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Challenge the children. Allow them to think for themselves.

them to learn, develop and use the skills necessary to succeed in
society. Give them the opportunities to show what they can do.

Encourage the children to challenge and push themselves.
- Timetable
-Specialist lessons
-End of Year Exhibition/Production
-Camp adf adsf
-Leave of absence

-Units covered:
-2 poetry units Power of
imagery/Finding a voice.
-Myths and Legends
-Extending narrative Narnia
-Authors study Michael Morpurgo
-Journalistic writing.

-Each unit will structured in a similar way:
- Immersion planning writing analysis project.

-Importance of reading at home.
-Thinking about what they have read.

- The wreck of Zanzibar.
-Guided reading, literacy circles and Impact Word Group

-Over the year, the curriculum is split into
various blocks:
-Block A Counting, partioning and
-Block B Securing number facts,
understanding shape.

-Block C Handling data and measures.
-Block D calculating, measuring and understanding shape.
-Block E Securing number facts, relationships and calculating.
Importance of maths challenges/problems.

Importance of learning multiplication tables.

Mathletics Computer software for use at home to link with
-Units covered:
-Host and Home
-Myths and Legends
-Drugs education
-Growing Up /Sex Education - There
will be a meeting about this unit closer
to the date.

Topic based curriculum - Over the year, each unit will ensure that the
children cover the various subjects (e.g. geography, history, science,

Before each unit begins, you will receive a letter outlining the goals of
each topic.


-English as an Additional Language.
-- In class for those whos priority is to master basic English.
-Instead of Dutch lessons.
-May have support out of classroom.

-Preparation for the ISH
-Work sheets vs. skill development?
-Mini-projects useful in skill development.
-Varied structure:
-Small Groups
-Promoting high standards from the children themselves.
-Reading journals and spelling journals.
-On the whole, no homework over the weekend except reading.
-Help, but dont help too much checking over work and asking questions
of what they have produced.
-Importance of reading listening to your children read. Asking

Tweede Kamer 1 more
helper needed.
-Greek Play
-Environment Trip

-International Picnic 19


-Other opportunities for trips
may arise.
-OV Chipkaart

-Parental help on trips would be very much appreciated.
-More trips may be arranged later in the year.
-Assessment PIE, PIM, In class
-Periodic SATs testing.
-Parents Evenings and reports.
-Class parent Please help
-Sharing email addresses between
-8taxi School bus
-International Food Fair
-The End of Year Project
-At HSV we follow the Dutch
tradition of focusing strongly on a
final project/production for the
end of the year.
-All inclusive.
-Developing skills not just acting
-OV Chipkaart

-Children in ID6 have permission
to bring in technology (e.g.
iPads, iPhones) to support in
their education.
-Last year was a huge success.
-Is only for educational purposes.
-Is completely the decision of you
as a parent.

If your child is sick?
Phone the school
Email me in the
morning/evening before:

Medicine form.

Class Parent
Is there anyone willing to
volunteer as class parent this