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Above the Radar

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About Above the Radar Reiki
Above the Radar Reiki is an intention-based energy that helps the recipient
open the aura to receive positive attention and recognition. t helps release !ears
o! being seen or noticed. Above the Radar Reiki is not "ust !or shy people. t is
also !or those who have intentionally or unintentionally clipped their own wings
to avoid standing out in a crowd. #taying below the radar may be a way to
play sa!e$ but it can hold you back when it comes to getting what you want in
li!e. Above the Radar Reiki will help open the chakras and aura to allow the right
kind o! positive attention to bring gi!ts o! love$ prosperity$ and success.
To ACtivate
#imply repeat the word radar mentally to activate the energy. %therwise$ use
the energy as you would with traditional Reiki. t is especially help!ul to apply it
to the third chakra &solar ple'us(.
Copyri ght 2008 El ement Energy Center www.el ementenergy.com
To Attune Others
Connect to your higher sel!$ and then the higher sel! o! the recipient. Ask to
connect to the Above the Radar Reiki energy. #ee it as a golden ball o! light.
)se your traditional attunement method i! in person to send the ball o! light into
the chakras.
*ia distance$ imagine the person in !ront o! you as you send the ball o! light to
the recipient.
+here is no time-limit or limit on re-attunements.
+his energy can be !reely shared with anyone$ and it is also %, to charge !or
providing a personali-ed attunement i! you o!!er attunements as part o! your
Reiki practice.
Copyri ght 2008 El ement Energy Center www.el ementenergy.com
.l ease share.
/ou may di stri bute thi s .01 &i ntact( !reel y as you see !i t.
Copyri ght 2oti ce
+hi s manual i s protected by copyri ght.
/ou can share thi s manual !reel y provi ded i t i s l e!t enti rel y i ntact .
/ou may not i ndependentl y repri nt$ republ i sh$ or reuse the words i n thi s
manual !or any reason.
/ou can gi ve thi s manual to students that have pai d you !or an attunement$
but you cannot resel l thi s manual l y separatel y.
/ou are wel come to create your own manual $
wri tten enti rel y i n your own words$
to teach peopl e how to use thi s energy.
/ou are al so wel come to use thi s energy to create a new energy system.
1or permi ssi on to transl ate$ contact
l i ght3el ementenergy.com
+hank you.
Addi ti onal Attunements
4ore Rei ki at t unement s and syst ems are avai l abl e at El ement Energy Cent er5
www. el ement energy. com
Copyri ght 2008 El ement Energy Center www.el ementenergy.com

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