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Name of the teacher : Minnu M Nair

Name of the school : S N H S S Standard : VIII
Subject : English Strength :
Unit : 1, On the ings of ishes !eriod :
Sub unit : "oromandal #ishers $stan%as &'() *ate : +,-./-1&
Issue : Human 0esource Management *uration : &, minutes
Sub 1 issue : 2he im3ortance of hard 4or5
and determination
CONTENT ANALYSIS : 6"oromandal #ishers7 is a 3oem b8
Sarojini Naidu9 2he 3oem deals 4ith the
dreams and hard 4or5 of the fishermen9It
highlights the collaborati:e 4or5 culture
the fishermen 4ho face the ris5s of their
job 4ith a smile9 2he 3assage describes
about that the Sea ;od 3rotect the
fishermen and their lo:e for sea9

19 reads the 3oem and understands the theme
+9 reads and enjo8s the 3oem 6 "oromandal #ishers7
<9 understands and a33reciates the conce3t 6or5 is orshi37
&9 de:elo3s 3ositi:e outloo5 on 4or5 and life9
,9 engages in grou3 acti:it8 such as summar8 construction of the 3oem9
(9 de:elo3s interest in reading 3oems9
PRE-REQUISITES : 2he learner,
19 ha:e learnt about sim3le 3oems such as *reams and the theme of the
+9 are familiar 4ith the life of fishermen9
<9 ha:e seen the films such as "hemmeen, =maram etc
&9 Ha:e read the stor8 of fisherman and Sea ;oddess9
19 >lac5 board : teacher uses the blac5 board to 4rite the title of the 3oem,
3oet7s name, meaning of ne4 4ords
+9 3icture : sho4s the 3icture of fisherman
<9 ?a3 to3 : for sho4ing the sentences of the 3oem 4ith 3ictures
&9 #lash cards: sho4s ne4 4ords9
,9 =cti:it8 card: sho4s fill in the blan5s
19 "ourse >oo5 of Std VIII !age no: <+
+9 Source >oo5 of Std VIII !age no: (&
<9 O@ford English *ictionar8
"lass 0oom Interaction !rocedure =ssessment-E@3ected
Informal Interaction
2eacher engages in an informal tal5 4ith the students so as
to create a good ra33ort 4ith them9
;ood MorningAA99=re 8ou all ha338 toda8A99BHa:e
8ou had 8our brea5fastAA99B *id 8ou see an8 dreams
8esterda8B "an 8ou e@3lain 8our dreamA9B$If an8)
Entry Activity
=s an entr8 acti:it8 teacher as5s the students to recite the
last three stan%as of 6"oromandal #ishers7 and sho4s a
3icture of a fisherman in a boat9
Link Talk
2eacher: students, 8esterda8 4e learnt about fishermen7s
determination9 No4 can 8ou identif8 4hat is the theme of
this 3ictureB
2eacher sho4s the 3icture of a fisherman
4ho is struggling to catch fish and
3ra8ing for fish in the la3to3 9
Student: He is 3ra8ing9
2eacher: 8es9 So the8 ha:e faith in ;od,
Sea etc9 No4 toda8 4e shall see
hat are their beliefsB
2eacher 4rites the title of the 3oem and
name of the 3oet on the blac5board9


Micro Proce##in$ of t%e In&'t
Mo(el Rea(in$ )y t%e Teac%er
2eacher reads the last three stan%as of the 3oem
4ith correct stress, 3ronunciation, intonation,
rh8thm and feeling9 2he theme and the necessar8
Students interacted 4ell
ith the teacher during
informal interaction9
Students recited the
3oem and obser:ed the
3icture carefull89
Students ans4ered 4ell
and listened carefull8
gras3ed the idea9
Students listened
carefull8 to the reading
b8 the teacher9
details are also for4arded to the students9 2eacher
e@3lains the lines of the 3oem b8 sho4ing 3ictures
in the la3to39
Silent Rea(in$ )y t%e P'&il
2eacher as5s the students to read the 3oem silentl89
Track Rea(in$ )y t%e P'&il
Students are as5ed to read the 3oem silentl8 and
indi:iduall8 and the8 are as5ed to mar5 accordingl8
that is, the8 ha:e to 3ut a tic5 mar5 for the 5no4n
4ords and a Cuestion mar5$B) for the un5no4n
4ords and an e@clamator8 mar5 $D) for the 4ord
4hich the8 found interesting or sur3rising
Sittin$ an( S%arin$ *it% Peer#
No4 teacher as5s the students to sit in grou3s
=nd share their ideas understanding and
+lo##ary Reference
2eacher hel3s the students to refer the glossar8 and
find the meaning of difficult areas9 If the8 need
further clarification the teacher inter:enes and
3ro:ides situation or teaching aids to get the right
meaning of the 4ords9 2he difficult 4ords are toss,
comrade and glade9
19 toss 1 to thro4 lightl8 or carelessl89
2eacher: Ha:e 8ou seen circusB
Student: 8es teacher
2eacher: ;ood9*id 8ou see jo5er in that circusB
Student: 8es teacher
2eacher: Most of the jo5ers sho4s some 5ind of 3la8
4ith three or fi:e balls9 Ha:e 8ou e:er noticed itB
Student: Ees teacher
2eacher:O5a89 So the jo5er is tossing- thro4ing
=nd elicits the meaning9
+9 "omradeF friends
2eacher as5s t4o students to come for4ard
Students read the 3oem
Students read the 3oem
indi:iduall8 and the8
mar5ed according to the
teacher7s instruction9
Students sat in grou3s
and the8 shared their
Students referred the
glossar8 to find out the
meaning of the difficult
Students understood the
and as5s one of them9
2eacher: su33ose 8our father came and as5s 8ou
4ho is this 4hat 4ill be 8our re3l8B
Student: He is m8 friend9
2eacher: 8es 8ou7ll sa8 he is m8 friend-comrade9
<9 ;ladeF o3en area of grass9 2eacher sho4s the 3icture
in the la3to3
Colla)orative Learnin$
Students are as5ed to form grou3s and share their ideas in
grou3s9 2he8 are also as5ed to 4rite do4n the 4ord in the
3ersonal 4ord list9
2eacher as5s the students to com3lete the acti:it8 cards and
do the acti:it8 4ell9
?ea3ing 4ealth of the sea isAAAAAAA
ind is com3ared to AAAAAAAAA99
AAAAAAAAis the s3ea5er of the 3oem
AAAAAA994ill 3rotect them
Me$a&%onin$ t%e Do')t#
2eacher goes to each grou3 and mega3hones their
doubts and hel3 them understand clearl89
Facilitation )y t%e Teac%er
2eacher hel3s to clarif8 the difficult areas 4hich no
grou3 could effecti:el8 tac5le9 2eacher also e@3lains the
difficult areas9
Secon( Mo(el Rea(in$ )y t%e Teac%er
Scaffol(in$ -'e#tion#
19*oes fishermen belie:e in Sea ;odB
+9 ho holds the storm under controlledB
<9 *oes fishermen li5e sea than landB h8B
&9 hat is the 4ind com3ared toB
2eacher as5s the abo:e Cuestions to ma5e the learners
3redict and establish thought9
Students formed grou3s
and the8 entered the
4ords into their 3ersonal
4ord list9
Students mega3honed
their doubts to other
Students listened
carefull8 to the further
e@3lanations 3ro:ided b8
the teacher9
Students ans4ered 4ell
to the scaffolding
Students 3resented their
ans4ers 4ell9
!resentation b8 the !u3il
0andoml8 students are selected from each grou3
and the8 are as5ed to 3resent the ans4ers for the
scaffolding Cuestions9
A&&reciation of t%e Poem
2eacher e@3lains the 3oetic de:ices used in the 3oem9
She as5s the students to identif8 some rh8ming 4ords from
the 3oem li5e, dri:es'li:es, gro:e'lo:e, glee'sea9
Rea(in$ Alo'( )y t%e St'(ent#
2eacher ma5es the students to recite the 3oem aloud
4ith correct 3ronunciation, rh8me, intonation, stress and
Di#co'r#e Con#tr'ction. E(itin$ an(
2eacher as5s the students to sit in grou3s and as5s
them to 4rite the summar8 of the last three stan%as9
2eacher then directs each grou3 to 3resent 4hat the8
ha:e 4ritten and selects the best and as5s them to read it
aloud9 2hen the learners are as5ed to edit it9
2he fisherman as5ed as5s his friends to hasten a4a89 He
is confident that the sea ;od 4ill 3rotect them e:en if the8
toss at sunset9 2he shade of the coconut glade and the scent
of the mango gro:es are all s4eet to the fishermen9 2he8
lo:e the sound of the 4a:es and sea more92he 5iss of the
s3ra8 and the dance of the 4ild 4a:es are s4eeter for
them9 2he fisherman urges his friends to continue their
ro4ing u3to the hori%on 4here the s58 and the sea seem to
+enerali#tion an( Concl'#ion
2eacher as5s the ne4 4ords and their meanings, Cuestion
ans4ers once again9 =fter re:ising Cuestions teacher
summari%es the 3oem 4ith the hel3 of the students9
#isherman belie:es in Sea and Sea ;od
Students identified the
rh8ming 4ords from the
Students read the 3oem
Students acti:el8
3artici3ated in the
discourse and the8
constructed the summar8
and 3resented it 4ell9
Students hel3ed the
teacher to conclude the
2he8 lo:e the sea more
#isherman urges his friends to continue their ro4ing
u3to the hori%on 4here the s58 and the sea seem to
rite a stor8 related to the life of fishermen or a