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A supplement to the Verona Press

September 25, 2014

The Verona Press


New fire/EMS station on the way

$10.5 million project
designed to last
for decades
Mark Ignatowski
Unified Newspaper Group

It might cost a bit more

than originally thought, but
the citys new fire station
should be around for the
next few decades.
After several years of
planning, the big hole on
East Verona Avenue will
soon become the citys new
fire and EMS station. The
project will be the citys
largest municipal project
ever and will replace the
12,000-square-foot station
built in 1974.
At just over $10.5
million, the new
42,000-square-foot building
will have room for fire and
EMS trucks, sleeping and
living quarters and public
space for training and meetings. Its location will serve
as a gateway to the citys
downtown core once its
complete in 2015.
Finding a place to put the
new fire station took several years and a few professional studies to determine.
The city considered making it part of the Verona
City Center in 2006 but
decided against it, and after
consolidation efforts failed
in 2008, the three-municipality Verona Fire District
went through some changes

Rendering courtesy Five Bugles Design

The 42,000-square-foot station will feature areas for both fire and EMS trucks as well as sleeping and living quarters and public space for
training and meetings. The facility it replaces was built in 1974.

and ended up dissolving to

create a city department.
The city, now serving the
Town of Verona by contract, decided to site the
station on the same plot of
land and build in a completely new location on the
land so it wont interrupt
operations at the current
Eventually, crews will
have to knock down the
administrative portion of
the old building while they
build the new station, but
equipment and apparatus
will be housed in the old
stations bays until the new
building opens next spring.
A public open house is

slated for next summer.

The station is also
expected to share space on
the lot with a new Verona
Area Community Theater
building. The VACT group
is raising money to build a
new rehearsal and performance space, and the two
facilities will share some
parking spaces.

Modern facility
Despite concerns about
response times to some of
the rural areas, two location
studies both confirmed that
the East Verona Avenue/
Lincoln Street location
would adequately serve
both the city and town.

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With the station now facing East Verona Avenue,

the public safety facilities
ad hoc committee agreed on
a more modern, showy look
than City Center, with varied rooflines, lots of glass
facing Verona Avenue and
a public monument near the
corner of Lincoln Street and
Verona Avenue. Antique
equipment will highlight
the northwest corner of the
building, the spot closest to
the road.
The size of the station
and the extra visual features, designed by Five
Bugles Design, brought
some criticism about public
spending, but city leaders

have focused cost-cutting

measures in other areas.
Throughout the planning
process, the ad hoc committee waded through details
and was charged with
recommending the best
possible and most costeffective station for the
fire and Fitch-Rona EMS
Nearly a year-and-a-half
later, the committee and
designers came up with a
final plan for the station.
It includes about 39,884
square feet of space for
offices, living quarters
and apparatus for both
the fire and EMS departments. That includes an

11,370-square-foot second
level filled mostly with
overnight rooms and living
areas for firefighters and
The fire apparatus bays
are located on the east end of
the building and are not only
designed to meet modern
fire station standards, but
will also have extra-fast bifold doors that are expected
to save about 40 seconds
when trucks are ready to go.
Trucks will exit onto Verona
Avenue and will be aided by
preemption technology at
the traffic signals.
Two EMS bays will be
housed toward the middle
of the station, with access
on the East Verona Avenue,
as well.
Public visitors and other vehicles will be able to
access the station from Lincoln Street. Public parking
will be along the buildings
southern and western edges
with a west-facing entrance.
Visitors will be allowed freely in the lobby area and training room, but access beyond
those points will be restricted
to fire and EMS staff.

Cost controls
Throughout the process,
the Common Council had
been updated on the planning process and had been
able to give feedback on the
But after the committee
made its recommendations

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Message from the mayor

Housing, commercial
growth still strong
Each year I am more
amazed by the people of
this wonderful city. After
the tornado struck in June,
I was astonished by the outpouring
of support of
from the
y o u
again to
all the volunteers and first
responders who assisted
with the recovery efforts.
The city continues to be a
leader in the Madison area
for new development projects. Below is a summary
of growth and development
within the city.

Residential growth

Once Scenic Ridge is completed, the only active singlefamily subdivision with a
significant supply of lots will
be Cathedral Point. The city
needs to expand our borders
to provide additional housing
to keep up with demand.
The next large growth
area for the city is the North
Neighborhood in the area
west of County Hwy. M and
south of County Hwy. PD.
The city has been developing
plans and will be prepared
for its future development.
Due to the close proximity to Epic and low vacancy
rates in the Madison area,
multifamily demand remains
strong throughout the city.
In 2014, the city approved
a 76-unit apartment complex, known as the Murray
Glen Apartments, which is
currently under construction
immediately west of Reddan
Soccer Park. In addition, the
city approved the construction of two apartment buildings in Scenic Ridge that will
add 62 apartments to the city.
While the apartment market remains strong, the city
has adopted a multi-family
phasing policy that limits the
number of apartments that
are constructed each year
to ensure the city does not
become overbuilt with apartments.

Housing continues to
remain strong in the city;
however the city will be
facing a potential housing crunch in the very near
Through August, 53 new
single-family houses began
construction. In 2013, the
city issued 76 permits for
new single-family homes
and a similar amount is anticipated by the end of 2014.
The final phase of Scenic
Ridge is being completed in Commercial/industrial
Non-residential growth in
2014 with most of the lots
2014 remained strong.
already sold.

Fairfield Inn and Suites

This 90-room hotel was
approved at the intersection
of Nine Mound Road and
Verona Avenue. Construction started in the summer
of 2014 and will be completed in early 2015.
Hometown Circle
Approved in 2013, the new
8,620-square-foot commercial retail center located on
Hometown Circle is fully
leased and includes U.S.
Cellular, Orange Leaf,
Great Clips, Brews Brothers and Little Caesars.
Wisconsin Brewing
Company Along with
offering beer made in Verona, the Wisconsin Brewing Company constructed
a large outdoor patio for
music every Friday during
the summer, and for hosting
private events.
Sugar River United Methodist Church The city
granted approvals to allow
Sugar River United Methodist Church to convert the
existing Wildcat Lanes into
a church. Both interior and
exterior improvements are
planned to start in 2014.
Liberty Business Park
Four projects have been
approved for Liberty Business Park, including two
flex industrial buildings, a
17,000-square-foot commercial building and a 231room Hyatt hotel.

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September 25, 2014

The Verona Press

Liberty Business Park

Momentum building; hotel next?

2 buildings started, 2
others approved
Jim Ferolie
Verona Press editor

More than a decade after the

first attempt to develop what
once was known as the Van De
Grift property, two buildings are
under construction and more are
planned for the southeast side
industrial park now called Liberty
Business Park.
If all goes as expected, one of
the biggest hotels in Dane County
will be among them.
And in any case, the first one
a 25,000-square-foot flex building off Liberty Drive should be
built out and open for business by
the end of the year.
So far, construction on David
Reinkes 240-acre property north
of County Hwy. M and east of
County Hwy. PB has been limited
to two of those flex buildings
versatile spaces with open floor
plans and cookie-cutter facades
that can be converted to meet a
variety of different needs.
But the first flex building is
expected to be filled with tenants long before its finished
in November, a second broke
ground this month with leases for
60 percent of its 25,000-squarefoot space signed and a third
could be in the works in the next
couple of months.
The other two buildings that
have gotten city approval
a 193,000-square-foot hotel
and retail building with two

Photos by Jim Ferolie

The 240-acre Liberty Business Park is mostly empty now, with one building under
construction in this Sept. 7 aerial photo, but three other buildings have been
approved, including a 193,000-square-foot hotel, and its landowner says theres
enough demand for five or six other buildings after that in the next year.
Right, the first flex building will house KSW Construction, the lead contractor
on the development, and Commercial Recreation Specialists, both of which are
expanding businesses.

restaurants are in the process of

having construction documents
produced, Reinke told the Press
this month. And with the hotel
will likely come more retail businesses.
Reinkes development team
is staying aggressive, as the
tax-increment financing deal it
signed with the city two years ago
requires millions of dollars worth

of development quickly to pay for

the citys road and utility work
in the area before the TIF district
A late start put them behind,
but the hotel would get Liberty
Park caught up. And that has
Reinke excited.
Were swamped, we really are

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Liberty Business Park

Building #1 - Currently under construction with 30,000 sq. ft.
Tenants Include: KSW Construction, Commercial Recreation
Specialists, Budget Blinds, Cooper Plumbing, Vineyard Chic Kitchens.
3,000 sq. ft. available for lease

Building #2 - Beginning with 26,500 sq. ft.

Tenants Include: Zerorez, Badger GraniteWerks.
5,000 sq. ft. available for lease

New Hotel Coming Soon - Spring 2015

Slaby & Associates is leasing/brokering the entire Liberty Park Development.
Questions regarding leasing, please contact Dean Slaby at (608) 333-4130.
Questions regarding construction, please call KSW at (608) 271-8360.


Building #3 - Scheduled to begin in October will have 17,000 sq. ft.

Retail businesses will house the bottom floor with offices on top floor. Retail tenants include: Freshii Foods (also a new west
side location under construction), Salvatores Tomato Pies (also located in Sun Prairie), Infusion Mixed Martial Arts (also
located in Mount Horeb). 4,000 sq. ft. retail space available for lease. 3,000 sq. ft. office space available for lease.

September 25, 2014

The Verona Press


City approves, begins downtown plan

Mark Ignatowski
Unified Newspaper Group

After nearly 18 months

of public input and several planning sessions that
involved dozens of residents, Verona approved
a new downtown plan in
And alders are adamant
that the ideas in this document will be turned into
more action than those of
previous plans.
Theyre starting small
with mostly aesthetic
streetscape improvements
but eventually the plan calls
for new parking areas, modified road connections, new
buildings, a new look and
feel overall and an expanded Main Street-Verona
Avenue intersection.
The 117-page plan will
guide future development
and traffic management
along those two thoroughfares, and some short-,
medium- and long-term
improvements will help
change the use and look of
the citys downtown core
and periphery areas.
Despite the extensive
public input and a citizens
committee that helped
guide the process, there
were plenty of disagreements and last-minute
changes before the plans
approval. Planners and city
officials admitted to some
communication oversights
that left some business and
property owners feeling

Photo by Jim Ferolie

Early efforts on the citys downtown plan focused heavily on adding capacity to the Four Corners intersection, but the first thing the city
will focus on is giving the streetscape a consistent look and feel and improving its ability to plow it during the winter.

blindsided by some of
the recommendations in the
And just a few months
after approval, they allowed
one key element of the
West Verona Avenue portion of the plan to change
significantly by enabling
Sugar River United Methodist Church to move out
of the old library on Franklin Street and into the old
bowling alley on Verona
Even with some recent
adjustments, the document
is already guiding discussions about development
and infrastructure improvements downtown.

Last-minute changes
As the final draft of the
citys Downtown Mobility
and Development Plan was
vetted in public meetings
this spring, downtown business owners, residents and
community groups leaned
heavily on public officials
to make changes to the proposed plan.
One of the largest public
hearings on the plan drew
nearly 80 participants. Most
were opposed to part of the
plan that would have connected Silent Street to Main
Street through a planned
expansion of a church
cemetery. That portion of
the plan was eventually

dropped, along with a second attempt at including a

pedestrian path as a connection.
One area alders did agree
on was that the city wont
use eminent domain powers
to force the sale of a property to the city. Because of
the late pushback to parts of
the plan, alders wanted to
ensure there were no mixed
After listening to some
discussion on the topic
at the March meeting to
approve the plan, city
administrator Bill Burns
came up with language to
insert early on in the plan:
The intent of the council in adopting the plan is

that the city not use eminent

domain resulting in the loss
of buildings or businesses
or that would limit the use
of property without the consent of the owner.
That provided a few
outs not getting caught
on right-of-way issues and
allowing friendly eminent
domain that could simplify
the sale of a property
while also acknowledging
and swearing off a sneaky
backdoor trick of limiting
a propertys use to force a

Traffic management
The city along with
MSA Professional Services
started out by developing

a plan to move traffic

through the city. Instead of
creating a roundabout intersection and pair of one-way
streets, officials chose to
keep the traffic flow similar
to what exists now.
The resulting plan called
for an expansion of the
current four-way, signalcontrolled intersection at
Verona Avenue and Main
Street. Meanwhile, the
Verona Area Chamber of
Commerce released its own
report, calling for changes
to traffic flow outside the
downtown area in order to
reduce pressure at the Four
Corners intersection.
MSAs plan for Four
Corners would have a leftturn lane, one through lane
and one shared right-turn/
through traffic lane in each
Among the earliest
changes would be a signal and an upgraded intersection at Lincoln Street,
which could be timed well
with the planned new fire
station, and improved
pedestrian crossings for
Sugar Creek and New Century elementary schools
at Westlawn Avenue and
for bicyclists on the Military Ridge State Trail. It
also suggests a connection
between Basswood Avenue
and the Verona Area School
District offices parking lot
in order to cut down traffic
for dropoffs and pickups at

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Message from the chamber

Full speed ahead, Verona

Dennis Haefer,
Verona Office

Loans Faster Than A

Speeding Bullet
Well, maybe not that fast, but at the State Bank we do make decisions locally with
a motivation and a sense of responsibility to you.
And with offices in Verona and all around
Dane County, you are sure to receive the
super fast response you deserve.

108 North Main Street (608) 845-6486

1-855-CLOSE2U (256-7328)

If you have ever attended

an important sporting event
or a highly anticipated concert, you know what it is
like to have excitement in
the air.
It is not
a tangible
occurrence in
the traditional
The sky
does not
color. The
ground does not shake.
Excitement in the air is
still something you feel,
however. It is an electricity, a
buzz, a sense that something
important is about to happen.
It spreads through a group
like a low-level current.
I feel excitement in the
air when I talk to people
about Verona these days.
Last year in this space I
noted, things in Verona
are definitely looking up,
and this year I would say
our community is fully
upright and ready to rock
n roll! There is new development, such as the retail
shops on Hometown Circle
in front of Farm and Fleet,
and more to come. Two
new hotels will be gracing
our skyline soon, and new
buildings are going up to
the east (Liberty Business
Park) and west (Epic).
Earlier this year, the Verona Area Chamber of Commerce surpassed its all-time
record membership level,
and we still have the better

part of four months to add to

our membership rolls before
the year concludes. Even
more noteworthy is business
owners are seeking out the
chamber because they are
excited about what we do
and the business prospects in
our community.
With everything going
well, some people might
think it is a good time to slow
down and catch our collective breath. Actually, the
exact opposite is true. Now
is the time to step on the gas
and say full speed ahead.
I advise this because, as
history has shown, what
speeds up will eventually
slow down, and sometimes
it will crash to a halt. Readers may remember a major
retail project slated for the
west end of Verona in 2007.
When the economy tanked
in 2008, it took that project
down with it.
Among the priorities
at the Chamber of Commerce is ensuring the City
of Verona follows through
with the downtown plan
created last summer.
For years, our community
has talked about revitalizing our downtown, but little
progress has been achieved.
Now is the time to begin the
redevelopment process, even
if it begins with baby steps.
Improved parking for both
existing and new businesses
would be a great place to
start, as would identifying
and targeting a specific area
of the downtown where redevelopment and revitalization
will begin.

The chamber is also

focused on quality-of-life
issues. With this in mind,
we are already planning for
Hometown Days 2015, and
we have been discussing
the creation of an Oktoberfest-type event for later in
the year.
In October we will be
hosting a lecture at the
Verona Public Library on
the Creative Economy,
with the hope it will spark
a cultural awakening that
might lead to Verona
becoming an arts destination, or at minimum a more
interesting place to visit.
So while there is a great
deal of new excitement in
Verona, I will close on a
very old note: Please shop
locally whenever possible.
Many people dont think
about it, but most free
events you enjoy around
town, such as the wonderful
Concerts in the Park series in
July or the Hometown Days
fireworks, are not really free.
Rather they are paid for by
one or more local businesses.
That is why it cannot be
said enough: When you
shop locally, you help to
make Verona the great
community that it is.
I hope to see you around
Karl Curtis has been the
executive director of the
Verona Area Chamber of
Commerce since 2006. For
questions about the chamber, call 845-5777, e-mail
info@veronawi.com or visit


September 25, 2014

The Verona Press

Housing continues strong rebound

Undeveloped space
becoming scarce
Mark Ignatowski
Unified Newspaper Group

New home starts in Verona

have rebounded to pre-housing
crash levels, a sure sign that
Verona continues to be a popular
place for families looking to own
So popular, in fact, that city
leaders are starting to show concern that the city will soon run
out of areas where homes can be
The city saw 53 new home
starts since January, with the
majority coming from the Scenic
Ridge and Cathedral Point subdivisions. Verona had 46 new home
starts at this time last year and 36
during the same time period in
So far, the estimated value of
the lots sold this year is around
$30.2 million, according to city
building permit records.
The trend has been helped
by still-low interest rates, but
demand for apartments continues to be high, as well, with one
project singlehandedly meeting
the citys self-imposed cap of 50
units per year.
As the city continues to attract
families looking for new homes,
however, its running out of land
to develop and will need to undertake an extensive planning process to add more.

Photo by Jim Ferolie/Special thanks to Oliver Himsel

Scenic Ridge (bottom) and Cathedral Point (above) are filling rapidly. There are few other subdivisions with any significant room for new homes, along with about 35
at Hometown Grove (green spot at the top left).

Point, one of the newest subdivisions in the city despite being

platted in 2006. That subdivision
was mostly dormant leading up to
and through the Great Recession.
There was significant growth
along East Chapel Royal Drive
and East Whispering Pines Way
in Cathedral Point. The exclusiveSingle-family homes
ly Veridian Homes subdivision
Builders had predicted a strong sold out of homesites in 2013,
2014, especially in Cathedral which allowed the developer to

start another phase of 32 sites on

the southern end of the neighborhood, Brian Simon, president of
operations at Veridian Homes,
wrote in an email to the Press.
The company started another
phase along East Chapel Royal
Drive late last year in anticipation
of additional growth.
The value of homes on lots sold
this year in Cathedral Point have
ranged from about $177,000 to

close to $350,000, according to

city figures.
Just across Locust Street, Scenic Ridge finished its fourth of six
phases last year and had pre-sold
nearly two dozen lots in the fifth
phase. Lot sales in Scenic Ridge
averaged around $321,000.
This past year, developer Brian
McKee said crews put in the final
phase of streets that will open
up 26 new lots. Of those, 21 lots

your phone


have already been pre-sold, McKee said. More than two dozen lots
have contracts to start building
still this year in Scenic Ridge.
All the new construction on
the citys south side means better
roads need to be built to get there,
and the two developers will share
in the cost of widening Locust
Street next year, with expansion

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September 25, 2014

The Verona Press


Hometown Circle brings new businesses

Four in strip mall
south of Farm and
Fleet new to city
Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

For almost five years,

the four outlots in front of
the Farm and Fleet off East
Verona Avenue remained
But in the last year and a
half, two have been filled,
and another developer is
making progress toward filling a third.
It began with Dairy Queen,
which opened in early 2013.
Then, just over a year ago,
plans for a Country Kitchen-anchored strip mall in
front of Farm and Fleet were
scraped right before going to
the Plan Commission.
But a month later, the
commission heard a different set of plans for the
development. After plenty
of discussion and a 4-3
vote to send the plans onto
the council, the developer
received a conditional use
permit from the Common
Council to move ahead.
That approval included an
exemption from the citys
Verona Avenue Overlay
District, which would have
required the building to be
oriented on a true east-west
axis rather than angled with
the road. That could have
created parking lot issues
for the development, and
likely killed the project,

File photos by Scott Girard

Above, Brews Brothers features 48 beers on tap at Hometown

Circle. The restaurant and pub is joined by Little Caesars, Great
Blips, Orange Leaf and U.S. Cellular in front of Farm and Fleet.

city planning director Adam

Sayre had told the commission.
Construction began and
four tenants gained approval
over the next few months:
Quality Cellular, an Orange
Leaf Yogurt, Little Caesars
Pizza and Brews Brothers
restaurant and pub.
Great Clips would later
join as a fifth tenant in the
8,000-square-foot complex
at 611 Hometown Circle.
The first four tenants opened
in June and Great Clips followed in early August.
That brought four businesses new to Verona. Quality Cellular, however, had
been here for years, but
moved from west to east on
Verona Avenue, a significant step, marketing manager Rachel Perry told the
Verona Press in June.
(This) is a million times

better, Perry said.

Managers and owners of
the three food-based operations all credited teamwork
as something that helped
them right after opening.
We are all hands-on owners, so weve all been here
from the time they put the
first screw in the wall, said
Brews Brothers owner Steve
Day in June. We all just
became very good friends.
Were even looking at other
strip malls together.
And soon, they could be
joined by another new restaurant neighbor: Taco Bell.
The multinational Mexican fast-food chain brought
plans for a 2,000-squarefoot location on Hometown
Circle to the city in August.
If approved, three of the
four outlots in front of Farm
and Fleet, which opened in
2008, would be filled.

We are planning for future

growth with additional services
for the Verona Community!
Watch for Updates.


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our residents growth and livelihood
through our Individualized Care services.


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We specialize in Orthopedic, Pulmonary,
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since opening our doors last November, visitors from

32 states and six countries have enjoyed a front row seat
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September 25, 2014

The Verona Press

A quietly busy year for Epic

Dane Countys
largest employer
begins construction
on new campus
Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

While it may not have

had the splash of opening a
new campus or auditorium
over the past year, Epic
kept itself busy with plans
for the future.
And construction, as
The medical records
software company, which
remains the largest private full-time employer in
Dane County, according to
a recent In Business Magazine story, welcomed more
than 10,000 customers to its
recent Users Group Meeting and reported more revenue growth in 2013.
To keep pace with its
continuous growth and
its approximately 8,000
employees, it will soon
have two new campuses at
its 800-plus-acre Verona
Driving all of that growth
is the continually increasing
number of patients using
electronic medical records
through Epic software, up
to 173 million in the United States, or 54 percent of
And the company is
focusing on more than just
the records themselves. Its
working to use technological advances to improve
its own software and has
been forming partnerships
with major companies like
Apple to make health information more accessible for
users and increase communication between patients
and their physicians.

Growing workforce,
growing needs
At this years UGM, the
company hosted around
8,000 employees and
10,300 customers from 10
different countries, nearly
six times the 3,300 employees and customers that
attended 10 years ago.
That workforce growth
has continually outpaced
the companys building
growth, and although chief
administrative officer Steve
Dickmann said the ultimate

goal is for each employee to

have an individual office,
many are still doubling up.
The company is simply
adding employees faster
than it can build, despite
having two general contractors and several cranes
working nearly every day
since it broke ground in
Verona a decade ago.
Over the past year, Epic
got approval for and began
construction on a dining
building and a fourth campus, and it is getting ready
to start a new parking
garage for Campus 5, which
city officials expect to see
plans for in the next few
It also finished work on
its 11,400-seat Deep Space
auditorium, a building that
had opened for the companys annual Users Group
Meeting in 2013 but was
far from finished. The company completed meeting
rooms this year and put the
finishing touches on it just
in time for the 2014 conference last week.
Photo by Jeremy Jones
This spring it began work The countys biggest crane collection sits atop Campus 4 the Wizards Academy as its being constructed.
on Campus 4, or the Wizards Campus, a Harry
Potter-themed set of five
buildings and a quidditch
field that is expected to
open sometime in 2015. Its
overloaded dining building,
Cassiopeia, is getting some
relief, as well, with a second building, modeled after
Londons Kings Cross Station, under construction.
More employees also
means a need for more
parking, so while it looks
like theres a giant hole in
the ground near the construction on the two buildings, that will soon become
a 2,000-car garage.
Campus 5, known as the
Authors Campus, will be
another 1,500-office complex located on a piece of
land that had once been
planned as a residential subdivision. In order to accommodate it and the additional
traffic, the city redesigned
Northern Lights Road and
had it curve east and then
north, where it will meet
the soon-to-be-rebuilt Nine
Mound Road.
Planning those changes
took several meetings in
Photo by Jim Ferolie/Special thanks to Oliver Himsel
2013 with neighbors, and
it. The road, which preone of the key decisions that
came from those meetings viously continued north before turning east to become Cross Country Road, now turns east in front of what will be Campus 5 before turning
back north, where it will eventually connect with a reconstructed Nine Mound Road. The parking lot in the middle of the photo is temporary

Turn to Epic/Page 10 it was used as overflow for the Users Group Meetings last week and an earthen berm separates the road and neighborhood.

Plumbing & glass

service, inc.

221 S. Main St. Verona

n th e

Complimentary Deluxe Continental Breakfast Indoor Pool and Fitness Center
Complimentary High-Speed Wireless Internet Marriott Rewards
Outside and Underground Heated Parking Complimentary Airport and Local Shuttle
Convenient Meeting and Event Space Fairfield 100% Guarantee

613 WEST VERONA AVENUE VERONA, WI 53593 608-845-3000 fairfieldinn.com




Residential Plumbing
Commercial Plumbing
Remodeling & Repair
New & Existing
Plumbing Fixtures
Garbage Disposals
Water Softeners & Heaters
Well Pump Install
Power Sewer & Cleaning
Mirrors & Glass Cutting
Window & Screen Repair

The Verona Press

September 25, 2014


Fairfield to open in late spring

Holiday Inn Express
company will also
run new hotel
Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

If youre going to have

to compete in business, it
might as well be against
At least thats the mindset of Eric Lund, chief
operating officer at S and
L Hospitality, as the hotel
management company gets
set to open its second Verona hotel next spring.
The Fairfield Inn and
Suites will open next door
to the Holiday Inn Express
on W. Verona Avenue,

Rendering courtesy S and L Hospitality

Construction on the new Fairfield Inn began earlier this summer.

which is also managed by

S and L.
Lund told the Verona
Press after a ceremonial
groundbreaking Sept. 17
that another hotel was going
to come to Verona at some
point, as Epic continues its
growth and sports complexes in the city become more
attractive and heavily used.

Eventually another
hotel was going to come
to the (Verona) market,
Lund told the Press. So
the question is, do you
want to compete against
yourself or against somebody else? And I think if
you want to protect your
own assets you compete
against yourself.

Not Just a Pharmacy

Shop our excellent selection of gifts
while we fill your prescription

Crabtree & Evelyn Products

M-F 9am-6pm
Sat 9am-1pm

Greenleaf Fragrances
Willow Tree and More
(HSA cards accepted)


North Neighborhood
Continued from page 5

Unbuilt lots

of the two-lane two bridge

over U.S. Hwy. 18-151
soon to follow.
The city has been adding multifamily residential
units, as well, pushing up to
the 50-unit-per-year cap set
by the city two years ago. In
the second quarter of 2014,
76 units were approved in
Prairie Oaks (including an
allotment from last year)
and are under construction.
A later phase of 111 senior
housing units could be built
as soon as next year.

Cathedral Point

Running short


202 S. Main Street, Verona 848-8020

Check out www.myhometownrx.com

Housing: City looking to

He and current Holiday

Inn Express general manager Charlie Eggen, who
has won awards for the
Holiday Inn, expect the
Fairfield, which is a Marriott hotel, to open a wider
range of customers to staying in Verona.
The $5.5 million Fairfield, owned partly by Holiday Inn Express owner
Lee Fischl of Fischl Construction, will feature 90
rooms, nearly 2,000 square
feet of meeting and event
space, a 24-hour business
center and complimentary
breakfast. But the biggest
feature, Lund said, might
be the more than 45 heated
underground parking spots.
(The parking) will give
us a great competitive
advantage in the Wisconsin winters that we have
here, he said during the
S and L director of marketing Aaron LaVoy said
the Fairfield will get a different general manager,
though Eggen is expected
to help out in some capacity given his success.
LaVoy also said some
employees might transfer
hotels or work for both if
necessary, since they will
all be employed by S and L.

Verona once had hundreds of potential lots available to builders, but since
regional expansion rules
changed in 2007-08, the
number has been slowly
While the economic
downturn after that reduced
demand, Verona kept building and now has only about
200 single-family lots left
enough for about three
years worth of homes. In
addition to not having any
new subdivisions added
during that time, Epic purchased all of Cross Point
last year to build its fifth
Most of the remaining single-family lots are
in Cathedral Point, with
about 35 newly approved
homes in a small section
of Hometown Grove, 36 in
Scenic Ridge, a handful in
Westridge and one in Hawthorne Hills.
The city has added no
new residential growth
areas in recent years other
than part of the Southwest
Area, which provided for
the possibility of expanding west of Scenic Ridge

Scenic Ridge


Hometown Grove


Hawthorne Hills

should that farm ever be

purchased by a developer.
It has recently begun
working in earnest on the
North Neighborhood, a
200-acre area on the southwest portion of County
Hwys. M and PD. But that
could take months or even
years to prepare.
Once the main planning
process is finished, the
city will need to hold public hearings to add it to the
comprehensive plan, then
annex the land and submit
it for approval to the Capital Area Regional Planning
Commission. CARPC often
takes a few months to analyze and then approve new
growth areas, and after that
approval, the city can begin
subdividing it.

Rebounding economy
Recent increases in mortgage rates might scare off
some buyers, builders said,
but overall they are a sign
of an improving economy.
Interest rates jumped
about 1 percentage point
last spring, but have
remained relatively steady
since then.
A 30-year fixed mortgage
rate for a well-qualified
buyer is around 4.25 percent in Wisconsin, according to real estate website
Zillow.com. That marks an
increase from around 3.25
percent in 2012.

Cold Tap Beer

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Friday, October 10, 2014 8am-12pm

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503 W. Verona Ave., Verona, WI 53593

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September 25, 2014

The Seventeenth

Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

File photo by Scott Girard

Advance Auto Parts opened last October at 512 W. Verona Ave.

Brews Brothers Pub

Address: 611 Hometown

Circle Suite 104
Principal Owner: Steve Day
Opening Date: May 29,
Number of Employees: 20
Charity connection/plans:
A few times per month, a
charity reaches out to us. We
help as often as we can. Most
recently, weve donated gift
cards to help a walk/run cancer benefit.
Verona connection: Were
Make up by Francesca here because Verona had
nothing quite like Brews
Principal owner or leader: Brothers Pub. Were becomFran Johnson
ing attached to this communiOpening/arrival date:
ty and getting involved in local
March 2014
school sports and events.
Number of employees: 1
Business Focus: Brews
plus freelance makeup artists Brothers is Classy/Casual.
and stylists for photo shoots
You can enter, sit at a low or
and special events.
high table, relax on the patio
Charity connections/plans: or sit at the bar. Your meal
is always fresh! Meat ground
Wisconsin Breast Cancer
daily ensures a quality burger.
Collation, Make up services
Guests come here to enjoy
to DAIS (domestic abuse
intervention services) fashion a good meal, relaxed, clean
atmosphere and perhaps a
show each year. JDRF fundbeer or five. Servers often
raiser events.
open guests eyes to styles of
Verona connection: I
beer they never thought theyd
saw the need in the Verona
/ Madison area to provide
Whats special about your
services to women including
business? We focus on qualspecial event make up, every
day make up application, les- ity not quantity. We work
hard to ensure guests are
sons to young teens, lunch
welcomed and receive the
and learn sessions for busy
adults as well as teaming with best service! One employee
The Purple Goose for head to said, Everyone Ive met here
toe styling. Whether updating is pretty awesome! The vibe
in here is great. Everyone is
your seasonal wardrobe of
helping women get their grove involved with the success of
Brews Brothers. The cooks,
back, were here to help!
servers, managers and owner
Business focus: Glo
are all hands-on in creating
Mineral makeup for sale.
recipe items, decorating and
Make up applications for
weddings, special events and making up fun events like our
upcoming Eve of Eve party.
private consultations.
Whats special about your Wisconsin Brewing
business? On location or in
store make up services for
bride and parties. Boutique
Address: 1079 American
setting VS impersonal depart- Way
ment store experience at or
Principal owner or leader:
below department store pricCarl Nolen President/CEO,
Mark Nolen CFO, Kirby Nelson
VP Brew Master
Advance Auto Parts
Opening/arrival date: Nov.
Address: 512 W. Verona
1, 2013
Number of employees: 11
Principal owner or leader: full time, 20+ part time
Advance Auto Parts
Charity connections/plans:
Opening/arrival date:
Host site for many charity
October 2013
events in the greater Dane
Number of employees: 10
County Area
at our location
Verona connection: locaCharity connections/plans: tion & community support
(including City Government)
Verona connection: To
Business focus: Production
provide automotive parts ser- Brewery, Tour Center and

Event Center
Whats special about your
business? Community oriented facility for local family and
friends to visit. We have had
over 30,000 visitors (projecting 50,000 year one) coming
from 32 states in America and
6 foreign Countries. 50 percent of the Wisconsin visitors
come from outside of Dane

Orange Leaf
Address: 611 Hometown
Owner: Joe and Rita
Opening Date: June 11,
Number of Employees: 14
Charity: We do a 20
percent of sales on a charity night. Orange Leaf has a
corporate charity, Share Our
Strength (No Kids Hungry).
We do a fundraising in
September for them. We have
already done charity nights
for two local schools since we
have opened.
Verona connection: We
are here to be a member of
the community. We want to
volunteer and have charity
nights for all the non profit
organizations and schools
here in Verona.
Business focus: Focus in
on Frozen Yogurt. We make it
all in house.

Reinen Beyler
Chiropractic, LLC
Address: 115 Enterprise Dr.
Principal owner or leader:
Dr. Steven Beyler and Dr.
Joseph Beyler
Opening/arrival date: Jan.
1, 2014
Number of employees: 3
Charity connections/plans:
Chamber of Commerce,
Several other charities around
Verona connection: Grew
up in the area and attended
Verona area schools.
Business focus:
Chiropractic Care, Myofascial
Release and other Soft Tissue
Techniques, Weight Loss
Whats special about your
business? Family business
helping people through chiropractic for 3 generations.

Since last years Verona

Progress, the Verona Area
School District made some
big news with a major land
But theres likely more
land acquisitions coming,
and voters can expect to
have a say on the April ballot as enrollment continues
to increase around the district and schools near their
VASD superintendent
Dean Gorrell recently told
the City of Fitchburg Committee of the Whole that he

expects three or four purchases to be on the spring

election ballot, with around
130 acres of land total.
That includes the West
End land, which the school
board voted in May to purchase for $3.4 million. The
original plan was to go to a
November referendum for
that and another piece of
land, Gorrell told the Press
at the time, but contingencies on that land and an
inability to finalize other
agreements prevented that
from happening.
The land purchases
come as the district has
seen continued growth,

though preliminary numbers for this year are not

at the triple-digit level of
the past few. Still, enrollment is nearing or surpassing capacity at schools
around the district, based
on capacity estimates done
within the last few years.
What is yet to be determined, however, is what
schools the land would be
used for if purchased.
The district created a
Future Schools Committee in 2014 to tackle that
question and look at the
options, including different grade distributions or a
charter site.

Mayor: City working on Nine Mound Road

Continued from page 2
Construction has started
on the first flex building and
will be completed in 2014.
Construction on the second
flex building and commercial building is anticipated to
begin in late 2014. The hotel
will most likely start construction in spring of 2015
and will take 15-18 months
to complete.
Epic Epic continues to
grow and has approximately
7,700 employees. The construction occurring at Epic
today includes construction
of the 1,500-office Campus
4, a new 48,250-square-foot
food service building, and
a new 36,300-square-foot
contractor annex building.
The city has also approved
plans for a 1,500-vehicle
parking ramp for a future
Campus 5 and anticipates
plans for the Campus 5 buildings to be submitted in 2015.

In 2014, the city adopted
the Downtown Mobility and
Development Plan to guide
future growth and transportation improvements downtown.
As city staff are preparing their 2015 budgets, they
are planning streetscaping
enhancements to improve
the appearance of downtown
and other improvements to
help attract future development. The city is committed
to the downtown and will be
implementing parts of the
plan in the coming years.

Public works projects

As Verona continues
to grow, the public works
department continues to

ensure that citys streets and

utilities are maintained and
to plan new improvements
to accommodate growth.
The city is working with
Epic and the Town of Verona on plans for the reconstruction of Nine Mound
Road to four-lanes in 2015.
This project will include a
new intersection with traffic
lights at Nine Mound Road
and CTH PD.
In addition, the city continues to work with the City of
Madison and Dane County
on plans for the reconstruction of County Hwy. M
including the intersection of
CTH M and CTH PD. Construction of this project is
planned for 2016 and 2017.

Fire and EMS Station

Verona Avenue and Lincoln

Street. These signals will
be coordinated with the signals at Verona Avenue and
Enterprise Drive and will be
equipped with technology for
the pre-emption of the signals to clear the intersection
when emergency vehicles
need to leave the station.

Financial condition
The City of Verona continues to provide many quality services, including street
maintenance and plowing,
park development and maintenance, senior services,
building inspections, planning, public safety, parks
and recreation and library
In addition, the city has
invested in the future by
constructing new facilities
and investing in transportation and utility infrastructure
to accommodate our continued growth.
I am proud that the Verona
has been able to accomplish
all of this in a responsible
manner and that we continue
to maintain our very strong
financial management. As
mayor, I will continue to
support investments in our
future while limiting the
impact on the taxpayer and
protecting the citys longterm financial health.
I truly appreciate the
opportunity to serve as your
mayor, and I encourage anyone with questions, comments or suggestions about
Verona to contact me, members of the Common Council, or city staff.

In recent years, the city

of Verona has made investments in several public
facilities that will serve the
community well for many
years. One additional needed investment is for a new
Fire and EMS facility.
Construction began this
summer on a new station at
the corner of Verona Avenue
and Lincoln Street, north of
the existing station. The new
building will include administrative offices, training
facilities and living quarters
for the city of Verona Fire
Department and Fitch-Rona
EMS. The new station will
be operational by mid-2015.
As with other city facilities, this building has been
designed to accommodate
the long-term needs of our
growing community.
In conjunction with the
opening of the new staJon Hochkammer has
tion, the city is planning to been the mayor of Verona
install traffic signals at the since 2006.


Little Caesars Pizza

Address: 611 Hometown
Owner: Joe Vancik
Opening Date: June 3, 2014
Website: littlecaesars.com

Great Clips
Address: 611 Hometown
Owner: Jeff Madson
Phone: 848-2330
Opening Date: August 2014

In Verona
Verona Business Info
go to:

Verona Visitors Info

go to:

Verona Area Chamber of Commerce

120 W. Verona Ave., Verona (608) 845-5777


vice better than anybody else.

Business focus: Auto Parts
to retail and commercial customers.
Whats special about your
business? We are the largest
automotive parts chain in the

VASD planning land purchases

New Businesses
Address: 901 Kimball Lane,
Ste 1300
Principal Owner: Allison
Opening Date: June 16,
Number of Employees: 3
Full Time plus special instructors
Charity: Will be offering a
number of free/scholarship
classes each session beginning in 2015
Verona Connection: My
family lives, works and goes
to school (a daughter in
Verona 4k and another future
Wild Cat who is now 2) in
Business Focus: We create
a fun learning environment
where children ages 1-5 participate in wide range of art,
science, music, dance & sport
activities. Our schedule offers
flexible drop-off classes, parent/child classes and open
play, as well as special events.
We also have a small selection
of quality childrens products
for sale and host baby showers and birthday parties!
Whats special about your
business? We are a uniquely
flexible alternative to traditional child care where children as
young as 1 and parents experience the benefits of a dropoff, teacher-led group learning
experience on a just about any

The Verona Press


September 25, 2014

The Verona Press


Epic: Business growth drives expansion

Continued from page 7
is a large earthen berm that
separates the road and the

Business side

Photo by Jim Ferolie

Some of the 10,000-plus Epic customers at the 2014 Users

Group Meeting walk around the campus between sessions.

Photo by Mark Ignatowski

Construction on the new 42,000-square-foot, $10.5 million fire station has begun. The station is
expected to be completed in 2015.

Fire Station: Bids higher than expected

Continued from page 2
and presented a preliminary
plan to the council in February and a more complete
draft in June, alders and
the mayor took some time
to debate the merits and
costs of certain aspects of
the project before sending it
out for bids.
The city used a more
complex bidding process
than in previous projects,
with a construction manager overseeing around 30

Photo by Jeremy Jones

The Ice Cave is one of the meeting rooms in the Deep Space
auditorium Epic completed since the building opened last year.

For a company built on

its records, and unlikely to
acquire any others, as CEO
Judy Faulkner reiterated to
the audience at this years
UGM, the most important
stat is likely the 5 million Epic-to-Epic medical record exchanges per

But its the other

556,000 Epic-to-non-Epic
record exchanges the company will look to make
easier in the next year,
Faulkner said. In addition,
the company continues to
deliver as many customizable options to its own
users as possible.

subcontractors, rather than

picking a general contractor
and having a staff member
oversee it.
Alders eventually
approved an eighth apparatus bay, as well as a basement. Other items like bifold doors ($349,000) for the
rear of the apparatus bays,
where the trucks return, and
a fire pole ($40,000) were
targeted for cost-cutting at
a later council meeting, but
were eventually included.
Cost-saving measures

like a different type of roof

framing and geothermal
piping were used to bring
the total bill down by about
a half-million dollars without sacrificing aesthetics or
But overall, bids came in
higher than originally anticipated. Contract manager
Bill Pennoyer put some of
the blame on a bad market,
explaining that it was hard
to find qualified bidders
because many contractors
are too busy right now.

Downtown: Plan aims to guide land use

Continued from page 3
the high school and Badger Ridge/Core Knowledge
The long-term switch to
a larger intersection likely
wont happen for more than
a decade, but short-term traffic and parking solutions,
such as time-of-day parking
restrictions, could happen in
the next few years.

Land use


The reason for all that

construction is the companys growth, something
thats been a constant
at Epic for years, even
through the Great Recession. The companys annual revenues were $1.65
billion in 2013, Dickmann
told the Verona Press
recently, up from the $1.5
billion in 2012 and well
above its $1.1 billion in
Helping to drive that
growth is innovation in
the companys uses of its
MyChart system for
physicians and patients,
recently adding the ability
for patients to follow their
care on a tablet.
But that tablet use is
not the only way Epic is
adapting to technologys
ever-increasing presence in
daily life.
Epic furthered its relationship with Apple this
year to develop a new
HealthKit platform that
will debut with iOS 8, the
next operating system for
the tech giant, according
to various media reports.
The goal is for users to
have access to their health
information on their smartphones and share that
information with their doctors, according to a June
article from Forbes.

In addition to moving
traffic through the city, the
downtown plan aims to
guide land use and potential
redevelopment projects.
The plan calls for a more
integrated theme throughout the downtown with
more unified streetscapes
and building setbacks.
The plan includes guidelines for architecture and
the use of materials, including a suggestion of brick
pavers in crosswalks. The
look is designed to create
more of a downtown feel,
with wider sidewalks, brick
terraces and black streetlights in front of two- or
three-story buildings.
Within the core area
roughly a few blocks in
each direction from the
Four Corners intersection
some properties would be
up for redevelopment, with
new buildings being built
between two and three stories high. It would call for
a mixture of residential,
commercial and greenspace
with some restricted parking and uniform streetscaping. Common parking areas
are also part of the plan.
Further out, the gateway areas outside the core
would have buildings as tall
as four stories and entryways that would clue visitors that theyre entering
the downtown area.
MSA planner Jason
Valerius repeatedly said
this type of redevelopment
will occur organically over

The citys downtown plan features several areas targeted for redevelopment, such as the Hometown Junction corner, bounded by
Ellis Construction and Miller and Sons.

Photo by Mark Ignatowski

The historic Matts house is on an area targeted for redevelopment.

time, rather than by having

the city drive the projects.
None of these ideas are
likely to be accurate predictions of whats going to happen because this is going to
happen by a private-sector
initiative, Valerius said.
These are just ideas for
what could happen.
Valerius said the redevelopment would likely occur
after a couple decades, and
the ideas in the plan could
serve as guidelines if people see something they like.
Valerius acknowledged
that the city could take a
role in encouraging some
projects, possibly through
the use of tax-increment
financing and/or the

purchase of properties.
The Common Council
has shown recent interest in turning some of the
plans suggestions into real
projects. In late August, the
Committee of the Whole
agreed that making a few
hundred thousand dollars
worth of improvements to
the streetscape would help
show developers that the
city is serious about making
changes downtown.
City staff have been
working with a landscape architect to develop
detailed plans for the downtown core streetscapes,
terraces and lighting with
hopes that some work will
be completed in 2015.


September 25, 2014

The Verona Press


Liberty: Hotel will likely help developer meet $16.6 million TIF obligations by 2016

Years of planning
Its been a long wait for
Reinke, but even longer for
the city, which pegged the
area for industrial growth
in the 20th century and
approved a tax-increment
financing project plan for
the area (including the adjacent Verona Technology
Park) back in 2000, when it
had another owner.
Reinke and municipal
leaders finally agreed on a
vision in 2009, and the two
sides since have been working on getting the area ready
for development. A 2011
TIF agreement went through
a round of modifications to
accommodate constantly
shifting timelines and expectations, and during that process, Ald. Mac McGilvray
spent nearly a year helping Reinke (while abstaining from votes) through the
lengthy state certification process that earned the development the shovel-ready title.
That Certified Sites program listing finally came
through in early 2013, and
it wasnt until a year ago
that utility lines were laid
under what is now Liberty Drive, right about the
time that first flex building
earned city approval.
Nothing happened over
last years absurdly long,
cold winter, but since this
spring, development of
what Reinke calls a half-abillion-dollar creation has
been in high gear.
The first building broke
ground in April and a second got approval in July
along with a small strip
mall on County M and the
Hyatt hotel and broke
ground earlier this month.
The retail strip mall is
expected to break ground
within the next few weeks.
The retail building, which
is filled on the bottom and
almost set on the second
floor, could be started within the next couple of weeks,
said KSW Construction
president Dean Slaby, who
has handled all the brokering of the site so far. KSW,
which will be the first tenant in the first building, is
doing all the general contractor work, as well.
Were going to try to get
all that in place and build
through the winter, Slaby

Huge hotel
The hotel is much more
complicated than most
buildings, with Hyatt corporate approvals required
on the design and firm contractual obligations regarding the release of information. But the biggest thing
that will prevent it from
starting before next spring
is how busy contractors
around the county are.
It was deemed that it
would cost millions of dollars more if we accelerated
it, Reinke said.
Reinke said the hotel a
231-unit combined Hyatt
Place and Hyatt House still
needs a management company and that hes been visiting
with those over the past few
weeks. Once that company is
selected, it could have some

Hyatt Place/Hyatt House hotel (new)
Badger GraniteWerks (Verona)
KSW Construction (Fitchburg)
Commercial Recreation Specialists (Verona)
Salvatores Pies (new, Sun Prairie)
Zerorez Madison (Verona)
Infusion Mixed Martial Arts (new, Mount Horeb)
Cooper Plumbing (Verona)
Budget Blinds (Madison)
Vineyard Chic Kitchens (new, St. Charles, Ill.)
Freshii (new, Toronto, Canada)
Liberty Park office (new)

Flex 1: Unannounced 2,500-square-foot user
Flex 2: Unannounced 10,000-square-foot user
or three smaller tenants (which could go in a new
Retail building: Attorney, mortgage company, title
input on the final design of
the hotel, which will affect
the construction documents
needed before the hotel goes
out for bids this winter.
The management company is going to have a
lot of say on those types
of things, Reinke said.
Theyll want to tweak.
He said contractors are
already moving dirt on the
base of the site to prep it.
With that and the new
Fairfield Inn, which finally
broke ground last week
more than a year after getting city approval, the city
could triple its number of
available hotel rooms by
2016. And between the
hotel and the other projects
in the park, Reinke said
there will be hundreds of
jobs coming to the park in
the next couple of years.
Though the hotel is the
most spectacular part of
Liberty Business Park at
this point, the rest of the
site is developing quickly
and bringing a wide variety
of retail and commercial
Its flex buildings already have seven
announced tenants and five
others that are negotiating
leases more than there are
space for. Slaby and Reinke
have both suggested a third
flex building likely will be
on the way soon.
Those flex buildings are
generally complementary
commercial operations that
do some retail but dont rely
on drive-by traffic, such
as countertop maker Badger GraniteWerks, kitchen
remodeler Vineyard Chic
Kitchens and window covering supplier Budget Blinds.
Its new retail building is
supposed to break ground
next month with two restaurants, a martial arts studio
and a set of offices. And
Slaby said he is working
with several other potential
retail tenants for spots ringing the hotel.
Wed like to fill up that
front commercial side and
work our way back (toward
Whalen Road), Slaby said.
Reinke, who spoke with
the Press between appointments for potential tenants, said an office building
east of the retail building
approved on Hwy. M is
also likely to be on the Plan
Commission agenda before

the end of the year and that

already there is enough
demand that another halfdozen buildings are looking
likely over the next year.

In a hurry
The quick growth is
not only what city leaders
hoped for, its essentially
what they mandated.
Three years ago, the city
cleared the way for the
parks first construction
by approving a developer
agreement with a $6 million
TIF package.
Only $1.7 million of that
has been spent so far, with
the city installing utility
lines along Whalen Road
in 2011 and then reworking
the deal in 2012 to change
the collateral and adjust the
financing structure. A separate developer agreement
will be required to extend
Liberty Park and the utility
lines to Whalen Road, city
administrator Bill Burns
explained last week.
Liberty Park needs to generate property value quickly
to avoid tax penalties in its
deal with the city, which
requires $16.6 million in
increased taxable value
known as increment by its
next valuation date, Jan. 1,
2015. The change in the land
value from agriculture will
account for some of that, but
clearly there will be a shortfall, meaning essentially
Reinke will pay taxes on
buildings that dont exist yet.
But the timing is close
enough, he said.
Im beyond comfortable
with the amount of projects
weve got, he said.
And the hotel could be

It was deemed
that it would
cost millions of
dollars more if we
accelerated it.
David Reinke, on the
hotel starting in 2015

Liberty Park timeline

1998: Area master planned for industrial
2000: TIF project plan created
2002: Continental Properties proposes retail, then David
Reinke purchases it
2007-08: Reinkes retail plans fail to advance
2009: City annexes land
2010: CARPC approves expansion, city approves industrial plan
May 2011: Council approves TIF deal
Spring 2012: City extends utility lines to park along
Whalen Road
October 2012: Council revises TIF agreement
Fall 2012: First earthwork stormwater pond and Liberty
March 2013: Liberty joins states Certified Sites program
September 2013: City begins installing utility lines under
Liberty Drive
April 2014: Groundbreaking for first building
July 2014: Approval of three more buildings, including
September 2014: Groundbreaking for second building

enough almost by itself to

meet the rest of the benchmarks. Slaby estimated it
would cost between $15 million and $25 million to build,
which would put the development past its guidelines for
2016 (still $16.6 million) and
possibly even 2017, which is
$23.8 million.
But the more quickly it
grows, the sooner it will
need further road and utility
work, which will cost more
TIF money and again raise
the stakes.
But Reinke and Slaby continue to think big, anxiously
awaiting when the city can
expand the TIF district to
include the eastern half of the
park, where heavier industrial companies are more interested in going.
That will require the closure of the Epic TIF district,
TID 7, which put Verona
well past the threshold
where it cannot create new
districts or even expand old
ones. That closure is anticipated at the end of 2015.
Once that land is opened
up, Reinke still holds out
hope for a campus user,
one that might find Liberty
Business Park on the states
list of Certified Sites, needing 50-100 acres.
Its definitely still in the
thought process regarding
lot selections to make sure
you leave (enough space), The four approved buildings on the Liberty Park site.
Reinke said.

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