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Dear sir/madam,
My name is M.SASI PRIYA MBA student at College Of Business
Management, sappanipatti, Doing a project work entitled EMPLOYEE
RETENTION In TITAN INDUSTRIES LTD, [PED]. So I kindly request your
cooperation in providing me your valuable feedback on questionnaire this
information will be kept confidential and will be used for academic purpose only.
1. Age : 21-25 year 26-30 year 31-35 year above 36
2. Gender:Male female
3. Qualifications: UG PG Others
4. Marital status: Married Unmarried
5. How long have you been working in this company?
Less than 2 year 2-3 year 3-4 year 4-5 year above 5
6.What is the working style of your immediate supervisor?
a) Autocratic b)Bureaucratic c)Benevolent d)Democratic e) Nuturant

7.What is the main key drive for an employee to feel the value of work?
a) Right employees in right jobs b) Exceptional leadership c) Organisational
system & strategies
8. Among the 3E
which one is very much needed for the emplolyee to feel motivated?
a) Exposure b)Experience c) Education
9. How far you agree with following Equality factors?
Equality factor Strongly
Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
Employees are usually apprised based on

I believe that rewards are given fairly
Policies and procedures are applied
equally to all employees

Ensuring equal opportunities
for all employees

Overall, I am very much satisfied with
retention strategy of my company.

10. Please rate your Manager using this scale?
Criteria Always Usually Seldom Poor
Resolved complaints and concerns promptly
Listen to suggestion
Encouraged co-operation
Built Team work

11. Do you feel and agree the following services provided by the company?
Services Yes No
Employee Empowerment
Balance work life and personal life
Retain Employees
Rewards and Recognition, if yes
i) Based on performance
ii) Based on seniority
iii) Based on behavior

Well being
Retention strategies
Frame the Retention Strategy

12. What is your over all opinion of the company? Please rate the following using
the scale
Opinion Excellent Good Fair Poor
Level of communication
Open door policy
Performance Review
Health Benefits
Training & Development

13. What kind behavior played by your leaders built trust in you?
a) Unbiased attention b) Tolerance for failure c) information sharing d) Transparency
14. What type of growth opportunity is provided by the company?
a) Promotion b) Job rotation c) Participation in cross functional teams d) Transfers
15. What are the support services given by the company?.
a) Professional counseling b) Stress buster activity c) Health & safety awareness d) Fun
16.What type of unreasonable stress you face in work environment?
a) Lack of information Sharing b) Unfair performance assessment c) Career growth d)
17. What are the flexi-leave options provided by the company that helps to meet your
a) Maternity leave b) Paternity leave c) Paid annual vacation d) Sabbaticals
18. What are the necessary steps taken by the company to retain talented employees?
a) Performing Recognition Practices b) selective Retention
c) Managers intervention d) Identifying critical talent and implementing action
19. What are the reasons for you to stay at your present job?
a) Career guidance b) Good working environment c) flexible working hours
d) Growth opportunities.
20. Overall I am very satisfied with the retention strategy of my company?
a) yes b)No