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Teeth consist of enamel, dentine and pulp. Caries caused by food scraps that
accumulate in the enamel. Leftover food is caught and bitten mied !ith saliva to
form pla"ue. #la"ue is rich in bacteria. The bacteria produce acid that can create
damage to the enamel. $nd create cavities or caries. The hole !ill cause the
bacteria to enter and damage the pulp tissue is inside. Causing !hite blood cells out
and ma%e the s!elling in the gum area.
Literature: http://www.patient.co.uk/health/Dental-Abscess.htm
The role of bacteria and the content is very important to the emergence %abrohidat
caries, because the content %abrohidat are still attached to the tooth surface !ill
lead to the formation of acid and cause deminerali&ation email, carbohydrate
provides a substrate for the preparation of acid for bacteria, !hereas many snac%
contains sucrose and glucose or sugar that can "uic%ly seep into pla"ues and
rapidly metaboli&ed by bacteria. Thus snac%s that contain lots of sugar !ill be lo!er
pla"ue p' rapidly to a level that causes deminerali&ation email, therefore fre"uent
consumption of sugar and !ill !ithstand repeated pla"ue p' belo! normal and
cause tooth erosion or caries. Sucrose is the most cariogenic sugar and sucrose
most di%osumsi the main cause of dental caries. Severe caries and not immediately
upset or treat !ill cause great depth in the enamel and cause food goes into the
hole so that the accumulation of caries and decayed due to caries bacteria and the
onset pembe%aan or in(ammation caused by the body)s response to bacteria is
often referred to as dental abscess or odontogenie.
Literature: books fundamentals of caries (the disease and penanggulanganya)
dwina A!kidd and "alli #oyston-$echal.
*esides snac%ing habits, other factors that may in(uence the occurrence of caries
and s!ollen gums is the lifestyle of the patient such as ho! and !hen to brush their
teeth, oral hygiene li%e toothpaste that does not contain (uoride and a bristle brush.
once, recommend alternatives oral hygiene such us mouth!ash and dental(oss.
+ormerly a dentist should see the state of the patient)s teeth, !ould still need to be
maintained or revo%ed. If it still can be maintained, carries the treated root canal.
,hile gingivitis, may be given antibiotic drugs. $nd doctors recommend- use
toothpaste that contains (uoride ../01 ppm, use a toothbrush that is replaced every
2 months, reduce snac%ing habits and avoid sugary foods, maintaining nutritional
inta%e, chec% their teeth to the dentist every si months.