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Medicine East and West

(Anthropology 174)
Introduction: This is a comparative course that covers healthcare policy, politics,
practice and economics in the United States and China.
The goal of the course is to provide the student with a basic understanding of the issues
facing the Chinese and American populations with regards to the rapidly changing field
of medicine. This is a comparative course that highlights some of the differences
between Chinese and American medical practices. However, both groups have a similar
set of challenges in terms of an aging population, health disparities between urban and
rural environments and conflicts between the rich and poor. Our aim is to discuss these
challenges, study how each country is poised to respond to these issues, and learn about
cultural differences in the perception and management of illness.
lease do not hesitate to as! "uestions if anything is unclear, or contact any one of the
instructors should you have difficulty with any part of a presentation or the material.
Primary Instructors
#i$a Halcomb, %&
Office( )*+,-./.
Cell( -..,.0/.
Carolyn Herman
2im 3ertsch
Final rade
6our final grade will be comprised as follows(
Participation: 1!"
Presentation: 1!"
First Paper (4#$ pages): %$"
Final Paper (&#1! pages): 4$"
As attendance is vital, three absences 7almost 8 of the class9 will result in an automatic
lowering of your overall grade by a full grade: more than five will lower your grade
another full grade. Attendance is ta!en very seriously, so please ma!e every effort to be
However, your participation grade is not satisfied by attendance;active participation is
critical to the learning you are able to derive from this course. <t is e=pected that you will
have read the assigned readings and be able to comment on them in class.
lagiarism or cheating of any !ind will result in a failing grade for the class. This is
ta!en very seriously, so be advised. To view the Academic <ntegrity olicy, please visit(
'an 1%
(Introduction( lo)al *ealth
+ecturers: #i$a Halcomb, %&, Carolyn Herman, &irector, re,Health rogram,
A,,I-E. /EA.I-:
.ocument: Core Competencies in Blobal Health , for review in class
Stoner C. Understanding medical systems( traditional, modern, and syncretic
health care alternatives in medically pluralistic societies. Medical
Anthropology Quarterly 5-( DD,D0. E for review in class
Anne @adiman( The Spirit Catches 6ou and 6ou @all &own E if possible read
chapters 5,D prior to class.
'an 07
( Epidemiology and Pu)lic *ealth
+ecturer: raham 1oldit2
Fe) %
( *ealthcare Policy .e)ates: 34,4 and 1hinese Perspecti5es #
+ecturers: #i$a Halcomb, &r. 2oe 3alline

A,,I-E. /EA.I-:
3agstaff, #indelow, 3ang, Fhang, G?eforming ChinaHs ?ural Health
System.I73orld Can!, +11.9

G?ural health disparities.I 7?ural Assistance Center, +15+9
G%aterial ine"uality !ills.I 7UC Atlas of Blobal <ne"uality, +15+9
GTransforming ChinaHs urban healthcare system,I Asian Survey +11).
.3E: ,u)mit your choice o6 midterm pro7ect topic )ased on any one o6 the
assigned readings to instructors 1arolyn *erman or +i2a *alcom) )y 1!pm8
Fe) %
Fe) 1!
1ross#cultural Perceptions and Management o6 Mental Illness
+ecturer: Jinran Hu
A,,I-E. /EA.I-:
Three Topics 7groups of ),D must choose 5 of the following * possibilities;
only one to each topic please E each group to develop a 5/,+1 minute
presentation with a /,51 minute KLA session at the end of their tal! E each
person in the group is responsible for part of the presentation9.
?upert <saccson( Horse Coy
5. &efine autism E discuss some of the controversies that e=ist in the medical
literature in the management of autism in the 3est
+. &efine autism E discuss how the %ongolians approach mental illness and this
disorder in particular
). &efine autism E discuss some of the alternative treatments that people have
used in the management of this disease
Scott %endelson( The Breat Singapore enis anic
5. &efine mass hysteria E discuss the role of the media in the development of
mass panic
+. &efine mass hysteria E discuss some of the cultural beliefs that lead people to
behave irrationally
). &efine mass hysteria E give e=amples of other episodes of mass hysteria in
different countries and discuss the approach to managing the fears of the
Fe) 17
( 1hinese *er)al Medicine and Acupuncture
+ecturer: Heather entland, %ary Baston
Fe) 04th ( Asian and American /esearch and 9iotech:I/9
+ecturer: #i$a Halcomb
Carolyn Herman
A,,I-E. /EA.I-:
As!in, GThe Health Care Handboo!I Chapter D
%ar!el(Mssay: The Bhost of %edical Atrocities( 3hatHs Ne=t, After the UnveilingO
Stolberg( <nstitute ?estricted After Bene Therapy &eath.
riscilla Song. +155. QThe roliferation of Stem Cell Therapies in
ost,%ao China( roblemati$ing Mthical ?egulation.Q New Benetics and
Society )17+9( 5D5,5/).
Fe) 04
( Women;s *ealth Issues
+ecturer: #i$a Halcomb

A,,I-E. /EA.I- (A-. <IEWI-):
GA %otherHs @inal #oo! at #ifeI
Rristoff and 3u&unn( Half The S!y
isani( The 3isdom of 3hores
Sictor Sidel and ?uth Sidel, 5.-). Serve the eople. Observations on
%edicine in the eopleTs ?epublic of China, Chapters 5,*.
Sol!er Scheid, +11+. Chinese %edicine in Contemporary China. lurality
and Synthesis, Chapters + and ).
.3E: Midterm Paper8 )y 1!pm8 Fe)ruary 04
to 1arolyn *erman8 +i2a *alcom)4
Mar %rd # In6ectious .iseases ( Pandemics and /esistance Patterns
In6ectious .iseases ( ,=.s
+ecturer: &r. Crad Stoner
A,,I-E. /EA.I-:
Tuc!er( GChinaHs Syphilis Mpidemic( epidemiology, pro=imate determinants of spread, and
control responses.I
Templeton( G%ale circumcision to reduce se=ual transmission of H<SI
C&C( Se=ually Transmitted <nfections in &eveloping Countries
Ohnishi GCeftria=one,resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae, 2apanI
i!e. GThe Origin and revention of andemics.I
Crown. GThe New Cac! to School ?itual( KuarantinesI
.3E: ,u)mit your choice o6 6inal paper topic )ased on any o6 the assigned readings
to Pro6essors 1arolyn *erman or +i2a *alcom) )y 1!pm March %
Mar 17
( Moderni2ation o6 =raditional 1hinese Medicine in the P/1
+ecturer: rof. riscilla Song 73U &ept. of Anthropology9
A,,I-E. /EA.I-:
Hes!eth, GHealth in China( Traditional Chinese medicine E one country, two
systems.I7C%2, 5..-9 http(>>www.bm4.com>content>)5/>-511>55/.full
Hsu, Mlisabeth. 5.... Selections from The Transmission of Chinese
%edicine. Cambridge University ress. p. 5,+1, ++/,+D1.
U Kiu, 2ane. +11-. QChina lans to %oderni$e Traditional %edicine.Q
Nature DD* 7/ April9( /.1,5.
U Ruriyama, Shigehisa. 5.... QBrasping the #anguage of #ife.Q Chapter 5 in
M=pressiveness of the Cody and the &ivergence of Bree! and Chinese %edicine,
pp. 5-,*1. New 6or!( Fone Coo!s.
U Scheid, Sol!er. +11+. Chinese %edicine in Contemporary China(
lurality and Synthesis. &u!e University ress. 7available at Olin
U Fhan, %ei. +11.. Other,3orldly( %a!ing Chinese %edicine through
Transnational @rames. &u!e University ress. 7available at Olin
U Raptchu!, Ted. 5.0). The 3eb That Has No 3eaver. 7available at Olin #ibrary9
Mar 04th( *ealth .isparities in the 3,A
+ecturer: &r. Mlna Nagasa!o
A,,I-E. /EA.I-:
Une"ual Treatment summary 7<nstitute of %edicine9
Unnatural Causes introduction 7video9
Mar %1
*ealth Policy in the 3,A
+ecturer: &r. 3illiam ec!
April 7
( =o>icology o6 Pharmaceuticals:En5ironment
+ecturer: #i$a Halcomb
A,,I-E. /EA.I-:
3HO( GSubstandard and Counterfeit %edicinesI
%c!enna( GAre Counterfeit &rugs &riving Antibiotic ?esistanceOI
Shay( G<n %alaria Hot Spot, ?esistance to a Rey &rugI
Cogdanitch and Hoo!er( G@rom China to anama, a Trail of oisoned %edicineI
%os!vitch( Unused e,waste discarded in China raises "uestions
Chung( GChinaHs Mlectronic 3aste SillageI
April 14
( Issues in 3, Medicine E 1urrent 1oncepts in *ealth 1are Policy8
Emergency Medicine as a ,a6ety -et
+ecturers: #i$a Halcomb, Nathan %oore
A,,I-E. /EA.I-:
As!in, GThe Health Care Handboo!I Chapter ), /
American College of Mmergency %edicine health Care ?eform @act Sheet
www.acep.org>#egislation,and,Advocacy>NM%AC>Health,Care,?eform @act,
Song, #andon GControlling Health Care Spending , The %assachusetts
@ineberg, G A Successful and Sustainable Health System E How to Bet There
@rom Here.I
April 01
( =ra5el =ips and ,a6ety 1oncepts:Premed A)road
+ecturer: +i2a *alcom)
1arolyn *erman
FI-A+ PAPE/, .3E8 MI.-I*= AP/I+ 01st