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Elementary Spanish Curriculum

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Calico Spanish
Spanish as a World Language
for Elementary Schools
What Students Learn
Level 1
calendar concepts
Using numbers
in context
Spelling and using
discrete alphabet sounds
Identifying colors
and shapes
Talking about my actions
Identifying animals
Asking common
Talking about my body
Identifying objects in
my classroom
Describing with opposite
Responding to
instructions and
questions with actions
and words
Level 2
Describing my daily
routines and activities
Talking about my family
and home
Expressing my likes
and dislikes
Talking about my
Giving directions
Describing my home life
Making comparisons
Talking about the
weather and climate
Describing people and
Inventing a setting and
changing details
Exploring cultures and
traditions including
food, art, celebrations,
shopping, and geography
The Calico Spanish
Methodology Leads to
Student Success!
Calico Spanish is designed to help your students enjoy
learning Spanish. Level 1 develops a students receptive
language skills using a variety of engaging, research-
based techniques. In Level 2, these same techniques
guide your novice learners toward intermediate
language skills.
The curriculum relies predominantly on Tracy Terrells
Natural Approach to language instruction, as well as
integrating Stephen Krashens language acquisition
theories and James Ashers Total Physical Response
(TPR) methods. Your students will learn Spanish by
communicating in Spanish.
My students are having a blast learning Spanish. The colorful
pictures make learning fun and lessons easy to understand.
The teachers manual is a great resource flled with ideas and
techniques that are fun and interactive.
M. Rodriguez Spanish Teacher, New York
3 888-375-8484 www.CalicoSpanish.com
Immersion alone doesnt teach
language your students need
immersion by design.
Children seem to learn language easily and naturally,
but immersion alone is not enough. Students need
fun, engaging and scaolded instruction in order to
gain lasting, level-appropriate language skills from an
immersion environment.
Accurate input leads to
accurate production.
The patterns inherent in a Natural Approach curriculum
promote accurate language production. As students
receive consistent and accurate input they will
naturally change o-target language. The lesson plans
and teachers manual guide you step-by-step as you
systematically introduce communicative language that
fosters accuracy.
Inspire the attention that leads
to acquisition.
At Calico Spanish, we believe that the greatest impact
on language learning is not intellectual ability, but
engagement. Every child can learn Spanish, and we want
to help you create the most motivating environment
possible. Through energetic music, vibrant visuals, and
colorful and interesting childrens literature, students
and teachers will create fun learning experiences that
focus on full language integration.
Expand their world by interacting
with the vibrant cultures of the
Spanish-speaking world.
You cant really understand a language without
understanding the cultures of the people who
speak it. Calico Spanish lessons provide a variety of
cultural competencies that are necessary for balanced
multicultural education. In these lessons, your students
will explore a number of Spanish-speaking cultures
through exceptional childrens books, and traditional
stories, games, and music.
Move your students systematically to
successfully produce communicative
A major goal of Calico Spanish is to encourage students
to eectively communicate with simple sentences and
useful phrases. Our lesson plans guide you in encouraging
students to produce meaningful language. As students
successfully use vocabulary in real-life contexts, they will
gain confdence in their language skills and excitement
about learning.
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Calico Spanish
Spanish as a World Language
for Elementary Schools
Put Calico Spanish
to work in your
classroom today!
Meets or exceeds
national standards
Communication Cultures Connections
Comparisons Communities
Interpretive Interpersonal Presentational
Calico Spanish resources are aligned to ACTFLs
profciency standards. You will use research-based
techniques to integrate the 5 Cs of language learning
(Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons,
and Communities) and the 3 modes of communication:
Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational.
Fi ts your budget
One set, one teacher,
unlimited students!
Your curriculum pack covers all your students for years
to come. With the Student Resources CD-ROM, print
unlimited PDF copies of activities and assessments.
Easily adapts to
your schedule
All-inclusive and portable.
Tired of negotiating with shared-room teachers over
bulletin board or wall space? Finally, a portable program
that doesnt skimp on fun and colorful posters, props,
and other visuals, while still ftting everything on your
teachers cart or on your electronic whiteboard.
My students loved learning Spanish with Calico Spanish. The songs, music, activities
and daily lessons were engaging and rich with content. Our class had a range of
students from 4-8 years old, and they were equally engaged throughout the lessons.
H. Laurance Spanish Teacher; School Director, Oregon
5 888-375-8484 www.CalicoSpanish.com
Addresses the needs
of all learners
Proven, diverse methods of
language acquisition.
Calicos colorful, engaging visuals enable students to
connect words and images for better comprehension
and retention of material. To further enhance learning,
students are exposed to a variety of communication
methods, including interactive songs and poems. In
response to research showing that physical movement
helps create memory, Calico Spanish cements learning
through fun games and activities for individuals and
groups, many of which use Total Physical Response
When I discovered the Calico
Spanish curriculum I got really
excited because Spanish
language teachers are desperate
for this type of program. It uses
excellent Spanish so I dont have
to make grammar corrections to
the resources.
Its so fun and so well integrated!
C. Colyer Spanish Teacher, Oregon
Integrates technology
Interactive resources that spark
student interest.
Your students can practice Spanish anywhere with
our online games, videos, and lesson supplements.
Teachers with interactive whiteboards also love
creating interactive lessons using digital galleries. Drag
and drop songs, graphics, and activity sheets to easily
engage students with your electronic whiteboard.
Custom digital resources are available for installation
into SMART Notebook, Promethean ActiveInspire or
Mimio Notebook software.

Calico Spanish Level 1
Engaging beginning students
in grades K-5.
Celebrate Communication
Calico students successfully communicate in Spanish!
Through the concepts and vocabulary presented and
reinforced with contextual clues and prior knowledge,
students develop conversational skills by the end of Level 1.
Interactive activities give each student opportunities to
begin to communicate with their Spanish. And because
this program makes Spanish so fun, students become
comfortable using their newly acquired skills, gradually
responding appropriately with more and more independent
ideas. Youll be amazed at how quickly children in your class
will progress to meet learning objectives.
Cultivating a Love of
I want my students to see that
Spanish is used for everything,
not just in the classroom.
There is nothing else out there for
fourth grade and under that teaches
kids Spanish so well.
C. Medina
University Spanish Professor;
K-4 Spanish Teacher, Illinois
Foster Comprehension
Calico Spanish features a vibrant mix of activities
and strategies that cater to your students particular
learning needs and foster comprehension and
communication. Children absorb language through
observing gestures, visual aids, pantomime, and
demonstrations. They comprehend more through
audio cues, visual aids, and actions that stimulate
the brains language acquisition centers. Finally, they
have the opportunity to naturally communicate in
Spanish as they engage in fun activities and sing
along with our custom Mi guitarr music resources.
Love Learning wi th Level 1
Teaching Tools


Li terature

Level 1 Classroom Set
7 888-375-8484 www.CalicoSpanish.com
Teaching Tools
Assessments designed for group settings
inform your teaching and save you time.
Our customized oral assessment rubric
guides expectations and provides tailored
goals for your students language growth
and production. The diverse assessment
styles help you understand students overall
progress rather than focusing on only one
aspect of their abilities.
Reproducible Resources CD-ROM
This versatile resource lets you make
unlimited copies of PDF versions of student
activity sheets and assessments.
Level 1 Teachers Manual
Proven teaching methods guide you
throughout each of 15 chapters. Organize
your time easily with 160 fexible, easy-to-
follow lesson plans that require minimal
preparation. Extension activities enable
teachers to quickly modify lessons based on
student needs and abilities.
Student Activity Pack
Every student makes an individual
connection with Spanish by creating his/her
own songbook, calendar, alphabet sheet,
and much more. Each classroom set includes
a license to make unlimited copies for
your students.
Fully Flexible Lesson Plans
At Calico Spanish, we know that Spanish teachers need
fexibility. Our dynamic lessons engage all types of learners,
work in a variety of schedules, and cut your preparation
time while allowing you to add your own material on your
own terms. You have a wealth of cultural and language
experiences and stories to share with students, and
our program is easily customizable, so you can quickly
integrate your unique activities and ideas.
I am so excited about the Calico Spanish
program!!! It is so music based. I really believe
kids learn so much through song and storytelling.
Calico Spanish has an activity or story to go with
each song. Awesome!
Jessica P.
Spanish Teacher, Kentucky
Enjoy 160 fexible, easy-to-follow lesson plans
30 interactive songs and poems
Vibrant, efective visual aids
Skill-building games
Total Physical Response (TPR) activities
A variety of relevant projects
Targeted assessments
l 1


Calico Spanish Level 1
Engaging beginning students
in grades K-5.
Create an Immersion Classroom
Immerse your students in an environment rich with spoken language,
literacy, and culture with easy-to-implement technology, memorable
music, meaningful visual aids, supportive literature, and a detailed
teachers manual.
Interactive Technology
Students can dive into Spanish through rhythmic
videos on YouTube and custom games at Quia.
com. Because these activities are designed
specifcally for the Calico Spanish curriculum,
youll love how easily they ft into your lesson
Our Complete Calico Spanish Gallery for use with
electronic whiteboard software contains all
image, audio, and video fles for Calico Spanish
Level 1. You can quickly create lessons and
activities for your students with over 300 images
and 30 audio fles. The Level 1 gallery set comes
complete with the Mi guitarr music, custom verb
images, numbers, letters of the alphabet,
weather, greetings, and much more.
Sold separately.
Comprehensive Visuals and
Level-Appropriate Books
Verbos Flash Cards (Trend Publishing)
Flash cards clearly illustrating 94 action verbs
enhance the immersion environment by
helping you avoid English translation.
Calico Spanish Image Cards
Custom images add visual power to your
bulletin boards and games and help
students focus and remember as you
present new concepts.
Calico Spanish Classroom Bulletin Board Set
Create your own Spanish Center with these
custom full-color, classroom-sized components.
Includes labels and posters in Level 1 topics
including calendar, alphabet, emotions,
numbers, colors, and classroom items.
Corre, perro, corre!
by P.D. Eastman
Help students reach literacy and comprehension
milestones as you read from this Spanish paperback.
First Thousand Words in Spanish
by Heather Amery
This whimsical visual dictionary for children
features appealing, humorous illustrations.
l 1

9 888-375-8484 www.CalicoSpanish.com
Delightfully Memorable Music
The Mi guitarr album fows with repetitive but
captivating tunes that shorten students silent
phase. Students cant resist joining in the fun and
quickly begin laughing, singing, and dancing along.
Children develop fuent and authentic Spanish
pronunciation through the clear, friendly vocals
recorded by a native Spanish-speaking singer.
Many songs and poems are based on traditional
pieces that bring an element of culture into each
lesson and encourage students to learn the stories
behind the language.
Mi guitarr Music Resources
Spanish Songs for Kids CD
Custom and traditional songs, poems, games, and memory aids
Level-appropriate topics such as days of the week and parts
of the body
Exposure to an authentic accent through Joel Valles clear vocals
Full lyrics
Piano melody and guitar chords for every song
Additional cultural connections
Big Book of Lyrics
An added literacy encounter
Vocabulary practice with key illustrations
A customer favorite
Calico Spanish Music Video DVD
19 song videos connecting visual and audio cues
Custom graphics
On-screen lyrics
The music with this program is just incredible. My students love
the music, they love that they can look at the lyrics in the songbook,
and they love anything we can do that has actions to it.
C. Medina University Spanish Professor; K-4 Spanish Teacher
My kids love the Mi guitarr music CD! The words are easy for the
children to repeat and the songs are fun to sing to as well.
J. Friend Spanish Teacher, Washington
l 1


Calico Spanish Level 2
Literature-based for intermediate
students in grades 2-6.
The perfect complement and successor to Calico Spanish
Level 1, our Level 2 program provides more of the irresistible
resources that students and teachers love. Seventeen
captivating childrens books and abundant related activities
allow you to guide students toward intermediate language
profciency. Because these features make learning Spanish
fun, students are excited for class and participate more,
which facilitates their language acquisition. Also, Calico
Spanish Level 2 caters to your students particular learning
needs through kid-friendly, engaging resources. Designed
by teachers and centered on students, the program
oers ample opportunities for students to practice
communicating in the presentational, interpersonal, and
interpretive modes.
Connecting with
Language Literacy
This curriculum is amazing. This is truly the
way Spanish should be taught. The way you
have selected quality literature and built
lessons around the books is so well done!
Barbara C. Spanish Teacher, Minnesota
Promote Prociency
Excellent input leads to quality output. This is
a foundational truth for all language learners; the
more comprehensible input you oer students,
the more successful they will be in acquiring
Spanish skills. Calico Spanish Level 2 guides
teachers to use literature, music, and conversations
to provide increasingly complex input. Level 2
guides your novice students on their journey to
develop intermediate Spanish profciency. See the
profciency guidelines developed by the American
Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages for
details on language skill levels.
Calico Spanish Level 2 provides culturally-rich
content through literature and online media as
a foundation for each thematic unit. Generate
enthusiasm for the Spanish language and cultures
through a wide variety of engaging resources.
Love Learning wi th Level 2
Teaching Tools


Li terature

Level 2 Classroom Set
11 888-375-8484 www.CalicoSpanish.com
Teaching Tools
Teachers love how easy Calico Level 2
makes it to implement eective lessons
and reinforce material through a variety of
student activities. Activities include graphic
organizers, selected readings, maps, Venn
diagrams, mini-posters, and much more.
Each classroom set includes a license to make
unlimited copies for your students.
Make unlimited copies of the Student
Activity Sheets and Assessments from the
PDF versions found on the Reproducible
Resources CD-ROM.
The Teachers Manual allows you to
quickly and easily adjust lessons to ft any
schedule with little to no preparation time
using numerous extension activities and
detailed, fexible lesson plans. This makes
preparing and teaching lessons a cinch so
that you can spend more time engaging with
your students.
Targeted group and individual assessments
provide valuable feedback regarding
students Spanish comprehension and
language acquisition. Our customized oral
assessment rubric guides expectations
and provides appropriate goals for student
language acquisition and production. The
variety of assessment styles gives teachers a
broader understanding of students abilities.
The lesson plans supply teachers with an array of options
for introducing and reviewing concepts and vocabulary
in Spanish. These varied methods appeal to all types of
learners to create an environment where teaching and
learning Spanish is enjoyable for everyone. Since children
are discovering the language for themselves through
vibrant visual aids, catchy music, and TPR activities, they
better retain the language and want to use their Spanish.
From the frst presentation to the last targeted assessment,
teachers are equipped to engage each of their students to
make learning Spanish fun.
Enjoy easy-to-follow lesson plans that require
minimal preparation time
Thematic units full of dynamic lessons and relevant
17 vibrant childrens books and engaging visual aids
Skill-building games and captivating music
Research-based strategies
Targeted assessments
l 2

Thematic Uni ts
Activities, childrens books, songs, and other resources
are inspired by the themes in Calico Spanish Level 2 so
that students are hooked into each lesson and easily
grasp the material. Our motivating, profciency-based
topics include:
Mi rutina (Routines)
Mi familia (Family)
La comida (Food)
La comunidad (Community)
Celebraciones y tradiciones (Celebrations
and Traditions)
Estaciones y el clima (Seasons and Climate)
Each unit contains multiple detailed lessons that are
quickly adjustable based on the special needs of
your class.
Calico Spanish Level 2
Literature-based for intermediate
students in grades 2-6.
Surround Students with Spanish
Surrounding your students with comprehensible Spanish is easy
and eective with the Calico Spanish resources. The quality music, visual
aids, and detailed teachers manual will enable you and your students
to learn and communicate exclusively in Spanish. Calico Spanish is an
incredible enrichment program for providing elementary-aged children
with the opportunity to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.

Electronic Whiteboard
Our Calico Spanish electronic whiteboard
gallery contains the Calico Spanish Level
2 posters and image cards, and copies of
the student activity pack and assessment
pages. This comprehensive package allows
teachers to quickly create customized
whiteboard activities to reinforce concepts.
Easily demonstrate expectations or work as
a class to complete graphic organizers and
Venn diagrams.
Galleries are designed to be installed into
your SMART Notebook, Promethean
ActiveInspire or Mimio Notebook software.
Sold separately.
Visual Resources
Calico Spanish Image Cards
Custom image cards feature colorful artwork
to post on the bulletin board, use in games,
and assist in presenting new concepts.
The 85-card set includes family, jobs in the
community, opposites, conjugation of verbs,
verb phrases, and pronouns.
The vibrant Calico Spanish posters
support writing and speaking
activities with communicative
graphics and labels. 12 posters
Videos and Custom Resources
Students love accessing our web-
based resources for each Level 2
unit, and youll love how easy it is
to give them engaging, culturally
relevant experiences they can
enjoy at home or in the lab.
el beb
el agricultor
Online Activities
l 2

13 888-375-8484 www.CalicoSpanish.com
Calico Spanish Level 2 is terrifc! The activities and literature
are excellent and my students are engaged in the lessons.
We are really enjoying the program and students are fourishing.
Paula Lindquist Spanish Literacy Teacher, Oregon
Calico Spanish Level 2 expands greatly on the literacy
base set with Level 1s Corre, perro, corre! and First
Thousand Words in Spanish. Level 2s literature-based
approach means your set comes with 17 full-color
illustrated childrens books carefully selected to ft your
goals and increase comprehension.
Use images instead of English to enhance
comprehension with resources like Primer atlas del
mundo, Enciclopedia del ftbol, and First Thousand
Words in Spanish.
Integrate key vocabulary, introduce new phrases,
and initiate discussions and comparisons with
books like Corre, Nicols, corre! and Jorge el curioso
encuentra trabajo.
Expand childrens horizons by exploring cultures
using books such as Barrio, Los tamales de Ana, and
Sube y baja por los Andes.
Children learn through play, and the lively, engaging
music included with Calico Spanish Level 2 is another
resource that infuses your classroom with fun language
learning. Get students into Spanish mode from the
start to fnish of class with music that appeals to all
students. Additional music resources are provided via
our YouTube channel.
Use memory-enhancing songs to introduce and
reinforce vocabulary like opposites, greetings,
animals, action verbs, and more.
Upbeat rhythms make kids want to sing and dance,
appealing to both auditory and kinesthetic learners.
Songs that start and end class, as well as help
with transitions, make it easy to use music instead
of English to mark the class schedule, a trend
continued from Level 1 that will seem very familiar to
continuing Calico students.
l 2

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Professional Development
Work directly with
our curriculum
We want you to be successful
in the classroom. Our
teacher training programs
are customized to meet
the needs of teachers at all
levels. Whether you are a
credentialed teacher with
years of classroom experience,
or a native speaker desiring to
share your language for the
frst time, we can guide you
to implement Calico Spanish
eectively. Our trainers
have extensive classroom
experience, have been closely
involved in the development
of the curriculum, and can
meet with you in person or
Call 888-375-8484 to Schedule
Professional Development Sessions
Connect wi th Calico
Follow us on Social Media
Calico Spanish is committed to providing teachers with engaging
tools and content. We frequently post new videos to engage your
students with fun content on a weekly basis. Keep up with the
latest developments by connecting with us through your favorite
social media site.
Twitter: @calicospanish
Facebook: facebook.com/calicospanish
Pinterest: pinterest.com/calicospanish
YouTube: youtube.com/kidsimmersion
Weekly Professional Development
#LangChat Supports Language Teachers
Through the Twitter #LangChat hashtag, teachers and world
language afcionados gather weekly to discuss and share
education philosophy, strategy, resources and encouragement.
Join us to take advantage of the opportunities that Twitter
provides for quick, relevant professional development sessions
that put colleagues from around the world at your fngertips.
Dont have time for Twitter? No problem. Calico Spanish is home
to the #LangChat summaries. Visit our blog to search through
over 2 years of peer discussions on teaching language eectively
using the latest tools, techniques and technology.
Love the ideas from everyone tonight! Thank you so much!
#langchat @ZJonesSpanish
Once again, I leave you all feeling refreshed and encouraged.
#langchat @louvre2012
Just wanted to say that I feel lucky to be part of this great
group of educators who share and collaborate in such a
generous way. #langchat @DiegoOjeda66
15 888-375-8484 www.CalicoSpanish.com
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SET-L1 Calico Spanish for Schools: Level 1 Complete Set $1079.00
CS Level 1 Teachers Manual
CS Level 1 Assessments
CS Level 1 Classroom Poster Set
CS Level 1 Classroom Labels
CS Level 1 Student Activity Pack
CS Level 1 Image Cards
CS Level 1 Reproducible Resources CD-ROM
Verbos Flash Cards
First Thousand Words in Spanish
Corre, Perro, corre!
Mi guitarr Spanish Songs for Kids Music CD
Mi guitarr Big Book of Lyrics
Mi guitarr Songbook
Mi guitarr Music Videos on DVD
SET-L2 Calico Spanish for Schools: Level 2 Complete Set $1099.00
CS Level 2 Teachers Manual
CS Level 2 Assessments
CS Level 2 Posters
CS Level 2 Student Activity Pack
CS Level 2 Image Cards
CS Level 2 Reproducible Resources CD-ROM
Corre, Nicols, corre!
Veloz como el grillo
Family, Familia
Las empanadas que haca abuela
Huevos verdes con jamn
La festa de las tortillas
Mi primer atlas del mundo
Jorge el curioso encuentra trabajo
Los tamales de Ana
Mi pequea enciclopedia de ftbol
Sube y baja por los Andes
El picnic de To Chente
Cuadros de familia
First Thousand Words in Spanish
Basho & Friends: En espaol Music CD
Basho & Friends: An ms Music CD
Optional Items Available for Separate Purchase:
CSA1 Calico Spanish Level 1 Student Activity Pack $9.99
FTWS First Thousand Words in Spanish by Heather Amery (Level 1 and 2) $12.99
CPC Corre, Perro, corre! by P.D. Eastman (Level 1) $6.99
Interactive Whiteboard Gallery Level 1*
Specify whiteboard brand (SMART, Promethean, or Mimio)
CSA2 Calico Spanish Level 2 Student Activity Pack $12.99
Complete set of Level 2 Literature: 17 books
(see list in the Level 2 Class Set)
Interactive Whiteboard Gallery Level 2*
Specify whiteboard brand (SMART, Promethean, or Mimio)
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