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Pros and Cons of Video Games

Here are some pros and cons of playing video games that are (mostly) supported by research (I
made a few up myself!)
Pros (Advantages):
Increases resistance to distraction (especially when playing action games).
Increased visual acuity. Your peripheral vision is improved quite significantly.
A great social activity, whether playing some games at a party or playing games online.
Can teach people more about life. Virtual pet games, for example, can help teach people about
what is involved in raising a pet.
Puzzle, adventure and word games can help improve problem solving and logic skills. Sudoku
is a game that greatly increases these skills. Adventure games where you have to complete
certain goals can also help you to think outside the box (note that if you use a walkthrough,
you arent increasing any of these skills).
Can be used to assist in education. Studies have shown that children playing educational
games learn more because they do not realize that they are learning.
Increases attention span.
They are fun!
If you are playing the Nintendo Wii, you can actually get a reasonable physical workout! Studies
have shown that you use much more energy playing the Wii than the Playstation 3 (ps3), the
Xbox 360 or the PC.
Cons (Disadvantages):
Some people can become completely addicted to video games and they do not go to work (or
school), do not eat properly and do not exercise enough.
Playing video games (even on the Wii) does not constitute a proper physical workout.
Some people can become desensitized to violence when they a lot of violent video games.
There have been reports of criminals copying violent video game crimes (such as those
featured in the controversial Grand Theft Auto series).
Some people may think that taking drugs, getting drunk and smoking are not harmful when they
are presented in video games without the characters feeling any effects from their behavior.
Can give people false expectations of real life, as real life cannot be perfectly simulated by
video games.

We lack in our physical health.
The rays exploded from those play stations are injurious our health.
There is a possibility to become an addict to those games.
We lack our neighbors contact.
We cant able to be live like a normal man.
We cant able to concentrate on the matters other than these games.
It makes us like a man-machine.
We have very less opportunity to play outdoor games with our friends.
Though it gives a mental relaxation to mind, we live like an abnormal man.
It is bane to our mind and boon to our body.
Disadvantages of Playing Video Games
November 4, 2011
There are some disadvantages about video games. Even
though there are advantages, there are always disadvantages
about video games. Video games are entertaining, fascinating,
enjoyable, and fun there are some consequences about video
games. I think video games, soda, and junk food is bad for your
health. Another disadvantage I think is not good for you are
staying up all night and not sleeping could hurt your health and
even your lack of sleep.
Most of the disadvantages about video games are hurtful for
your health. Video games can cause seizures, sometimes failing
of vision, or less thought processing. Most video games can
cause people to become obesity from not exercising often. The
only reason you would become obese because some people
eat junk food and drink soda while playing video games. When
you do eat unhealthy and play video games non stop can cause
you to become more obese from not exercising enough. I think
video games can mainly hurt your health.
Even though lots of people have a good imagination in their
heads. Video games can cause you to make you thought
process go low and could cause your imagination to decrease.
Imagination is a good thing to have, because most video game
designers use their imagination for the video
game. Imagination is more found in children than adults
because children have more thought in their imagination from
television shows and sometimes video games. Some adults
lose their imagination from work, their children, and maybe their
bills for their car and house. I dont think everyone loses their
imagination because its what we think when we dont think
about work, school, bills, and etc.
Possible Disadvantages of Video Games

a. Playing aggressive games display more verbal and physical aggression to inanimate objects and
b. Exhibiting more aggressive thoughts among the youths;
c. More likely to attribute hostile intentions to others;
d. Correlation between aggressive delinquency and behaviour;
e. Reduction of empathy for victims, leading to higher possibility of youths becoming more violent
f. Desensitization to violent behaviour;
g. Less trust and increased fearfulness;
h. Fall in academic performance;
i. Induction of additive behaviour resulting in possible truancy and even stealing to get their "video
game fix " ;
j. Results in greater sedentary lifestyles, poorer eating habits and increased obesity;
k. Reduction in physical fitness with possibility of later heart disease;
l. Affects youths' attitudes toward gender stereotypes;
m. Stresses autonomous action rather than cooperation and thus does not encourage or promote
teamwork and
n. Excessive or addictive use of gaming, which may be at the expense of active pastimes.

Recommendations for Parents, Educators and Children Appropriate guidelines for video game play
need to be set in place. Parents, educators and others need to be aware of the messages they are
sending children regarding video game playing. More specifically, parents should be involved.
Parents can play a part in guiding their children' s use of video games in the following ways: