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Estmatng hi tech

market potental
The Client
A subsidiary of one of Indias largest business houses,
the client is a Global IT services company, providing
end-to-end solutons to the fnancial services ecosystem.
Recognized by NASSCOM as one of 100 IT Innovators 2007,
the company serves Banking, Financial Services and the High
Technology markets. The company has delivery centers across
the US, Europe, Japan and India.
Business Context
Since incepton, Prayags client had been focused on the
banking and fnancial services vertcals. In 2005, the company
decided to diversify into other vertcals to reduce dependence on one vertcal.
Subsequently, during a strategic review exercise to chart future growth plans,
the company identfed High Technology as a new focus vertcal. With ambitous
growth plans for this area - $100 million in revenue over 5 years - the company
wished to evaluate the feasibility of achieving this target. In partcular, it wished
to evaluate the potental of the Independent Sofware Vendor (ISV) market in the
Enterprise Solutons space.
Prayag was engaged to estmate the ofshore potental for IT services in the High
Technology vertcal, including ISVs, and to recommend the necessary steps required
to be taken to achieve the targeted growth.
Email: info@prayag.com www.prayag.com 1
Email: info@prayag.com 2 www.prayag.com
Prayags Soluton
To start with, Prayag team sharpened the scope of the engagement by
defning the High Technology industry. Then, using a combinaton of
select primary research, secondary research and Prayags proprietary
internal knowledge repository, market potental was ascertained.
Market characteristcs, competton actvity and ofshoring potental
of the High Technology and ISV markets were studied. Prayag teams
interviewed senior management from select companies to understand
the industry trends and market potental. Agile methodology was used
for the study Prayag would report the fndings to the client every day
and this provided clarity and helped in refning the study. Though it
involved lot of iteratons, the focus was not lost as the client was clear
about what they wanted.
Once the study was conducted, Prayag formulated a strategy for the cli-
ent to enter the specifc markets this included the potental services,
market segments and opportunites that could be addressed. The report
also included a go-to market strategy that chartered the steps to be
taken in order to achieve the desired target growth.
Prayags research and recommendatons provided the client with
relevant insights and understanding of the High Technology and ISV
markets. The company invested its efort, resources and focused on
these vertcals based on these recommendatons, and is today well on
its way to achieve its target.
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