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Mind Scanner

Most people know that its impossible to read a persons mind, and in fact, although many
people wish at times that they could have the power to do this, they still recognize that its a
lot like wishing you could fly. Its simply a dream, of a superpower that almost everyone feels
is impossible, and always will be impossible to accomplish. The fact of the matter is, reality
brings us back down to earth, and gravity brings that dream of man flying back down to earth
That is, until or unless you get cheeky or clever.
You see, while you might not be able to directly get into a mans mind, to know every single
juicy thought that he is ever having about you, your relationship, and more what you can do
instead is get cheeky.
You see, while man has never figured out how to fly on his own, like the fictitious superhero
!uperman can, man has still figured out how to fly, and in fact man now flies everyday
because of this.
"eople of course, do this inside of airplanes, but still, man has con#uered their inability to fly,
and has given humanity the ultimate superpower. They just did it in a cheeky way.
The same thing can be true when it comes to reading a mans mind, because while you cant
come in and directly hear every single thought that your man ever has, what you $%& do, is
you can influence your man to actually let you into his mind, on his own accord, to thus let you
pick at whatever thing you want to know, learn, or find out.
!o just as man figured out how to fly, even if through an unconventional method, so you shall
too learn how to read a mans mind, e#ually, in an unconventional, but e#ually effective way.
Its important to note that there are some very useful outcomes of learning how to scan your
mans mind ade#uately. 'ut first before I can tell you what those are, I must e(plain what it
means, when I say that you can )scan your mans mind.
The process of scanning your mans mind, simply involves getting a man to tell you himself,
what it is that he wants you to do, that would make him go crazy for attraction toward you.
This also means that your man will tell you e(actly what he needs, e(pects, and wants from
you, but he wont actually *&+, that he is doing this, because again, you will be )scanning
his mind. Its basically like reading deeper into him, to pull out +&-Y the information that your
man actually &../! you to know, and thus you end up only with the information that is the
0+!T useful to you.
This means that you can learn all kinds of things about your man, and in doing so you can
begin doing things after that, which work in the favor of your newfound knowledge, to a level
where he will begin to wonder how it is that you have such a psychological pull on him.
You see, the great thing about scanning a mans mind is that it actually gives you the ability to
instruct your man in such a way, that he will find himself emotionally wrapped up around your
every word, and the best part is is that he will have no idea how you are reading him so well,
and he wont be able to figure out what you are doing, but he will -+1. it.
,hy will your man -+1. it2
,ell if you read your man in the right way, by scanning his mind, you ultimately make him feel
understood on such a deep level, that he cant help but love and crave your every move after
3ltimately, the mind scanner techni#ue helps to take out the guesswork that would normally
be there between you and your man, as you both try to see things from each others
perspectives, only to ultimately ever find too many differences blocking your path to
understanding one another.
4ence, the 0ind !canner techni#ue, actually allows you to see into your mans perspective,
and to )get things with such a pin point accuracy, that you will be able to always have a more
powerful level control within your love life from this point forward.
!o what e(actly is involved, when it comes to scanning your mans mind2 ,hat do you have to
,ell there are 5 steps which you need to follow, to be able to scan your mans mind, and they
are as follows6
Step #1: Temporarily Remove Your Emotional And Mental Filters- Its important to recognize
the fact that when approaching a man, many women come in, and try to understand a man,
get information from him, and they even try to pick at his brainbut they do this in a way that
will only ever leave them more confused than ever.
If you want to be able to scan a mans mind, you must be able to come in, and see things the
way that he does. 0any women are guilty of, for e(ample, only ever hearing what they
wanted to hear.
,hat this means, is that a man could be telling you something CLEAR as day, but you might
not even notice, get the memo, or know that, because you refuse to listen to anything that
does not fit into a predetermined set of filters that you have in place.
Thus, the first key to scanning a mans mind, is removing the things that are coming from your
end, that are standing in your way, because many times men actually openly, and clearly
communicate with women all kinds of secrets, ideas, and drop hints but many women miss
almost %-- of those things, because of the filters they have in place.
!o what filters am I referring to2
.motional and mental filters.
'asically, all that a filter is, is its the way we see, approach, and perceive something. The best
way to e(plain this, would be to say that your filter, for e(ample meant that everything that
you see, or e(perience appears red in color.
This means that even if something is not red, as long as you have a filter in place, wherein you
,%&T to see things as being red, everything will always look red to you, because again, you
are seeing that through a filter.
Itd basically be like wearing red sunglasses, where the world, once you put them on, begins to
look redder.
Thats all that a filter does, and thus, we actually all have many filters, that allow us to see the
world, and e(perience it in a certain way.
,ith emotional filters, now, come into play, with your emotional e(pectations. .motional
e(pectations, are things that you e(pect, project, or wish to be, based on how you actually
want to feel. %s an e(ample, maybe you want to feel understood, so you approach your man
with the e(pectation that he should get what you are about to tell him, otherwise this means
that you cannot feel understood.
!o one common e(ample of an emotional filter, is that women e(pect men, to see things the
way that they do. %n even deeper e(ample of this, is when a woman is talking to a man, and
she is listing off detail after detail, about something.
'ut what she doesnt realize, is that 0+7. details actually confusing to a man, and he will
struggle to figure out what your point is, which e(plains why he cant understand what you
mean, or why you are saying something, if you bring in heavy details.
'ut you bring in details, again, because you want to e(press all of the pieces that made you
feel a certain way, about what you are talking about in the first place. To you, all of the details
are necessary, to help e(plain the emotion.
'ut a man doesnt need that, to be brutally honest, to feel that same emotion, and if anything,
too many details cloud a mans ability to feel the same as you, think the same as you, or
understand the same as you.
,hy is that2
,ell, men think differently than women do. If you were to cut open a mans head, and a
womans head, youd see that they actually think about things very differently, and this is
would be true, even if they were looking at the same thing.
&ow, in the main program, the /rama 0ethod, I actually e(plain in depth why this is true, but
to summarize what is going on here, in a mans mind vs. your own, I will say this6
,omen are emotionally logic, whereas men are rationally logic.
&ow I dont want you to get offended by this. ,hen I say that women are emotionally logic, I
am not calling you emotional in a negative way. You are in fact, taught your whole life, to
e(press yourself as a woman, based on how you feel about something.
% lot of your e(periences, are perceived to be good or bad, based on how you feel. /ont
believe me2
,ell, why do you watch your favorite T.1. shows2 ,hy do you eat your favorite foods, when
you are upset2 ,hy do you need your man to comfort you, when you dont feel good etc2
You do these things, because you e(perience the world in an array of feelings first. .very
action or thought that you have, ties back into a )is this going to make me feel better reality,
wherein everything you do, after that, is done to fulfill an emotion, remove a bad emotion, or
kick start another emotion that you want to feel.
.verything from how you think, to how you perceive things, even to how you decide to act on
something, is almost always an emotionally based e(perience for you. This is what is known as
emotional logic then, because you problem solve, with your emotions, and based on how you
want to feel.
This is why everything that comes after this stage, is an emotional e(perience for you, and is
concentrated mostly on how you feel everything from what you want to wear, to what you
are going to eat, to what you might say to a man, is all decided based on how you think that
thing will make you feel.
You dont wear certain clothes, because you dont want to feel fat, but you wear other clothes
because you either want to feel comfortable, or feel se(y. You dont eat certain foods because
you dont want to feel groggy, but you will happily consume others, if you felt that they would
make you feel perky, awake, or nourished.
You dont answer your phone sometimes, because you dont want to feel dragged down by
8negative &ancy9 calling you on the other line. +r maybe, you cuddle with your man as well,
because you want to :..- loved and secure.
%s you are starting to see therefore, almost everything that you do, or even think, is now
coming in as this temporary emotional transaction, where you decide that you are, or are not
going to do something based on how that will make you feel. That, is the best e(ample of
emotional logic.
&ow its not a bad thing that you do this, per se, because it allows you to e(perience the world
within a wide array of emotional realities. You get to seek a very intense and deep level of
fulfillment, by using emotional logic.
0en, however, dont use emotional logic, and if they do, its ever, if rarely. This is why its
important to understand now, why you might have to remove your emotional filter, because
part of your emotional filter, is wanting to look at things, based on how they are going to make
you feel.
0en, however sometimes, need a woman to look at things, beyond that level. The problem is,
that until or unless you start recognizing that you do in fact have an emotional filter, and
secondly until or unless you see that you sometimes have to suspend that filter, you will
struggle to understand some of the most basic messages that your man is trying to
communicate to you.
"art of being able to understand a man, or even trying to pick his brain for juicy tidbits, is
understanding that a man basically $%&&+T deliver the information to you, the way that you
want it.
The way that you want it, is in a way that is dependent to how you want to feel. !o you
actually come in, e(pecting your man to behave, speak, and think along the same level as you,
so that ultimately he comes in and says .;%$T-Y what you want to hear, in that very moment.
In fact, the minute a man doesnt do that, you actually get upset, angry, and even moody
about the situation, as a woman. !o, why do you need men to say e(actly what you want to
hear, otherwise you get or become upset2
,ell, again, theres a reason why you might need a man to say something a certain way, or to
do something a certain way. Thats because you were .;".$TI&< to be able to feel a certain
way, as a result of it.
The minute a man comes in and does not, therefore say or do something in the .;%$T way
that you needed, it means that you are /.&I./ a certain level of emotional fulfillment. This
would e(plain why its so frustrating to you, when a man struggles to say or do the right thing
around you. Its because you &../ him to do that, to feel good again, otherwise you end up
stuck in a place where you feel bad.
&ow youll notice that I came in here, with a pretty heavy word, known as .;".$T%T%TI+&.
"art of the issue with emotional logic, is that it almost always creates an e(pectation, before
something happens. This e(pectation is created, because you, again, are trying to fulfill an
emotion, by having something happen.
Thus, an e(pectation must be created. This e(pectation almost always is only ever looking for
one certain outcome, because again, you need to feel a certain way, and are only taking
action, or are doing something then, about your thoughts, so that your feelings can change =if
you were for e(ample feeling bad> or be fulfilled.
The problem with this e(pectation, that emotional logic creates is therefore this6 you do &+T
accept any other reality, response, or even e(perience that does not match up to your
This means that if something happens outside of what you wanted, you either, get mad,
become disappointed, or just simply deny it, because again, its not what you need.
3ltimately, if you convert this idea back over into your relationship again, it means that many
times a man might say something to you, and your instant response to what he said, if its not
what you e(pected would be to start doing something like this6
8,hy are you saying that29, or 8,hat do you mean by ???@29, or 8,hy would you think that29
%gain all of those #uestions are basically saying the same thing6 8I dont get why you didnt do
what I wanted. 4ow could you not do what I wanted2 I need you to do what I wanted, so now
I am going to play AB #uestions with you, to finally get you to a place where you understand
that I need you to be doing what I wanted. 4opefully by the time I am done asking all of these
#uestions, you will get the hint that what you did was wrong@9
3sually, at this stage, when a man comes back and says something that was not what you
wanted to hear, or responds with something that isnt what you e(pected, almost every
woman is guilty of coming in after that, and playing a AB #uestions game.
It means that you come in, and start asking him why he feels that way, and what he is thinking
etc because again, you simply just do &+T accept what he said, or you dont accept the
reality he just dealt you. !o you try to ask a series of #uestions to understand why it is that he
cant give you the reality.
Its not like you are asking those #uestions to understand 4I0. You are actually asking those
#uestions to understand why he cant do what you wanted. You proceed, therefore, to ask him
why he feels that way, and how he could say something like that, and why he is thinking that.
%gain, that means that you feel he is wrong, and its very clear from the tone, and even the
way that you now communicate in your #uestions, that you think he is wrong.
%t this stage, no answer would actually suffice, which is why many women actually ask a series
of #uestions at this stage, because they continue to &+T get the answer they were looking for.
'ut this is e(actly where the communication breaks down, because a man could be telling you
something clearly, but because you dont want to accept that reality, due to your emotional
logic, you end up ignoring or denying everything it is that your man is actually trying to tell
,hat this means is that you actually almost e(clusively refuse to understand your man in this
process, because you are yourself, trying to be understood.
This is e(actly why such a filter must be suspended from time to time, because it can actually
/+ a T+& of damage when you approach your man with a filter like this turned on. %gain,
men dont think along the terms of emotional logic, and the more you bombard them with
#uestions, or a need for more details, the more difficult it becomes for them to do what you
wanted, or say what you need.
You would never get what you wanted this way, and in fact would never .1.7 be able to read
a mans mind as long as your emotional filter is turned on a 4I<4 setting, when you approach
your man.
%s previously mentioned, men are rationally logic thinkers. This means that they do not
approach the world, on a basis of how they 0I<4T feel if they do, or dont do something.
%ctually, its #uite the opposite. 0en dont really care about how they might feel about
If they need to solve a problem, or if they need something done, they actually suspend
emotional logic, and switch over e(clusively to rational logic. !o what is rational logic anyway2
,ell, rational logic is basically a form of reasoning that looks directly at the facts of something,
to work out a final outcome therein. This e(cludes, emotional facts. !o when I say that a man
is looking at the facts, to reason, or to determine the outcome of something, I dont mean that
hes considering how he feels, in the mi(, or how something ,I-- make him feel.
,hat I mean, is that a man is looking at the functionality of something, on a very logical scale.
This means that a man will choose something based on an outcome that works the best, for a
situation first, before he considers how it would work based on he might feel about it after the
This is why, for e(ample, if you approach your man with a #uestion like 8do you love me9
some men might not even be able to answer, because they wont be looking at that #uestion
based on how they feel. 0eanwhile you +&-Y asked the #uestion, to figure out how he feels in
the first place, but from where he is standing, he feels like you are actually asking him,
something else.
,hy does a man feel that way2
,ell again, he will approach that #uestion with rational logic. This means that he will have to
sit and actually think about it, to see if everything does in fact point to him loving you, which
means he will have to go back and logically think about how it is that he approaches you, and
thinks about you, to see if that might be true. 4ed have to be looking, therefore, for irrational
moments where he behaved outside of ration.
This means he will be looking for times when he was emotional, in an irrational way, which
basically means, hes looking for times when he acted outside of logic, when he didnt intend
4e has to look for moments when he didnt intend to act outside of logic, because almost
always, a man is sitting in a logical state. !o for %&Y emotion to come in, it would have to
overtake his logical being, temporarily, for him to feel that emotion, or for that emotion to
dictate something for him.
Thus its no longer a matter of 8do you love me9. &ow a man is looking deep into how he even
responds to you, to figure that out for himself even, because its not like he sits around
thinking 8gee, do I love her29. &o. 4e doesnt need to look at it like that.
7ational logic would dictate to a man that he doesnt have to be around you based on how he
feels, but rather on whether or not, for e(ample, you are capable of handling him, helping
him, understanding him on a logical level, which thus tells him that you are a good match.
Its only when you do that over a long period of time, and on an intense scale that hed even
begin to start having feelings about you, on a deeper level.
Thus, the whole #uestion again, of whether or not you love him, now has him looking for
times that he was acting outside of ration, which to him, means this6 look for irrational
!o now hell be looking to see. ,as I more often angry, and reacting heavily to the things that
you do, than not2
Thats basically what it e#uates to. !o if the answer that comes in his head, is that his
emotional reactions are more often negative than positive to you, as in you made him angry
more often than not, then now he is going to think, maybe I dont.
+bviously that is not the answer you want, and even more confusing, is the idea that a man is
with you, when he doesnt even feel good around you. 'ut again, a man doesnt place much
emphasis on how he feels, consciously. Thats mostly an unconscious thing.
4e can be in a very emotionally intense situation, and still stay in that situation for a long time,
regardless of his feelings, because again if he felt that staying meant -+<I$%--Y that
something could be rationally resolved, then he would stay, regardless of how that thing made
him feel.
,hy is that2 %gain, a man is about the rational and logical outcome, not the emotional
Thus, what you have to do, is at times come in and suspend your emotional logic, so that
when you approach your man, you can actually see things through his lens, or through his
You 03!T be able to do this, if you actually want to translate some of the things you will pull
from his mind, or if you want to be able to understand the deeper things that he is telling you.
You must also do this if you actually want to be able to accept some of the things your man
might tell you, or do, because !+0. of those things are actually in your favor, you just would
&.1.7 realize it, as long as you are using emotional logic.
!o, the key then, to suspending your emotional logic temporarily, is to actually purposefully
step into a zone of rational logic.
This means that you must look at things, matterCofCfactly from time to time, and must &+T
look at them, based on how you want to feel about something. "art of suspending your
emotional logic, also comes in recognizing when you are using emotional logic.
!o this means that any time you find yourself heaving wrapped up in how you want to feel,
what feeling you are looking for, or anything therein about how you :..-, that means that
emotional logic is talking.
You can come to know when rational logic is talking, because you wont be concentrating on
how you feel, but rather on what really is, and how things are really going on outside of your
The best e(ample to illustrate this, would be when you approach or speak about something,
such as a white rabbit. The main way to tell the difference between when you are using
rational vs. emotional logic, is that rational logic +&-Y states what is, as it is, without too many
details. Thats because it concentrates on the core facts, and disregards how you need to feel
about it.
,hen you need to elicit a feeling however, details are essential, because they make up a list of
things that all help you to form a feeling around that thing. !o lets say that you are looking at
a white rabbit.
Rational logic would dictate tis:8There is a white rabbit9.
,hereas, emotional logic would dictate tis:8+h, what a fluffy rabbit@ Its so cute. -ook at its
tiny little legs@ %ww@ +h wow, its such a pretty shade of white. +h, look, it moved, aww
theres a little black patch under its belly@9
%s you can see, emotional logic brought in a bunch of details that actually didnt need to be
there, and each of those details helped to fuel an emotional response, which in this case,
e#uates to the 8aww this is so cute9, feeling.
7ational logic, however, would suspend all of that, to state the fact, that there simply is just a
white rabbit, without all of the added details. It lists the facts, of only what there is, based on
what is there rationally.
3se this e(ample, therefore in the future to help yourself notice when you are using emotional
logic, so that you can come to understand when you are approaching your man in that same
way, and thus can temporarily suspend that.
%s noted, a heavy onslaught of details are hard for a man to comprehend, because he doesnt
understand how they all tie back into the rational logic of it all. %gain, he doesnt understand
that, because he isnt involving feelings, so if you talk about something, and begin to bring in a
8I feel9 reality, its 7.%--Y going to confuse your man.
-ikewise, if a man spoke about something, but /I/&T bring in a )I feel reality, you would be
confused too, because you &../ those details to understand how you should feel.
Thus, to help resolve this communication breakdown problem that goes on between a man
and a woman, you have to be willing to bend over into his reality, and to suspend your
emotional logic temporarily from time to time, especially when approaching your man.
&ow, there is one more key to this step, which I mentioned at the beginning of this step, which
was that you must temporarily suspend your emotional %&/ mental filters. !o far, I have
spoken about your emotional filters, which really in this case, e#uate to using emotional logic,
rather than rational logic to approach your man.
'ut there is one more key to this mi(, known as 0.&T%- filters that can also turn things messy,
or can also prevent you from being able to scan your mans mind properly. 0ental filters are
basically thought patterns that you have, which, like emotional filters, only want to see the
world in a certain way.
It means that they .;".$T something to be a certain way, yet again, or they deny it. &ow
these are not always emotionally related, because some mental filters can be rationally based,
but the problem with mental filters, is that they often peg things into a strange way of
&ow there are many kinds of mental filters, but what you need to temporarily suspend in this
case, are the !E"AT#$E mental filters.
&egative mental filters only want to recognize the bad reality of whatever is going on which
means that .1.& when you suspend your feelings, or even I: you remove your emotions from
the mi( temporarily, that you !TI-- would not allow the truth, the facts, or anything else to
surface through, because once again, you only want to see something in a certain way.
&egative mental filters +&-Y let in negative things, which means that even if something good
was happening, or being said to you, you would most likely not even recognize it. This is
another very to(ic reality that causes a communication breakdown between a man and a
woman therefore, and it needs to be addressed, as well, if you truly want to be able to get the
most from your man.
!o the #uickest way to address it, is to actually realize that something like this does e(ist,
because many women dont actually know that they have negative filters. The best way to
illustrate this for you, is to actually list some very common e(amples of negative filters, so that
you can come to see what they look like, when they are working, to thus recognize them in
the first place.
!ome common e(amples, of negative mental filters, include,
%ll or &+T4I&<9 thought patterns, that basically have you feeling that something better
happen, otherwise you feel like you have nothing. !o, for e(ample, your man better love you,
otherwise you feel like you have nothing@

-abeling Yourself &egatively9, which means that you assume that something cannot be,
or that something cannot happen, based on negative ideas of yourself. !o, a common e(ample
is women who feel that a man cannot be attracted to them, because they are )fat, or )ugly, or
)stupid. Those are e(amples of negatively labeling yourself.

"ositive /is#ualifying9, is where you basically peg everything as being bad, by thinking
things like 8everything is going wrong9, or, 8nothing is going right9. This means that even if
!+0. things are going right, with your man, that you dont see that anymore, because now
you are dis#ualifying the positives.

$atastrophising9, is basically the e#uivalent of e(pecting the worst case scenario to
happen, even before anything has happened. Its basically e(pecting the worst, so around your
man, you might end up fearing that he is going to cheat on you, for e(ample, even if he hasnt,
because you are turning it into a catastrophe, mentally.

0ind 7eading9, which is basically the e#uivalent of %!!30I&< that you know e(actly
what it is that people are thinking, but in a negative way based on an action that you see them
doing. !o, for e(ample, you might think 8I can tell that my man doesnt love me, because he
didnt answer the phone when I called him today9, when this mental filter is activated.
&owhere did your man actually say that, and you actually assumed now that he must be
feeling that way about you.


*eep in mind that %-- of these filters almost always have &+T4I&< to do with the situation at
hand, and thus need to be suspended and even removed, because they can be 0+7. than
damaging to your love life. They have nothing to do with your situation, because they are
mostly outside of any situation you could possibly be in, and often involve an )assuming the
worst kind of process, depending on what you are concentrating on.
They only make things worse, and again, $+&:3!. every single message, fact, or reality that
they come into contact with, with dangerous ideas, or incorrect irrational logic.
%gain, the key here is to bring in rational logic, which is why these negative mental filters have
to go, because honestly, they are irrational.
Its important to note that there are many other negative mental filters, where these came
from, and if you are interested in learning about other kinds of mental filters, you can always
look more into this by doing a little online or offline research, about negative thought
patterns. You will most likely find that information in the selfChelp section of your offline
bookstores or library, but if you are doing online research, just look up, 8negative thought
This should help you to greatly come to recognize your own thought patterns that are getting
in your way, even beyond the e(ample of trying to read your mans mind, because these
patterns actually affect your love life, beyond this level.

'ut for now, just understand and know that any time you feel an irrational thought creeping
up that starts into a )assuming the worst kind of a reality, understand that this is not even
your emotions talking, but is a negative mental filter, that should be looked into, or at least
recognized as being such, so that you dont give it the power to dictate anything beyond that
!o ultimately, once you suspend your mental and emotional filters, what you are going to be
able to do, is you will become a better listener, %&/ a better lover. Your man wont even know
4+, you are doing it either, but he will <7.%T-Y appreciate this reality, as suddenly he will
find you getting to the point a lot faster, and understanding him a lot better.
The key here, is that you want to make your man as $+0:+7T%'-. as possible around you.
Thats what you are really going for here, and the #uickest way to do that is to make him feel
understood, and to reach him on 4I! level.
7eaching him on his level, again means that you come in and bend over into his reality of
rational logic from time to time when approaching him.
It also means that you remove any preCconceived notions, so that now you actually %--+,
your man the room to e(press himself, or tell you the truth about things. This means that you
give him the space to find acceptance through you finally, and it means that you wont be
fighting every little thing he says or does, simply because you didnt understand it, or because
it didnt fit within any e(pectations that you created with your emotional and mental filters.
3ltimately, this means that you begin seeing without judgment, but furthermore, you begin
understanding him the way that he wants to be understood.
Imagine for e(ample that you are trying to tell somebody that you got a promotion. 'ut all
they keep hearing is that you were fired.
4ow annoying would that get after a while to keep reCe(plaining that no, you still have your
job, %&/ you also got a promotion2
Yet, no matter what, this other person just wont let go of the idea that you are even
employed, let alone have a job, plus a promotion, because in their mind they just cant believe
that you simply have that.
Theyve decided that you dont, and therefore any time that you say that you do have this, its
confusing to them.
Thats basically what happens, to a man, when you dont remove your emotional and mental
filters. 4e finds himself trying to be honest, and tries hard to tell you the truth, but each time
you just refuse to believe him, because of your +,& preCconceived notions and belief
patterns that are telling you that this just cant be true.
'ut it is true, and thats e(actly the benefit of using rational logic when approaching your man,
is that you can begin to :I&%--Y decode what it is that he means when he says certain things
+nce you have done this, you can then move on to step DA, which is as follows.

Step #%: Su&-'ommunicate $alue-

You are out on a date with a guy, and hes really nervous. You can sense nervousness in his
body language, facial e(pression, and demeanor. $onsciously, hes trying to project a confident
attitude, however his subCcommunication is projection a very insecure and needy attitude,
which will make you feel uncomfortable as well.
!o, women unknowingly, also end up projecting in an e#ual way, with a needy vibe, when they
want a man to get a confident vibe.
This e(plains why a guy would suddenly get distant and not call you, or why he suddenly
becomes strange around you. This is because you unknowingly projected a needy vibe,
without knowing it, but that was your subCcommunication.

,hen you speak to a man, and thus, try to communicate to him,there will be two things that
will happen.
The first thing, is that he will hear what you are trying to say, or convey but heres the thing,
its not going to register in his head. !imply put, hes not going to )get it. 'ut theres a reason
for that, because the second thing that happens when you speak to a man, is that a level of
subCcommunication will occur.
This level of subCcommunication is actually what your man is paying attention to, listening to,
and responding to. 'ut, what many women dont realize, is that its a huge problem if a guy is
listening to your subCcommunication, instead of your active communication.
Its actually the reason why men never seem to )get what you are saying, or why they
completely disregard, or even ignore the things that you say. %llow me to e(plain why
!o what is subCcommunication anyway2
,ell, subCcommunication is basically the behaviors and patterns of communication which you
convey, when you are actually trying to communicate with a man.
,hat do I mean by that2
,ell, I want you to imagine for e(ample, that you are talking to a guy, but you are nervous.
Internally you want to project a level of confidence, as you try to show this guy that you like
him, and also try to convey to this man that you are a likeable person.
'ut another storm brews alongside this reality, internally, on a subconscious level, because as
previously noted, you are actually nervous.
!o here you are, trying to convey and project a message to this man that you are confident,
and are likeable.
'ut guess what message this guy actually gets2 4e actually ends up with a subCcommunicated
message, that tells him you are rather nervous, shy, and even insecure.
This is true, regardless of what you are saying to him.
4ow is that so2
,ell subCcommunication, as mentioned, is a level of communication that conveys your
subconscious feeling, through your behavior. !o this means that your body will start to
involuntarily convey a message to this man, about that nervousness that is actually going on
inside of you.
You, of course, will be completely unaware of this fact, but the man in #uestion, will be able to
see, hear, and e(perience %-- of that reality.
!o rewinding back to the e(ample I just gave, of how you feel nervous, but are trying to hide
that, to impress a guy what usually happens then, from the mans perspective is this6
C % little selfCdoubt shifts in, as he finds you using nervous, insecure, or uncertain sounding
words and phrases, and thus he starts to hear that you even have an uncertain tone about
C 4e notices that you nervously fidget with something. 0aybe you rub your foot around on the
ground, nervously. 0aybe you grab your hair and twist it. 0aybe you keep looking /+,&, or
away, out of your shyness. 0aybe you even start to stutter, or say 8uh9 or 8um9 a lot, as you
struggle to find the right words, as you try to force yourself to say the right thing.
C 4e sees that even the way you are !T%&/I&<, is different than the message you are trying to
communicate. Your body language is that which has you curled into yourself, instead of
projecting outward, and standing with your body projecting outward. You also will not be
standing T++ close to this guy, either, so as to not )mess up your chances.
It goes on and on, but now, as you can see, even though you are trying to act, and talk as if
you are confident, what you are subCcommunicating now in your language, is a whole other
message and reality, that a man will see, and pay attention to much more strongly.
You see, a confident woman, would not be doing any of the above things. 4er gaze would
never fail to match a mans, even if 4. looks away. 4er body would move I& toward his, and
would project outward. !he wouldnt slouch back into herself, look down, or nervously grasp
for words or answers, just to try and impress a guy.
!he wouldnt be worrying about impressing the guy in the first place, which is why none of
this would happen, because again she would be confident.
% confident woman, who truly feels this way consciously and unconsciously, would therefore
subCcommunicate that message, even in everything she says after that.
!o, subCcommunication, is simply the behaviors, patterns, and mannerisms that you
unconsciously and even consciously e(hibit when communicating to a man.
&ow earlier I mentioned that there are two things that happen when you try to communicate
with a man. The first thing, of course, was that you say something to him, or try to convey
something, consciously.
'ut I mentioned that most men never actually )get that message. "art of the reason for this, is
because of the fact that men pay attention to your actions, more than your words. Youll find
that I e(plain this #uite e(tensively in the main /rama 0ethod program, but to put this
simply men do this, because they -+<I$%--Y gauge situations, to understand them.
,hat this means, is that a man therefore has to look at what you are doing, instead of what
you are saying, to understand what you mean, and how you mean it. 4e has to do that,
because he cannot simply derive a )feeling of what you are saying, since he is using logic.
-ogic does not work off of a )feeling of something, but rather pays attention to the function of
that thing, and breaks it down into a final outcome, that a man can understand.
This is why its e(tremely important to learn about subCcommunication, and more importantly,
to learn how to subCcommunicate value.
,hy is that2
,ell, as you have seen, from the e(ample I gave earlier, since a man is almost e(clusively
listening to your subCcommunication, this means that he will either get a completely different
message than what you are trying to communicate consciously, or he will simply &.1.7 get
what it is that you are trying to say either.
The key here, is therefore this6 learn how to subCcommunicate in the right way, around a man,
so that you can always deliver a clear, and powerful message to him each and every time.
&ow how does that tie back into scanning a mans mind2 ,ell, you have to put a bridge
between the communication gap, if you want to be able to reach him, and get into his head.
You will never be able to reach him as long as a communication gap is present. %ny time a gap
is present, it means that no amount of e(plaining, #uestioning, discussing or more would ever
reach your man, nor would it ever get you the answers, or e(planations you are actually after
!o again, thats where subCcommunication comes into play. You need subCcommunication so
that your man doesnt always know what you are )up to, in the wrong ways. You need subC
communication so that you can actually convey the message you intended to, instead of the
message you didnt intend to convey.
You need subCcommunication so that your man actually starts listening to you properly, and
'ut you dont just need any kind of subCcommunication here. ,hat you need in this case, of
the 0ind !canner reality is the ability to subCcommunicate value.
!o how do you subCcommunicate value2
There are two simple things you must do, and its going to sound really strange, but youll see
why they work in just a bit.
The first thing you must do, is you must actively 7.0+1. your desire toward a man, so that
you no longer communicate an intense level of neediness.
You see, the main problem that many women have, is not that they are subCcommunicating in
the first place. .veryone subCcommunicates all of the time.
The problem, that women strictly have, however, when it comes to subCcommunication, is
that they almost always are subCcommunicating a negative level of neediness. !ome e(amples
of those negative levels of neediness, include, subCcommunicating the following6
- Insecurities
- Intense desires
- 4eavy core needs, that you want to be fulfilled
- /oubtsEuncertainty
- .tc
%ll of this again, comes back to subCcommunicating a deeper level of needs, that comes across
rather strongly. .ven a woman who is nervous, is subCcommunicating the idea that she is
insecure in herself, and thus is e(tremely emotionally needy, to a man, as a result.
,hy would a man feel that a nervous woman is e(tremely emotionally needy2 ,ell, a woman
who is not secure within herself, will always be approval seeking, and looking for validation
from a man.
%s you saw with the e(ample describing the behavior of a woman who was nervous, her body
language, tone, and even way she spoke all indicated that she was looking for approval. $learly
she was trying to impress the guy, but the subCcommunication gave an answer as to ,4Y she
was trying to do that.
!he wanted him to like her. !o now she is again seeking approval, and this reeks of desperation
to a guy.
This is why the very first step to subCcommunicating value is to 7.0+1. the desire.
,hat does )removing the desire mean2 It means that you go in, with an e(tremely casual
attitude after this, where you do not project, indicate, or even act out in any way, your deeper
needs, toward or around a man.
It basically translates as this6 dont show the guy that you need him, just show him that you
want him.
It means that you emotionally detach from the situation, and do not depend so heavily
anymore, therefore on the outcome.
Its basically like taking on the male stance to the whole situation, wherein you come in
logically, instead of emotionally.
You see, when you approach a situation as the one described in the e(ample earlier,
emotionally, you almost always will subCcommunicate the wrong ideas, messages, or worse, to
a man. !ubCcommunicating value, in the case of that e(ample, means that a woman should
come in confidently, removing her emotions temporarily from the mi(.
It means that she is not heavily )emotionally dependent on the outcome, and therefore
begins to start subCcommunicating value to that very same man, now. &ow she wont be
afraid to look him directly in the eyes, with a very solid form of eye contact, for e(ample,
because again, now she is not dependent on the outcome.
.motionally its not going to affect her, like it would have before, so now she can come in
confidently, both internally and e(ternally, to communicate a level of value that she has. &ow
the man will be able to see that value as well, because she would not be projecting any
internal insecurities or neediness.
!o the key then, to removing the desire, is to once again, take on a logical approach, by
suspending your emotions therein, so that you no longer are heavily depending on an
outcome, or result from your man, just to resolve your needs in the first place.
This might sound strange, but a man will actually work to resolve your needs, +&-Y when you
are &+T subCcommunicating neediness. This is why you have to subCcommunicate value.
There is a way, to actually consciously, and verbally subCcommunicate value to your man, and
that is the second part of this step. The first part, as noted, is to act like you are not needy, by
removing the intense desire, through the temporary suspension of your emotions. I... You
take the male approach to it, by not relying heavily on the outcome, or not being too
)outcome dependent.
7emember that you want this guy, but dont need him.
!o the second part of this step now, once you have done this, and are now beginning to subC
communicate value by not projecting a ton of emotional neediness, or insecurities =because
you backed away emotionally>, is to physically confirm it with action, words, and body
%s I mentioned earlier, a part of subCcommunication comes in your actual behavior, and a part
of that is in your body language, and the words you use, as well.
!o what you are going to do now, is you are actually going to verbally subCcommunicate value
to your man, by saying the following6
I dont know if we would make a good couple, I mean look at our differences.
I know it sounds strange that a man would derive %&Y value from a statement like that, where
you are not clearly validating his ego, and where you are not clearly telling him how intensely
you want to be with him, but allow me to e(plain why this works with men.
You see, the human brain is funny, because when someone tells you not to do something,
your mind forces you to do that very thing.
It means that if you tell a guy that you might not be a good couple, his mind will come in and
start to try to find reasons as to why this is, or is not true. 'ut whats going to happen, almost
FBBG of the time, is that a man will actually +&-Y look for reasons as to why this $%&T be
,hy is that2
,ell, you have subCcommunicated through this statement, that you dont actually &../ him.
This creates a panic within your man, as his ego now feels threatened, and looks for ways to
feel justified and validated again.
Its basically like saying to a guy6 84ey, you are nice. 'ut I need great@9.
&ow I will e(plain in just a bit, why this works, for a man, but for now, here are some other
things that you can verbally say to a man, to subCcommunicate value, and remember that you
must match your actions, and behavior to the things you are saying, so that you are not saying
one thing, but doing another. !o, match your behavior with these statements6
I understand that we get along together really well, but I dont want to force you into
anything right now. Its best to keep our options open.9
I dont want you to think that I am looking to rush things, in fact, I believe that both of us
should not lock ourselves into something just yet.9
I really love how we click together, but I dont want to ruin that by attaching a relationship
label to it just yet. -ets just keep things cool for now9
I feel really amazing around you, but Id like for that to always be true. !o lets just take
things slow for now.9
These statements will make him wonder 8what is she saying that I am not good enough2 If
she thinks that we click, why is she saying this29.
'ut heres the best part6 this is where he starts coming up with his own reasons. This is where
the scanning comes into play.
The statements actually make you look secure, because other women are not capable of
backing away from their desire, emotionally, so that they can subCcommunicate to their man
that they want him, but dont need him.
,hat will happen after you start to subCcommunicate verbally alongside behaviorally, is that
your man will be forced to scan his mind and come up with his own reasons to why its going
to work, in the first place.
!o this is where the mind scanning comes back into play. %gain, you are going to get your man
to come up with answers and reasons, +& your behalf, so that you dont even have to.
This is where he starts to actually thoroughly begin looking for answers, and what is even
better about this reality, is that he will try very hard after this to "7+1. to you, just how wrong
you are because you have challenged him to.
4ow did you challenge him to do that2
,ell first you took your emotions out of the mi(, and thus in doing so, stopped chasing him. It
means that you start to subCcommunicate value, by not painting yourself anymore as the
helpless, desperate, and needy type.
The desperate, helpless, and needy woman is e(tremely unattractive to most men, and this
behavior often makes men withdraw, avoid, or ignore that woman.
0en ultimately fear being trapped in a situation where they are stuck with a woman who
emotionally projects in a negative way. Thus, any time you are communicating that reality to a
man, he will close himself off from you.
!o its important to remember and note that you have to subCcommunicate value not just with
your words, but in your body language as well, which means that your vocal tones, your body
language, the things that you say, and even your facial e(pressions all have to come together
to communicate the !%0. message.
This very !%0. message must also be the %$T3%- message you are trying to convey, which is
why you have to start studying your own level of subCcommunication. !tart paying attention to
how it is that you physically react or respond to your man, when you are around him.
%re you truly e(hibiting a level of confidence, for e(ample2 +r are you e(hibiting a needy
-ook for moments when you often seek assurance from your man, verbally, such as in always
looking for his approval, in the things you say, or waiting for him to confirm that he likes
something, before you push forward with an idea or a decision etc
,atch to see how your body moves and reacts around your man as well. %re you turned
inward, physically, almost shying away2 +r are you projecting your body outward, confidently2
%gain, pay attention to how you are actually reacting, instead of only paying attention to how
you feel you are acting alone.
0ake sure that the way you say things, subCcommunicates value too.
!o, if you want a guy to be with you, dont come in saying something direct like this6
I really want to be with you.9, or 8I think wed make a really great couple.9.
If you say to a guy, that you think youd make a good couple but say it in a needy fashion, he
will read that, and feel weird, and will be compelled to say )no. 'ut, if you say the same thing
coming from a perspective of security, he will be more likely to say yes.
%ll that telling a man that you need him does, is it communicates the following message to a
8I really need you, badly. "lease be with me@9
%gain, you want to show your man, that you want him, but dont need him. /oing this is the
difference between a man running away, and a man wanting to stay.
!o, as another e(ample, if a woman says something like 8I want the lights off9 to a man, during
an intimate moment,
% man will hear the intent of a subCcommunicated message that tells him, 8IHm insecure about
my body, and I donHt want you to judge me on it.9.
% man then affirms that you are worried about what he is going to think. %gain, this rubs off as
a deep seeded insecurity, and doesnt subCcommunicate value.
The value you are after, is actually like a good song that he listens to, it makes him feel good,
and he doesnt feel like listening to it is going to take something away from him.
!ubCcommunicating insecurities, or intense neediness, again, causes a man to feel like you
might be taking away from him, as he starts to feel trapped, so always be careful to look at
what you are actually asking for, or what you are actually saying, including to watch for how
you phrase your statements, and even how you react physically to everything that is going on
when you are around a man.

%gain, you want to create a challenge for him, so that he actually starts looking to answer all
of the things that you need, want, or desire, himself, on his own, without you even asking him.
That challenge therefore has to come in the way that you speak to your man, the way that you
convey your needs, and more.
<etting him to scan his mind in a positive way to further cement yourself therein, once more,
means that you must subCcommunicate value. +nce you have started to do this, you can move
on to step D5, which is as follows6

Step #(:'reate A )etermined )isconnect-

+nce you have implemented the subCcommunication step, your man will already be scanning
his minds to look for ways to in turn tell you what he wants, which now, will actually be Y+3.
In other words, he will start to want you now, on a deeper level so he will be working to try
to communicate that he deserves to have you after you subCcommunicate a lower level of
desire, and downgrade your )need of him, to a simple )want.
,hat you do ne(t, therefore, is you use that very same energy that you created, and you dial
it up a notch. !o what this means, is that you let him into your life, but you always leave
yourself +&. !T." above him. !o if you are about to open the door to something, you keep
him one step outside of it.
That keeps him working, and makes him comes up with his own reasons as to why he
absolutely needs to have you in his life. %gain you want him to give you the keys, and the
answers to all kinds of things. !o the way to do that, is therefore to always stay one step ahead
of him, but to furthermore always make him feel motivated, and challenged to want to do that
in the first place.
The interesting thing about this, is that now he wont just come up with reasons as to why you
should be together, or more, but he will act on those. 4e will be trying to prove himself at this
!o now you need to trigger a final kick that has your man proving to you, all kinds of things,
answering all kinds of things, telling you all kinds of things, and more, so that hes not just
T4I&*I&< about it, but rather is doing that now.
,hat youre doing is basically triggering your man to become an open book after this point. !o
how do you get a man to do that2
You create a Determined Disconnect.
,hat is a 8/etermined /isconnect9, e(actly2 ,ell, its when you make your man determined
to chase you, by disconnecting from him emotionally and physically, in a strategic way.
You see, ultimately, what the Determined Disconnect does, is it makes your man feel as
though he is almost on the verge of getting something great. 4e will feel that it is great,
because you will have communicated value, with step DA, and will have taken away the
difficulty for him to see that, with step DF.
3ltimately, what this means is that when your man is feeling as if he is on the verge of getting
something, that a desire will be generated, that your man will work hard to have satisfied.
That desire, of course, is to seek the full fulfillment of the very thing that is on the )verge of
being satisfied in the first place. 0en hate things that are only partially fulfilled, which means
they work hard, when something is almost complete, to get %-- of it.
&ow you already created a slight disconnected with step DA, with the e(amples of the verbal
confirmation of the subCcommunicated value, but youre going to take that level deeper, with
this step, by creating the Determined Disconnect.
There is just one thing that you need to do, to accomplish this. ,hat is that2

You dis#ualify him, which makes him seek your validation.
,e have an internal need to be liked by the opposite se(, as human beings, and feeling
validated, therefore, is one of our core primal needs. Therefore, by dis#ualifying a guy, you
trigger this need on a very strong level, which will make a guy try a little bit harder around

!o now, the #uestion is this6 how do you dis#ualify a guy2

You do it by gently rejecting him. 4ow does gentle rejection work2

,ell, consider this possibility, lets say that, for e(ample your man normally used to call you
every single day. 'ut now, he has started taking you for granted, and is not as .%<.7 to call
you, as he used to be.

&ow, you can use the art of gentle rejection in this case, by saying something like6 8I guess we
are getting bored of each other. ,e might need new hobbies.9C then you lead into subject or
topic, and leave him hanging with this looming thought.

!o the point here, is that you didnt outright reject him, but rather indirectly came in and
hinted that maybe you were getting bored of him T++. Thats the art of gentle rejection.

%s a result, you have dis#ualified him, and at the back of his mind, he will have this looming
thought, wondering why you are getting bored of him, and due to this, you will notice a
change in his energy and demeanor, and will notice him trying harder to impress you after.

%nother e(ample, could be when you gently point out something that you dont like in a guy.
!o for e(ample, maybe he has a flaw in his personality. !o, lets say that you know he is a little
bit too impatient. &ow you use that as a leveraging point, and say something like this6 8You
know you and I are a little alike, but you are a little impatient, which just overwhelms me
sometimes. Im not saying that this is a good or bad thing, either.9

This will not only make him feel a little dis#ualified, but it will also make him want to work on
what you pointed out.

!o the key to this step is to further cement the idea that again, you only want this guy, but
dont need him, so that you can ultimately communicate to this man, that he must prove
himself to you, and that he must validate himself through you.

*y Tese Steps *or+:
,hen you say &+ to a guy to something, by creating a boundary early on, and by telling him
that he cant cross it, he will ultimately want to cross it.
Its like telling a child not to draw on the wall. !o what does he do2 The minute you arent
looking, he grabs that red crayon, and goes to town.
!o you are ultimately letting him into your world, but not completely at first, and as a result
your man will take liberties after that, to go beyond that level and cross it.
0en hate being told what to do, and thus will become defiant when you try to control them.
The result here, is that instead of pulling away, avoiding you, or worse, your man will actually
push hard back at you, with an intense level of curiosity, action taking, and interest.

&ow, the reason why this lets you scan a mans mind, is because he will reveal to you, himself,
through his actions as he pushes back on you, what e(actly it is that he truly wants. In fact, he
will even begin to reveal to 4I0!.-: what it is that he truly wants.

Youll notice that once you implement the steps of the 0ind !canner report, that your man
will be able to clearly communicate to you about his deeper needs and desires, because you
will find him, for e(ample, chasing after you a lot harder, or trying harder to get you to desire

Its in those moments that you will clearly be able to see e(actly what it is that your man
actually wants, because he will be working hard to get it, he will be communicating e(actly
what he wants, and he will not back down from trying to achieve it either.

!o if he wants Y+3, and wants to be with you, youll see him communicating that through his
actions and needs from here on out.

!o what you gain, when you put this into action, is the ability to first set the record straight for
your man, to help him #uestion the right things, himself, without you having to ask him in the
first place.

You then, secondly, gain the ability to make your man feel that the communication gap has
been bridged between you and your man, which further helps to cement his ability to actually
tell you what he truly wants, but to also allow you to receive that reality as well.

Thus, the final thing which will happen, is that your man will start telling you what he wants,
and how he wants it, to win his heart, because he will be pushing back hard, to prove himself
to you, and to validate himself through you, he will clearly be indicating what he wants and
needs in doing that after this point.

7emember that men are not like locked doors. They are unlocked, and all you simply must do,
is just turn the handle, and enter. Trying to fight against that, by banging on the )door or
trying to knock the whole door down, by subCcommunicating the wrong things, or by
projecting confusing realities to your man, means that he will feel attacked.

You dont have to fight against him. In fact you simply have to avoid the fight. Thats what the
steps of the 0ind !canner report are about. They are about refusing to fight yourself, or even
your man in the situation, and to instead emotionally back away, from both yourself and your
man, to finally get what you actually want and desire.

/o this, especially around a man, and you will find that he will push back harder than ever
before, to prove to you that he really does belong with you, because you arent acting in a
super clingy, or emotionally ta(ing manner.