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Department of Pathology
NAME _________________________________ GROUP NO ____ ID NO ________
DIRECTION! Ea"h #$e%t&on 'elo( &% follo(e) 'y fo$r po%%&'le an%(er% Sele"t the one 'e%t re%pon%e an) mar* the
appropr&ate %pa"e% on the an%(er %heet pro+&)e) for
, The morpholog&" pattern of ne"ro%&% &n myo"ar)&al &nfar"t&on &% !
A Coag$lat&+e ne"ro%&% C Fat ne"ro%&%
B -&#$efa"t&+e ne"ro%&% D Ca%eat&on ne"ro%&%
.An%(er! A/ Referen"e! p ,0 / MP- 123
4 The mo%t "ommon "a$%e of fatty "hange &n the l&+er &%!
A CC,5 po&%on&ng C D&a'ete% mell&t$%
B Al"ohol a'$%e D Prote&n maln$tr&t&on
.An%(er! B/Referen"e! p 61 / MP- 123
6 The "ell$lar a)aptat&on that o""$r% &n the re%p&ratory tra"t of a "hron&" "&garette %mo*er &%!
A 7yperpla%&a C Metapla%&a
B 7ypertrophy D Atrophy
.An%(er! C/Referen"e! p 68 / MP- 123
5 The f&r%t man&fe%tat&on of almo%t all form% of "ell &n9$ry &%!
A Fatty "hange C Dy%troph&" "a&"&f&"at&on
B 7yal&ne "hange D Cell$lar %(ell&ng
.An%(er! D/Referen"e! p 0 / MP- 123
: Refer% to the fo"al a""$m$lat&on of "hole%terol;la)en ma"rophage% &n the lam&na prop&a of
the gall'la))er!
A Steato%&% C <anthoma
B Chole%terolo%&% D None of the%e
.An%(er! D/Referen"e! p =1: / MP- 123
8 >h&"h &% gran$lomato$% )&%ea%e?
A -epro%y C T$'er"$lo%&%
B S"h&%to%om&a%&% D All of the%e
.An%(er! D/Referen"e! p 8: / MP- 123
0 Ant&pyret&"% &nh&'&t &nflammatory pro"e%% 'y &nh&'&t&ng!
A Cy"loo@ygena%e path(ay C -&poo@ygena%e path(ay
B D&%m$ta%e D A A C
.An%(er! A/Referen"e! p :2 / MP- 663
= Chron&" gran$lomato$% )&%ea%e &% "hara"ter&Be) 'y &mpa&re) m&"ro'&"&)al a'&l&ty
)$e to!
A NAD7 o@&)a%e )ef&"&en"y C -a"* of a)he%&on mole"$le%
B T "ell &mm$no)ef&"&en"y D Complement )ef&"&en"y
.An%(er! A/Referen"e! p 8: / MP- 663
1 In"rea%e) %$%"ept&'&l&ty to &nfe"t&on &n )&a'et&" pat&ent% &% )$e to!
A Def&"&en"y of em&grat&on an) "hemota@&% of ne$troph&l%
B B "ell )ef&"&en"y
C Impa&re) m&"ro'&"&)al a"t&+&ty
D N&tr&" o@&)e )ef&"&en"y
.An%(er! A/Referen"e! p :: / MP- 823
,2 >h&"h &% not a%%o"&ate) (&th "hron&" &nflammat&on?
A F&'ro%&% C Gran$loma
B Ne$troph&l&" &nf&ltrat&on D Ma"rophage% an) ep&thel&o&) "ell%
.An%(er! B/Referen"e! p 01 / MP- 823
,, Re)ne%% &%!
A Calor C Dolor
B T$mor D None of the%e
.An%(er! D/Referen"e! p :2 / MP- 123
,4 Bro(n atrophy of the heart &n ag&ng &% )$e to!
A Amylo&) )epo%&t% C 7emo%&)er&n p&gment%
B -&pof$%"&n D Ba%oph&l&" )egenerat&on
.An%(er! B p 48 /MP- 12 3
,6 50C <<D &% !
A Cr&;)$;"hat %yn)rome C T$rnerE% %yn)rome
B Fl&nefelterE% %yn)rome D Normal female
.An%(er! B p ,02/MP- 823
,5 Tall %tat$re an) ara"hno)a"tyly are "hara"ter&%t&" of!
A Ehler%;Danlo% %yn)rome C Pra)er;>&ll& %yn)rome
B Tr&%omy 4, D Marfan %yn)rome
.An%(er! D p ,50 /MP- 12 3
,: Tran%plant re9e"t&on &% (h&"h type of hyper%en%&t&+&ty rea"t&on?
A type I C type III
B type II D type IG
.An%(er! D p 428 /MP- 82 3
,8 >h&"h &% NOT a ma9or .Hone%3 "r&ter&on of rhe$mat&" fe+er?
A Car)&t&% C arthralg&a
B erythema marg&nat$m D %y)enhamE% "horea
.An%(er! C p :02 /MP- 123
,0 Thym&" hypopla%&a &% a feat$re of!
A S9ogrenE% %yn)rome C D& George %yn)rome
B S-E D >&%*ott;Al)r&"h %yn)rome
.An%(er! C p ,06 /MP- 82 3
,= CREST %yn)rome &% relate) to!
A 7yper;IgM %yn)rome C %"lero)ermaC lo"al&Be)
B Br$tonE% hypogammaglo'$l&nem&a D pree"lamp%&a
.An%(er! C p 448 /MP- 663
,1 >h&"h &% not on"ogen&"?
A 7$man pap&lloma +&r$% C 7erpe% +&r$%
B 7epat&t&% B +&r$% D Ep%te&n;Barr +&r$%
.An%(er! C/Referen"e! p 6,, / MP- 823
42 >h&"h &% not a mal&gnant t$mor?
A -ymphoma C -e&omyo%ar"oma
B Melanoma D 7amartoma
.An%(er! D/Referen"e! p 48, / MP- 123
4, Feat$re% of mal&gnant "ell%C E<CEPT!
A 7yper"hromat&" an) pleomorph&" n$"le& C Anapla%&a
B T$mor g&ant "ell D No e@"ept&on
.An%(er! D p 485/MP- 123
44 -ea)&ng type of "an"er &n men!
A %*&n "an"er C l$ng "an"er
B pro%tate "an"er D te%t&"$lar "an"er
.An%(er! B p 48, /MP- 82346
46 >h&"h of the follo(&ng refer% to the )egree of "ell$lar )&fferent&at&on of t$mor
A Stage C gra)e
B Meta%ta%&% D Do$'l&ng t&me
.An%(er! C p 48, /MP- 123
45 >arth&n;f&n*el)ey "ell% are %een &n!
A Ch&"*en po@ C herpe% %&mple@ &nfe"t&on
B M$mp% D Mea%le%
.An%(er! D p 602 /MP- 823
4: Ghon "omple@ &% a%%o"&ate) (&th!
A -epro%y C 7IG &nfe"t&on
B T$'er"$lo%&% D all of the%e
.An%(er! B p 046/MP- 123
48 Ultra+&olet ray% are &mpl&"ate) &n!
A Ga%tr&" "an"er C S#$amo$% "ell "ar"&nomaC %*&n
B Ur&nary 'la))er "an"er D Bron"hogen&" "ar"&noma
.An%(er! C p 6,2/MP- 123
40 Tren"hfoot &% )$e to!
A Bla%t &n9$ry C greenho$%e effe"t
B Mer"$ry po&%on&ng D 7ypotherm&a
.An%(er! D p 56:/MP- 123
4= The )&%ea%e of the )&%pla"e) "h&l)!
A Mara%m$% C Fe%han )&%eae
B F(a%h&or*or D B$l&m&a
.An%(er! B p 560 /MP- 12 3
41 Ben)% an) "ho*e% are feat$re% of!
A Fat em'ol&%m C a&r em'ol&%m
B Para)o@&" em'ol&%m D amn&ot&" fl$&) em'ol&%m
.An%(er! C p ,6, /MP- 123
62 R&%* fa"tor% for athero%"lero%&%!
A C&garette %mo*&ng C D&a'ete%
B 7yperten%&on D All of the%e
.An%(er! D p 51= /MP- 12 3
6, >h&"h typ&"ally pre%ent% (&th hea)a"he an) fa"&al pa&n?
A Temporal arter&t&% C Fa(a%a*& )&%ea%e
B Polyarter&t&% no)o%a D Ta*aya%$ arter&t&%
.An%(er! A p :,8 /MP- 823
64 R&';not"h&ng on "he%t @;ray &% a f&n)&ng &n!
A Tetralogy of Fallot C aort&" "oar"tat&on
B Patent )$"t$% arter&o%$% D all of the%e
.An%(er! C p :18 /MP- 123
66 M&);%y%tol&" "l&"* "an 'e hear) &n!
A M&tral +al+e prolap%e C Gentr&"$lar %eptal )efe"t
B Atr&al %eptal )efe"t D Car"&no&) heart )&%ea%e
.An%(er! A p :8= /MP- 12 3
65 Coronary artery %pa%m &% note) &n!
A Sta'le ang&na C $n%ta'le ang&na
B Pr&nBmetal ang&na D All of the%e
.An%(er! B p ::5 /MP- 823
6: Tropon&n r&%e% after!
A A"$te myo"ar)&al &nfar"t&on C Pan"reat&t&%
B Ang&na pe"tor&% D -&+er ne"ro%&%
.An%(er! A p :8, /MP- 123
68 7emoglo'&n 7 )&%ea%e &% a +ar&ant of!
A Alpha;thala%%em&a C Beta;thala%%em&a
B S&"*le "ell )&%ea%e D Imm$nohemolyt&" anem&a
.An%(er! A p 8,1 /MP- 823
60 7emoly%&% (&th ant&malar&al )r$g a)m&n&%trat&on "an o""$r &n!
A Iron )ef&"&en"y anem&a C my"o%&% f$ngo&)e%
B G8PD )ef&"&en"y D Pern&"&o$% anem&a
.An%(er! B p 8,2 /MP- 123
6= Pan"ytopen&a &% a feat$re of!
A Paro@y%mal no"t$rnal hemoglo'&n$r&a C Folate )ef&"&en"y
B 7ere)&tary %phero"yto%&% D Apla%t&" anem&a
.An%(er! D p 862 /MP- 123
61 >h&"h "an lea) to DIC?
A Sept&" a'ort&on C Gram negat&+e %ep%&%
B E@ten%&+e %$rgery D All of the%e
.An%(er! D p 852 /MP- 123
52 >h&"h "a$%e% relat&+e poly"ythem&a?
A 7&gh;alt&t$)e l&+&ng C Ga&%'o"* %yn)rome
B Renal "ell "ar"&noma D Cyanot&" heart )&%ea%e
.An%(er! C p 866 /MP- 123
5, The mo%t "ommon "a$%e of m&"ro"yt&"C hypo"hrom&" anem&a &%!
A G&tam&n B,4 )ef&"&en"y C P$re re) "ell apla%&a
B Iron )ef&"&en"y D -e$*em&a
.An%(er!B p 840 /MP- 12 3
54 E+al$ate% the &ntr&n%&" "oag$lat&on path(ay an) &% mo%t "ommonly $%e) to
mon&tor hepar&n therapy!
A Prothrom'&n t&me C APTT
B Blee)&ng t&me D Clott&ng t&me
.An%(er! C p 866 /MP- 823
56 Defe"t&+e platelet aggregat&on o""$r &n!
A GlanBmannE% throm'a%then&a C Bernar);So$l&er %yn)rome
B 7eno"h;S"honle&n p$rp$ra D +on>&lle'ran) )&%ea%e
.An%(er! A p ,44 /MP- 823
55 >h&"h &% not a "a$%e of eo%&noph&l&" le$*o"yto%&%?
A Allerg&" )&%or)er% C G&ral &nfe"t&on
B Para%&t&%m D )r$g rea"t&on
.An%(er! C p 850 /MP- 123
5: M %p&*e on prote&n ele"trophore%&% &% note) &n!
A M$lt&ple myeloma C 7o)g*&nE% )&%ea%e
B B$r*&ttE% lymphoma D All of the%e
.An%(er! A p 885 /MP-823
58 A$er ro)% are )&agno%t&" of!
A A"$te myelo'la%t&" le$*em&a C A"$te lympho'la%t&" le$*em&a
B Chron&" lympho"yt&" le$*em&a D Chron&" myelo"yt&" le$*em&a
.An%(er! A p 80= /MP- 123
50 Ree);Stern'erg "ell% are )&agno%t&" of!
A non;7o)g*&nE% lymphoma C Myelo)y%pla%t&" %yn)rome
B Poly"ythem&a +era D None of the%e
.An%(er! D p 802 /MP- 123
5= Gar&ant% of -angerhan% "ell h&%t&o"yto%&% &n"l$)e the ffC E<CEPT!
A Eo%&noph&l&" gran$loma C -etterer;S&(e )&%ea%e
B Myelof&'ro%&% (&th myelo&) metapla%&a D 7an);S"h$ller )&%ea%e
.An%(er! B p 8=: /MP- 823
51 Cor p$lmonale &% a%%o"&ate) (&th!
A -;%&)e) heart fa&l$re C Both A A B
B R;%&)e) heart fa&l$re D Ne&ther A nor B
.An%(er! B p :8: /MP- 823
:2 Pre%en"e of rhe$mato&) no)$le% an) pne$mo"on&o%&% "on%t&t$te%!
A Goo)pa%t$reE% %yn)rome C -oefflerE% %yn)rome
B M&"*$l&"B %yn)rome D Caplan %yn)rome
.An%(er! D p 041 /MP- 823
:, May pro)$"e p$lmonary hyperten%&onC E<CEPT!
A M&tral %teno%&% C Emphy%ema
B Re"$rrent p$lmonary em'ol& D No e@"ept&on
.An%(er! D p 025 /MP- 823
:4 -o( le+el% of %er$m alpha;, ant&tryp%&n "an "a$%e!
A Bron"h&e"ta%&% C Chron&" 'ron"h&t&%
B Emphy%ema D All of the%e
.An%(er! B p 020 /MP- 823
:6 Intr&n%&" a%thma &% &n&t&ate) 'y!
A P$lmonary +&ral &nfe"t&on C Inhale) &rr&tant%
B A%p&r&n &nge%t&on D All of the%e
.An%(er! D p 020 /MP- 823
:5 Tr$e of a)$lt re%p&ratory )&%tre%% %yn)romeC E<CEPT!
A D&ff$%e al+eolar "ap&llary )amage
B Def&"&en"y of p$lmonary %$rfa"tant
C Non"ar)&ogen&" p$lmonary e)ema
D No e@"ept&on
.An%(er! B p 082 /MP- 823
:: Fa&l$re of &n+ol$t&on of the +&tell&ne )$"t lea)% to!
A 7ern&at&on C Me"*elE% )&+ert&"$l$m
B Gol+$l$% D All of the%e
.An%(er! C p =25 /MP- 123
:8 One %egment of the %mall &nte%t&ne "on%tr&"te) 'y a (a+e of per&%tal%&% %$))enly
'e"ame tele%"ope) &nto the )&%tal %egment happen &n!
A Int$%%$%"ept&on C Gol+$l$%
B D&+ert&"$la D Strang$lat&on
.An%(er! A p =25 /MP- 123
:0 A'%en"e of gangl&on "ell% &n the large 'o(el lea)&ng to f$n"t&onal o'%tr$"t&on
(&th "olon&" )&latat&on!
A A"hala%&a C 7&r%"h%pr$ng )&%ea%e
B Ul"erat&+e "ol&t&% D Ang&o)y%pla%&a
.An%(er C! p =2: /MP- 123
:= A port&on of the a')om&nal (all fa&l% to form altogether (&th e@tr$%&on of the
A Omphalo"ele C Me"*elE% )&+ert&"$l$m
B 7ern&at&on D Ga%tro%"h&%&%
.An%(er! D p =25 /MP- 823
:1 Compl&"at&on% of "olon&" )&+ert&"$laC E<CEPT!
A O'%tr$"t&on C Blee)&ng
B Per&ton&t&% D Mal&gnan"y
.An%(er! D p =46 /MP- 823
82 Ca$%e% of hemateme%&%C E<CEPTI
A Mallory;>e&%% %yn)rome C Pept&" $l"er
B E%ophageal Gar&"e% D BarrettE% e%ophag$%
.An%(er! D p 0=6 /MP- 823
8, N$tmeg l&+er &% )$e to!
A Inflammat&on C "onge%t&on
B Neopla%m D "&rrho%&%
.An%(er! C p ,,0/MP- 123
84 BronBe )&a'ete% refer% to!
A >&l%onE% )&%ea%e C Pr&mary hemo"hromato%&%
B B$));Ch&ar& %yn)rome D ReyeE% %yn)rome
.An%(er! C p =06 / MP- 823
86 There &% "on9$gate) hyper'&l&r$'&nem&a &n!
A D$'&n;Hohn%onE% %yn)rome C RotorE% %yn)rome
B G&l'ertE% %yn)rome D A A C
. An%(er ! D p =:2 /MP- 123
85 Mo%t "ommon pre)&%po%&ng "a$%e of a%"en)&ng "holang&t&%!
A A"$te pan"reat&t&% C Chole)o"hol&th&a%&%
B Ben&gn %tr&"t$re D T$mor%
.An%(er! C p =01 /MP- 123
8: Ro*&tan%*y;A%"hoff %&n$%e% are %een &n!
A Rhe$mat&" heart )&%ea%e C B&l&ary atre%&a
B Chron&" Chole"yt&t&% D Cr&ggler;Na99ar %yn)rome
.An%(er! B p =14 /MP- 123
88 Et&olog&" fa"tor% &n a"$te pan"reat&t&% &n"l$)e the ffC E<CEPT!
A Al"ohol&%m C Gall %tone%
B Genet&" D No e@"ept&on
.An%(er! D p 125 /MP- 123
80 -ate "ompl&"at&on% of "hron&" pan"reat&t&% &n"l$)e the ffC E<CEPT!J
A D&arrhea .Mala'%orpt&on3 C D&a'ete%
B P%e$)o"y%t D 7emorrhage
.An%(er! D p 120 /MP- 123
8= ABotem&aC hypo"al"em&a an) hyperparathyro&)&%m are a%%o"&ate) (&th!
A A"$te renal fa&l$re C Nephret&" %yn)rome
B Chron&" renal fa&l$re D Nephrot&" %yn)rome
.An%(er! B p 16: /MP- 823
81 A%%o"&ate) (&th Prote$% &nfe"t&onC al%o "alle) Staghorn "al"$l&!
A Cal"&$m %tone% C Str$+&te %tone%
B Ur&" a"&) %tone% D None of the%e
.An%(er! C p 1=1 /MP- 123
02 >h&"h &% not a%%o"&ate) (&th )&a'et&" nephropathy?
A F&mmel%te&l;>&l%on )&%ea%e C Pap&llary ne"ro%&%
B A"$te pyelonephr&t&% D Renal artery %teno%&%
.An%(er! D p 188 /MP- 823
0, IgA )epo%&t &n me%ang&$m "an 'e appre"&ate) 'y!
A Imm$nofl$ore%"en"e m&"ro%"opy C -&ght m&"ro%"opy
B Ele"tron m&"ro%"opy D All of the%e
.An%(er! A p 18, /MP- 823
04 Nephr&t&" fa"torC )en%e )epo%&t% are relate) to!
A Mem'ranoprol&ferat&+e glomer$lonephr&t&%
B -&po&) nephro%&%
C Fo"al %egmental glomer$lonephr&t&%
D A"$te po%t;%trepto"o""al glomer$lonephr&t&%
.An%(er! A p 1:= /MP- 123
06 Mat$rat&on &n)e@ )eterm&nat&on &% )one (&th!
A Pap% %mear C TBan"* %mear
B Gram %ta&n D All of the%e
.An%(er! A p 644 / MP- 123
05 Or&f&"e of the prep$"e &% too %mall to perm&t &t% normal retra"t&on!
A Ep&%pa)&a% C Paraphemo%&%
B Chon)yloma D None of the%e
.An%(er! D p ,2,4 / MP- 823
0: Po%&t&+ely &)ent&f&e) a% "a$%e of the "an"er of the "er+&@!
A Cytomegalo+&r$% C 7erpe% +&r$%
B Can)&)&a%&% D 7$man pap&lloma +&r$%
.An%(er! D p ,2,4 /MP- 823
08 Feat$re% of to@em&a of pregnan"yC E<CEPT!
A Anem&a C 7yperten%&on
B E)ema D Prote&n$r&a
.An%(er! A p ,2=4 / MP- 123
00 7ormone $%e) to )eterm&ne pregnan"y!
A FS7 C Proge%terone
B Beta;7CG D All of the%e
.An%(er! B p ,201 / MP- 123
0= Not %een &n %e"retory en)ometr&$m!
A M&to%&% an) glan) prol&ferat&on C Se"ret&on
B S$'n$"lear +a"$ole D Prom&nent %p&ral arter&ole
.An%(er! A p ,260 / MP- 123
01 The mo%t "ommon "ompl&"at&on of gonorrhea &n (omen!
A En)ometr&o%&% C G$l+o+ag&n&t&%
B En)ometr&t&% D Pel+&" &nflammatory )&%ea%e
.An%(er! D p ,2,0 / MP- 123
=2 All are &mportant &n %emen analy%&%C E<CEPT!
A Sperm "o$nt C Gol$me
B Morphology D Mot&l&ty
.An%(er! C p :,2 / MP- 123
=, Mo%t "ommon %&te of en)ometr&o%&%!
A O+ar&e% C Per&ton&$m
B Uter&ne l&gament D Re"to+ag&nal %ept$m
.An%(er!A p ,2:0 / MP- 123
=4 Cl&n&"al &n)&"ator of hypere%tr&n&%m!
A Ma%t&t&% C N&pple &n+er%&on
B Fat ne"ro%&% D Gyne"oma%t&a
.An%(er! D p ,,,0 / MP- 123
=6 Morpholog&" pattern% of f&'ro"y%t&" "hange of the 'rea%tC E<CEPT!
A A)eno%&% C F&'ro%&%
B Cy%t format&on D Pap&lloma
.An%(er! D p ,21= / MP- 123
=5 A"#$&re) retra"t&on of the n&pple o""$r &n!
A -a"tat&on C Brea%t "an"er
B S&l&"on 'rea%t &mplant D All of the%e
.An%(er! C p ,,25 / MP- 123
=: There &% &n%$l&n re%&%tan"e &n!
A Type , )&a'ete% mell&t$% C A A B
B Type 4 )&a'ete% mell&t$% D Ne&ther A nor B
.An%(er! B p 1,6 /MP- 1 3
=8 I%"hem&" ne"ro%&% of the anter&or p&t$&tary lea)% to!
A C$%h&ngE% )&%ea%e C Sheehan %yn)rome
B SIAD7 D Cret&n&%m
.An%(er! C p 854 /MP- 123
=0 Bel&e+e to 'e "a$%e 'y +&ral &nfe"t&on or po%t +&ral &nflammatory pro"e%%!
A S$'a"$te gran$lomato$% thyro&)&t&% C Re&)el thyro&)&t&%
B 7a%h&motoE% thyro&)&t&% D All of the%e
.An%(er! A p ,,6: / MP- 823
== Mo%t fre#$ent type of hyperf$n"t&on&ng p&t$&tary a)enoma!
A Somato%tat&noma C Prola"t&noma
B Cort&"otroph a)enoma D Thyrotroph a)enoma
.An%(er! C p ,,46 / MP- 823
=1 Chron&" a)renal &n%$ff&"&en"y lea)% to!
A >aterho$%e;Fr&e)er&"h%en %yn)rome C C$%h&ngE% %yn)rome
B A))&%onE% )&%ea%e D 7yperal)o%teron&%m
.An%(er! B p ,,82 / MP- 123
12 A "a$%e of pr&mary o%teoporo%&%!
A Po%t menopa$%al C Maln$tr&t&on
B 7yperparathyro&)&%m D Rhe$matolog&" )&%ea%e
.An%(er! A p ,444 / MP- 123
1, A genet&" )erangement &n ep&phy%&al "art&llageno$% gro(th re%$lt&ng &n )(arf&%m!
A O%teogene%&% &mperfe"ta C A"hon)ropla%&a
B O%teopetro%&% D PagetE% )&%ea%e
.An%(er! C p ,442 /MP- 823
14 Fa&l$re &n 'one m&neral&Bat&on re%$lt&ng &n e@&%t $nm&neral&Be matr&@ an)
a'normally (&)e o%te&o&) %eem% o""$r &n!
A R&"*et% C O%teomala%&a
B O%t&t&% )eforman% D A A C
.An%(er! D p ,440 / MP- 823
16 Sa'er %h&n &% )$e to!
A R&"*et% C Syph&l&%
B Pyogen&" o%teomyel&t&% D PottE% )&%ea%e
.An%(er! C p ,466 / MP- 123
15 Chron&" topha"eo$% go$t an) arthr&t&% o""$r &n!
A 7yper$re%&m&a C 7ypergly"em&a
B 7yper"al"em&a D 7yperprote&nem&a
.An%(er! A p ,4:6 / MP- 823
1: Cal"&$m pyropho%phate )epo%&t&on o""$r &n!
A Go$t C P%e$)ogo$t
B Rhe$mato&) arthr&t&% D All of the%e
.An%(er! C p ,4:0 /MP- 123
18 Degenerat&+e 9o&nt )&%ea%e &%!
A Rhe$mato&) arthr&t&% C Go$ty arthr&t&%
B Mar&e;Str$mpel )&%ea%e D O%teoarthr&t&%
.An%(er! D p ,458 / MP- 123
10 Infe"t&on of CNS &n neonate )$r&ng )el&+ery o""$r &n (h&"h "on)&t&on!
A Syph&l&% C Gonorrhea
B 7erpe% %&mple@ "on)&t&on D Chlamy)&al &nfe"t&on
.An%(er! B p ,6,= / MP- 823
1= CSF al'$m&n$"ytolog&" )&%%o"&at&on o""$r &n!
A M$lt&ple %"lero%&% C G$&lla&n; Barre %yn)rome
B Pyogen&" men&ng&t&% D S$'ara"hno&) hemorrhage
.An%(er! C p ,40: / MP- 823
11 The "o$nterpart of ma) "o( )&%ea%e &n h$man &%!
A Cre$tBfetl)t;Ha"o' )&%ea%e C Ra'&e%
B Progre%%&+e m$lt&fo"al le$"oen"ephalopathy D None of the%e
.An%(er! C p ,646 / MP- 12 3
,22 Gem&%to"yt&" a%tro"yte% are note) &n!
A 7ypogly"em&a C Damage) 'ra&n
B Ethanol a'$%e D All of the%e
.An%(er! C p ,410 / MP- 823
!. R"##$n% P&'(")"*$c B&$ "f +$e&e 6
-. Henr.% /)$n$c&) +$&*n"$ &n, M&n&*e0en' !9

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