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Defending the Jews: The Truth about

(Part 1 of 2)

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For thousands of years Israel was recognized as an
important nation in the Middle East. During different
periods of Israels history, kings and rulers gave her tribute
and gifts. She was accepted as being a legitimate country
and was envied by her neighbors. During the days of King
Solomon, Israel had vast stores of gold and silver and
precious stones: wealth that today would exceed the
wealth of billionaires. This was ancient Israels golden
age. But it didnt last.

When Israel turned away from their God and served the idols of the nations around
them, they became wicked and burned their children in the fires of Moloch, the
Caananite god of child-sacrifice.

God brought them warning, by the mouth of prophets, time and time again, but they
did not listen. Finally, God allowed the Assyrians to capture the northern kingdom of
Israel, leaving the southern kingdom of Judah and Benjamin. The Jews in Judah and
Benjamin did not learn from their northern brothers and continued in a period of
idolatry (which was broken up by periods of returning back to God).

Again, God in His mercy sent prophets to warn the people and to turn them back to
Him, but the people (for the most part) did not listen. And, eventually God allowed
Babylon to take the Jews into captivity. After a period of 70 years, just as God had
promised, He returned the Jews back to their land.

Some time went by and then Jesus Christ, the Messiah, came. Jesus Christ fulfilled all
the prophecies of the Messiah who God promised to be the Savior of the Jews and of
the Gentiles (see Genesis 3:15, Psalm 22, and Isaiah 53). The self-righteous, arrogant
Pharisees and Sadducees rejected Jesus Christ as the Messiah, even after all the
miracles He did, and had Him crucified on a Roman cross. But, other Jews believed
in Jesus Christ and they spread the Gospel message of salvation to the world,
starting at Jerusalem. (Paul the Apostle was a Jew, as were all the 12 disciples of

In 70 A.D. Titus, a Roman general, besieged Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple, and
Jews were scattered into many countries. In their new countries, they gathered
together in communities and preserved their culture as best they could.

Jews in Europe

During their whole existence in Europe and elsewhere, the Jews were despised by
their Gentile neighbors. Sir Walter Scott, author of I vanhoe, gives the reader a taste of
the hatred and loathing Europeans felt toward Jews during the middle ages.

Scott writes (I vanhoe, Chapter IV, pg. 1.):

Oswald, returning, whispered
into the ear of his master, "It is a
Jew, who calls himself Isaac of
York; is it fit I should marshall
him into the hall?"

"Let Gurth do thine office,
Oswald," said Wamba with his
usual effrontery; "the swineherd
will be a fit usher to the Jew."

"St Mary," said the Abbot,
crossing himself, "an
unbelieving Jew, and admitted into this presence!"

"A dog Jew," echoed the Templar, "to approach a defender of the Holy
"By my faith," said Wamba, "it would seem the Templars love the Jews'
inheritance [the land of Israel] better than they do their company."


"Hush," said Cedric, "for here he comes."

Introduced with little ceremony, and advancing with fear and hesitation, and
many a bow of deep humility, a tall thin old man, [] approached the lower
end of the board. His features, [], would have been considered as handsome,
[][but] during those dark ages, was alike detested by the credulous and
prejudiced vulgar, and persecuted by the greedy and rapacious nobility [.]


[] Cedric himself coldly nodded in answer to the Jew's repeated salutations,
and signed to him to take place at the lower end of the table, where, however,
no one offered to make room for him. [] and the very heathen Saracens, as
Isaac drew near them, curled up their whiskers with indignation, and laid their
hands on their poniards [daggers], as if ready to [kill him] [.]

Jews have been vilified and mistreated for thousands of years and it is nothing
they have earned. Many people today detest them for simply being Jewish. But, this
attitude is nothing new. It has been around for a long time. During the middle ages
Jews, who were sometimes vilified as Christ-killers, were denied the right to own
land. Because the Catholic Church did not permit their members to lend money, Jews
were allowed to do the lending (a) (see Works Cited in part 2). They also were
allowed to serve kings as tax collectors, and sadly many people despised them (a).

The Knights Templar and the First Crusade

During the first Catholic Crusade in 1096, Catholic knights entered Ghettos
and massacred Jews in Worms and Trier (towns in Germany) and in Metz
(France) (a).

To justify this mass murder, people falsely accused
Jews of ritual murder and of host desecration (the
false allegation of mistreatment of the host or wafer
of the Catholic Eucharist) and the blood libel (the
false claim that Jews' murdered Catholic children for
blood) (a).

Hundreds of years later, in Hitlers Germany, Nazi propaganda accused the Jews of
blood libel. Hitler revived the 12-century compulsory yellow badge that Medieval
Jews were forced to wear at different times in Catholic Europe. The way Nazis forced
Jews into Ghettos was more extreme and ruthless than had been done previously in
Europe, but segregated Jewish Ghettos had existed in Europe for hundreds of years,
even up until the early 19
and 20
centuries (a).

We need to stress that the Catholic monastic knights (such as the Hospitallers, the
Teutonic Knights, and the Knights Templar) and the Catholic Church of the middle
ages were primarily behind the mistreatment of the European Jews (of course, they
were not the only ones). The Knights Templar and the other orders despised the Jews
almost as much as they hated the Muslims.

Interestingly, the Knights Templar order was connected to what
is now called Freemasonry. If a master mason choses the York
Rite of Freemasonry (instead of the Scottish Rite), he can work
toward the goal of reaching the Knights Templar degree, the
highest known degree in the York Rite of Freemasonry (b). It is
no coincidence that this highest degree is named after the
Knights Templar order. They have been said to be instrumental
in making Freemasonry what it is today.

As a side note: The Knights Templar obtained vast estates,
castles, and great wealth during the Crusades and afterward. It is
not know why exactly, but King Philip of France wanted to eliminate the Templars.
He pressured Pope Clement to disband the Templar order and the pope eventually
agreed. On March 22, 1312, Clement gave all the Templar property to their rivals, the
Hospitallers, and the Templars were disbanded and forced to confess to crimes which
they did not necessarily do (c).

These men may or may not have decided to go underground with their order. But, it is
true that the Knights Templar exists as the highest degree in the York Rite of
Freemasonry. And, it is true that the Templars and other monastic knights were
known for their hatred (or extreme dislike) toward Jews.

This brings us to the mistaken belief that Jews are behind the Illuminati and the New
World Order. This belief was made popular by The Protocols of the Learned Elders
of Zion (published in 1905). Read part two to learn the truth. (Click here to read part