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Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/words in your Answer

script. 110=10
a. Allah Taala is our .
b. We shall keep our .
c. Salat is key.
d. Farzs of Salat is called .
e. He whose conduct is good, Behaves with all.
f. Heaven of children rests under the of mother.
g. Pronounced when the last edge of the tongue touches the palate
h. The language of Quran Mazid is .
i. Fijar battle was imposed on the Quraish by tribe.
j. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) used to meditate in the caves of the
3. Answer in short: 110=10
a. Who is the Rabb (Sustainer) of the universe?
b. What is our Deen?
c. How many Rukons are there in Islam?
d. What is Arkan?
e. What do you mean by service to the creation?
f. What did the Great Prophet (Sm) say about the payment of wages?
g. How many are the goals of reciting the Quran?
h. What was the name of the organization created by our Prophet (Sm)
at his youth?
i. Who were the Muhajirs?
j. What scripture was sent down to Hazrat Daud (As)?
4. Answer the following questions including a & b. 58=40
a. What strategies do we adopt so that we can save ourselves from
natural calamities?
b. What do you mean by Tajbid? Mention what benefit do you get by
reciting the Quran with correct pronunciation.
c. Who is Mumin? What is the out come of Iman?
d. Write five attributes of Allah Taala with meaning in Bengali.
e. How many masarifs of Zakat are there? Describe Masarifs.
f. Write in brief the Farzs (compulsory action) of Hajj.
g. What did great Prophet (Sm) say about evil deeds?
h. Write the meaning of Sura Al-Maaun.
i. What is the Madina Charter? Describe some of the clauses in the
Madina Charter.
j. Write down the names of 10 Prophets cited n the Holy Quran.

Primary Education Completion Examination-2013
Model Test
Subject: Islam and Moral Education
Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes Full Marks: 100
1. Write the correct answer in your answer script: 140 = 40

1. Who is our Rabb (Sustainer & Cherisher)?
a. Parents b. Allah Taala
c. Physicians d. Spiritual Guides
2. What does the statement Allahu Basirun mean?
a. Allah is the All-Hearer b. Allah is the All-Forbearing
c. Allah is the All-Powerful d. Allah is the All-Seer
3. What is the meaning of the word Ibadat?
a. Prayer b. Obedience
c. Charity d. Siam
4. How many Farz (Compulsory) Salat are there in five times of Salat
a. Five Rakats b. Ten Rakats
c. Fifteen Rakats d. Seventeen Rakats
5. Where is Kaaba situated?
a. Makka b. Madina
c. Jerusalem d. Palestine (Pilisteen)
6. What is Akhlaque?
a. Behaviour b. Good manners
c. Nice d. Best
7. How do we help an unemployed person best?
a. provide a job b. extend assistance
c. offer freedom d. give a dress
8. What does Allah do when a man repents after a misdeed?
a. Remembers him b. Forgives him
c. Admonishes him d. Leaves him alone
9. What letters are pronounced from the last end of the throat tube?
a. - b. -
c. - - d. -
10. Letters that are pronounced with frontal edge of the tongue being
thouched with the lower end of the upper teeth.
a. - - b.
c. - - d. - -
11. How old was Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) when his grandfather died?
a. 3 years b. 5 years
c. 7 years d. 8 years
12. What year did prophet (Sm) emigrate (Hizrat) to Madina?
a. 570 AD b. 610 AD
c. 622 AD d. 632 AD
13. What was the name of Hazrat Ibrahim (As)s father?
a. Azam b. Hatem
c. Azar d. Amor
14. What can not man make?
a. Building b. Chair-Table
c. Planets d. Bed sheet
15. What is the meaning of Al-Asma?
a. Sayings b. Names
c. Ideology d. Attributes
16. Which is the first step of Akhirat or after life?
a. Jannat b. Jahannam
c. Qiyamat d. Grave
17. Who are the dearest person to Allah?
a. Scholars b. Saints
c. Wisemen d. Prophets and Messengers
18. What is the meaning of Iman?
a. Unbelief b. Firm belief
c. Akhlaq d. Forbearing
19. What is the meaning of Wajib?
a. Not mendatory b. can be done willingly
c. Mendatory d. None
20. How many Rakats in Bitr-Salat?
a. Four b. Five
c. Six d. Three
21. What is the meaning of Hajj?
a. to express b. to desire
c. to arrive d. to hide
22. In which Salat there is no Ruku and Sijdah?
a. In the Salat of Janaja b. In the Salat of Juma
c. In the Salat of Eid d. In the Salat of Isha
23. Good character is the most precious gift-who said this?
a. Allah Taala b. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm)
c. A person d. Hazrat Musa (As)
24. How many letters of Arabic Language?
a. 17 b. 31
c. 21 d. 29
25. What was the name of Hazrat Nuh (As)s son?
a. Kenan b. Ismail
c. Abu Bakar d. Intajul
26. In how many portions did Hazrat Daud (As) divide his wealth?
a. 2 b. 3
c. 4 d. 5
27. For how many years did Hazrat Nuh (As) invite people
a. 1250 years b. 1050 years
c. 950 years d. 850 years
28. Which two precious things have prophet (Sm) left for mankind?
a. Wealth and money b. Iman and Amal
c. The Holy Quran and ideology d. None
29. What is the Holy Quran source for?
a. well and woe
b. all kinds of joy
c. all kinds of fair and unfair
d. all kinds of science and knowledge
30. What is Bitr Salat?
a. Farz b. Sunnat
c. Wajib d. Nafal
31. What is the meaning of Zakat?
a. cleanliness b. purity and increase
c. holy and nice d. wealth
32. What is called Kaba?
a. Baitul Mukaddas b. Masjid-e-Nababi
c. Masjid-e-Aksa d. Baitullah
33. Whom do we become grateful to?
a. Muhammad (Sm) b. Men
c. Allah d. Prophets
34. Who is called Khatamun Nabiin?
a. Adam (As) b. Musa (As)
c. Isa (As) d. Muhammad (sm)
35. What is Shariot?
a. Rules and regulations of Hala and Haram
b. Description of Akhirat
c. Description of Risalat
d. Knowledge of the Quran
36. When is Salatul Juma performed?
a. In Fazar b. In Zohar
c. In Asar d. In Magrib
37. Who oppressed Muhammad (Sm)?
a. people of Madina
b. people of Taef
c. people of Syria
d. people of Kufa
38. In which month Allah Taala was revealed Quran Majid?
a. In the month of Shawal
b. In the month of Ramadan
c. In the month of Zilhajj
d. In the month of Moharrom
39. What was the age of Hazrat Ibrahim (As) at the time of his son Ismail
(As) birth?
a. 35 b. 46
c. 56 d. 86
40. What is the meaning of the word As-Siddique?
a. Believers b. Depositary
c. Truthfulness d. Peaceful