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Hi everybody!

As you can see I wont see you for a month. But in the meantime Ive prepared some
activities for you to practice for the mid-term test. Please be ready to hand in everything
the first wee after winter holidays. Have a nice time! !ancy.
"rom the Activate B# you have to do e$ercise #% from page %&. 'hen you have to read
page #( and #) from unit #. *o e$ercise %+ ,+ -+ (+ )+ . and &. In e$ercise & you have to
write an email. /ou have to imitate 0ars model and include personal information
about you. /ou have to use present simple+ present continuous+ ad1ectives ed2ing and
collocations3 interested in+ een on+ etc. /ou have to include the vocabulary mentioned
Past 4ontinuous
Verbs not normally used in the continuous.
Task1: 5rite 6 ne$t to the sentences that are correct. 4orrect the other sentences.
#- At school I was nowing a boy called Patric. 7777knew_7
%- 5e were living in the same street. 7477
,- He was hating History.
-- He was liing science sub1ects.
8- I was having problems with 0aths.
(- 'hey were wanting to travel to 9urope.
)- I wasnt understanding how to do my homewor.
.- :he was studying for a test.
&- Patric was woring at the des ne$t to mine.
#;- At first+ I wasnt believing it was him.
Task2: 4omplete these sentences with when or while.
#-I was leaving the cinema when I saw a local '< personality.
%- =ac was watching '< 77777777777 =ane was cooing dinner.
,- I was waiting for my sister at the airport 77777777777 a pop star arrived with
about ten assistants.
-- 5e were sitting in front of the '< 7777777777 there was a noc at the door.
8-:he was reading a maga>ine 7777777777 Beth was doing her homewor.
Task3: Its your turn! !ow write 8 sentences using Past :imple and 8 sentences
using Past continuous.
Task4: Put the verbs in bracets into the Past Simple.
"erdinand 0agellan #? 777777777@be? a Portuguese sailor who %?77777777777@want?
'o sail around the world. 9mperor 4harles < of :pain ,? 77777777777 @give? him five
ships and two hundred and si$ty Afive :panish sailors. 'hey -?77777777777 @leave?
:pain on %oth :eptember+ #8#& and 8?777777777777@begin? their long and dangerous
Bn the 1ourney+ 0agellan (?77777777777@discover? the Pacific Bcean. Cnfortunately+
he and many of the sailors )? 77777777777 @die? in a battle on %)
April+ #8%#. After
that+ a :panish sailor .?7777777777@tae? control of the ships and &?777777777@set off?
to complete the voyage. Bnly one ship and si$teen men #;? 77777777777777@survive?
the 1ourney. 'hey ##?777777777777@arrive? bac in :pain on (
:eptember+ #8%%. 'hey
#%?7777777777@be? the first men to sail around the world.
Task5: Dead the te$t in e$ercise - and mae Euestions and answer them. Foo at the
e$ample below.
#- "erdinand 0agellan2be2a Portuguese sailorG
Was Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese sailor? Yes, he was.
%-the 9mperor of :pain2give him2fifteen shipsG
,- they2leave2:pain2#(#&G
-- the 1ourney2be2long and dangerousG
8- 0agellan2discover2the Pacific BceanG
(- 0agellan2die2with soldiers2in battleG
)- a :panish sailor2complete2 voyageG
.- the remaining ship2reach2:pain2#8%,G
Present Simple and Past Simple: negative
Task1: 5rite negative sentences.
#. I lie cooing.
%. 0y neighbourhood is very Euiet.
,. 'hey hate drining mil in the morning.
-. Houses are very e$pensive in my area.
8. I bought my own house last year.
(. I was born in this town.
). :he loves woring on her own.
.. He is swimming at the moment.
&. He maes the bed everyday.
#;. 5e are always at the cinema after #; p.m.
Task2: !ow turn the sentences in the previous e$ercise into Euestions.
Task3: Question words
5rite Euestions using the Euestion words below. /ou can use each Euestion word
5ho which 5hen 5hy How How long How often How much
#- 777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777G
I want to learn 9nglish because I lie it.
%- 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777G
I started learning 9nglish about two years ago.
,- 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777G
I live in the old part of the city.
I live with two other students.
I come to class by bus.
(-77How long does it take you to get there?
It taes me about twenty minutes to get here.
)- 777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777G
I dont have much free time. An hour or two in the evening.
I go to the cinema every wee. I love it!
Dead the following te$t and do the different tass.
Task5: 4omplete these sentences using Present :imple or Present 4ontinuous.
Alasa 77777is____be? part of the C:A.
#- :he 7777777777@always2go? to the cinema.
%- 0y uncle and aunt 7777777777777 @live? in "rance until the end of this year.
,- 0y brother isnt very good at basetball+ but he 7777777777@improve? fast!
-- 0artin777777777777@drive? .; m to wor every day.
8- 0y sisterHs in "rance at the moment. :he 7777777777@travel? around the
(-5e 7777777777 @go? dancing about twice a wee.
)- I 77777777777@read? a boo about dinosaurs.
.- 5e 7777777777777@have? biology lessons twice a wee.
&- Be Euiet! I 777777777777@try? to watch this programme!
#;-5e 7777777777 @not do? "rench at school this term.
Past :imple and Past 4ontinuous
Task1: 4omplete with Past simple or Past 4ontinuous.
Johns lucky numbers
I5e #? were sitting @sit? in front of the '<+ but we %? 7777777777777 @not watch? it
because the children ,?777777777777777@argue? about their toys. 5ell+ because they -?
77777777777777@shout?+ I 8? 77777777777777@not hear? the lottery numbers. :uddenly+
my wife (?777777777777 @scream?+ and we all ran to the itchen. :he )?777777777777@
listen? to the radio and she .? 77777777777777 @be? sure she heard our numbers. 5e
&?77777777777777@chec? on 'elete$t and #;? 777777777@have? five numbers out of
si$. 5e ##? 77777777777@not win? a fortune+ but it was an incredible moment.H
Task2: 4hoose the correct ad1ective.
a-/ou looed tiring!tired. *id you have a busy dayG
b-It was a tired!tiring 1ourney. Im going to bed.
c- Its :unday afternoon and I feel boring!bored.
d-=ohn is sometimes so annoyed!annoying! I hate him.
e-After spending three days in the spa I feel rela"ing!rela"ed.
f-Im pleased to hear that you have interested!interesting news.
g- 5hy are you worrying2worriedG Hell be here in a minute.
h-Harry Potter is a #ascinated!#ascinating boo to read.
i- Are you interesting2interested in museumsG
1-'he film I saw yesterday was terri#ied!terri#ying! 'here was too much blood.
Task3: 4hoose at least 8 ad1ectives from tas% and write your own sentences.
Task4: 4omplete with the correct preposition.
#-Im not een JJJ.playing instruments.
%- :he is fed upJJJJJ tidying the house.
,- 0y mother is annoyed JJJ.. people who throw rubbish on the floor.
--0y granddad is frightened JJJJ snaes.
8-Are you good JJJJ. :wimmingG
(- He is bad JJJJ.. playing football.
)-'hey worried JJJJ revising for the test.
.- I was surprised JJJJ.. your news.
&. He was ama>edJJJJ.. the party you gave.
#;-5e are always honest JJJJ. our wor.
Task5: !ow you have to write your own e$amples using prepositions from tas,.