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Sarah Ghile

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Hazard Solution Risk Factor Why was it rated this risk
Losing or having equipment
stolen in the transportation
of equipment to and from
Make sure that equipment is
well looked after, never
leaving it unattended and
not allowing anyone outside
of the group to handle
I have given this a risk
factor of 3 because it will
not result to any physical
harm to any members of the
group but will be damaging
to the fnance of the school
or the members of the group
depending on who would
be held accountable for
replacing the equipment!. It
will also e"ect the Media
# $ low%minimal risk
& $ high%dangerous risk
Sarah Ghile
department as a whole as
they will be short on
equipment, as well as
students with involvement
in Media.
'a(ardous props such as
the chisel an the hammer
could result to physical
in)ury to members of the
group or near by public
*nsure that the handling of
the props is done with care
and caution. *nsure that no
one outside of the group
handles the props and
putting away the props
properly when not in use.
I rated this risk a + as an
in)ury through a chisel or
hammer could be very
serious. It could face serious
consequence if it was to
cause harm to a
neighbouring member of
public particularly a child!.
,ripping or falling over in the
forest our location for
Make sure that all members
of the group wear
appropriate foot wear for
hiking to minimi(e the risk
of falling and in)uring
.alling over generally does
not result to any serious
form of in)ury but the
possibility is still there which
is why I rated this risk a -.
/ccidently dropping or
knocking over the camera
during flming
Make sure that the camera
is placed on the tripod
correctly and securely,
ensure that the tripod is
standing steadily and
ensure that someone has
hold of the camera at all
times. 'ave someone the
I have given this a risk
factor of + for the same
reasons that I listed for
0losing or having
equipment stolen1.
2amage to the camera
would be very costly and if
it was to break completely
Sarah Ghile
camera man! guard the
surrounding area and
ensure that there is no
clutter surrounding the
camera that anyone can
trip on or can cause the
camera to fall.
it would be very e3pensive
to replace.
4old weather whilst flming
causing numb fngers and
agitation whilst flming,
,his can easily be
managed by ensuring that
all members of the group
are dressed appropriate for
the weather
,his problem can be easily
avoided and man aged,
hence why I have given it a
risk rating of #
5roup member becoming
in)ured or unwell
*nsure that emergency
contact details are listed
and kept in case of any
medical emergencies, as
well as taking a frst aid kit
to treat any minor in)uries.
I have rated this risk a & as
an in)ury could be very
serious, the possibilities of
what in)uries could occur
are endless and some of
these could even prove
fatal such as a road