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What is an INTERNET?

a global network connecting millions of computers

The Internet is the combination of all the linked
computer networks world wide
International Network or Interconnected Network
The internet is often described as 'a network of
networks' because all the smaller networks of
organizations are linked together into the one
giant network called the internet. All computers
are pretty much equal once connected to the

VINT CERF (father of Internet)
He defines the network protocol and breaks
the independent self-contained networks,
forms TCP/IP
TIM BERNERS-LEE (created the www)
He created the world wide web in 1991

Invents email program in 1971
Introduce the use of @ symbol

Transmission/Transfer Control Protocol/Internet
Protocol is a communications protocol used to
transfer digital data around the internet..
IP(Internet Provider) - IP operates on gateway
machines that move data from department to
organization to region and then around the world.
TCP - is responsible for verifying the correct
delivery of data from client to server. Data can be
lost in the intermediate network. TCP adds support
to detect errors or lost data and to trigger
retransmission until the data is correctly and
completely received.

Information (search)
Social networking(facebook, tweeter & ec)
Communication(chat, skype & etc)
Current Buzz (showbiz issue, news & etc)
Internet transactions(pay bills, enrollment &etc)
Transfer files(download and upload)
Entertainment(listening radio, watching movies)
Marketing (business transaction)
Online Education (distance learning, online
Graphical design of information
Ex. GIF (graphical user information format
BMP (bitmap)

Online Voting

2 Ways to Access Internet

1. ISP (Internet Services Provider)
it offers directed access to the Internet and
provides the software that you need to get on-
line (all at fast speed)
a company to help to connect or log-on to the
Ex. EDSAmail, Yahoo & etc,

2. COS (Commercial On-line Services)
accessing the net through these services is
typically more expensive and slower than
getting a direct Internet account through an
Internet Service Provider
access from the other country
Ex: HK Commercial Online

Requirements to Access the Internet
1. Computer (cellphone, ipad, laptop & etc)
2. Modem, LAN, Wificard (wireless fidelity)
3. ISP (smartbro, DSL & etc
4. Internet Browser (google chrome, opera, etc)

Converts waves to data (MODULATOR) and
vice versa (DEMODULATOR)
A modem is a device used for connecting two
computers via a telephone line

E-mail (Electronic Mail)
A simple text message that you type at your
keyboard and send to another user on the
SMTP (Short Message Transfer Protocol)
Electronic mail, or Email, is the term used to
describe the tool which allows one computer
user to send a message to one or more other
computer users over a computer network in a
digital form. Email can be sent internally to
members of an organization through their
internal computer network or they can be sent
externally to anyone in the world by using the
network of computer networks that make up the



User ID location type country code

User ID identifies who is at the address
Location provides specific information
Type composed of three (3) letters extension
Ex. .com commercial business
.net - internet network resource
.edu educational & research institute
Country composed of two letters

DOMAIN tells the location or type of address that
provides specific information about the location

A Web browser is the software program that you
use to view WWW pages.

WWW (World Wide Web) This is a global hyper-
text-based information system which allows users
to explore that Internet around the world.

URL(Uniform Resource Locator)
Is a string of characters that points to a specific
piece of information anywhere on the web.

It is an address pointer to hypermedia
documents available on the web.

URL structure consists of :

Protocol a set of communication rules for
exchanging info. That allow browser to connect with
web servers
http (hypertext transfer protocol)

Web server name location of the web site
Ex: 1) www.malacanang.gov
2) www.ust.edu

Directory Name the name on the server for the
directory or folder from which you need to pull
the file.

Filename & Extension particular page or document
that you are seeking.

SEARCH ENGINES a software that searches a
database and gathers and reports information
that contains specified terms