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Adm. Case No. 9058 : Robert Victor G. Searles, Jr. v. Atty. Na. Saniata i!li!a V.

Adm. Case No. 9058 : November 14, 2012
RO!RT VICTOR ". S!AR!S, #R., Complainant, v. ATT$. SANIATA %I&%I&A
V. "ON'A%!S(A%'AT!, Respondent.
D ! C I S I O N
!RSA)IN, J.:
Atty. Saniata i!li!a V. Gon"ales#Al"ate is c$ar%ed !it$ incom&etence and
&ro'essional ne%li%ence, and a violation o' t$e &ro$ibition a%ainst re&resentin%
con'lictin% interests. Com&lainant Robert Victor G. Seares, Jr. is $er 'ormer client.
Seares, Jr. alle%es t$at Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate !as $is le%al co(nsel !$en $e ran 'or t$e
&osition o' )(nici&al )ayor o' *olores, Abra in t$e )ay +00, elections- t$at a'ter $e
lost by a 50#vote mar%in to Albert .. G("man, s$e 'iled in $is be$al' a /0etition 1'
0rotest Ad Ca(telam/
34r56ll in t$e Re%ional 7rial Co(rt 8R7C9 in :an%(ed, Abra- t$at t$e
&etition !as dismissed 'or bein% /'atally de'ective-/
34r56ll t$at several mont$s later, s$e
insisted on 'ilin% a /0etition o' 0rotest/ in t$e R7C, b(t t$e &etition !as also dismissed
on t$e %ro(nd t$at it !as already time#barred, and on t$e '(rt$er %ro(nd o' 'or(m
s$o&&in% beca(se t$e certi'ication a%ainst 'or(m s$o&&in% !as 'alse- t$at t$e R7C
declared $er as /&ro'essionally ne%li%ent-/
34r56ll t$at $e a%ain ran 'or )(nici&al )ayor o'
*olores, Abra in t$e )ay +020 elections, and !on- t$at $e later learned t$at $is &olitical
o&&onents retained $er as t$eir co(nsel-
34r56ll t$at !it$ $im barely t!o mont$s in o''ice, one
Carlito 7(r=(e"a c$ar%ed $im !it$ ab(se o' a(t$ority, o&&ression and %rave miscond(ct
in t$e San%%(nian% 0anlala!i%an o' Abra-
34r56ll t$at s$e re&resented 7(r=(e"a as co(nsel-
and t$at s$e intentionally made 'alse and $(rt'(l statements in t$e memorand(m s$e
&re&ared in t$at administrative case in order to attac? $im.
Seares, Jr. asserts t$at Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate t$ereby violated Canon 25, Canon 2, and
Canon 28 o' t$e Code o' 0ro'essional Res&onsibility 'or ne%li%ently $andlin% $is
election &rotest, 'or &rosec(tin% $im, $er 'ormer client, and 'or (tterin% 'alse and $(rt'(l
alle%ations a%ainst $im. @ence, $e &rays t$at s$e s$o(ld be disbarred.
An $er comment,
34r56ll Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate denies t$e c$ar%es o' &ro'essional ne%li%ence
and incom&etence, and o' re&resentin% con'lictin% interests. S$e states t$at Seares, Jr.
solicited $er le%al services in t$e last !ee? o' )ay +00, beca(se $is co(nsel, Atty.
Basser (mbos, in'ormed $im t$at $e co(ld not %o to Abra to $andle $is ad ca(telam
34r56ll t$at Seares, Jr. and $is &arents !ere t$emselves t$e ones !$o decided not
anymore to a&&eal t$e dismissal o' t$e ad ca(telam &etition des&ite $er advice t$at an
a&&eal !o(ld li?ely s(cceed-
34r56ll t$at s$e did not convince Seares, Jr. to 'ile t$e second
&etition beca(se $e and $is &arents !ere t$e ones !$o insisted on 'ilin% t$e a&&eal in
disre%ard o' t$e &ossibly adverse conse=(ences o' doin% so-
34r56ll and t$at t$e im&(tation o'
ne%li%ence a%ainst $er based on t$e trial C(d%es declaration t$at s$e s(bmitted a 'alse
certi'ication a%ainst 'or(m s$o&&in% !as (n!arranted, beca(se all t$at s$e did !as to
ma?e s(&erim&ositions in t$e certi'ication a%ainst 'or(m s$o&&in% in order to !rite t$e
correct dates as !ell as t$e notarial doc(ment n(mber and notarial doc?et &a%e n(mber
'or t$e certi'ication a%ainst 'or(m s$o&&in%.
Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate re'(tes t$e c$ar%e t$at s$e re&resented con'lictin% interests by
eD&lainin% t$at: 8a9 s$e !as en%a%ed as an attorney in t$e )ay +020 elections only by
*ominic Valera 8a candidate 'or )(nici&al )ayor o' :an%(ed, Abra9 and by 0resident
A=(ino, neit$er o' !$om !as Seares, Jr.s &olitical o&&onent-
34r56ll 8b9 Carlito 7(r=(e"a
(sed to be a &olitical ally o' Seares, Jr.-
34r56ll 8c9 s$e disclosed to 7(r=(e"a $er $avin% once
acted as a co(nsel o' Seares, Jr.-
34r56ll 8d9 Seares, Jr. did not obCect to $er le%al
re&resentation o' 7(r=(e"a-
34r56ll and 8e9 t$e +00, election &rotest t$at s$e $andled 'or
Seares, Jr. !as (nrelated to t$e administrative com&laint t$at 7(r=(e"a bro(%$t a%ainst
Seares, Jr. in +020.
7o be determined are t$e 'ollo!in% iss(es, namely:
8a9 Eas Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate %(ilty o' &ro'essional ne%li%ence and incom&etence in
$er $andlin% o' Seares, Jr.s electoral &rotest in t$e R7CF
8b9 *id Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate violate t$e &ro$ibition a%ainst re&resentin% con'lictin%
interests !$en s$e assisted 7(r=(e"a in $is administrative case a%ainst Seares, Jr., $er
'ormer clientF
7$e severity o' disbarment or s(s&ension &roceedin%s as t$e &enalty 'or an attorneys
miscond(ct $as al!ays moved t$e Co(rt to treat t$e com&laint !it$ (tmost ca(tion and
deliberate circ(ms&ection. Ee $ave done so beca(se !e m(st !ield t$e &o!er to disbar
or s(s&end on t$e &reservative rat$er t$an on t$e vindictive &rinci&le,
34r56ll con'ormably
!it$ o(r t$in?in% t$at disbarment or s(s&ension !ill be condi%n and a&&ro&riate only
!$en t$ere is a clear, convincin%, and satis'actory &roo' o' miscond(ct serio(sly
a''ectin% t$e &ro'essional standin% and et$ics o' res&ondent attorney as an o''icer o' t$e
Co(rt and as a member o' t$e :ar.
G(ided by t$e 'ore%oin% tenets, !e dismiss t$e disbarment com&laint a%ainst Atty.
C$ar%e o' &ro'essional ne%li%ence and incom&etence
is (n'o(nded and devoid o' s(bstance
Seares, Jr. insists t$at Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ates s(bmission o' a /'atally de'ective/ &etition
in $is election &rotest violated Canon 2,
34r56ll and Canon 28
34r56ll o' t$e Code o' 0ro'essional
Res&onsibility, claimin% t$at $er attac$in% a /c(t#and#&aste/ certi'icate o' non#'or(m
s$o&&in% to $is election &rotest, !$ic$ t$e trial co(rts decision described as
/&ro'essional ne%li%ence,/ re'lected $er lac? o' dili%ence and com&etence as an attorney
beca(se it !as 'atal to $is &rotest.
7$e com&laint a%ainst Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate is (n'o(nded and devoid o' s(bstance.
Gor administrative liability (nder Canon 28 to attac$, t$e ne%li%ent act o' t$e attorney
s$o(ld be %ross
34r56ll and ineDc(sable
34r56ll as to lead to a res(lt t$at !as $i%$ly &reC(dicial to
t$e clients interest.
34r56ll Accordin%ly, t$e Co(rt $as im&osed administrative sanctions on a
%rossly ne%li%ent attorney 'or (nreasonable 'ail(re to 'ile a re=(ired &leadin%,
34r56ll or 'or
(nreasonable 'ail(re to 'ile an a&&eal,
34r56ll es&ecially !$en t$e 'ail(re occ(rred a'ter t$e
attorney moved 'or several eDtensions to 'ile t$e &leadin%
34r56ll and o''ered several eDc(ses
'or $is non'easance.
34r56ll 7$e Co(rt $as 'o(nd t$e attendance o' ineDc(sable ne%li%ence
!$en an attorney resorts to a !ron% remedy,
34r56ll or belatedly 'iles an a&&eal,
34r56ll or
inordinately delays t$e 'ilin% o' a com&laint,
34r56ll or 'ails to attend sc$ed(led co(rt
34r56ll Gross miscond(ct on t$e &art o' an attorney is determined 'rom t$e
circ(mstances o' t$e case, t$e nat(re o' t$e act done and t$e motive t$at ind(ced t$e
attorney to commit t$e act.
Bet, a readin% o' t$e J(ne 8, +00, order o' t$e R7C 8:ranc$ A9 in :an%(ed, Abra s$o!s
t$at t$e tr(e ca(se o' t$e dismissal o' Seares, Jr.s /0etition Gor 0rotest Ad Ca(telam/
!as its &remat(rity in li%$t o' t$e &endency in t$e Commission on Hlections o' $is
/0etition to S(s&end Canvass and 0roclamation./
34r56ll 7$e R7C co%ently $eld t$at /8t9$e
&rimary obCective o' t$is &etition is to &ray 'or t$e iss(ance o' a 0reliminary 0reca(tion
1rder DDD 8b(t9 a &rayer 'or t$e iss(ance o' t$e &rotection o' ballot boDes, :oo?s and
ists o' Voters and ot$er election &ara&$ernalia in t$e recently concl(ded elections is
!ell !it$in t$e &o!er o' t$e Commission on Hlections./
34r56ll Ee see no trace o'
&ro'essional ne%li%ence or incom&etence on t$e &art o' Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate in $er
$andlin% o' Seares, Jr.s &rotest, es&ecially beca(se s$e even 'iled in $is be$al' a /)otion
'or Reconsideration,/
34r56ll a /Comment on t$e Co(rts *ismissal o' t$e 0rotest Ad
34r56ll and a /)otion to Eit$dra! Cas$ *e&osit./
34r56ll :esides, $er eD&lanation t$at
it !as Seares, Jr. $imsel' !$o decided not to &(rs(e t$e a&&eal and !$o instead
re=(ested $er to move 'or t$e !it$dra!al o' $is cas$ de&osit !as very &la(sible.
Also, !e cannot 'ind Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate &ro'essionally ne%li%ent in res&ect o' t$e
'ilin% and event(al dismissal o' t$e s(bse=(ent /0etition 'or 0rotest./ 7$e veri'ication
and certi'ication a%ainst 'or(m s$o&&in% attac$ed to t$e &etition contained $and!ritten
s(&erim&ositions by Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate, b(t s(c$ s(&erim&ositions !ere a&&arently
made only to re'lect t$e corrections o' t$e dates o' s(bscri&tion and t$e notarial
doc(ment n(mber and doc?et n(mber 'or t$e veri'ication and certi'ication. A' t$at !as
all t$ere !as to t$e s(&erim&ositions, t$en t$ere !as not$in% to s(&&ort t$e trial C(d%es
observation t$at t$e /c(t and &aste/ met$od in &re&arin% t$e veri'ication and
certi'ication 'or non#'or(m s$o&&in% constit(ted /&ro'essional ne%li%ence/ t$at &roved
'atal to $er clients &rotest.
34r56ll As a matter o' &olicy, a co(rt#bo(nd doc(ment or &a&er
&re&ared in a sli&s$od manner a''ects only t$e 'orm b(t not t$e s(bstance o' t$e
s(bmission. S(c$ sli&s$od &re&aration, even ass(min% it to be tr(e, !o(ld not deserve
administrative cens(re. Not lettin% 'orm &revail over s(bstance still remains to be t$e
C(dicial ideal.
7$e 'ore%oin% not!it$standin%, !e do(bt t$e sincerity o' t$e c$ar%e o' &ro'essional
ne%li%ence and incom&etence. @ad Seares, Jr. been &reC(diced by Atty. Gon"ales#
Al"ates ne%li%ent and incom&etent $andlin% o' $is election &rotest, !e !onder !$y $e
!o(ld deno(nce $er only a'ter nearly 'ive years $ave &assed. 7$e motivation 'or t$e
c$ar%e becomes s(s&ect, and t$e c$ar%e is t$ereby !ea?ened all t$e more.
C$ar%e o' re&resentin%
con'lictin% interests is bere't o' merit
Seares, Jr. neDt c$ar%es Gon"ales#Al"ate !it$ violatin% Canon 25 o' t$e Code o'
0ro'essional Res&onsibility 'or s(&&osedly re&resentin% con'lictin% interests !$en s$e
too? on t$e administrative com&laint t$at 7(r=(e"a bro(%$t a%ainst Seares, Jr.
7$e c$ar%e o' Seares, Jr. is bere't o' merit.
Canon 25 o' t$e Code o' 0ro'essional Res&onsibility &ro$ibits an attorney 'rom
re&resentin% a &arty in a controversy t$at is eit$er directly or indirectly related to t$e
s(bCect matter o' a &revio(s liti%ation involvin% anot$er client. Relevantly, R(le 25.02,
R(le25.0+ and R(le25.0; &rovide:c$anroblesvirt(alla!library
R(le 25.02A la!yer, in con'errin% !it$ a &ros&ective client, s$all ascertain as soon as
&racticable !$et$er t$e matter !o(ld involve a con'lict !it$ anot$er client or $is o!n
interest, and i' so, s$all 'ort$!it$ in'orm t$e &ros&ective client.
R(le 25.0+A la!yer s$all be bo(nd by t$e r(le on &rivile%e comm(nication in res&ect o'
matters disclosed to $im by a &ros&ective client.
R(le 25.0;A la!yer s$all not re&resent con'lictin% interests eDce&t by !ritten consent o'
all concerned %iven a'ter a '(ll disclos(re o' t$e 'acts.
Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ates le%al re&resentation o' 7(r=(e"a neit$er res(lted in $er betrayal
o' t$e 'idelity and loyalty s$e o!ed to Seares, Jr. as $is 'ormer attorney, nor invited t$e
s(s&icion o' (n'ait$'(lness or do(ble dealin% !$ile s$e !as &er'ormin% $er d(ties as an
34r56ll Re&resentin% con'lictin% interests !o(ld occ(r only !$ere t$e attorneys ne!
en%a%ement !o(ld re=(ire $er to (se a%ainst a 'ormer client any con'idential
in'ormation %ained 'rom t$e &revio(s &ro'essional relation.
34r56ll 7$e &ro$ibition did not
cover a sit(ation !$ere t$e s(bCect matter o' t$e &resent en%a%ement !as totally
(nrelated to t$e &revio(s en%a%ement o' t$e attorney.
34r56ll 7o constit(te t$e violation, t$e
attorney s$o(ld be s$o!n to intentionally (se a%ainst t$e 'ormer client t$e con'idential
in'ormation ac=(ired by $er d(rin% t$e &revio(s em&loyment.
34r56ll :(t a mere alle%ation o'
&ro'essional miscond(ct !o(ld not s(''ice to establis$ t$e c$ar%e, beca(se acc(sation
!as not synonymo(s !it$ %(ilt.
As it t(rned o(t, t$e c$ar%e o' re&resentin% con'lictin% interests leveled a%ainst Atty.
Gon"ales#Al"ate !as ima%inary. 7$e c$ar%e !as immediately (n!ort$y o' serio(s
consideration beca(se it !as clear 'rom t$e start t$at Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate did not ta?e
advanta%e o' $er &revio(s en%a%ement by Seares, Jr. in $er le%al re&resentation o'
7(r=(e"a in t$e latters administrative c$ar%e a%ainst Seares, Jr. 7$ere !as no indication
!$atsoever o' $er $avin% %ained any con'idential in'ormation d(rin% $er &revio(s
en%a%ement by Seares, Jr. t$at co(ld be (sed a%ainst Seares, Jr. @er en%a%ement by
Seares, Jr. related only to t$e election &rotest in +00,, b(t 7(r=(e"as com&laint involved
Seares, Jr.s s(&&osedly (nla!'(l inter'erence in o(stin% 7(r=(e"a as t$e &resident o' t$e
i%a n% m%a :aran%ay o' *olores, Abra in +020. 7$ere is no =(estion t$at bot$ c$ar%es
!ere entirely 'orei%n to one anot$er.
)oreover, t$e &ro$ibition a%ainst re&resentin% con'lictin% interests '(rt$er necessitated
identity o' t$e &arties or interests involved in t$e &revio(s and &resent en%a%ements. :(t
s(c$ identity !as not tr(e $ere. 7$e adverse &arty in Seares, Jr.s election &rotest in +00,
!as Albert .. G("man, t$e ne!ly#elected )(nici&al )ayor o' *olores, Abra, !$o !as
not involved in 7(r=(e"as administrative com&laint a%ainst Seares, Jr. An 'act, 7(r=(e"a
!as not even a mayoral candidate in *olores, Abra in t$e elections $eld in +00, and in
+020. 7$e alle%ation by Seares, Jr. t$at Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate re&resented $is &olitical
o&&onent !as not even tr(e beca(se 7(r=(e"a !as Seares, Jr.s &olitical ally, as Atty.
Gon"ales#Al"ate stated.
At is notable, too, t$at Seares, Jr. eD&ressly a%reed to Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ates le%al
re&resentation o' 7(r=(e"a in t$e latters administrative case a%ainst Seares, Jr. 7$is is
borne o(t by t$e a''idavit o' 7(r=(e"a t$at Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate s(bmitted,
34r56ll t$e
relevant &ortion o' !$ic$ 'ollo!s:
>. E$en )ayor Robert Victor Seares arrived, $e !as !it$ a blac? s$irt and Ceans and
t$e Vice Governor started t$e con'erence as?in% (s i' t$ere is a &ossibility o' amicable
settlement. Atty. )a. Saniata i!li!a Gon"ales#Al"ate 'irst tal?ed and s$e raised t$e
'act t$at in +00, )ayor Robert Victor Seares !as $er client in an election &rotest and
s$e even said $o! s$e re&resented $im, and )ayor Seares said /!en Attorney 8yes
Attorney9 and t$e Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate said to all o' (s in t$e said room t$at s$e !as
be'ore t$e la!yer o' Jr. Seares 8)ayor Robert Victor Seares9 and no! i' Jr. !ill not
o&&ose it, s$e !ill be re&resentin% me in t$e said administrative case and t$is time, s$e
!ill no! be a la!yer a%ainst Jr. Seares. 7$e said la!yer !as even smilin% !$en s$e said
t$at and Jr. Seares 8)ayor Robert Victor Seares9 !as normally %i%%lin% and smilin% and
said /!en attorney, a!an ti ?(a? dita, iyabo%ad(am latta a, is(na lan% a ni ?a&itan no
nya &aylan% ti ?ayatna, nayted la n%ar(d s(eldo nan/ 8Bes, attorney, A $ave no concern
!it$ t$at, yo( la!yer 'or $im i' t$at is so, A dont ?no! !$at t$e 8baran%ay9 ca&tain
!o(ld still !ant, $is salary !as already released to $im.9 DDD.
7$e Co(rt em&$asi"es t$at an attorney enCoys t$e &res(m&tion o' innocence, and
!$oever initiates administrative &roceedin%s a%ainst t$e attorney bears t$e b(rden o'
&roo' to establis$ t$e alle%ation o' &ro'essional miscond(ct.
34r56ll E$en t$e com&lainant
'ails to disc$ar%e t$e b(rden o' &roo', t$e Co(rt $as no alternative b(t to dismiss t$e
c$ar%e and absolve t$e attorney.
Ee 'ind t$at t$e administrative com&laint a%ainst Atty. Gon"ales#Al"ate !as not$in% b(t
an attem&t to veD, $arass and $(miliate $er as !ell as to %et even !it$ $er 'or
re&resentin% 7(r=(e"a a%ainst Seares, Jr. S(c$ an ill#motivated bid to disbar Atty.
Gon"ales#Al"ate tri'les !it$ t$e Co(rts esteem 'or t$e members o' t$e :ar !$o 'orm
one o' t$e solid &illars o' J(stice in o(r land. Ee cannot tolerate it beca(se attorneys are
o''icers o' t$e Co(rt !$o are &laced (nder o(r s(&ervision and control d(e to t$e la!
im&osin% (&on t$em &ec(liar d(ties, res&onsibilities and liabilities.
34r56ll Ee eDist in a
symbiotic environment !it$ t$em !$ere t$eir d(ty to de'end t$e co(rts is reci&rocated
by o(r s$ieldin% t$em 'rom vindictive individ(als !$o are deterred by not$in% C(st to
stri& t$em o' t$eir &rivile%e to &ractice la!.
An *e eon v. Castelo,
34r56ll !e (nderscored t$e need to s$ield attorneys as o''icers o' t$e
Co(rt 'rom t$e mindless assa(lts intended to veD or $arass t$em in t$eir &er'ormance o'
d(ty, statin%:c$anroblesvirt(alla!library
Accordin% to J(stice Cardo"o, /DDD t$e 'air 'ame o' a la!yer, $o!ever innocent o'
!ron%, is at t$e mercy o' t$e ton%(e o' i%norance or malice. Re&(tation in s(c$ a callin%
is a &lant o' tender %ro!t$, and its bloom, once lost, is not easily restored./
A la!yers re&(tation is, indeed, a very 'ra%ile obCect. 7$e Co(rt, !$ose o''icer every
la!yer is, m(st s$ield s(c$ 'ra%ility 'rom mindless assa(lt by t$e (nscr(&(lo(s and t$e
malicio(s. At can do so, 'irstly, by =(ic?ly c(ttin% do!n any &atently 'rivolo(s com&laint
a%ainst a la!yer- and, secondly, by demandin% %ood 'ait$ 'rom !$oever brin%s any
acc(sation o' (net$ical cond(ct. A :ar t$at is ins(lated 'rom intimidation and
$arassment is enco(ra%ed to be co(ra%eo(s and 'earless, !$ic$ can t$en best contrib(te
to t$e e''icient delivery and &ro&er administration o' C(stice.
An im v. Antonio,
34r56ll !e cens(red t$e com&lainant beca(se reven%e and bad 'ait$ $ad
motivated $im into 'ilin% a baseless com&laint a%ainst an attorney, stressin%:c$anroblesvirt(alla!library
7$e di%nity and $onor o' t$e &ro'ession re=(ire t$at acts (n!ort$y o' members$i& in t$e
bar s$o(ld be visited !it$ t$e a&&ro&riate &enalty. 7$e c$ar%e a%ainst res&ondent is o' a
serio(s c$aracter. A' in 'act t$ere !as s(c$ a violation o' t$e la! as c$ar%ed, $e s$o(ld
be d(ly &enali"ed. At is =(ite clear, $o!ever, t$at t$e com&laint is (n'o(nded. At !as t$e
&rod(ct o' ill#!ill, t$e desire o' com&lainant to aven%e $imsel'. At certainly !as not
made in %ood 'ait$. A' it !ere so, its dismissal !o(ld $ave s(''iced. 7o re&eat, s(c$ is
not t$e case. As t$e Re&ort made clear, t$e com&laint arose 'rom a 'eelin% o' resentment,
even o' $ate. 7o allo! com&lainant to tri'le !it$ t$e Co(rt, to ma?e (se o' t$e C(dicial
&rocess as an instr(ment o' retaliation, !o(ld be a re'lection on t$e r(le o' la!. @e
s$o(ld be $eld to strict acco(ntability, considerin% t$at t$is is $is second attem&t. S(c$
st(bbornness, com&o(nds t$e %ravity o' $is o''ense. @e a&&ears to be incorri%ible. At
t$e very least, t$ere'ore, $e s$o(ld be cens(red.
Ee $ave o'ten demonstrated o(r %en(ine concern 'or t$e members o' t$e :ar, es&ecially
t$ose !$o stand be'ore o(r co(rts as et$ical advocates o' t$eir clients ca(ses. Ee
de'initely do not tolerate (n!arranted and malicio(s assa(lts a%ainst t$eir $onor and
re&(tation. 7$e Co(rt iss(ed a stern !arnin% to t$e com&lainant attorney in *ela
Victoria v. 1ri%#)aloloy#on
34r56ll 'or 'ilin% an (n'o(nded com&laint a%ainst a cler? o'
co(rt, and 'o(nd t$e com&lainant attorney in contem&t o' co(rt and deservin% o' a
0+,000.00 'ine. :(t a sti''er &enalty o' 05,000.00 !as im&osed on t$e com&lainant
attorneys in 0rieto v. Cor&("
34r56ll and Arnado v. S(arin
34r56ll beca(se t$eir com&laints a%ainst
a C(d%e and a co(rt s$eri'', res&ectively, !ere 'o(nd to be baseless.
Considerin% t$e circ(mstances attendant $ere, t$e Co(rt deems it s(''icient 'or no! to
merely admonis$ Seares, Jr., b(t sternly !arns $im t$at $e s$all be dealt !it$ more
severely s$o(ld $e commit a similar act a%ainst a member o' t$e :ar.345I5J5Kbl5L565Mr3N5Jll5J3Ol5Mbr5Jr
E@HRHG1RH, t$e Co(rt *AS)ASSHS t$e administrative com&laint a%ainst Atty.
Saniata i!li!a V. Gon"ales#Al"ate 'or (tter lac? o' merit- and A*)1NAS@HS Robert
Victor G. Seares, Jr. 'or 'ilin% t$e malicio(s com&laint, EA7@ S7HRN EARNANG t$at
a re&etition s$all be dealt !it$ more severely as indirect contem&t o' t$e Co(rt.34r5Jl5J3Ol5Mbr5Jr