23rber#illes. U*N*V )S: AWE 9o"e Nideo. ,BB/.
<. (ride and (re1udice. UN9SV >>M&.: "ini&series! (,.- "in)! *irected %y: Myril Moe;
Screen$lay %y: 4ay :eldon! ,B=B.
?f the Nideo5*N* $u%lication year is different fro" the fil" release year! then the year of
$u%lication is also indicated in the s#uare %racets. ?f the $roducer (i.e. the "anufacturer of
the disc) differs fro" the original $roducer! this "ust %e "entioned as well. At the end always
write the year in which the fil" has %een released.
-. (ride and (re1udice. >>M5AWE "ini&series! - $arts (200 "in). U*N*
.00.! ANO NideosV *irected %y: Si"on Langton; Screen$lay %y: Andrew *a'ies! ,BB<.
TV Recordi!s:
=. >>M 3ecorded ;rogra""es. Foyles -iterary -uncheon. UNideo: N9SV. London! ?TN! .,
Aan. ,BB-.
M*&3LM entries usually start with an author or editor or the title of a $articular te8t:
/. Minio&;aluello! Loren6o. Aristotelianis". 4ro": )ncyclopaedia Britannica. UM*&3LMV
London! Encyclo$aedia >ritannica! .00..
,2. OLLSSA3R (o$tional)
Olossary "ay contain definitions of the ey ter"s. ?nclude definitions only when
the ter" is often used a"%iguously in the research area;
the ter" is a general one! and you wish to "odify it.
,1. A;;E+*?X5A;;E+*?MES (o$tional)
A$$endices should co"$rise only the "aterial that is rele'ant to the research. The following
"aterial is a$$ro$riate for a$$endices: tests! #uestionnaires! teaching "aterials used or
designed! 'isual aids! less i"$ortant ta%les and figures! te8t cor$ora! or other inds of
illustrati'e "aterial. A$$endices should %e nu"%ered with Ara%ic nu"%ers! $ro'ided with
headings and credited $ro$erly (if rele'ant)! for e8a"$le
A((e!di) 7
C#ro!o"oica" Out"i!e
,<. ATTESTAT?L+ ;AOE (*ou"entIrI la$a) (see A$$endi8 <)
The thesis is original research; therefore! any ind of ("aiarism is for%idden. A student
su%"itting a thesis should declare that he5she has not used any unacnowledged sources! that
is! all sources fro" which the infor"ation is deri'ed are acnowledged in the %ody of the
The te8t "ust %e written and organi6ed according to the following re#uire"ents:
Pa(er1 3o!t1 (oi!t si5e1 (ae !um/ers
A1 si6e white $a$er! te8t on one side;
:ord $rocessed using Ti"es +ew 3o"an;
,1 $t. for headings! centred;
,. $t. for the "ain te8t of the thesis and long #uotations;
,, $t. for the ca$tions of ta%les and figures;
,0 $t. for footnotes.
The $ages are nu"%ered consecuti'ely (see A$$endi8 1). The $age nu"%ers are centred.
,.< s$acing throughout the $a$er! including the list of references (+ote: there is no e8tra
s$ace %etween $aragra$hs);
Long #uotations! footnotes! ta%les and figures are single s$aced.
..0 c" for to$! %otto"! and right "argins; 2.0 c" for left "argins;
each $aragra$h is indented %y , c"! e8ce$t the first.
C#a(ters a!d su/c#a(ters
Each cha$ter starts on a new $age and contains at least two su%cha$ters! if at all. Su%cha$ters
do not start on a new $age. *o not $ut a full sto$ after a heading or su%heading and lea'e one
e"$ty line a%o'e and %elow. 4or headings use CAPITAL LETTERS in %old whereas for
su%headings C Se!te!ce case in %old. Lne e"$ty line is left %efore and one e"$ty line after
each heading.
A//re*iatio!s a!d acro!yms
The first ti"e an a%%re'iation is used! the ter" should %e s$elt out in full! with the
a%%re'iation shown in %racets i""ediately afterwards! for e8a"$le: Li'y! The 9istory of
3o"e! >oo ,0 (Li'. ,0). 4urther on! the ter" "ay %e shown as an a%%re'iation. The use of
a%%re'iations should %e consistent. The sa"e refers to acrony"s.
Ta/"es a!d 3iures
Mon'entionally! ta%les are referred to as Tables! while anything $ictorial (%e it a gra$h or a
$hotogra$h) is called a Figure. >oth Ta%les and 4igures are gi'en two Ara%ic nu"erals
se$arated %y a $eriod. ?talic is used in descri$ti'e legends or ca$tions only! and not in the te8t!
for e8a"$le Figure 4.4 Mr. Knightley in Emma8 1995. 4igures and Ta%les are nu"%ered
inde$endently! the first nu"%er is that of a cha$ter! the second is its se#uence in the te8t! that
is the first figure in cha$ter two would %e 4igure ..,! the first ta%le in cha$ter two would %e
Ta%le ..,! the second ta%le would %e Ta%le ... and so on. Ta%le ca$tions are written a%o'e!
and figure ca$tions %elow the data.
Table 4.4 unctions of !ialogues
The ca$tions of ta%les are written a%o'e! whereas the ca$tions of figures are written %elow the
I!6te)t citatio!s
:hen you "ention any aut#or 3or t#e 3irst time! $ro'ide his5her full na"e and last
na"e. The 9uotatio!1 (ara(#rase a!d summary of the authors words or ideas "ust %e
acnowledged! and the authors surna"e! the year of $u%lication and the $age nu"%er(s)
"ust %e credited:
According to Aohn :iltshire! ada$tation can %e considered as a new reading of the
source te8t( (:iltshire! .00.:,/).
?f there is !o (u/"is#i! date! (n. d.) is written instead of the year %oth in the %ody of the
te8t and in the list of references! for e8a"$le (>rown! n.d.: <).
?f reference is to t#e +#o"e +or.! it is not necessary to gi'e a $age nu"%er:
?n his no'el *orian Orey! :ilde (,B/2) highlights $rotagonists $leasure of li'ing a
dou%le life.
:ith any *ideo:audio recordi!! the author or! if the author is unnown! the title of the
fil" or series is cited in the running te8t. Series titles are followed %y the year of release in
:orld in Action (.00.)Y
The %eginning of the e)act sce!e is indicated %y "inutes and seconds! for e8a"$le
Mrs. >ennet: Rou should ha'e seen how handso"e and elegant he isZ( (;ride and
;re7udice! ,B10: <[ 0.[[)
?f more t#a! o!e source is cited! they are $laced in chronological rather than al$ha%etical
A nu"%er of studies ha'e $ro'en that Theodore *reisers fiction draws on his
%acground (Elliot! ,B//; :erloc! .00B;).
;uotes +it#i! 9uotes are handled with single #uotes:
9ere[s an e8a"$le of the correct use of single #uotes for #uotes within #uotes:
According to *r. S"ith! \young children are liely to read $oe"s lie [4ire and ?ce[
when they are too young to understand its serious the"es\ (S"ith! .00.:.,).
+ote that the title needs to %e in #uotation "ars! %ut since it a$$ears within a #uote!
single #uotes are used.
S#ort 9uotatio!s should %e incor$orated within the te8t:
Lscar :ilde suggests always forgi'e your ene"ies; nothing annoys the" so "uch(
(:ilde! ,B/B: B/).
Lo!er 9uotatio!s ("ore than three lines in length) are set out se$arately. They "ust %e
single&s$aced! indented fro" the left hand "argin %y fi'e characters and written without
any #uotation "ars:
After that! Lscar :ilde "aes the e8traordinary $ronounce"ent!
:hen ? thin of religion at all! ? feel as if ? would lie to found an order for
those who cannot %elie'e: the Monfraternity of the 4aithless! one "ight call it!
where on an altar! on which no ta$er %urned! a $riest! in whose heart $eace had
no dwelling! "ight cele%rate with un%lessed %read and a chalice e"$ty of wine.
E'erything to %e true "ust %eco"e a religion. And agnosticis" should ha'e its
ritual no less than faith. (:ilde! ,B/: BB)
S9uare /rac.ets tell the reader that the writer has added his or her own words to the
#uotation. An elli$sis in s#uare %racets! i.e. UYV! is used to show that $art of the
#uotation is o"itted.
?f there is !o (u/"is#i! date! (n. d.) is written instead of the year %oth in the %ody of the
te8t and in the list of references! for e8a"$le (:ilde! n.d.: <).
To refer to an I!ter!et source +it#out t#e aut#or a!d t#e tit"e! Lnline , is written. ?n
the list of references! such ?nternet sources are "entioned in order of a$$earance in the
?t was during this ti"e that Ms. 3owling %eca"e deter"ined to not only finish her
9arry ;otter Fwi6ard no'el! %ut to get it $u%lished.( (Lnline ,).
Ret! $icing u$ on what was said a%o'e in connection with "orality and reason! this
faith of the faithless cannot ha'e for its o%7ect anything e8ternal to the self! any
e8ternal! di'ine co""and( (Lnline .).
?f there are more t#a! t#ree aut#ors! all their na"es a$$ear when a reference to the
$u%lication is "ade for the first ti"e. Then! only the first author is "entioned followed %y
et al. "eaning and others(. ?n the list of references! all the authors are na"ed! for
e8a"$le (:aters et al.! ,BBB).
?f a reference is "ade to t+o di33ere!t items /y t#e same aut#or i! t#e same year! a or
b is added! for e8a"$le (Moo! ,BBBa! ,BBB%). The sa"e letters "ust %e used in the list of
?f a reference to a course /oo. is made in the %ody of the te8t! it is "ore con'enient to
cite the title as well.
:hen a "iterary +or. is first introduced in the te8t! t#e tit"e and t#e aut#or <!ame a!d
"ast !ame= should %e "entioned. A full reference should %e gi'en in the list of references.
?f a wor is $roduced %y an ora!i5atio!! the na"e of the organi6ation should %e used
instead of the authors surna"e. ?n the running te8t! a $ro$er reference with the cor$orate
author and $u%lishing date should %e gi'en! for e8a"$le (+ew Ror Literary
Lrgani6ation! ,BB<).
A((e!di) 7
A(("icatio! <ty(ed=
9u"anitIro 6inItSu faultItes
noda]as 'adEtI7a"5ai5
('Irds! u6'Irds)
"aHistra studi7u $rogra""as
se"estra studenta5es
('Irds! u6'Irds)
(studenta a$liecE%as +r.)
L^d6u a$sti$rinIt "aHistra dar%a te"atu (nosauu"s 7InorIda lat'ieJu un ang]u 'alodI):
*ar%a 'adEtI7s:
('Irds! u6'Irds)
(datu"s) (studenta $arasts)
(dar%a 'adEtI7a $arasts) (datu"s)
A$sti$rinu: +oda]as 'adEtI7s57a
($arasts) (datu"s)
A((e!di) >
Hard Co*er o3 t#e Master T#esis
3_OA .0,.
A((e!di) @
Tit"e Pae o3 t#e Master T#esis
U$t ,-! centredV
U$t ,/! >old! MentredV
U$t ,-! >old! MentredV
U$t ,-! MentredV
Author: Name1 sur!ame
U$t ,1! >oldV
Matriculation Mard +oAA
Ad'iser: $rof.5assoc. $rof.5asist. $rof. ?nta Lie$a
U$t ,1! Align 3ightV
3?OA .0,.
U$t ,-! MentredV
A((e!di) B
Sam("e o3 t#e Ta/"e o3 Co!te!ts
List of A%%re'iations and Acrony"sYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.Y.,
, 9eading for 4irst Mha$terYYYYYYYYY.YYYYYYY...........1
,., 4irst su%cha$terYYYYYYYYY..YYYYYYYYY.,<
,.. Second su%cha$terYYYYYYYYY..YYYYYYYY..0
,..., 4irst su%cha$terYYYYYYYYYYY.YYYY.<
,.... Second su%cha$terYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.B
. 9eading for Second Mha$terYYYYYYYYYYY.YYYYYY.2<
.., 4irst su%cha$terYYYYYYYYYYYY.YYYYYY..1B
... Second su%cha$terYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.Y.<0
..2 Third su%cha$terYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.<-
A((e!di) C
Sam("e o3 Attestatio! Pae
2o.ume!tDrD "a(a
MaHistra dar%s `+osauu"s ang]u 'alodI( (nosauu"s lat'ieJu 'alodI) i6strIdIts L)
9u"anitIro 6inItSu faultItG.
Ar sa'u $arastu a$liecinu! a $GtE7u"s 'eits $atstI'Egi! i6"antoti tiai ta7I norIdEtie
infor"Ici7as a'oti un iesniegtI dar%a eletronisI o$i7a at%ilst i6druai.
Autors: ?e'a Palna I.Kalna ,<.0<..0,..
3eo"endG7u5 nereo"endG7u dar%u ai6stI'GJanai
NadEtI7a: $rofesore *r. ;hilol. ?nta PalniSa I.Kalnina ,<.0<..0,..
3ecen6ents: docents *r. ;hilol. AInis >Gr6iSJ
Studi7u "etodiae: ?neta >Gr6iSa I.Berzina .0.0<..0,..
*ar%s iesniegts Anglistias noda]I .0.0<..0,..
*ar%u $ieSG"a:
*ar%s ai6stI'Gts "aHistra gala $Ir%audE7u"a o"isi7as sGdG
.0,.. gadaYY 7^ni7I! $rot. +r. Y..! 'GrtG7u"s YYYYYY..
Po"isi7as seretIre:
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Assoc. $rof. ?ndra Para$et7ana
Assoc. $rof. Monta 4arneste
Lect. Tat7ana >ic7uto
Ada$ted for literature studies %y
;rof. Sig"a Anra'a
Assist. $rof. Antra Leine
*e$art"ent of English Studies
A((ro*ed /y0
;rof. Andre7s Neis%ergs
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