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Sout her n Cal i f or ni a CRS Chapt er Event

Tax St r at egi es f or REALTORS

Pr esent at i on by Amanda Han
Thur sday, Oc t ober 23, 2014 f r om 10:45 a.m. 1:30 p.m.
RE/MAX Assoc i at es, 16787 Ber nar do Cent er Dr i ve, San Di ego, CA 9218
Thi s event i s sponsor ed by t he Sout her n Cal i f or ni a CRS Chapt er and i s not a r ec r ui t i ng event or
af f i l i at ed w i t h RE/MAX how ever t hey have gener ousl y donat ed t he spac e t o t he Sout her n
Cal i f or ni a CRS Chapt er . Thi s event i s f or REALTORS and Real Est at e Br ok er s ONLY.
Lunc h w i l l be pr ovi ded.
FREE event f or t hose w ho RSVP by Oc t ober 22
Non-RSVP at t endees w i l l pay $10 at t he door .
Most REALTORS are unaware of the many tax deductions that are available to them as small business owners. Yes
REALTORS who make 1099 income are business owners!
This oversight can cost a taxpayer thousands! A common mistake most taxpayers make is not knowing which tax
deductions they are legally able to take advantage of. Educating yourself as a taxpayer is vital to protect your money
from Uncle Sam. There are many ways you can significantly reduce your tax bill... all it takes is knowing how.
Nowadays, most business owners use their personal cell phones, laptops, vehicles and all sorts of gadgets in the course
of day to day operations. Many are unaware that all of the above mentioned items, if used for business, call for a
business deduction on their taxes.
During this event, we will explore the many different areas in which you can turn personal everyday expenses into
business deductions LEGALLY! Join us to learn:
How to Legally Turn Personal Expenses into Business Deductions
How to Write-Off Your Car Correctly to Get a Big Refund Check from the IRS
Writing off Your Vacation & Travel: What You Need to Know
Strategies to Write-Off Your Kids Allowance, Car, and Tuition Costs
Use Uncle Sam to Help Pay for Your Retirement
About Speaker Amanda Han: With over 25 years of experience in taxation and accounting, Keystone's professional CPAs provide
top-notch financial and tax solutions in assisting clients achieve maximum profitability on their businesses and investments. Founders
Matt MacFarland and Amanda Han specialize in bringing top-notch tax saving strategies that are traditionally only available to
Fortune 500 Companies to their firm clients.
Matt and Amanda are real estate investors personally and have a passion in educating the real estate community on Proactive Tax
Saving Strategies. They teach investors all over the US and have recently appeared in NBC New Radio The Smart Money Show as well
as Realtor Magazine. Keystone CPA is a two time winner of the prestigious Top CPA of Orange County Award by OC Metro
Space is limited, so reserve earl y to Al ex Shadpour at Shadpour@gmail.com