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GettingStarted with QUBEE Device

You need to prepare your device to get connected to your QUBEE prepay package. Please follow the below instructions to get your
device ready:

For Gigaset:

Please open the box
Connect adapter to the power source.
Connect the LAN cable to your Laptop/Desktop and follow the below instructions.

For QUBEE UH-235

GettingStarted with Qubee Pre-pay:

If you are usingKaspersky Anti-virus you need to make some changes in the settings to use QUBEE prepay. Please note, doingso it
wont hamper your PCsecurity. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1
Open an internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox).
Type any URL in the browser in the address bar (Example: www.qubee.com.bd) and you will be redirected to a login portal automatically.

Step 2
Type pre-pay user name and password (find your username and password in the envelop provided with the device) to log in your account.
We recommend Firefox or Internet Explorer for login Qubee login portal. You are now connected to QUBEE prepay. Please find your free
usage volume for experiencing the magical internet experience through QUBEE prepay. Please remember never to close the log in portal
(doing so will disconnect you from the internet). Use another tab/window of the browser (or another browser) to continue

How to recharge your QUBEE prepay connection

Step 1:
Go to your log in portal. Click Recharge Account. You will be redirected from log in portal to recharge portal automatically.

Step 2:
In Recharge portal [or you can go directly through web self care (http://my.qubee.com.bd) Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer]
Step: 1
Open a browser and type in the
address bar. Press ENTER to
Step: 2
Press OK to continue for
the next step.

Step: 3
Select Advance Settings
Step: 4
Select WiMAX Configuration
and proceed to the next step.
Step: 5
Now type
qubee@qubee.com.bd in
user name field and type
prepaidin the password
field. Click OK
Step: 6
Select Administration and
now click Restart button
and click OK

Step: 7
Your device is now ready to
be connected to QUBEE
Step: 1
Connect your UH235 to the USB
port of your PC. You will see a
auto play box. Select QUBEE
WCM Installation Disk. Now
click NEXT to continue.
Step: 2
Check I Accept Agreement then press
next to continue.
Now select your preferred location in
your hard drive and press INSTALL. Wait
for few minutes to finish the installation
process. Click FINISH to end the process.
Step 3:
From your desktop shortcut or the start menu open QUBEE
WCM go to Menu select settings. Go to the authentication
tab and enter qubee@qubee.com.bd in the user id field and
prepaid in the password field. Press ok. Now your device is
ready to be connected to QUBEE prepay.
Step: 1
Open Kaspersky
Step: 2
Step: 3
On theleft paneselect network and click
SELECT button in theMonitor port
Step: 4
Uncheck all thebrowsers and
click OK
Use the same pre-pay user name and password (find your username and password in the envelop provided with the device) to log in the
recharge portal. Press Log in to continue.

Now choose Recharge Account from the menu bar.
1. Type the SL No. (14 digits) and PIN no. (13 digits) from the scratch card for recharging your account. Both SL No. and PIN are
case sensitive. Click Continue for further notification.
2. Click on the Confirm button. Please remember without confirmation your account will not be recharged.
3. You can change your password from the profile tab.
4. Log out from the recharge portal and to check your updated balance log on again.

Use this tool to communicate with our customer care.
Open any browser and type : http://my.qubee.com.bd
Now follow the bellow steps.

Step: 1
Use your QUBEE user
name and password
Step: 2
Select Customer care.
Step: 3
Createyour ticket and
Step: 4
Remember your Ticket
No. for futureuse.