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1- Soil and Climatic Condition

Honeydew is a hot and dry season crop. The seed germinates
best at the temperature of 28 to 30 C and grows well at 25 to 35 C. It
reuires plenty of sunshine from seedling up to har!esting. Continuous
rain or humidity will increase problem and reduce flowering and fruit"
setting. The growth will be slow when the weather is cold
honeydew thri!es best on sandy or sandy loam soil. #oil pH $
to $.8% good fertility and drainage. The location should be free
from nematodes and diseases. Continuous cropping should be
ll. Varieties Developed by Knon ! Yo" Seeds Co.
#weet &lobe 'ruit is deep"globed with pale"white smooth s(in
that is occasionally netted% and weighs about
).5 * 2.5 (g. It has !ery thic( light green flesh%
small ca!ity% and with )+"),- sugar content. It
is .uicier% more fragrant% and sweeter fi!e days
after har!esting.
Ilocos &old /n early% medium"si0ed% and yellow s(inned
!ariety. It is round to o!al"shaped with sil(y s(in
and a small blossom end. It matures 35 days
after flowering when the fruit s(in turns yellow.
1eight is about )").5 (g. It has white flesh%
good fla!or% and not easy to ferment. #uitable
for storage and shipping.
2ade 3ady 'ruit weighs ).5"2.5 (g and matures in about 38"
+5 days after flowering. This !ariety still has
rather stable uality e!en in hot season when
there is minimal temperature differences
between day and night.
#ll. Seedlin$ care and transplantin$
#oa( the seeds in clean water for 30 minutes and wrap them in wet
cloth or towel. 4lace it in an impro!ised or co!ered container which can (eep the
temperature within 2+"25 degrees C until the seeds sprout% 2+" 28 hrs. is enough to
germinate the seed.
#ow it in #eedling tray with )0+ holes. Harbest &rowell medium may be used
as media for growing seedlings. 4lace the media in the seedling tray first and water
immediately% insert ) pre"germinated seeds in each hole with embryo downward and
co!er with &rowell medium and water it again. The seeded trays should be placed on
the top of bamboo beds 6plat form7 about )"2 feet abo!e the ground. To pre!ent
strong wind and hea!y rain% plastic or fine co!er is needed to protect the seedlings.
lV. Land %reparation
4low and clean the planting area and ma(e a flat bed on sandy soils and a raised
bed in sandy loam or clay soils. 8se ) m bed % 0.5 m canal. The bed should be )5"20 cm high
abo!e the fertili0ed le!el. 8se &$ri ' %las silver(blac) plastic m"lc* to co!er prepared
V. +ertili,ation -or Every ./ Linear Meter 0ed
2 sac(s of 9rganic :atter )50 g ;oron
+ (ilos Complete fertili0er )(g Calcuim <itrate
)50 g :agnesium
)50 g 'uradan
Though 'uradan is not a fertili0er% it is recommended to apply it as basal to
control nematodes.
Drenc*in$ Sc*ed"le
1ee(s after
Calcium <itrate Complete 6)+")+")+7 :uriate of
4otash 60"0"$07
) ,5g
2 )50g
3 225g ,5g
+ ,5g )50g
5 225g ,5g
$ 300g )50g
, 225g
8 300g
The abo!e fertili0er is dissol!ed in )$ 3iters of water. /pply )50 ml of the
solution per plant
V##. #rri$ation and Draina$e
=nough moisture is necessary throughout the early period. Irrigate the
plants 2-3 times a wee( to maintain plant !igor. It is best to withhold or reduce water
when fruits reach the full si0e during ripening.
Vl##. %r"nin$ and +r"it Settin$1
Honeydew reuire pruning to impro!e fruit setting% fruit uality and
har!esting. 4ic( off the growing point of the main stem at +
true leaf stage. #elect 3
good secondary branches then cut off the others. Cut off the tertiary branches within
the +
node of primary branches and sa!e fruits from the 5
or $
2( #nsects and Diseases Control>
%ests Control
?ed cucurbit beet 3annate
3eafminer @ipel
/phids ChiABlannate
Thrips #elecron
;eet /rmy worm Carate Deon
'ruit 'ly Harbest ''TB''/
@owny mildew ?idomil :D $8
4owdery mildew ?idomil :D $8
&ummy stem blight @ithane : +5
'usarium 1ilt
2. Harvestin$3Handlin$1
@etermining indeA of maturity 6$0",0 @/T7 #ome netted on the bottom part
of the fruit. Har!est yellow cut type honeydew. The best time to har!est uality fruits
for fresh mar(et is before it reaches full maturity% that is about 80- ripen. They taste
best in 2"3 days after har!est.
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