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Right brain activity tends to be creative and innovative in character while left

brain activity is rational and step-wise. The left brain controls the right sid
e of the body and the right brain controls the left side of the body. Although i
t is not true that all left-handed people are more creative than right-handed pe
ople, many lefties are indeed creative. Ideally, both left- and right-handed peo
ple would be able to combine brain hemispheres and be both creative and rational
. Unfortunately, most of us are either one or the other and combining both is no
t taught well in our schools, society, or by our peers.
The right brain contains the fifth brain circuit which is a holistic, superconsc
ious state and is a major goal of Tantric rituals. Opening the fifth brain circu
it, represented by Tiphareth in the Tree of Life, brings the feeling of bliss, a
vision of wholeness, the abililty to see holistically, and a neurosomatic abili
ty, among many other benefits. It is also the first step to even higher brain ci
rcuits with abilities we almost never tap into.
Another right brain activity is sex. The fourth brain circuit, the sexual circui
t is located in the right hemisphere of our brains. When this brain circuit is e
nergized, chemical changes are made in the body and brain which are enormously h
ealing, inspirational, and energizing. This energy and chemistry can be used to
awaken and energize the fifth brain circuit, creating even more chemical changes
in the body of a highly desirable nature. We can heal our bodies with the chemi
cal changes these brain circuits produce (neurosomatic means mind over matter) a
nd many Tantric rituals, many techniques of the Tree of Life, and much of the te
achings of the Tao are designed in such a way as to energize these two circuits.
Methods of opening the right brain functions abound and include music, sex, art,
exercise, massage, color therapy, aroma therapy, accupressure, polarity therapy
, and much more. This book is about Tantra which is the attainment of spiritual
values through control of sexual energy. Therefore, we will discuss principally
the manner in which sex is used to open the right brain functions and specifical
ly the fourth and fifth brain circuits. In our fore-brain, the frontal lobes, th
ere are several more brain circuits seldom or never used consciously by the aver
age person. We will also discuss later how to open these brain circuits by using
the paths created by activating the right brain circuits. The reason sex is emp
hasized here is because this is the energy which is used to open the even higher
and more powerful brain circuits available in our frontal lobe areas, the so-ca
lled "new brain" unique to humans and so seldom used by any of us.
The first goal of a student of Tantra is to overcome Ego and Biosurvival circuit
control. To do this the student focuses on the Rational and Sexual circuits, ex
cluding the control of sex by the Ego. In this manner, the right brain circuits
are opened by the Rational brain circuit and not controlled by the childish and
selfish Ego. When this is successful, the student will undergo a major change an
d the further opening of the right brain will commence with the influence of the
fifth brain circuit, the most powerful of the right brain circuits. The Ego has
seniority in the circuitry of the brain and normally controls all but the even
more senior Biosurvival circuit. It takes a retraining method to move control of
the brain from the Ego to the Rational mind, more training to be able to contro
l the energy of the Sexual brain circuit, and even more training to be able to l
earn to think from the activity of the fifth brain circuit instead of thinking f
rom the Ego or even the Rational mind..
The second goal of Tantra is to introduce the student to ways in which the stude
nt can open and control the activities of the fifth brain circuit. This is norma
lly done through the most powerful higher brain circuit available to the conscio
us control of humans, the fourth brain circuit, the Sexual brain. When control o
f our sexuality is taken from the Ego and Biosurvival circuits, we can gain Rati
onal mind control over this source of important energy and chemistry. When the R
ational brain circuit controls the Sexual brain circuit, the energy of the fourt
h brain circuit can be raised to much higher levels. Appropriately applied, this
will bring the energy levels high enough to begin to energize the fifth brain c
ircuit and thus enhance further the actions of the third and fourth brain circui
ts. Tantric rituals of sexuality are designed to bring these results about. The
key to success is the control over the two lower brain circuits, the Ego and Bio
survival circuits. When these are present, disease and damage are present.
Tantrics throughout the ages have considered the rewards of activation of the hi
gher brain circuits worthy of lifetimes of effort. Even a small burst of fifth c
ircuit activity will have a person walking 3 feet off the ground, totally aware
of all about them, and able to perceive, discern, and remain detached from, the
problems of other humans. Many people who gain a small dose of fifth brain circu
it activity believe they have touched God or at least heard from their god and b
een blessed abundantly by god powers.
This is the draw of "being saved" or "born again" revivals in which the congrega
tion is aroused though passionate speeches, music, meditation (prayer), and comb
ined energy fields, until their energy is high enough to open the gates to the f
ifth circuit. Many of these people display physical symptoms similar to epilepsy
, gain unusual physical powers (often of healing), have powerful intellectual in
sights, become holistically elevated into spiritual powers, and gain psychic abi
lity during the period of time the fifth circuit is active. These are just a sma
ll amount of the manifold powers of the activity of the fifth brain circuit when
opened but out of control. Imagine the power available to us from a fifth brain
circuit activated and under our conscious control.
Fifth circuit "junkies" abound in such environments and have a kind of "sinner t
o saint" mentality. They take a fifth circuit energy hit much as a drug addict t
akes a hit from their drug of choice. This fifth brain circuit energy changes th
eir body and brain chemistry dramatically. The changed chemistry may wear off in
a few hours or a few days, sometimes lasting as long as two weeks but seldom lo
nger without another "hit." When the chemistry wears off, the addict will move t
o other, easier to obtain and always certain chemistry such as alcohol, pot, coc
aine, or other drug of choice, becoming a sinner again. Thus, these addicts must
continue to find a source of fifth circuit activation and will attend revivals,
prayer meetings of various types, or any other group, method, or technique whic
h will bring their chosen chemistry back to their body. They are out of control
in the sense that they do not know what they are doing and need the control of s
omeone else to bring them to fifth circuit glory.
Well, we are all addicts. So, there is nothing wrong with being an addict to our
fifth circuit chemistry. The only change I would suggest is that the person be
aware that they are addicted to the chemistry, not the church, preacher, bible,
group, path, or whatever. However, being addicted to a born-again, Christian, fa
ith-or-be-damned group is better than an addiction to heroin, crack cocaine, or
other fifth brain circuit- opening drug. At least with the church group, the per
son usually has health and a support group and with the drug, there is only the
drug and ultimately disease and death.
What do we get from the activation of our fifth brain circuit? The list is long
and only a partial listing can be provided at this time. The effort of attainmen
t is certainly worthwhile as you will see from the listing of benefits. These in
Improved communications at all levels;
Improved health;
Physical agility is improved;
Improved sex life;
Psychic ability gained;
Problem solving is enhanced;
Ability to image better;
Ability to discern at deeper levels;
Creativity is greatly enhanced;
Opens new levels of consciousness;
Able to learn new things more easily;
Increases I.Q.;
Harmonizes the individual with the environment;
Aids in gaining a positive outlook;
Improves financial ability;
Improves ability to work;
Abundant available energy;
and much, much more.
It is really worth an effort to attempt to attain the full functioning of the fi
fth brain circuit under conscious control.
The technique recommended for permanent opening of the fifth brain circuit is Ta
ntra. In fact, experts advise that the only method of permanent activation of th
e fifth brain circuit is the study and practice of Tantra. This is not to say th
at other methods don't open the fifth brain circuit. As mentioned above, revival
s, prayer meetings of various types, and many other techniques will open the fif
th brain circuit. As also mentioned above, this activation will wear off quickly
and is not under the control of the individual. This puts the person in the con
trol of an outside group and is little better than the outside control of a drug
(well, definately better than drugs).
The sexual techniques of Tantra may require someone to teach you how to get from
s to e to x, but once there, you are the expert on your own brain circuits and
can complete your attainment at any level you wish. Thereafter, the opening of y
our fifth brain circuit is between you and your sexuality. You don't even need a
partner for this if you don't want one. Tantra teaches that polarity will raise
you to higher levels but that is not a required benefit and the individual can
use the Tantric methods as they wish once they are learned and in control. What
the student learns is up to the student, not the teacher. What the student wants
is up to the student, not the teacher. Whether the teacher will teach is up to
the teacher, not the student. What is taught is up to the teacher, not the stude
nt. Each has a role, each has their desires, and each must cooperate or the effo
rt is wasted.
Once the decision is made to gain the benefits of fifth brain circuit activity,
the student should surround themselves with all the fifth brain circuit activato
rs possible. These include instrumental music, principally classical, light clas
sical, light jazz, and exclude heavy metal, strong drum beats, music with words,
country/western music, or other second circuit and first circuit (primative) mu
sic or rhythm. Paintings of inspirational character, photographs of nature, appr
opriate colors, gentle humans, cats, nature, and other inspiring things need to
be kept close. Jarring, shocking, harmful, stressful things need to be kept at b
ay while learning to get and keep fifth circuit activation. Exercise, creative a
ctivity such as painting, playing musical instruments, meditating, yogic exercis
es, and especially sexual activity in all forms, imaging, fantasizing, masturbat
ing, coitus, touching, playing, etc., is extremely important.
Your sexual energy is the key to unlocking the activity of the fifth brain circu
it. The sex act is commonly divided into four portions, arousal, plateau stage,
orgasm, and relaxation. Arousal can be initiated in many ways and is encouraged
at any time the student can do so legally. To gain the plateau stage of sexual p
erformance requires that arousal be maintained for a period of time longer than
seven minutes. After about seven to ten minutes of arousal, most people enter th
e plateau stage of sexual activity and begin to change their body and brain chem
istry to one which is similar to the chemistry of puberty. This is the strongest
healing and holistic chemistry the body knows and, when prolonged will always b
ring fifth circuit activity.
Normally, the plateau stage is followed by the orgasm and the chemical factory i
s shut down. Tantra teaches to keep the chemical factory open by avoiding orgasm
in such a way as to enjoy sex but keep the chemical factory going for healing a
nd to keep the fifth brain circuit activity open and continuing to bless us with
our own god powers. This is the time to practice Dianism as mentioned previousl
y. Dianism as described is the practice of abundant sexual activity without orga
stic emission. This especially applies to males. Females may have many orgasms a
s long as they don't have so many they cause the chemical factories to shut down
. With practice, males may maintain a near orgasm for long periods of time witho
ut emission and chemical factory shut down.
Surround yourself with as many things and methods capable of bringing fifth circ
uit brain activity as you can. To do this, a partial listing of techniques follo
1. Unlearn traditional ways of thinking. Don't judge or analyze others and their
actions or thoughts. Function on a basic, physical, fourth brain circuit sexual
plane. Be patient. Be creative. Be different than you were. Give up the past and
the disastrous training it contains.
2. Meditate 38 minutes daily. New ideas indicate good meditation.
3. Be aware. Notice everything about you; colors, sounds, people, trees, etc., an
d try to increase that awareness every day.
4. Listen to dreams, hunches, intuition and sort them out according to second cir
cuit, first circuit, or possible higher brain circuit emanations. Dreams represe
nt the firing of brain cells in specific brain circuits. Many times these are ju
st random firings and mean nothing. Some times, they are not random and tell you
what a specific brain circuit is focused on.
5. BELIEVE YOU CAN DO THIS! Don't rely on the opinions of others to judge and eva
luate your path. Rely on the discernment of your teacher and guide as you build
a new ability to rely on your own discernment based on the new understanding and
knowledge of the world around you.
6. Surround yourself with the following:
flowers, potted or fresh cut
music, classical or light classical
bright colors
bright lights
bright odors
sensual touch and thought
sexual activity
views of scenic nature
helpful, respectful, and similar friends
7. Be creative to some extent each day
8. Read about your Path. Study regularily
9. Good nutrition
10. Use activity to open the fifth brain circuit. Practice Tantric rituals of all
levels where legally possible. The physical world works to bring forth physical
energy. Don't rely on mental energy to boost your physical energy to the levels
required to reach your goal. These methods abound and are great for the spiritu
al couch potato. Get off your couch and make some mental, spiritual, and physica
l progress each day.
Tantric rituals can be connected with the paths of the Tree of Life which is a
map of the functioning of the human brain. Prolonged sexual activity, such as th
e Tantric rituals represent, always produce some fifth brain circuit activity. T
his also creates the strongest healing chemistry known for the human body. Activ
e sex is said to clear the right brain and allow holistic thought processes to f
Tantric methods note that the lower chakras may be clogged with excess sexual en
ergy of unwanted frequencies and this should be cleared out to be replaced with
sexual energy of the desired character and frequency. The reason for this is tha
t we have all been trained to relate Ego and sex. Thus, sex is often done in ang
er, domination, control, pain, or other harmful emotion. Any of this energy need
s to be released and replaced with new sexual energy.
There are certain characteristics of a fifth circuit influenced person and certa
in characteristics of a third circuit (Rational) influenced person. If you wish
to have more third circuit activity in your life, try to behave as the list belo
w notes for third circuit characteristics. If you wish to grow in fifth circuit
activity, try to create in your daily life as much of the fifth circuit characte
ristics as you can.
Fifth brain circuit
Work independently
Creative in art
Can do many things at once
Clairvoyant, intuitive
Poetry easy, joyful
Visualize whole picture
Bright colors
Likes cats
Good at make believe
Yogurt, fruit
Love to explore
On time - never
Sensitive to surroundings
Third brain circuit
Need direction
Good at math
Must do one thing at a time
Poetry boring
Visualize one part at a time
Subdued colors
Plaids, checks
Likes dogs
Not good at make believe
Hamburgers, french fries
Fear of unknown
On time - always
Not aware of surroundings
These are a few of the comparisons to note between a third circuit personality a
nd a fifth circuit personality. Of course, a balanced person may be able to be s
ome of all of both lists as they need in their daily life.
The fourth brain circuit is not a thinking circuit. At the point of orgasm you a
re not making grocery lists nor working complex fractions mentally. When the sex
ual brain circuit takes over such thought processes are put aside until later. T
he reason for this mental state is that the brain normally works with a single b
rain circuit in charge and two more brain circuits functioning but in lesser, su
pportive roles. This is the reason the Tantric techniques work so well. Tantra e
nergizes the third brain circuit, the Rational mind, moving away from emotional
childishness of the lower brain circuits. This brain circuit is used to energize
the fourth brain circuit which is brought to a highly energized state but kept
secondary to the Rational mind. If orgasm were allowed, not only would the chemi
stry shut down but the Sexual mind would take control for a short period of time
and possibly allow the quick reacting second circuit Ego to grab control.
As the sexual energy builds, the third brain circuit must increase its energy le
vel to maintain control. Thus, the third brain circuit will begin to open a path
to the fifth brain circuit also with the increased energy and focus on patterns
which the Rational mind requires. The high energy of the fourth brain circuit o
pens a path from the Sexual brain to the fifth brain circuit and the two brain c
ircuits working together increase the activity of the fifth brain circuit in the
consciousness of the adept.
The fourth brain circuit is also highly vulnerable to outside influence and ener
gies. The genetic code is protected by creating a Biosurvival sexual need to cre
ate babies and carry on the species. The Ego is given territory to protect throu
gh a sexual need to dominate and control. The Rational mind has little of these
needs and can be counted on to bring a healthier attitude to physical, emotional
, mental, and spiritual growth. Please note that you must protect your fourth ci
rcuit from the predatory Ego and fearful Biosurvival circuits. You must also pro
tect the Sexual brain from outside predation and bad energy. To do this, visuali
se a white or golden light surrounding you as a shield when you feel bad energie
s. When such energies are bad, visualize a mirror-like shield reflecting energy
back to the source. Picture a favorite Mandala or Yantra, say a Mantra either me
ntally or aloud, and especially, visualize how you want things to be in your emo
tional and sexual condition.
Draw on your loved one for protection. Reach out mentally and join with your tea
cher for protection. Meditate an area of safety and create shields around you to
keep your focus. Ask for protection during obesience each day. Keep yourself fr
om outside influence which will destroy your efforts and create harm for you and
your loved ones.