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Best Software Development & Web Design

Company in USA, UK & India

Fire Moon Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Best Custom Software Development & Web Designing
Company in USA &India:-
Software Development is the process in which coder a designer work
together in their areas. Coder manages the program for application in
backend and designer work for GUI that appears on the front. Both works
combined together is known as software development. Kindly
consult Fire Moon StudiosPvt. Ltd. for your Application Development in
UK, USA & India. For more details log on www.firemoonstudios.comor
contact by Ph. No. +91-5224006360.
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Best Knowledge of Software & Programming
Software is a computer instruction, Instructions that tell a computer
what to do .Or set of programmes designed to perform certain
functions. Software is the complete set of programs, procedures, and
practice associated with the working of a computer system, including
the operating system. Software can be purchased through retail
computers store or can be downloaded from internet. In addition to
buying software, there are also millions of free software programs.
History and Creator of Software
Something that can be storedelectronically is software, in disparity to
storage devices and devices which can be displayed which are called
hardware. First piece of software was created by ADA LOVELACE in
century for proposed mechanical general purpose computer
known as analytical engine. And the first theory about software was
brought by ALAN TURING in 1935.
Software are the instructions or code installed through which
computer performs its task. Softwares cannot be touched whereas ,
hardware are the physical components of the computer system that
include monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, hard
drivedisk .
1. System software- These are those software which have direct
access to users computer hardware and memory location or u
can say that control hardware components and allow synergy
between hardware and other types of softwareEg. MICROSOFT
2. Utility software- its software which helps to maintain and
protect the computer systembut does not directly interconnect
with the hardware. Eg. Anti-virus software, firewalls, spam and
pop-up blockers.
3. Application Software- These are the set of programmes
designed to accomplish operations for specific application.
Application software is totally dependent on system software to
implement. It Manages and assimilate computers efficiency but
does not directly perform tasks that benefit the user. Eg. Opera,
Microsoft excel, Microsoft world, Microsoft power point.
Software development for any business is very necessary it increase
productivity of the business with very less attempt.
1. Cost Reduction- softwares help in cost saving by reducing
requirement of resources. Even it helps to reduce training cost.
2. Increased flexibility- Business growth and customer demand
for change in product go side by side. Therefore, software
development provides flexibility as products are made by the
requirement of clients business.
3. Increased company value- main advantage of software
development isto increase the value of the company by letting u
know about the products you sell. It will help run your business
to the highest level.
Company Details :-
Company : Fire Moon Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Websi t e : www.firemoonstudios.com
Email : Info@firemoonstudios.com
Head Office : 1025 N. Hill Rd. Millville , New Jersey. 08332 , USA
Locat i on : 303 & 304 3rdFloor Shalimar Titanium, Vibhuti
Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Cont act Name : Fi r e Moon St udi os
Cont act : +91-5224006360