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Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Recruitment 2010

RRB Model Papers : Railway Enineerin !uestions
RRB General Knowledge Question Paper
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Railway Recruitment Board General Knowledge Question Paper:
1* R+& stands ,or -------
.a/ Riht to interest
.b/ Riht to in,ormation
.c/ Riht to interroate
.d/ 0one
2* #heela Di1it is a CM o, ---2
.a/ Delhi
.b/ 3P
.c/ +0
.d/ 0one
4* 5ho is Prime Ministerial candidate o, BJP6
.a/ Ra7nath
.b/ 8run Jaitley
.c/ 9*:* 8d;ani
.d/ 0one
<* Pro,* Prem :umar Dhumal is a CM o, 3P belons to which party 6
.a/ RJD
.b/ BJP
.c/ Conress
.d/ 0one
=* 5ho is 9eader o, Bhartia Jansha>ti Party6
.a/ 'ma Bharti
.b/ #onia ?andhi
.c/ 9*:* 8d;ani
.d/ 0one
@* B:' stands ,or --------
.a/ Bhartia :isan 'nion
.b/ Bharat :in 'nion
.c/ British >in 'nion
.d/ 0one
A* M0# is a reional party belons to -----
.a/ Maharashtra
.b/ +0
.c/ 8P
.d/ 0one
$* &E# stands ,or ---B
.a/ &ndian Economic #er;ice
.b/ &ndian Enine #er;ice
.c/ &ndian Eastern #er;ice
.d/ 0one
C* 3eadDuarter o, +CEonline*com is in ------
.a/ 8mritsar
.b/ 9udhiana
.c/ Jalandhar
.d/ 0one
10* 'P8 alliance is led by ----2
.a/ BJP
.b/ Conress
.c/ CP&
.d/ 0one
11* 0D8 alliance is led by -----B
.a/ BJP
.b/ Conress
.c/ #8D
.d/ 0one
12* 'P8 stands ,or ----B
.a/ 'nited Pure 8lliance
.b/ 'nited Proressi;e 8lliance
.c/ 'nion Pure 8ction
.d/ 0one
14* F+he money you can ban> uponG is a business sloan o, -----2
.a/ P0B
.b/ &C&C&
.c/ 3DHC
.d/ 0one
1<* 0D8 stands ,or ---2
.a/ 0ational Democratic 8lliance
.b/ 0ational Deree 8lter
.c/ 0ational Decorator 8d;ice
.d/ 0one
1=* PRP is party o, which actor6
.a/ #R:
.b/ Chiran7i;i
.c/ 8mir :han
.d/ #alman :han
1@* PRP stands ,or ----2
.a/ Pra7a Ra7yam Party
.b/ Priya Ra7yam Party
.c/ a I b
.d/ 0one
1A* 5hich o, the ,ollowin is a uni;ersity6
.a/ #+D
.b/ 3P9
.c/ 9P'
.d/ 0one
1$* 9P' stands ,or ----B
.a/ 9o;ely Pro,essional 'ni;ersity
.b/ 9onely Pro,essional 'ni;ersity
.c/ 9aser Plate 'nit
.d/ 0one
1C* Mulayam #inh Eada; is a #upremo o, -----
.a/ BJP
.b/ #P
.c/ Conress
.d/ 0one
20* 5ho is +DP ,ounder6
.a/ 0*+* Ramarao
.b/ Chadere Babu 0aidu
.c/ Chian7i;i
.d/ 0one
21* :P #inh is a ,amous personality related to ----
.a/ D9H
.b/ 3C9
.c/ &C&C&
.d/ 0one
22* 5ho is 8&CCC chie, 6
.a/ Rahul ?andhi
.b/ #onia ?andhi
.c/ Prian>a ?andhi
.d/ 0one
24* #?PC related to which community -----B 6
.a/ 3indu
.b/ #i>h
.c/ Muslim
.d/ 0one
2<* #?PC stands ,or ----B
.a/ #hiromani ?urudwara Prabhandha> Committee
.b/ #ardar ?urudwara Prahar Committee
.c/ a I b
.d/ 0one
2=* President o, #?PC is ----B
.a/ 8r7un #inh
.b/ 8mrinder #inh
.c/ 8;tar #inh
.d/ 0one
2@* 5ho is the ,irst &ndian to win the Junior 8ustralian Jpen +itle6
.a/ Mahesh Bhupati .b/ 9eander Peas
.c/ Eu>i Bhambri .d/ 0one
2A* Root Canal +reatment Connected with ---2*
.a/ 3eart .b/ +eeth
.c/ Brain .d/ 0one
2$* which o, the ,ollowin is old term o, >ilocycle6
.a/ :ilowatt .b/ :ilohert(
.c/ :iloram .d/ :ilometer
2C* 5hich are ordinal numbers6
.a/ 2% =% $ .b/ 1% 4% =
.c/ C% =% $ .d/ C%=% $
40* 5hich housin company is supposed to larest housin Hinance company in &ndia6
.a/ 3DHC .b/ &C&C&
.c/ 9&C .d/ ?&C
41* Kooraphy describes---2*
.a/ 8nimal .b/ Man
.c/ 5oman .d/ Bird
42* ---2was the ,irst person to be portrayed on postae stamp*
.a/ !ueenB&& .b/ !ueen Lictoria
.c/ Mo(aic .d/ 0one
44* 5hich roup is larest tractor manu,acture in &ndia6
.a/ Hord .b/ Mahindra
.c/ Escort .d/ Keeter
4<* 8B0 8mro is---BCompany6
.a/ Dutch .b/ &ndia
.c/ Pa>istan .d/ 0ero
4=* 8B0 8mro associated with ---*
.a/ &ndustrial #ector .b/ Ban>in #ector
.c/ a I b .d/ 0one
4@* &n Japan war time se1sla;e are >nown as-----*
.a/ Jrdinary woman .b/ Com,ort woman
.c/ old woman .d/ 0one
4A* 5hich is larest Meteor Crater in the 5orld6
.a/ #omia Crater .b/ Barriner Crater
.c/ 0ome Crater .d/ 0one
4$* 5hich o, the ,ollowin siner is associated with ,ilm #lum do Millionaire6
.a/ #u>h;inder .b/ 3imesh Reshmia
.c/ #onu 0iam .d/ 8l>a Eani>
4C* 5hat is per : cost ,i1ed by &#RJ in order to access to space6
.a/ 10 9a>h .b/ C 9a>h
.c/ 12 9a>h .d/ 1= 9a>h
<0* +he term FBlac> holeG is coined by #cientist o, which Country6
.a/ &ndia .b/ 8merica
.c/ Russia .d/ Japan
<1* 5hich #cientist is behind the FBlac> 3oleG6
.a/ Johnny 5al>er .b/ 0ewton
.c/ Johan 5heeler .d/ 0one
<2* 5hich o, the ,ollowin #atellite is dedicated to education6
.a/ &n#8+ .b/ ?eoset
.c/ Edu#8+ .d/ 0one
<4* 5hich o, the ,ollowin is hihest Mountain in '#86
.a/ Mc:inley .b/ McDonald
.c/ a I b .d/ 0one
<<* FBilly BuddG is directed by---B*
.a/ Peter +homas .b/ Peter 'stino;
.c/ Peter Cole .d/ 0one
<=* 3ow many M o, Muslim are there in Pa>istan6
.a/ C2M .b/ CAM
.c/ C$ .d/ CCM
<@* +he &onosphere is disco;ered by-----*
.a/ #ir Edward Charles .b/ #ir Richard
.c/ #ir Edward 8ppleton .d/ 0one
<A* 5hat is common thin is #ushmita #en I 9ara Dutta6
.a/ Both are Miss 5orld .b/ Both win Miss 'ni;erse +itle
.c/ Both win Miss &ndia +itle .d/ 0one
<$* 5hich CountryGs P*M* ha;e salary ,i;e times the salary o, 'nited #tates President6
.a/ &ndia .b/ #inapore
.c/ Japan .d/ #ri 9an>a
<C* 5hich o, the ,ollowin 'nion Minister ha;e PhD in Math6
.a/ R* P* #inh .b/ D*P* #inh
.c/ R* #* :hanna .d/ #* : 8twal
=0* 3ow many o,,icers are their in &ndian 8rmy6
.a/ 4$000 .b/ 4<000
.c/ 42000 .d/ 40000
=1* 5hich was the ,irst uni;ersity to start En;ironmental Education6
.a/ Lishwa Bharti .b/ #*0* Baner7ee .c/ Mother +eressa .d/ Hahien
=2* 5hat was the old name o, #ri 9an>a6
.a/ Burma .b/ #iam .c/ Ceylon .d/ Bata;ia
=4* 5ho was the ,irst Bharat Ratna 8ward winner6
.a/ C* Ra7aopalachari .b/ R*0* +aore .c/ C*L* Raman .d/ Dadabhai 0aro7i
=<* 5hich is the Ma7or E1port o, &ndia6
.a/ Rice .b/ 5heat .c/ +ea .d/ 0one o, these
==* 5hich is the lanuae o, :erala6
.a/ Malayalam .b/ Enlish .c/ 3indu .d/ +elu
=@* &n which year ?uru 0ana> De; 'ni;ersity established6
.a/ 1C@C .b/ 1CC= .c/ 1CC0 .d/ 1C@=
=A* 5hich is the lanuae o, Manipur6
.a/ Manipuri .b/ 3indi .c/ Jriya .d/ Marathi
=$* =th June is called a
.a/ 5orld Diabetes day .b/ #ports day .c/ 5orld Hood day .d/ En;ironment Day
=C* &n which year #u>umar #en become the ,irst Chie, Commissioner o, &ndia6
.a/ 1C@0 .b/ 1CA0 .c/ 1C=0 .d/ 1C<0
@0* 5hich is :ol>ataGs leadin 0ewspaper
.a/ +eleraph .b/ 8a7 .c/ +imes o, &ndia .d/ 0one o, these
@1* 5hich was the ,irst ban> o, &ndia6
.a/ #*B*&* .b/ R*B*&* .c/ Ban> o, 3industan .d/ #EB&
@2* 5hich is the Capital o, 8ssam6
.a/ Patna .b/ Dispur .c/ Chennai .d/ Dehradun
@4* 5hich is 0ational bird o, &ndia6
.a/ 9ion .b/ Peacoc> .c/ #parrow .d/ 3en
@<* 5hich is the Currency o, Cono6
.a/ Dinar .b/ Hranc .c/ Dollar .d/ 9ira
@=* 3*8* stands ,or6
.a/ 3alin 8llowance .b/ 3aryana 8cademy .c/ 3industan 8uthority .d/ 0one o, these
@@* &n which year ,irst Postal #er;ice was started6
.a/ 1$40 .b/ 1$4= .c/ 1$4A .d/ 1$<0
@A* 5hich is the capital o, Russia6
.a/ Moscow .b/ Doha .c/ 3anoi .d/ Rabat
@$* C*&*8* stands ,or6
.a/ Central &ndian 8cademy .b/ Central &ntellience 8ency .c/ Central &nstitute o,
8riculture .d/ 0one o, these
@C* 8ndhra Patri>a 0ewspapers leadin in which city6
.a/ Banalore .b/ Li7ayawada .c/ Mumbai .d/ Pune
A0* 5hat was the old name o, Pun7ab6
.a/ #apta #indhu .b/ Pun7abi .c/ 8abs .d/ 0one o, these
A1* &n which year pin code was established6
.a/ 1CA0 .b/ 1CA2 .c/ 1CA= .d/ 1C$0
A2* &n which year ?uru 8r7un De; was born6
.a/ 1=$1 .b/ 1=4C .c/ 1=@< .d/ 1@@<
A4* 2Ath #eptember is called a
.a/ 5orld +ourism Day .b/ 5orld 3ealth Day .c/ Children Day .d/ 8ir Horce Day
A<* &n which year Postal Department was established6
.a/ 1$=0 .b/ 1$40 .c/ 1$4A .d/ 1$=<
A=* 5hich is the lanuae o, #i>>im6
.a/ 3indi .b/ 0epali .c/ .a/ and .b/ .d/ 0one o, these
1* .b/ Riht to in,ormation
2* .a/ Delhi
4* .c/ 9*:* 8d;ani
<* .b/ BJP
=* .a/ 'ma Bharti
@* .a/ Bhartia :isan 'nion
A* .a/ Maharashtra
$* .a/ &ndian Economic #er;ice
C* .b/ 9udhiana
10* .b/ Conress
11* .a/ BJP
12* .b/ 'nited Proressi;e 8lliance
14* .a/ P0B
1<* .a/ 0ational Democratic 8lliance
1=* .b/ Chiran7i;i
1@* .a/ Pra7a Ra7yam Party
1A* .c/ 9P'
1$* .a/ 9o;ely Pro,essional 'ni;ersity
1C* .b/ #P
20* .a/ 0*+* Ramarao
21* .a/ D9H
22* .b/ #onia ?andhi
24* .b/ #i>h
2<* .a/ #hiromani ?urudwara Prabhandha> Committee
2=* .c/ 8;tar #inh
2@* .c/ Eu>i Bhambri
2A* .b/ +eeth
2$* .b/ :ilohert(
2C* .b/ 1% 4% =
40* .a/ 3DHC
41* .a/ 8nimal
42* .b/ !ueen Lictoria
44* .b/ Mahindra
4<* .a/ Dutch
4=* .b/ Ban>in #ector
4@* .b/ Com,ort woman
4A* .b/ Barriner Crater
4$* .a/ #u>h;inder
4C* .b/ C 9a>h
<0* .b/ 8merica
<1* .c/ Johan 5heeler
<2* .c/ Edu#8+
<4* .a/ Mc:inley
<<* .b/ Peter 'stino;
<=* .b/ CAM
<@* .b/ #ir Richard
<A* .b/ Both win Miss 'ni;erse +itle
<$* .a/ &ndia
<C* .a/ R* P* #inh
=0* .b/ 4<000
=1* a
=2* c
=4* a
=<* c
==* a
=@* a
=A* a
=$* d
=C* c
@0* a
@1* c
@2* b
@4* b
@<* b
@=* a
@@* c
@A* a
@$* b
@C* b
A0* a
A1* b
A2* a
A<* d
A=* c