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Putins plan for Ukraines capitulation

According to a report in Interfax Russia, during his flight to Mongolia, President

Putin put together a plan which presumes a ceasefire, an exchange of
hostages and the establishment of humanitarian corridors. The so-called plan is
an utter farce since Putin well knows that it is nothing more than a complete
Ukrainian capitulation that would end with total Russian control of the Donbas.

From Euromaidan Press/UBO, Sep 3, 2014:

Interfax Russia reported today that President Vladimir Putin thinks that in order to stop the
bloodshed and stabilize the situation in the southeast of Ukraine, both sides of the conflict
have to agree on and conduct a number of measures.

First: to stop active advance operations of armed forces, armed formations of the
rebellion in the southeast of Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk directions, Putin told the
journalists. He explained that he put together his own plan to regulate the crisis during
his flight to Mongolia.

Second: to remove armed departments of the Ukrainian military forces to a distance that
excludes the possibility of fire on residential areas by the artillery and all missile launch

Third: to ensure total and objective international control over the adherence to ceasefire
conditions and monitoring of the situation that is thus created in the safe zone.

Fourth: to exclude the usage of military aviation against civilians and localities within the
conflict zone.

Fifth: to organize an exchange of hostages in the all for all format without any
preliminary conditions.

Sixth: open humanitarian corridors for transportation of refugees and delivery of
humanitarian cargo into the cities and other localities of Donbas: Donetsk and Luhansk

Seventh: to ensure the possibility of sending renovation brigades to the damaged localities
of Donbas in order to restore the objects of social and life infrastructure and to lend them

Putin thinks that final agreements between the Kyiv government and the representatives of
the southeast of Ukraine may be reached and documented during the contact group
meeting appointed for September 5 of the current year.

UBO Commentary:

Anyone who has paid any attention at all to Russian behavior over recent months would
recognize this so-called plan for what it would be, i.e. a total capitulation to Russia control
in the two eastern oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Not only that, Putin knew at the time he put forth this allegedly serious plan that if Petro
Poroshenko agreed to it, he would be hounded out of office within a matter of days.

Now, more than ever, it should be clear to Ukrainians and to the Western powers that the
only thing that Putin will understand are forces that will stand up to the Russian invasion of
Ukraine until the battle is won. This will involve killing or capturing all foreign forces
Russian-paid mercenaries and Russian regular army and destroying or seizing the tens of
billions of rubles worth of sophisticated Russian weapons that have been imported into
Ukraine for use in killing Ukrainians.

The words above may be strong but unfortunately they represent what we consider the
bitter truth that faces this country today. Ukraine and those nations that support it will
fight and win the battle in Ukraine or will have more difficult battles to fight in the Baltics
and other parts of Europe in the future.

Jim Davis