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EIGRP, OSPF & RIP Study Questions:

Which port does RIP v2 use?

Rip v2 uses UDP Port 520
Which IP protocol does EIGRP use?
Protoo! ""
Which protocol does OSPF use?
OSPF uses IP protoo! "#
What is the default hop count of Rip?
What IP address does Rip use for routing updates ?
%u!ti&st route upd&tes on 22'(0(0(#
What IP address does EIGRP use for routing updates ?
%u!ti&sts router upd&tes on 22'(0(0($0
What IP address does OSPF use for routing updates ?
%u!ti&sts rout upd&tes on 22'(0(0(5
What type of routing protocol is RIPv2?
RIP v2 is & Dist&ne )etor Protoo! usin* +op ount &s & ,etri(
What type of routing protocol is EIGRP?
EIGRP is & -y.rid o/ Dist&ne )etor &nd 0in12St&te, Uses /e&si.!e
suessors to deter,ine &!tern&tive routes to net3or1s( &!u!&tions use
topo!o*y t&.!e(
What type of routing protocol is OSPF?
OSPF is & SFP protoo! usin* t+e Di41str&s s+ortest p&t+ &!*orit+,(
What is the default update timer setting of RIPv2?
50 seonds
What is the default invalid timer setting in RIPv2?
#0 seonds
What is the default old !o"n #imer setting?
$"0 seonds
What is the default Flush #imer setting of RIPv2?
260 seonds
!oes RIPv2 support authentication?
Is it true that RIPv2$ EIGRP$ and OSPF$ are all %lassless routing
With OSPF "hat dictates the &Router I!& ?
8+e +i*+est IP 9ddress or t+e !oop.&1 &ddress i/ set( :&n &!so .e
,&nu&!!y on;*ured 3it+ < router2id< o,,&nd(
What methods address the pro'lem of router loops and counting
to in(nity?
Sp!it -ori=on
Route Poisonin*
-o!d do3n ti,ers
8ri**ered upd&tes
What algorithm does RIP use?
>e!!,&n Ford
!oes RIP support IPv)?
7ES RIPn* on!y
!oes RIP support *+S, and Route summari-ation?
7ES? RIPv2 &nd RIPn* On!y
!oes RIP support .uthentication?
7ES? %D5 RIPv2 &nd RIPn* on!y
What are the OSPF /eigh'or States?
Init or One2@&y
#o 'ecome /eigh'ors OSPF routers must agree on "hat
9re& ID
S&,e Su.net
9ut+enti&tion Ai/ usedB
-e!!o Interv&! ti,er
De&d Interve! ti,er
9re& type AStu., CSS9B
Router ID ,ust .e uniDue
What is the 0roadcast ,ulti1access period timer on OSPF?
$0 seonds
What is the Point1to1Point and /0,. #imer period?
50 seonds
What is the OSPF !ead timer default setting?
' ti,es t+e +e!!o ti,er v&!ue
What is the 0roadcast timer default for OSPF?
'0 seonds
What is the default /0,. and P2P timer setting?
$20 seonds
ho" do you change ello and dead timers setting of OSPF
Aon;*2i/BE ip osp/ +e!!o2interv&! F seonds G
Aon;*2i/BE ip osp/ de&d2interv&! F seonds G
What does &Internal& Router ,ean ?
9 Router 3it+ 900 inter/&es residin* 3it+in t+e s&,e &re&(
What does &0ac2'one& Router ,ean ?
9 Router t+&t resides in t+e .&1.one &re&(
What is an .rea 0order Router?
9n 9>R is & Router t+&t onnets t3o or ,ore &re&s
What is an .utonomous System 0oundary Router 3.S0R4?
9n 9S>R onnets &n eHtern&! router do,i&n to &n OSPF routin* do,i&n(
What are the OSPF Route types?
Intr&29re& 2 in s&,e &re&
Inter29re& 2 rosses &re&
EHtern&! 2 outside OSPF routin* Do,&in
!oes EIGRP support authentication?
7ES %D5
!oes EIGRP support *+S, and route summary?
What is the ma2e up of the ,etric for EIGRP?
What are the update types for EIGRP?
Con2Periodi 2 on +&n*e on!y
P&rti&! 2 on!y re!ev&nt +&n*es
>ounded 2 sent to eIetin* nei*+.ors