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Autumn Equinox to Samhain Report:

Word of an Aeon Revealing Ekstasis.

Ground Control To Major Tom
The following report is epic and largely uncut, it is electrical transference. Zap!
Zero 'filler' or pretense this way, you can do your own elaorations.
!or starters" dumping you right into the fray# $ol%&ira in 'uincun( with )eptune is
ma*ing for misfires of imagination, almost a groggy dream state..watch out for ad times
daydreaming. +n particular, not reali,ing what you're doing here ecause you're
daydreaming maye too hapha,ardly. Maye mo-ing too 'uic* thin*ing you are grounded
and e-en feel in tune, ut then your actions pro-e otherwise and you almost feel it ain't your
fault. &i*e things are aligning for clumsiness.
.hen that happens, we may compensate y shutting out imagination for an indefinite spell,
and start getting deep..the opposite direction..we start ecoming tas* masters and shut out
the internal wonder to *eep from stuing our toes. .e o-er e(ternali,e" at first
e(ternali,ing is great ecause it ma*es you feel aware and 'with it' in the real world minding
surroundings, until you start to project and ecome o-erly critical and feel stuc* ased on
the performance of others not up to your 'uota.
Mercury hitting $corpio for a short window" early tric*s and some treats to rap up the spirit
of the time of year. /our shadow side is gonna do a chec* up..chec*ing in to see if you are
ha-ing fun with your dar* theater of mind or neglecting what this time of year is aout. $et
aside some time to get yourself into that flow..this time of year is connected to ages of
ancestral celeration that means a lot, with deep implications to how our daily reality is
affecting from all the unseen regions that re'uire a 'uiet ,one of deep meditation. To just
shrug it off as a '*id's holiday' and eat some spare chocolate lying around doesn't count..and
insults your own potential self disco-ery in the whole thing. /ou *eep your s*eletons in the
closet loc*ed up, and this chec*%list might account that you are aout to gi-e yourself a
demon in the attic later on you ha-e to deal in..so, gi-e some of your earthound spirit
guardians a it of a rea*, will ya0
Mercury is the enefic tric*ster sphere of the solar system, and this is important as )eptune
rules 1eluge as well as dreams and mysticism or enlightenment and enchantment, so, to
*eep )eptune's dissolution off your ac*, heed this well.
2enus in 2irgo has afforded us a sensuous and -oluptuous transition to 3utumn, it comes
with feels and nostalgia, ut they are gentle whispers of the things we lo-e growing into the
golden oughed song of the 4ar-est 5ainow of !all. +t was a powerful )ew Moon
passage, and its magic was6is meant to continue as we honour the male6female di-inities in
a doule%heli( dance and merging. 7-en though oth always one in you as yin6yang, there is
the larger construct of the Great Goddess who descends into the 8nderworld in so many
-arying mythic portrayals, not just the far )orthern 3utumn 7'uino( oriented ones. 5ecall
names such as +shtar. +t's always een e-erywhere" in the good soil. +n our ones.
.e are especially wor*ing in the 2enus ingress to &ira withing goddess conte(t and
consciousness, e-er one" 4e is in 4er e-en as she is aout to descend and they in essence
are engulfed together to rise again anew together. 3ll 3utumn and this is a portrayal of the
particularly mystical oriented orgasm of the gods. /et, just as se(ual for us, and the sensual
*ind is the 2irgo charging..the 2irgin passes and passes on# the tantric nature of it all is
unmista*ale. !rom root to crown, and from the good soil to stars...Ge and )ut.
True node will e with 2enus.
+mage of a recent 'not so random' upload not e-en thin*ing of Ge... Ge and )ut portrayed.
3dmire the growing eauty of wa(ing &una ma*ing rounds to charge with !ather Time in
$corpio. This has a gentle persuasion and a sort of nurturing panacea for those literally
feeling the force 9edi style of oth $aturn and Mars' recent conjunction in $corpio. /ou are
finally ale to crash on the stool in the corner of the ring, get toweled off, pep%tal*ed and
recei-e guidance. /et, this is the moon we are tal*ing here, so imagine it more matronly and
comforts that only the .oman could *now to ring to the foray" a eautiful ed and la-ish
home and hearth. +t is an adorned respite from the hunt for the god in6of the wild woods.
This is crucial ecause you still ha-e to want it, *now aout the pea* here, and prepare a
,one for this to happen. :e consciously in-ol-ed in it" if you can and will with real heart,
than you'll come ac* with a fire of the champion into the world with real heart. /ou'll ha-e
the lion's roar along with the celestial dome effortlessly maneu-ering you all the right ways
with real power ehind e-ery low, or thought, or chessoard of life mo-e.
/ou will hit that ,one that famous athletes always tal* aout.
+ thin* of a war ,one, too. 3 lot of us are hitting the clima( of -ictory or defeat, final *u%de%
gras in struggles o-er the year from way ac* when on 9anuary ;st, we said this would e
'the year', and it woulda, coulda, shoulda een..:8T you are connected to a networ* of
those who simply resist" often out of jealousy and anger that someone else might een e
ale to. +t has een a year of promise, filled with gremlins oth ethereal and possessing
others to want to tie your shoe laces together or other gremlin stile saotage. 5eally nice.
They, li*e all things though, are in a centrally conducted flow that doesn't shun any acti-ity
or sentience. +t all goes to ser-e the 7ye, regardless of whims of a force of nature < army of
one, or their gremlin 'fan clu'. $o many of us ha-e fought that statement aout the Central
7ye =of 4orus>, in a sort of hurrah of raising the anners against $atan or some dual
negati-e placement of e-il =$auron>. Many of us ha-e ecome enamored with this as just
another ranch of a greater Cosmic Tree..it is part of a !ull .orship and gratitude for :eing.
)o stone unturned, no gate foridden, no part of our lo-er's ody unattended.
&una wa(es and ecomes full in ?ctoer in the sign of 3ries on the @th =Total 7clipse>, all
the while charging Mars in $ag, Aluto in Caps, )eptune and Chiron in Aisces followed at
last y 8ranus in 3ries. The +nno-ator in the +nitiator of the 5am. .hat this loo*s li*e is
-ery special to the astral set of eyes" a Good Man can and will ta*e the 'uiet position in the
ac* to uplift his Good .oman, and she on his shoulders ecomes not a urden, ut charges
him up, is his freedom, is the dance of the stars..again thin* Ge and )ut. 4e lets her e
herself, and he doesn't wait for her to 'uit spea*ing to get ac* to his mind and priority right
away. There is no superior in this relationship, ut the integrity of our roles as male happy
as a man and female happy as a woman and comfortale in each other is actually returned
and ma*es things less aw*ward, clumsy etween us, and muddled in confusions till we
argue oursel-es apart from each other or just feel 'connections were missed..therefore, you
must not e for me nor i for you'.
This is the 5eturn of the $toic" the unmo-ale man who is dynamic, and is a wreath of
flame and golden oughs to protect her trine naturali,ed dance..it is not just a fragile thing
to ma*e him feel pleasured into his role y some tempted seduction" it is sacred and what
charges him and gi-es him that power and lifts him up in goodness. + rarely use this word,
ut it is a -ery pure e-ent. The purity is not the fire held y man himself, ut the alchemical
change as $he ta*es the fire of the radiant and refined rays of the constellations and feeds
ac* into his primordial nature fire among the trees. The drum is the hearteat of the earth
=Goddess>" and his heart means he ta*es her sacred spiral drumeat into 4im.
4is wreath loo*s e-er li*e that of $aturnalia, ?siris to the 7gyptian, and so the $atyr implies
1ionysis, naturally Aan. The Green Man...man as the 7arth, so often associated to Goddess,
and the .oman of 4ea-en, ?ur &ady of the $tars. This is a crucial comple( arena to wor*
in and rememer, and the .orld $oul effort has set that ridges and doors and is spar*ing all
cylinders to recall this in the most deepest dedicated way...e-en in day to day 'normal' stuff.
!rom 5oot to Crown, :e /e 3dorned.
.atching the current opposition with )orthern )ode in &ira and 8ranus in 3ries, this
holds true that without the spar*s that loom into daisy chain firewor*s etween oth God
and Goddess merged and li-ing in you in this rilliant synergy, rather than e in the Tree
dropping golden fiery landscape as an offering and gift to the 7arth, you will e a single leaf
in sadness. Many do not *now sadness or negati-e states ha-e their purpose the way we
3rtists do...especially the 7pic Celtic Aoet .arrior *nows all this. /et, they ha-e as their
Talisman the Tree. + ha-e an actual &apis &a,uli Tree, and this is a part of its energy
conferred in this reading, a fraction of my wor* in6with it as a Mystery. The woman or man
who is loc*ed up in their stuorn egoistic modes as pure goddess in woman form see*ing
pure god in man form and pure god in man form see*ing pure goddess in woman form
e(ternally outside themsel-es is in for a rude awa*ening and unpleasant shoc*" that of
losing the electric charge that leads to unpleasant wandering slumer states. This is the
asolute worst case scenario for your happiness as an indi-idual and demeans and e-en
endangers the li-ing, real myth of the Great Goddess restoring life to 4er Consort as the
renewed Cosmic Consciousness $on and 1aughter twins. 7-en though this is the asis of
where all ideas aout 'se( magic*' really come from, and is ritualistically a-ailale to
interact e-eryday..we aren't doing these rituals to placate e(ternal deities, ut to in-o*e their
-ery pulsating reath and essence for our wor* on our own paths and at larger, among each
other. $o, telling someone into the shamanistic ?ld .ays that their elief of the sun god
descending into the underworld to e reorn is irrele-ant ecause science says we re-ol-e
around a stationary sun does not matter at all.
)o one e-er calls a sunset a Beautiful earth rotation ;C hour se'uence completionB, in your
central eye from in your percepti-e e(perience, a sun does set and rise. To this day, who you
are in your current participation on the cosmic stage ears such rele-ance and importance.
1o not let the aility to hold you in patterns of phenomena as the end all%e all of weighted,
measured things..those are to accentuate your path to enlightenment6self disco-ery and
5eturn of the .onder at 3ll Things. /et, as easily as ungrounded, far flung lies manifesting
and self denial can carry you on a 1eluge current away fro desired outcome of your deified
lieration merged to a odily field of intelligence and e(tra%sensory, dimensional
participation. 5ecall that e-en the weighted and measured academia has come to call the
atomic structure +$ pure space. 7mptiness, all you fill it with is Mind and 5eality is what
you can get away with. This re'uires the Cosmic Twins...5eturn of .onder. +t ta*es great
mystical charged force. !eel the !orce !low Through /ou. /in < /ang, God and Goddess"
imagination li-es in their intercourse and all orgasm is 7piphany and di-inely inspired or a
mundane puddle of regret...li*e the single lost leaf you don't wish to e, you are in the Tree,
on the 2ine. /ou are the &ife.
4yper sensiti-e people are already feeling some dar* 3utumn shades of loss or stress of the
thought of dying months along the -astly compact and compactly -ast we of life reaching
them. Many lose their relati-es just around the holidays..either right efore or recalling
deeply the joyous last holiday efore the passed right efore they almost made it to $pring.
Aluto in Capricorn with the great challenge to integrate 9upiter in &eo has people in this
period that often romantici,es 1eath and e-en orderline rings suicidal thoughts, and those
in the sway with little to li-e for..if they ha-e people at all, those people will start to worry
aout the insetting conditions of mind they are ta*ing on. They are not e-er mere molehills,
ut memories that can e made mountains under their own -olition, as anything that may
fester with microscopic carrion feeders. There is in fact still life within, yet only as light as
your heart" if the intention is not there, your own heart can de-our you if you allow it to e
This can e the greatest healing time of year of you in light heart can play in the shadows"
and find they return again to dance with you if you can let go of yourself and die properly,
as they are forces of nature and cosmic eings now, they do not thin* it's fair to e put in a
cage of a masochistic memory 'D1 printer' machine...to ecome rotting carcasses strung up
in a stin*ing self imposed slaughterhouse you are ecoming god of your own personal hell
in...noody wants that. That's the antithesis of necromancy that wor*s for you..ut, media
portrays necromancy as a per-ersion in horror mo-ies rather than ancestral and cosmic, ut
they do the same with e-erything else, don't they0 + might mention &ega's portrayal on
'34$'. + only read it aout it, + don't watch much t.-. % + did google pics.
/our mystical )ew Man of $pirit in the !ire Trine should e directly aware of his death and
properly dying as an ecstatic heroic feat. )othing etter aout a man is left in his legacy
than how he died and what he was gi-ing his life for and in-esting it into. 4e will continue
that momentum into the stars. 5ememer the man +'m tal*ing aout, 1ear Good .oman,
ecause he is in you always and worth doing your dance in a downward spiral together to,
in order to rise again together. Consciousness shift is stars owing to emrace the .orld
$oul and raise us, so then, let our roots go deep, lest we are golden yet alone and lost amidst
light years of seasons within and without.
To recap a certain feature of all this" daydreams can ma*e you etter and enrich your life, or
drifting at the wrong time can at the least ha-e you stuing toes, or at the most getting
*illed. .ant for a wish is part of a romance all great art e'ually haunts us and ma*es our
hearts pulse faster y, gi-ing us more fire in life" ma*ing us e'ually made, e'ually sane, and
made great art y so often undistinguishing the two in a single time%space.
:e old in oth flights of internal creati-e imagination and e(ternal participation of
circumstance and conse'uences" oth should e a lucid affair inter%coursing, neither done
languidly. /ou can't e(ternali,e your myths or manifest your cosmic *ingdom if there is no
designated dreaming time in the wa*ing world, it either soa*s up your reality tat you are
aware in and powerfully changes it all from inward e(tending as tree ranches or turns
inwardly from outside to change you with no regard for your lucidly direct participation in
these constructs mentioned.
To e(pedite this, + decided to Copy6Aaste a status dealing in ?phiuchus, the newly recalled
,odiac sign. )umah ;D.
"I was looking at the full moon thing..and my birth chart, again. I had mentioned
Ophiuchus..the 13th member..earlier. This sign, were it included in the Zodiac, would take
up a nice big central chunk of what we now iew to be !ag.. if we did, !corpio would be
pretty much s"uashed. The shortest window of the signs at #ust oer a week long. That$s
stupid but true% the people I know who are !corpio traditional are not now &nscorpio$d to
become 'ibra$d. !O, how does one deal with this( I hae another $)a*or$ of my own like
Occham$s. "+hen eerything shifts and changes so drastically in the intangibles. ,othing
does to any obious tangible effect". The world at large is inept due to escapism in piles of
modern technology, which is medicine to enrich their lies, olunteering instead to dull
them out as cattle for an outdated financial and consumerist system.
That$s mine..I made that. !ame principle with 1-.-1.-/1-..the famous 0ayan date(
!omething definitely did happen and we are still going through it..look at my work and a
bunch of your other friends with mystical and medicinal or holistic practices. ,otice a #ump
oer a chasm in their capabilities e1ponentially( If not, you$re #ust in denial. 2nyway, the
'ight3bearer Zodiac sign, whose rune is &ru* in particular..with two haled dragons
tethered together in his wrestling, is Orphic.4thonic and feathered..haing symbol of
4aduceus. 5ou are not lesser !ag or lesser 4ap or lesser !corp. I hae no need to shift
around the current *odiac% all this simply means is that you hae access to this and a
special significance with the energy. +hat I do like to do is call the window of !corpio$s
would be week or so 6ull$s 7ye !corp, True !corp, or the 8hoeni1. 9on$t think the rest is
less true scorp, all that means is like Tekken has :ing then True :ing or whateer..it$s still
the same fighter..the fighters are all e"ual in that game, but a different look and some
different fighting style array.
:ing can beat up True :ing #ust as easily as 5oshimitsu or the like.
That was fun...,O+, it must seem weird for me to ascribe the 8isces full moon to
Ophiuchus. 8isces as we know is the fish7!, two wanting to go in opposite directions or
willing to contradict its own self to feel eerything and eery other e1perience of reality
around. Ophiuchus is one serpent T;)& the masculine archetypal force, other wise the two
energy serpents forming up kundalini energy, or een the two pillars of the kaballah if you
want..and, i know plenty of you do.
!o, the serpentine medicine.isionary light bearer is the graduation.completion from the
8hoeni1 point, which in turn creates a sort of <anus effect. The 7agle is seen as holding
what( Olie branches are peace while the arrow is seen as war. 5et, here, the olie branch
is seen as the serpent which is the 2sclepius$ medicine and een at the same time, the
9aedalus$ architecture.engineering of the great labyrinth with the 0inotaur in it. +hile the
arrow is not war, but compliment$s as the !agittarius$ arrow symbol. 2s <upiter is e"uated
to !ag, it becomes electricity, fre"uency abundance, power of lightning, the Zeus$ bolt, the
Thor$s ;ammer. It indicates what we hae seen in the technological leaps and bounds of
lightning fast communications through email and modern life saing e"uipment.. to een
know what to do here in this region metaphysically manifests practically as further
adancement in the fields. ;ence, we hae leaps and bounds in the midst of particularly
those who deal in medicine, een more so% holistic consciousness e1pansion fields that rub
off on een those in the right place at the right time near these. 2s it ery much traels the
ethers, or has pronounced effect in the 70 fields we all share, and are becoming closer to
riding the waes of than all this changing corporeal matter of traditional thought.
If you think I$m saying $=orte1$, than in that word are all Orphic.4thonic mysteries of this,
and holistic methods for synthesis of e1panding adancement here in the Ophiuchus
designation of the ery real constellations...ery real cosmic intelligentsia.
The Thelemite$s :aballah has 8luto listed as :ether. 8luto rules oer !corpio, as does
0ars. !corpio is the most oertly $Occult$ specific sign. 2s such, we hae deeloped to the
traditional *odiac. +ith our mentality haing ;alloween fall into the !corpion. It$s about
how we$e eoled and adapted by our choices..it$s ingrained, yet, you hae the chance to
see things from a new ista of e1pansion. !o, don$t be too "uick to tell people talking about
their energies of their releant sign that they are now $wrong$. !ame with those who go by a
lunar calendar, they are not better than the <ulian calendar types. 5et, destined to choose to
e1perience a both more ancient time3line yet trailbla*ing in uncertainty >i.e. occult?
because it is so long unused and generally forgotten to time..though so easily accessible to
those who bother with it all as a part of their ancestral seles.
!uch is the nature of #ust some of the underlying aspects to this @irst ;arest 0oon. It rubs
off on een those who don$t care, beliee, or find it a worthy sub#ect to study in depth...one
way or another.
p.s. 3 study the rune &ru* on your watch, according to desire.
Terminations, new beginnings. BBB2n opportunity disguised as a threat.BBB 0ental agility.
8hysical deelopment, mental and bodily health. 8ower.
)emember the chasm, and the person hiding under the coers >from the ,ew 2ge @ear C1
meme pickin$ up steam?, leg humping the solar logos of positiity( That$s like the craing
for <upiter$s energy to the detriment of !aturn$s..as in, e1pansion.astness of wished granted
and >often een blind? luck s. boundaries and karma snapping back. &ru* is associated to
Taurus, the compliment.opposite in the !corpion$s end of the *odiac polarity config.
,eptune, which rules 8isces, my !un% is positioned in Ophiuchus for me. It might be
difficult to see how all this plays into the 13th member. 5ou won$t get this info anywhere
else, that$s for sure.
2bout <une 1st to <une 1Dth roughly >Eemini traditional? would be Ophiuchus$ compliment.
This is true, but most certainly integrated within the framework of 0ysterium Tremendum, it
becomes...ready( Taurus... for me, that$s my 4hiron. I$m one of those heay3duty industrial
strength 4hiron people.
2 better designation for :ether would not een be a planet, necessarily anyway. It would be
Ophiuchus, with !aturn as a serpent on one side, <upiter as a serpent on the other, and both
serpents made of lightning connected by Ophiuchus$ struggle, as he rises as the
8hoeni1...the legendary epic Thunderbird, or the 4ondor of the 2ndean +orld 4ross called
the 4hakana. )ather than a 6ull, you could simply replace the 8uma.<aguar of that
cosmogony...or 'eopard elsewhere in the world. !uch is the nature of the =orte1, through
and through.
@inally, 8luto still being of great importance, I would simply relocate to the starry
firmament of 4hockmah, anyway..unfathomably ast treasury and architecture of the cosmic
underworld that makes way more sense in a modern coptic inspired kaballah, anyways. 2s
well as a sine >serpent energetic wae length? through the & >&ru*?, the sign also has
Theta..31F..my ery day of birth. 3.1F. 2lso, as mentioned, my 4hiron runs strong through
Taurus, compounded with !aturn in =irgo and =edic =enus in 4apricorm >otherwise
2"uarius..both holding..and bearing water?.G
8p to speed0 Good! )?., in the Grand Trine of !ire eing written on here, we ha-e the
rune of Tiwa,, 8ru,, and 3nsu, =?s, the logos..?din's rune>. These are playing off each
other to charge massi-ely Thurisa,. + am associating Mars with Tiwa,, naturally, currently
in $ag. This rune is of special significance with me. +t means 2ictory as well as sacrifice,
duty, focus and harnessing of the male polarity force in lofty communal directi-es. 8ru,
which is re-ealed in Taurus' wor*ing earlier on as the Cosmic Twins of Gemini passing
through the :ull's 7ye..literally the :ull God. This is oth medicinal yet a sort of
'tormenting of the metals'. +t really is the hallmar* of 7*stasis or 'eing consumed' under the
Mountain, 5ite of the 4eart. 4eart is a Chalice to the wand of the spine that our mind
emanates through the ase of '2ishudda' as oth the Twins passage through the Mountain as
well as EupliftingE to Crown acti-ation. $ashumna is )?T an isolated incident implying
lieration from the rest of the cha*ra system, and to ma*e it so really insults that the eauty
of 'Clear &ight Mind' is not final goal, ut its True :eauty of 3solute is to reside there as a
sacrifice, not merely *ing o-er all underneath" e-en Clear &ight Mind in :rilliance +$
eternally integral Genius of the 8ni-erse % too is an all%intelligent % rather than ma*e itself
end%all e%all, is also part < parcel of a larger sacred picture. +f it wasn't, no enlightened
sacred eings could -olunteer to descend for the cessation of suffering. +n fact, there would
e no need for the human perception or heroic e(perience to enter the fray of $uffering at
all. )o Good !ight" a Good .oman $eparate, dropping li*e the lost last $il-er &eaf of the
entrance of 7ternal .inter Morning &ight...linding and glaringly tragic. )ot reali,ing that
has gotten us so much further away from the sacred to that 'dry humping the positi-ity leg'
of Zeus..li*e Cosmic Crac* !iends. +t is addiction, not genuine aeonic rand 7cstasy. 3s is
my word. .e can get ac* to that, though.
The '3ge of 3'uarius' is not a simplistic diagram of Aisces eing made a dum duality we
are lea-ing ehind, ruled y the symol of two fishes implying the presence of
?annes61agon. Thin* of the first time you played aseall and stepped up to at" your
parents =li*ely your 1ad or older :rother>, told you to BCho*e 8pB on the at. $ame with
the 3eonic Transition, put your hands of gnosis on the Zodiac further down to le-erage real
momentum to get hold of all of it and *noc* it out the par*. That's what we are doing here in
the form of this whole ?phiuchus on all the way to Taurus thing. $o, the Cosmic Twins are
currently ta*ing the transition through Taurus 8ru,6:ull deity on through..yep, 3ries..which
right now is the placement of 8ranus. 8ranus is truly the reellious &ight%earing star%child
inno-ating the initiations as the real 3'uarian $pirit and 5uler, so this Grand !ire Trine is
e(tremely spectacular and particularly significant in ways you are reading aout in this
format of clarity and dept here first. 3'uarius in 3ries ta*es on 8ru,, then ut important to
note is the Conjunction of the Cosmic Twins as mentioned throughout the eginning if you
want to really nail this and B:e in it allB..oth another dimension of the Cosmic 9o*e as well
as the most $acred $irius indication..that implies the Aluto Capricorn and $aturn $corpio
switch of rulers wor*ing together in this flu(, as well as the 5eturn of Cosmic $tarseed
.onder. :oth the Timelessly .ise and the 3rchetypal Crowned6Con'uering Child $tar
:eing .orld $oul. .e see as 4arpocrates. The Golden :ae of the &otus.
+mage is the Thoth dec* cards merged o-er Con'uering Child many of the 3rcanum cards
not added in are yet within.
This Golden Child is Aure Temperance free of Aretense, with all the glory and redeemed
traumas of the last aeon of religious de-elopment and yea, e-en all the 'sacred cause'
warfares and untellale loodshed of humanity ta*ing ?ur Golden Child o-er the thresh.
That too has een in-ol-ed along with Aeace and e-ery other aspect dimension and polar
dar* side trauma shadow realm seeming to pull us down and hamper progress and 'not
elong in us'. +n old days, mothers ga-e there children play dates to e infected y their
friends to uild up immunity. $ame principle in a nice, neatly pac*aged metaphorical way.
?r, if you don't li*e that# my mother used to let my older rother essentially ully me up
time to time ecause as a Aisces $un =efore my $corpio Moon65ising68ranus trifecta
*ic*ed on post%puescent> + was wea* and effeminate and needed toughening up...cruel to
e *ind.
$o, 'uic* rea* down# 8ru, is now harnessed '?(%Alow6Goad' for you traditional 4assidic
Faalists, in 8ranus63ries, we meet Tiwa, in Mars6$agittarius, and we come to *now the
Glorius .oden in 9upiter6&eo here. that last one might confuse sun for a second. $ince, to
many the $acred 3sh Tree is .ednesday...Mercury. To many, the energy of ?din reali,ed is
especially the $un. These hold weight, yet in this trine, ?din is Zeus 'Fing of 4ea-en and
$*y, a &ord of the 4unt and primordial masculine Glory of attle' and is perfectly emodied
as 9upiter in the !i(ed !ire sign of &eo. Get it0 ?*ay!
3rcher on right6ao-e and Goddess of wind pushing along a ship =cleaned up ut true s*y>
Mercury is going to ingress $corpio, as mentioned earlier on, then go retrograde, heading
ac* to &ira. Feep Calm and Ground Control. This opens up a portal for some definite
$piders !rom Mars in our li-es. :are in mind e-erything mentioned again with the
s*eletons in the closets, ha-ing fun in the shadow side...yet, this ears a hea-y%as%lead
significance of self disco-ery, along with. +t is especially loo*ing into your seed core and
1?7$ ha-e to do with how prepared and ready you are to not just face death, ut that we
are enign and fortuned ghosts in aundance )?.. 4ow do you stac* up in your most Core
)ature with the fact you are acti-ely among the dead now and heading to the thinning -eil
tie of the ancient's $amhain or 1ia 1e &os Muertos. This is eing stressed" an intentional
pressure. +n this area" + mentioned the wreath of fire ound in gold entwined lea-es and
har-est nature. /et, some of you who are hardcore materialists and put ,ero -alue on any of
this, so unfortunately li*ely ha-en't e-en read to this point, are eing pushed out of the nest
and facing '4ard 4aunts'. 3 Giant of a Mountain not in touch with its 4eart and clawing in
you to feast on them. +t maye is a hoard of ,omies loo*ing for rains to feast on and
wor*ing in you in-isily as a parasite de-ouring you. 7nter Thurisa, and some modern
4ollywood prophecy. 4ollywood and multimedia asolutely has a modern mythic
encoding, and people who laugh at it are clueless they are moc*ing their own missing lin*.
The time of year comined with the '$hape' as the culmination of Thurisa, will ring to
mind a unch of hardcore fan's fa-orite" Michael Myers. The monster%in%the%man's ody
$lasher, not the comedian Mi*e Myers... it might stri*e some deep suconscious cord that
the mas* was a lan*ed out, pump*in coloured fray of a mess of tangles hair 'Captain Fir*',
of the 7nterprise space -essel.
$omething that comes to mind with Mercury's retrograde is the 3nsu, rune as the main
proponent as Tric*ster . That is especially intensely short%circuit jac*ed%up, as 3nsu, is the
&ogos rune" language, communication, and thee Messenger $ource 3rchi-e for Mercury's
duties to 'high speed we connection' all of us. There is a light within it that especially water
signs are pri-y to. Glad + was orn in a Grand .ater Trine. .ater ad-antages are what
mainly 'nullify' -olatile Mercury in 5etro...$?, at least some of you might try to summon
your water wor*s. 3nd it may get down and dirty..thin* of Aluto's Cosmic 8nderworld
Aluming6$ewer $ystem. That is only A35T of 4ades, who is also the gi-er of the most
-aluale and e(istential gemmy treasures of the galactic%center passages. This why part of
my personal e(perience that + constantly try to ridge in temperance to not let it grow to a
prejudice is that the '9upiterian positi-ity lind luc* leg humpers' can ne-er e initiated in
anything of real lierated core -alues. They are afraid of that need for a term created as an
effect of their own cause to condemn 'left hand pathers' as 'lac* rothers' egrudging the
status and prestige of their Great .or* indoctrinating the masses with pipe dreams that
seem so 9upiter%grandiose u are out of whac* and essentially great energies that still uild
up to loc* aortas, -entricles and -al-es of the Tree of &ife, cramping all dendrite sinews in
a full ody priapism leading to a oa constrictor around the Mountain crushing the core seed
not protected y the fiery light earing golden wreath of the 4eart.
Mars in $ag is such a high%times freedom...it's really li*e eing a *id again on a really ig
swing set with a really high set ar and eing on the tippy top of the up%swing, your
adrenaline going ut not terrified, endorphins releasing feel goods in a simplistic ut uer
effecti-e thrill of innocence 5eturn. 3 lot of us including myself lo-e this spontaneous
'$aian symol' ecause we ha-e een on a hellishly themed roller coaster ride...yet, that too
is initiatic, lending a power that ma*es others refrain from messing with you. 7specially
those $ha*ti%sans%$hi-a positi-ity Fing%of%4ea-en dry humpers. +f you are a genuine
+nitiate, and + don't mean a status gi-en ?rder6rotherhood ritual oath ta*er who often
auses collecti-ist powers, they .+&& mess with you. They are generally clueless the what
the want is filtered down from your E)earnessE to the Central 7ye. They often just want to
claw their way to a Blight odyB pyramid top that misconstrues what goodness e-en means.
They want the position of the top of the Mountain sitting eside Zeus or 9eho-ah or name
any other $*y%daddy fore-er Fingdom 5uler. .e are shamanic, though. .e are in the God
and Goddess and all the materials mentioned ao-e. .e descend to the heart of the .orld.
3lso, you ha-e this as a really effecti-e symol ecause it is eing urged y Chiron and
)eptune" Mystical Masculine in most !eminine intuiti-e .ater element along with the
wounded healer centaur archer. 3ll shamans are Chironic if not also Cthonic6?rphic
=Cosmic 7gg G $erpent> in ad-anced practice.
:y ?ctoer CH =C days after Mercury finished 5etro, cementing the '?$' out of Chaos and
Tric*ster mode Iwe also enter the wa(ing crescent, which ma*es the first 'uarter on ?ctoer
DJthK>. one month from this, .hat Goes 8p... the height of the swing set is gonna pull ac*
with Mars' ingress to Capricorn. 1on't get all instantly u,,%*illed, as that is as e(hilarating,
as much as implying possile entropy of the pushing was only enough to start coming to a
close around this period. That relies on you, of course. 1id you decide to say that's too
high0 Too much momentum0 ?r did you push yourself for that rea* through of going o-er
the high set ar of Mars0 This implies another perfect 5une...7hwa,. The
4orse6Momentum6Twin 4orses in agreed direction..4orse Aower. $agittarius is also an
7'uestrian $ign. The herd of stallion mustangs of the $outhwest stomp and race through, as
the :ull eneath the surface is stirring...the awa*ening, summoned self disco-ery. Golden
3ge and 4orned ?ne. The image and energy of $acred .hite :uffalo from the /ellow Aath
and 5ed 5oad of )umi < The Messenger C, again in-o*ed. The Twins enter the 4eart of te
.orld and ecome 4eroes of the 7cstatic Trance, 5eturning Great .onder of Gloal Trie
$pirit 4ealing from 1eep 5oot to the Crown of ?lympus.
The 4alloween6$amhain Moon in 3'uarius has you in the 3ethereal%Arime Territory of the
3ge, se'uestered in gentle yet Most 5adiant%of%3ll repose as the $corpion's 1ar* $oul and
.hite Goddess spiral a golden thread entwined with sil-er and the sil*en%steel of the we
that the :uddha descried as the radiantly faceted seed essence of the 3solute )ature of
8ni-erse participation and recepti-ity. .e die proper in tantric orgasm in the joys of our
mas*s we wear =in the astro sense of interpreting that statement is indicated y our 5ising
signs> that are eyond mas'uerade desires, ut we re-eal who our 4earts ha-e een molding
us into our the $hi-aite forms we pass out of to formlessness are and the ?cean of
&ieration eyond $amsara, yet us undeterred y continuing immanence as wholly
transcendent..:ully transcendent. Gifts for the passage of the :ull in e-en more -iolent
ecstatic rites, also part < parcel, and a place in time is sustratum of all residential
phenomena that this too is indistinguishale and seamlessly in ?neness with the Clear &ight
Mind. The 3eon of $trange does continue.
.ill the rune Thurisa, e formed up in this Trine as a momentum !?5 you, the male force
associated with the lightning rod64ammer. ?r will the Cloc*%.or* $pace%4ammer e
dropped on you li*e a ton of ric*s 'n utcher *ni-es0 )o matter how fast you run, Michael
Myers wal*s faster...
:y right efore 4alloween, you will e getting the runt of an arrowhead of dissolution
through the heart with the Moon in $agE, or you'll e dancing in a wreath of white wi,ard
flame with 2enus and the $un in $corpio and 1ar* &ord $aturn in welcome temperance
rather than monstrous ra-aging. The 'Great Time'. &u( 7t Teneris. +'-e spo*en 'uite often
of )ew $un and )ew $aturn also eing indistinguishale in a $ulimation after Conjunction
=for all you alchemical shamans out there6in here>. Maha*ala +$ 'Great Time' and the
redempti-e Arime 3gent di-ine principle asoring the &ord of the 5ings6!ather
Time6$aturn6Fronus. The Aresence of 4e .ho Comes in !ullness with 2enus and $un, Ge
and )ut, 4ad and )uit, +sis and ?siris. The eauty in this Timeless -iration passes along
the conduit of the triple sphere dance in $corpio that y the 7agle is released as Great
Ahoeni(, &egendary Thunderird.
?n finishing this, Mercury did enter $corpio. The plunger on the pinall machine is getting
pulled efore releasing ac* into &ira...get your .i,ard on.
Ground Control to Major Tom...you'-e really made the grade.
E)ot a malefic intelligences dissolution, ut one with pains, it is wa(ing lunar pulling apart
to shine into what needs a 1ance of $hi-a type sacred destruction and illumination
into...cleansing, ut no less intense as white lotus pure after the threshold of wrathful
collections put off.
Aart C % +ncluding !urther 'Are'uel reading' se'uence to metaprogramming.
October Fth 3 Total 'unar @ull 0oon 7clipseH The +inter !oldier.
!or this section, we need to rewind, to especially 3 $aturn +n 2irgo +ntrospecti-e. +t is oth
personal including aspects of my deepest self dug up as well as interpersonal.
"I was thinking a little earlier about the whole !aturn in =irgo thing I lie with. That$s what
that looks like and comes across as% I hae a picture of a lion under this that says, "I$m not
a surior, i$m a fucking warrior". !aturn in =irgo lie with this% they are the would3be
ictims and canases for blame..black sheep of the Zodiac family. 4ombine that with a
8isces !unI0ars..it can suck because you are the person who will likely to a lot of people
e1ist to be their gratification, rape ictim, and among dominating ppl who re"uire someone
else to get total control oer..you will e1ist to be their feel3good puppet 3 i.e.% it$s your
fucking #ob to sere me and make me feel powerful..that$s your soul e1istence. 9on$t een
"uestion it or you$ll get punished again% no safety words here, either. 5ou are the sensitie
one who is so psychic or whateer, it$s your #ob then to know what my ne1t moe is and
buckle under it.
5ou would think 8luto >;ades? more than !aturn would be the thrust leading to it..( I had a
friend whose brother in adulthood, he said got $all the good stuff$% looks, athletic ability,
brains, charisma or other talent. he got the left oers. 2 really super smart computer geek
guy, but frumpy, "uite the opposite of chiseled anything, socially clumsy and so used his
intellect as a defense mechanism to be able to in some way look down on anyone.
I asked, "+ell, why do you think that is(" I grew up with them and they were almost twins in
youth.. ;is reply was, "0y dad was always really gentle and loing with me, but used to
smack him around often and really couldn$t stand him..mean for no real reason, een".
That$s the !aturn in =irgo life... 4hiron in Taurus feeding into this has for me meant that
people see me as the black sheep..not the warrior. 0y struggle has constantly be a light
where ppl don$t een +2,T one peering into as medicine to transform that thing about
themseles they at least hae to see. !o, I am seen as the dominating, oerly powerful
masculine principle or archetype..een the demiurge$s spokesperson or aatar. 8eople do
not see the merging together in these pictures i$m uploading, as one entity..one body and
being. That takes some seriously eoled psychology.
They see instead ;ades dragging 8ersephone into the &nderworld. Then, want to crucify
this black sheep of the world family, not knowing they are throwing rape onto rape grown
up in. 4reating the )eaper I 2m..the wrath at emanating.
!aturn, 'ord of the 4ycles and :arma and Time and ;arest.!owing >yes, I did say
sowing..Osiris is the full agricultural cycle and there is an 2*akka compliment to
Ehuedhe...with =irgo% the =irgin is not one of the 9ualistic signs as is 8isces or 4ancer. !o,
the perception is all in one body, one mind..one space3time point of being. 5et, what society
sees and does can$t touch what the powerful brother has been through..and #ust sees how
they are ery bad because somehow they got the magic that pulls in eerything good to their
own life leaing ppl feel like they are the frumpy, pathetic ones who got nothing and were
0ost ppl% they don$t become hyper3intellectuals..they instead create an $all good$ principle
in a duality to fight me.
This is the &ltimate pain of the 'ight 6earer effect...
8eople often wonder about the entanglements..we$e fallen so far out of mythic and epic
legend as the real ision of our cosmic seles eoling in this material world. 5ou are not
looking at ;ades and 8ersephone. 5ou are looking at 'ucifer.!atan 2,9 Eoddess. 0ost
een don$t know the ;oly !pirit is a word that is at once masculine and feminine. They think
it$s the $third man$ in a white3light male 33some. !o, this I! een demiurgic eoling,
becoming aware and transcendental. 2lchemical +edding in 7ssence. 8eople always sayH
;ow is 'ucifer the light3bearer also satan prince of darkness..and to the gnostics also the
real 4hrist and so the @ather( The $new coenant$ mystery redeeming the @ather 8rinciple
4ause een(
The +oman 4lothed in the !un and the 6lack !un. Isis and Osiris. ,uit and ;adit. 0ost
don$t know of the winged3globe as also the 9estroyer, at once $the 'ord$. This is !aturn in
:y the ?ctoer !ull Moon &unar 7clipse and the Aartial $olar 7clipse of the CDrd =&aw of
L's>, we get deeper into the 1ar* !ather or the 4eart of the 1ar* $olar Arinciple that is
$aturn hidden in the depths of our Golden $un.
This re-ererates the $hape as Thurisa, from Aart ?ne, in the !ire trine Cru(. Michael
Myers or Maha*ala. The tri-ial matters male out of whac*, eing hunted and de-oured y
the 4eartless Mountain Monstrocity, or..the $toic .arrior who is yet of :enefic disposition
and the Gift6&ight :earer $olar 5eturn as the god +ng6!reyr as one half of the sacred
Cosmic Twins. +n 4is 5une, the diamond intersection represents oth seed yet is the
intercoursing o-erlap of God and Goddess.
3 shield in the center that loo*s a lot li*e a symolic life%sa-er, too. +ngwa, with the face of
a helm wearing golden earded god.
"This one is the rune Ingwa*. In the corner it reads $seed root energia$...
i won$t always put what it means, but in this case especially, i think i need to. it looks like it
says something about the matri1 otherwise.
There is some mystical alue to it, naturally. It is both an emanating force and a shield.
2boe the shield in the middle is a ery masculine deity. Ingwa* is another word for Ing, an
ancient deity also called @reyr. It$s funny I ended up with this after #ust blurting the word
$=anir$. I didn$t intend% #ust kind of came up, working in the cauldron of stars, colours,
fre"uency, ibration... the thing to especially deelop oer time is the fine line where you
are present and directing, entranced and allowing..that whole gie.take..back.forth. It really
is a cosmic3earthbound bridge and intercourse. 7arth and heaens e1changing..sometimes
the earth end is where i trance to direct stars, than ice ersa, from the position of the stars.
In this way, both Eod and Eoddess intersect in my working, and that is the tree key or seed
laid down to the root of both !elf created and reali*ing no matter how far or near your
scope of self seems to e1tend, the 'ife of Ereat !pirit, the Infinite :a >Ji? will be with you
and not eer abort you as an unwanted..not forsake you..een where others come or go.
Ing is the $!on of...$ 3 so by default, this represents the gift and is the process of the man in
particular and the masculine force$ tale or part of sacrifice to adorn the @eminine and
support oer and they merge intergalactic e"ually. If you don$t get what is the essence, you
think i$m saying an eoled man is transcending $hetero$ lifestyle. Only in error does this
idea represent a threat to hetero, bi, or gay..een ase1ual It$s not like that.
It is ery much between genders, and that scares some people, inoking the word
transgender..which implies they might lose a choice in preferences or start getting man
boobs. @unny, but so not what all this is.
To the rootH it$s 0ale @ire with a high spiritual thrust that works to the most earthy
structure of who we are as a species in the gala1y...all the way to the bones. It both gies
waes of life and is protectie, #ust a the +omb and Ereat 0other, and so accompanying it
is the !eed taking )oot, that is..so often elsewhere in history seen as...the +inged Elobe.
!on of... the 'ord. 'ord a.k.a. 3 !on of 0an. !elf 4reate to the 4reation 71 ,ihilo. That does
not mean return to nothingness after death...#ust as the orgasm is the sacrifice of a little
death that leads to something much bigger in the cosmic family. !o, when I say we are dying
as a species, that doesn$t mean we or the world are ending, een if it were to end in the
sensory and phenomenal ideas about what 'ife een is or can be. +hich, it is. 5ou and I are
here conersing, but I from a timeline where it has already occurred, and you from a
timeline receiing my message..in which you are preparing for the truth that it will occur.
I am here to help prepare those of you paying attention and aware of what$s going on.
It might help to reread the !aturn in =irgo thing from yesterday, then this again. !ince this is
soundly transferring the 7manation for the 2eonH surfacing 'ord of 'ight and 'ife. These
together synthesi*e beautifully a synergy between schisms plaguing )ight and 'eft hand
ideas or portents about +hite, 6lack lodges..een gray or red ones..all coming together
with hope for the ,ew 0an..the Indiidual +ill taking precedents. !ae one !oul, sae the
entire +orld. One human being not only can make a difference, but #ust as a true man runs
to interene when his woman is in distress% the !oul of the ,ew +orld will run to interene
when a single human being is oppressed, abused, anguished and has a priority to lift up
that one star waering again to the !piral3dance of full life and beautiful e1perience.
,o single !oul is a good enough sacrifice for a good enough $all good$ god3form to power
the Obsolete Erid.;ierarchy >0onarchy?. The True Eod is the !trong !acrifice that as
+orld !oul, we owe great efforts to presere ans sustain the indiidual will. It is the !acred
Eolden !eed that another !piral3dance not yet e1perienced reoles around.
2 point in space3time neer e1isted that we were ,OT the gods..we #ust forgot when we
started picking out weak indiiduals to feed the anity of our beast machine that could not
last and knew from day one in its deceptions that it$s time would end...with one seed
changing the nature of how we interact with the )oot that all life emanates from and lies
@or me in my life, I am that seed. @or you in your life, you will be.
7"ually, we both make up the !on of...
!owilo >!un? 7hwa* >s"uared for male.female forces? and 9aga* >9awn?.
)aido >4hariot? &ru* >0edicine rune? Tiwa* >=ictory?
This is really great for the wa1ing 2"uarius moon, building to the Fth, if you ask me.
6eautiful night. 2 little warmer than I wanted it to be this close to 2utumn.
:otter -/1K"
The 2iolet and $affron6Golden rays portrayed here are studied in depth in the )umi and The
Messenger wor*ing. /ou can reference that to get up to speed e-en further. The higher
octa-e compliment of these two is of course# .hite and Green. +n the Tietan, re-ealed as
The Two Taras =there is a more comple( rainow of, though % yet, to Tietans, Green
wa-elength 4armoni,es and e-en comprises the other wa-elengths of spectrum>.
7nter the .ord of my 3eon" 7*stasis. To again 7(pedite this concept, ?phiuchus is
occurring +) $agittarius..just the same, '7*stasis' is not meant to cancel out Thelema, &ogoi,
:ythos, Chaos or any other 3eonic Charge with a motto. The )o-elty of ;C6C;6CJ;C that
Mc*enna presented so eautifully as his life's ody of wor* is that we 3&& ha-e our own
?phiuchus 3eonic !orce word or motto li-ing in Thelema. /ou must e re-ealed to your
own !orce' Arime handle.
There will e an 3rchaic 5e-i-al of 5e-ealings, and accompanying 'steles' of all *inds and
-ariations. This is crucial to the concept of '5eturn ?f The Gods'. +t does not diminish the
triad of the Magic*ian or insult it..unless you choose to neglect it for something else
completely. That's your usiness. :etween the )umi and the Messenger and the wor*ings
up to now and further culminated are a $tele. +t does not need a designated museum e(hiit
matching your 7M .ar 7ngine =Gematria stuffs> numers, or an e(pensi-e trip to Cairo,
$tonehenge, Machu Aicchu, the 3rctic Circle to write di-ine poetry under the 3urora
:orealis % it need not e ased in 7nochian with plethora of anishing and e-en lodge mass
missals need not ta*e place. +'m a 'True $olitary' myself. /ou can add that stuff in and e
part of that, ut if they say this information is wrongfully imposed as an insult to them all,
they can't fathom the most asic principles of aiding the indi-idual in their .ill and the
motto of 3eonic Thelema is so far eyond them. :oys with their Toys. + would say get out
of that. There are proaly Thelemic cells that would second this entire notion, and certainly
others who were jaded into going solitaire y some e-o*ed trauma they were sujected to
y a handful or more of the group mind in its erring.
This is a recent writing that in-o*es shades of 7mpire $tri*es :ac* in a way, ut that was
in-o*ed from fire%wal*ing and is a masterful re-ising of ancient 5ite of Aassages into
Manhood among the trie.
The mountain pumpkin3heads are sacks for the ;alloween tradition, but here as a cross are
$world soul mountains$ referring to the )ing of @ire, alcanic chain around the earth. The
diamond is #ust that. )ather than candy, it means precious stones and ecstatic ibrations.
6right tumbles stones like carnelian and calcite look like candy and amethyst often looks
like gum drops. 7en black tourmaline is reminiscent of licorice and clear "uart* like giant
sugar crystals. The $booty hearts are also bees wings, as bees do a dance when they know
where to work, pollenate. This ere.sigil is crucial to the understanding as a root key or an
elaborated on $rune$..a base alphanumerical gateway structure. It also signifies the
importance of the indiidual at the center of the collectie effort. 7ery soul and all our
relations. It is ;arest and the !oul L so !aturn and !un oerlap and resonates this entire
working building up the 'iing 0ystery. I$m dropping it in at the hour of 0ars..so, it has my
!corpio Trifecta 0oon.)ising.&ranus and 8luto which is 4apricorn also rules !corpio.
4apricorn is its $fall$. This is both weather and fertility as well as underground
psychompomp shamanic energy diinity. That een looks like tonight$s crescent moon
e1actly, but has been around for a long time and also refers to eclipses, both solar and
0ountain ;eartH
I summed up facing a demon with one sentence. ,ot ery grandiose and epic of me. It seems
like in that line you are supposed to try and blow minds with wordy religious e1perience
poetry and concepts that are so hard for een the greatest to wrap their minds around. It
went on some, was pretty deep and graphic. 5et, by me of all people, summed up with a
couple sentences and een made plain looking like it$s something we all go through..to at
least a small thought, it is. 0ost people think because they did not e1pand the thought that
they con"uered it and it was so easy. They$re in for a shock when the molehill is gien a
special set of full3bodied lenses and they feel what was in the core of the barely isible
!ometimes, part of the metaphysically focused life style is taking a molehill and reali*ing
one day your subtle body will hae special lenses e1panding all that shit and there really
+2! a mountain and you #ust were afraid to feel into the core, so you thought about death
or sorrow or loss of all things in Time for a couple minutes or een seconds..shirk it off and
distract or dissemble then you say you $dealt with it$. That$s the demon a bunch of you are
going to hae to face. That you haen$t really bothered with the rampant head3on e1panded3
upon heart of The 0ountain.
The latest fad is "I$m not afraid, not afraid, not afraid"..yet, you can$t proe it to me or
anyone else..because it$s still a molehill you are distracting yourself to refuse to deal with.
5ou might not be liing in a bad trip, and so you think you hae been protected by higher
forces to be entitled to a path of *ero resistance trip..yet underneath your flat or downhill
stroll, a mountain range grows full of trolls. They are all borne from the core of the parts
undesired $n uninited of your all3connected heart.
T;2T demon is so much worse..creating yourself into the center of an entire circle of your
demons, to not een hae 67E&, honest dealing in them and thinking out of sight3out of
mind, you won already.
Iron sharpens iron% that doesn$t mean good people improe on good people as they rub off
in goodness on each other..it means you deelop the good in you by grinding..friction..the
struggle brought in the internal arena and e1panded upon. If you #ust kill the bad or
consume the good, then you miss out what the arena of psychological battle is for.
If you create a death and walk back out as the $ictor$ in goodness of your heroic feat..it was
only 7=7) a molehill you dealt with and are coming back out as the man who does not see
he is the monster. If you want to win in the heart of the mountain...,othing can be left
behind..no death..leae no trace of any former heart you went in with. @or the ;eart of the
0ountain will change you..and be your new one, if you are successful in this enture.
+ho can only reach your real heart, then( The other person who knew how to face their
demons honestly..no epic religious poetry about what heroic human beings you both are will
introduce the two of you..for your ;eart will beat as One, and all else outside the rhythm
hae not een begun to deal honestly. They$re #ust good at looking like they desere the
happy $good trip$ stroll for the $right psychology$ to the disrespect of those truly dealing.
+e rise up from underneath, and the )oot of !olution is built from our eins.
@acing your demons is no more easy, but you become more direct..you drop the mysti"ue of
epic religious e1perience poetry and how difficult a concept it is for the adanced een to
wrap their minds around. 'et$s get to a bottom line at the same time we loe the #ourney
instead of hae addicted wanting for ideal, instant gratification destinations. There must be
a more concrete practicality we can share that leaes tons of room still for reworking to
one$s adantage without a ton of abstract head games. The mystical archetype must
embrace the often kicking and screaming anti3diine materialist rationalist in ad of their
own destructie deices aim into !oul. It$s often not a pretty win, and no game. ,o e1"uisite
composition romancing the obstacles you face will help you obliterate the momentum of all
the growing, sentient underlying issues you hae yet to face in your all3connected 4entered
2n image of smokey "uart* points.
@ and CD leads you to D;. 3ll 4allow's 7-e. Mirrored as ;D. The ;Dth Zodiac $ign. !ol*
Magic with Mirrors is always &unar and .ater ased metaphysical 'ualities of disco-ery as
a -enture.
5omans @#CD is an interesting -erse that popped up in google.
4ere, '7*stasis' is not referring only to pleasures of flesh or a Taurus type of sensuality,
though it clearly is Taurus, too. +t is an indication that we as the custodial species of 7arth
are educated enough many times o-er % though still young % to ha-e all tools a-ailale and
methods to e self go-erning in the intuiti-e aspects of *nowing .ill and how to
accomplish it or choosing otherwise. .e might feel lost and tossed aout on wa-es, ut
eyond e(ternal circumstances creating opportunity for ad-ersity to e o-ercome, we ma*e
the internal choice to not wor* in the frames of self disco-ery with a dynamic, mystical
feature that restores 3ncestral .e of Cosmic &ife !ullness. Many say, B.hy am + so lost0B,
yet this as a priority either ta*es a far ac* urner or else isn't in the *itchen e-en or it is ut
they are dry humping the s*y%daddy's leg for lind white light luc* without sustantial 5ite
of Aassage and ?rdeal of +nitiation.
Crowley spo*e often of 7cstasy" ut he said 'To in-o*e Me, ta*e strange drugs and etc'. 4e
sensed the approaching of the 3eon of 7*stasis ut was off *ey in a way to seduce those
who otherwise would grow ored with Thelema as a discipline. &oo* at the &odges and
3eys today. )o orgies anymore to loo* 'usiness li*e in affairs' of eing all hedonic and
primiti-e pagan, ut plenty of urn outs dry humping Crowley after 9upiter has left the
7*stasis is a 1iscipline that does not refer to M1M3 or e-er ta*ing a single drug, ut as my
word as + Gift these transmissions, is a spiritual thrust that would lo-e the holistic and
-isionary alchemical%shamanic ecstasy tra-ersing in the sacred lead as well as $il-er6Gold. +
spea* then of -irational ecstasies of $oul and $pirit that can help o-ercome false
permutations of wanting possessi-e codependency with either a cra-ing and pining for an
ideal se( magic* partner manifesting, alcohol6cocaine6heroine pains relying on that for
manifesting, feeling li*e an ant the aggregore might step on and injure at any minute
ecause you are actually inno-ating and ha-ing a reellious and in-enti-e spirit rather than
falling in line, etc. !ill in other lan*s with that y serious soul searching. )ow is definitely
proper time. !or e(ample" e-erything hear is not ecause + was prompted y any outer
preternatural intelligence other than my own feeling + wanted to do this inn intense sacred
communion with )ature and my God6Goddess 3eonic +nitiatii-e. There should :7 )?
M?57 need for signage that a holy ody is ta*ing irth, and if you are loo*ing for it, a flim%
flam profit shall appear to teach the student the hard way. There is the upside of the
Tric*ster swing set, and the downside of prophets hoa(ing you..noody li*es the other *ind
of tric*. /et, it ma*es someone li*e me face that e-en if Crowley did some of that, he not
only pulled it off ut managed in spite of himself to some le-el injecting etween some to a
lot of the essences we needed to witness this way to e-ol-e, no matter how you cut it up.
7cstacy though, as spiritual as it is, is not the aim of religion, ut religion has aused and
stifled it" it is lieration through arts and sciences in the '$chrodinger ,ones' amplified with
mystical and e-en magical implements. $e( is not just an outcome of chemical
compatiility etween two people. $e( is tantric and cosmic, therefore magical. 5aits are
fertility symols, and e-en totemic, ut +'m not in the usiness of pulling them out of hats to
get you to clap your hands and through change at the stage...hopefully you agree that it's
etter not to fall into that trap..it's all doctrinal farce.
2n older fond reminiscent art work of mine. Eoddess inoke and pleasure...
)?., let us loo* to the Tree and certain ideas all aout the Celestial $pheres as they ha-e
wor*ed, are wor*ing, ha-e een aused or worn out o-er time, and can e renewed and
3 couple 'uic* raw material cliff notes to share these are -ery to the point and 'uic*sil-er,
so write them and e(pand to your details and integrations yoursel-es.
7kstasis 7cstacy >7cho3stasis? 3 sustained portal.entrance.. $gates3hyperactiity$ or
intentional oer3achieement. K/$s stars like Eene :elley used to hae to dance, act, sing,
musician, compose, etc, etc. 2rt3to3!ciences..we are talking about the &ber3sapien. ,ot
$wild parties and strange drugs to inoke me$..but the blending of into1icated bliss with
aware and present self3actuated discipline. 2 !ocialite3hermitage easily propagated through
cyber network chaos instead of a contried pyramid scheme% were initiation is readily
aailable, there is no obscuration of a goerning agenda from 4rown to )oot..priestly caste
ordaining kings we are subordinate and sub#ected to abuse of. The @ire3Ice. This can
incorporate $wild parties and strange drugs$ as nobody is looked down upon for Mmaking a
beast of themseles to rid the pains of being a manG.
:ether as Ophiuchus. If we hae !at I <up. then !aturn >black sun so called as 6inah? !ol
>+hite..plurali*ed 4hokmah?, and is ,eptune the iolet ray and <upiter saffron from the
gold of the sun( Or, then 'unar is iolet and 0ercurial is saffron( 6othA Two different
things obsered in this case e"uate to two different descriptions of a singular eent. 8riority
of study becomes 5esod.0oon and ;od.0ercury 2,9 also ,eptune shifted a sephiroth to
6inah after 8luto becomes shifted to 4hokmah. !O, ,eptune then oerlaps <upiter$s usual
4hesed residency. )ecall the deep a*ure night twilight sky 2#na chakra as the 7ye of !hia,
to see the rhyme in it.
Then, !aturn N is 0ars I =enus$ together are red I green. 0ale I @emale. +e are brought
up to speed on all this on 8art One% then, the 7kstasis is understood as their tantric
mystical se1 that is eerywhere all at once, not een ob#ect3sub#ect dualistic much less
gender3held. It is occurring in appreciation of phenomenal and transcendent. It is same or
undefiled regardless of !aturnian comple1 of measurement or an aderse empirical
structure imposed up on it from any $outside$. There is no $outside$ e1cept for willed free
choice of ignorance to its spiral inclusion, none are e1cluded from this Orphic3Orgy37ffigy.
!timuli and depriation. I.3 <up.!at again.
6y the way% this has a pratical mineral kingdom ibration with especially stones e"uated to
the iolet waelength as well as the orange. 2 step underneath the light of the crown as
amethyst, apophyllite, phenacite, a*urite, etc...also a step aboe the root chakra stones like
black tourmaline, obsidian..this includes carnelian >an agate? but irtually all #aspers. 2lso
21inite >which is both a mind$s eye stone and a root stone?...and ibration of both a#na and
the lower chakras signify this whole thing. 2metrine is an awesome stone and so is
pyrite...a.k.a. $4at$s Eold$..i like that better than fool$s gold. 2boe allH !acred O% 2methyst
,oteH the ama*ing fortune of the pree1isting runic association to the :abbalistic Tree of
'ife blew me away, all else aligned in tonight$s work, in the last KF hours.
The rest of the design implementation is me with pree1isting arious elements woen
together...7nough so to warrant this as a $=on :otterhausen -/1K$ Tree Inention.
4ere is the cut 'n dry of it#
Then, Aluto goes from Fether to eing Chocmah and :inah in a singular continuum flu(
capacitor.. also at once $aturn and 8ranus in lower6higher octa-e configuration. This ma*es
sense why Aluto had wor*ed for so long as Fether..yet, so many things needed to change to
reflect the shifting paradigm. :ecause Aluto was already a single intelligent ridge%wor*ed
oth static%dynamic residency of the $aturnus%5eel &ight :earer of Fnowledge =named
8ranus' higher fre'uency>. The $elf%ruled of this higher and lower octa-e. $o, why a &ord
of +llusions0..a.*.a )eptune. )eptune is Magic* and Myth come to &ife..the impossile
happening in the phenomenal and also then the $elf%ruled reflection of masculine 4ades as
post%phenomena..that is, the ridge wor*ed singular intelligence entity master of the
higher6lower octa-e of the 3yss and the Magic*s procured of 1aath. 9ust as Aluto is more
powerful +ce61ar*ness of $corpio lu( et teneris..yet seems to 'ta*e a step down' to e the
mastery of the opposite of the '3miale Fing' or Chrestos.. the 3yss which seems as the
lower octa-e y amiale logics of the ene-olent self imposed 'pure yang free of a dar*
core'..ultimate deluge of duality.. is in fact the higher aspect of the logic of the 7*stasis
3enoic .ord. The 3jna of $hi-a who holds the Trident who is &unar who is Masculine who
is the &ightning 5od. The 'Fether :olt' is what transits all eyond causal and so therefore
perfectly alanced 'eyond all phenomena' or transcendent and yet in 7nergia ha-ing
dynamic impact still..the -ery li-ing transmission of the initiatic 7cstasy trance etween the
awareness synergy with the hypnotic or possessed state. 3ll%posssessed and perfectly
centered in clarity..the sine of presence and prophecy as well as manifesting of potentiality
and mastery of destiny6doing will.
The 3rt $cience of losing control to reintegrate self disco-ery as Cosmic Twins 5eturn# N+
trance as earth to manipulate stars, and i trance as stars to shape the course of earthB.
The OOO is possily e(tremely eneficial..higher octa-e of $aturn68ranus transference..ut
without *nowledge of the )eptune 3yss6Cross%current of 1aath transference, it is used as a
way to stifle the energies of 8ranus to *eep change from occurring.. or li*e + said with art..
not e-en the 1eath of 3rt, which is ?rgasmic in )ature. +t's a continuous diluting and
unaware self parody cloning endlessly, help to all this desperate to *eep from dying
paradigm of pyramid6pon,i schemes...of ha-e%ha-e nots and Nyou get toP =ecause you
made a 'uota> and you can not =ecause you ha-e ac* ta(es and dets it is now con-enient
to act upon>. $o, as QQQ is $aturn..OOO is the )eptune transference in 7cstasy..reasons eing
that of ?phiuchus and this listed here..;Dth ,odiac memer. $o, OOO is really this entire
comple( or Aar*, instead of just the sphere of mystical )eptune recurrence. 3s e-erything
underlying phenomenal sustratum is post%ayssal, the comple( is in a stagnating holding
pattern as they percei-e the ayss as the lower octa-e of )eptune and $aturnus ruling it
reflecti-e of that octa-e as 8ranus is caged or stifled. They who are loyal are called the
'9eho-a%tards' =or 3llah etc> and ha-e put their ody of secret doctrines that are 'uite stale
and pale and worn and faded as though it's the higher octa-e of initiate ody 'o-er' or after
the ayssal transferring. )othing could e further from the truth..it's a lie aout who the liar
is.. % i.e. just li*e the 'serpent is decei-er'. Fundalini is not the enemy leading us to our
doom, ut true light%earer energy6-ision serpent. $trange, that &uciferians are ecoming
the iggest 9eho-a%tards on earth, in these times. The !irst Cause of the &ight :earer is
dimmed in effect, ma*ing necessity for a sort of '&ucifer C'. The 7nforcer of True &ilith who
is Great Goddess...True $corpio..and this ?phite )u%Mystery seen perfectly in the .orld
Cross called the Cha*ana.
The $pheires of the 2orte(...Q and O, respecti-ely.
:ac* To The !uture!
The Vortex.
Soularis !r"it
#et$een % and & are ' motions "eneath the (
that are the totalit) of the *
This is expanded +e$ ,aath. '-.-'.
/) o$n Ameth)st 0a1oxenite point..tilt )our head right to see the goddess2 arms lifted.
3art of The Vortex nearl) lost re1entl) re1reated ") memor).
This is not the leftovers of a failed experiment...not for me.
+eptune lends realit) to spirits and angels4demons or elementals.
3luto sa)s the) are all 1louds of mind and torments )ou to get over the) are all dust in
the $ind...
So2 +eptune has long "een a favorite of soul.to.spirit m)sti1s2 sor1erers2 $it1hes...
3luto the 1hosen of those $ho $ant a"solute li"eration of phenomena2 the prison of #!T5
flesh and soul and spirit 1onne1tion in a dis1ipline $ith leanings to$ard Ain.
!r2 6there is no mind7.
The path di1hotom) of left hand and right hand struggle in this realit) of truth to re1on1ile.
The Wa) of the Shaman is A8ure4Violet and Saffron49old as a ne$ road des1ription to
help in their $ork. 3luto is seen on m) tree as :in.:ang ar1hite1ture $hile +eptune is the
lunar lo$er densit) in "enefi1 e1ho of ;upiter features..a treasurehouse of en1hantments
and the great spell $eaver like the spider at night. And in higher o1tave is the A")ssal that
the Shiva.E)e opens the gate to..spli1ing la)ers of entire phenomenal universes to give the
"olt to the $orth)...hammer2 spear2 trident2 "o$ and arro$2 1on1h shell2 kala1hakra s$ord
at on1e sun shield spinning 1hakra indi1ated earlier. <ndi1ating the Vishnu initiation of the
Shamanisti1 =ltimate.
An)thing 1an "e1ome Soul.
Ever)thing <s Spirit.
We arent fighting against an)thing.
We are fighting for ever)thing.
>astl)2 The Vortex is the 9old49reen and #lue dou"le helix tapestr) threaded
gate$a) of $e" of life ?oining our )ello$ star and Sirius.
The interest of this prin1iple is that +eptunes Trident in the Shiva sense
represents the dark )in 1osmi1 o1ean so often 1alled #inah..#inah gets a ne$
asso1iation $ith 3is1es2 a feminine4re1eptive sign surrounding the $hite seed
,estro)er $ho 1reates..i.e2 the great transformer. Then2 3luto $ho rules S1orpio
1omes to mind. 3luto prior to the a")ssal "olt of the higher +eptune o1tave
represents the /ars 1harged Solar )ang e1oed in the firmament $ho
interestingl) $e again kno$ as +uit. <n su1h state2 5ades is the Throne that is
the dark seed hidden in the vast field of >ight.
!n 1rossing the thresh2 the Saturnine ,emiurge takes the !phiu1hus @ether
"olts on )in.)ang dispersal and shifts gears to transform the 6< 1reate to destro)7
into the pure lotus the 9olden 0hild sits in.
5ere2 >ux is a1tuall) darkness from light2 too merged in al1hemi1al refining
pro?e1ted from $ithin to "e re1eived as the 1hali1e.self2 $hile light from
darkness is emitted as $and.selfless or self giving...light #ARE.<ngA to "e
re1eived externall) ") !ther propped to trans1enden1e.
There )ou have it.
Straight from the 5orses /outh.
The 9reat 0onvergen1e +exus.
This "ran1h of the Vortex if )ou reall) look is a pair of dragons made of ele1tri1
"olts a fa1e on the top of the right sphere and a fa1e on the "ottom.
#et$een their dan1e in the spa1e "et$een the "olts a 3hoenix rises...
<n the star in the 1hest is an enlightened "eing "asking in sitting position.
#) ;./.Von @otterhausen.
This $ork is the result of 1ountless sa1rifi1e of resour1e2
time.spa1e2 personal 1onvenien1e2 and more.
This is not ?ust an astro report2 "ut extends far "e)ond.
This $ork is a free servi1e to the 0ommunit)A
donations are a "lessing that keep all this going to
aid in understanding aeoni1 arts and s1ien1es and
progressive engaging of World Soul development.
3lease give an)thing to vonkotterhausenBgmail.1om
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