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We admit that this asean integration not will not be easy for micro entrepreneur like the
sari-sari store owners we should never allow foreign companies to dominate a business
community in the country, Robert Go says, chief executive officers and president of retail firm
prince hypermarket. Earlier, research firm Nielsen Philippines released a study that revealed the
buying habbits for the grocery items of the majority of the Filipino have change because
supermarkets in many parts of the country have moved closer to neighborhood. The micro, small
and medium enterprises account for more than 90% of the total business establishment in the
country. There must be a srong effort to equip store owners with the know-how capability
training and readiness to become aggressive amid tight competition in the retail industry.
Combining the asean into sari-sari store is not meant for Philippines it was only my
critique, because we all know that more on the Filipino want to buy a product out of the country,
so if the other country want to have an existence here the sari-sari store will go down. Comparing
the asean to sari-sari store its more convenient in the sari-sari store. The significance of the sari-
sari store industry has remained unacknowledged even while the sector itself covers 30 to 40
percent of the total retail sale in the Philippines. Mr. Robert Go already said that in the micro
entrepreneur combining in the asean is not easy, competition is already tough with more
community supermarkets opening up, how much more when these foreign retailers come in?, is
our retailers still gaining a profit?, is our Filipino people want a local product or they will be an
under of foreign retailer?. People talk about the big giants in the retail industry like big
supermarkets. More often than not, we do not seem to recognize the importance of our sari-sari
stores, where we buy our basic needs because of their proximity to our homes.
When the foreign and local retailer got in one place, the Filipino will only acknowledge
the foreign, because of the quality, names and product. Sari-sari store is our filipinol style and
tradition so why we need the foreign retailer? In myself I know that I want a product from the
other country, I want it too but thats not meant that I want a foreign retailer here in my country.


The EcoWaste Coalition has warned alcohol drinkers against shot glasses that may be
tainted with a dangerous chemical, making drinking sprees a risky bonding ritual. Earlier, the
group found high levels of lead in 13 of 15 shot glasses painted with colorful images which it
bought last week from retails stores in manila and Quezon City. The bad news is that most of
the shot glasses we bought and screened for harmful chemicals were positive for lead, a brain-
damaging and endocrine-disrupting chemical. ecoWaste said that 13 shot glasses it bought at
prices ranging from P6 to P94.75 contained up to 74,800 parts per million (ppm) of Lead, Of the
samples tested by the group using a handled X-ray fluorescence device, only two shot glasses-
one with a hand-painted calesa and the other showing a vinta-had no lead traces.
Drinking glasses, why they need to paint it?. \
In making a drinking glass in their first priority is the safety because it was a glass that everyone
will harmed with that mistake. Brain damage, a two word but a big risk, Because of a mistake in
painted shot glasses, if the shot glass was painted what about the other glasses that their already
In drinking liquor or any kind of drinks the first thing that you wanted is your health so in
picking up a glasses you need to be a practical, you need to know every part of it. Painted glasses
is not really needed so you can buy another because in painted glasses you dont know what
paint they uses or is that paint that their use is ok with the halth?, that theres no risk of getting
sickness. This conclusion of mine is for all drinkers like, juice, water, cola or what so ever
because all the glasses can be painted , and for all the alcoholdrinkers make sure your glasses is
safe because first of all drinking an alcohol is not safe so if the glasses that you are uses is same?
Your totally doing a slowly dyeing by your own act be safe in your act, choosing and all.


A group of agriculture stackholders on Friday demanded the immediate resignation of bureau of
plant industry (BPI) Director Clariton Barron, Saying he was to blame for the mess. Said BPIs
inssuance of permit to import garlic was suspicious because it was timed with the local garlic
harvest season. This was exactly what he did with onions. He allowed importation as we were
harvesting our crops, Because the importation price is only P17 per kilogram, plus a 40-percent
tariff, Local garlic production was 17,848,870 kg and the demanded was about 40 million per
kg per year. Now we produce only producing 8 percent of the total demand , Last month,
garlic prices at the wholesale market in Urdaneta City ranged from P200 to P250 per kg ,
depending on their sizes. A week later, they shot up to P280 per kg. In april and May, traders
bought garlic in the ilocos provinces at P90 per kg .Traders hoarded the cheaper import to
dampen supply, raised prices and released garlic to the market when prices are at the peak.