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Introduction: 2
DDO Login: 3
Benefciary details entry: 4
Employee bank details:

!"ird #arty Bank details: $

%ie&ing t"e data completed
Deletion or (odifcation o) *ccount numbers
Bill preparation-generation in DDO .e/uest module
!B. 0umber generation : +3
!B.1Benefciary details entry
2O. BILL3 34B(I!ED I0 DDO BILL 34B(I33IO0 (OD4LE 5ot"er t"an regular
salary bills6 +3
2O. BILL3 #.E#*.ED 734B(I!ED I0 8.(3 (OD4LE:
I) a bill passed in !reasury and t"e amount is not credited to benefciaries9
*ccount due to erroneous account:
kno& t"e payment status o) a bill:
.ole o) DDO in e1payments
This department has started implementation of electronic
payments in all District Treasuries during the month of March -2014 as
per the Government Memo o!1"#$"%$T&'$201 Dt!1(-02-2014 of
&inance)T&'* Department! Mainly+ three sta,e holders are involved in
the electronic payment scenario+ namely+ Dra-ing and Dis.ursing /fficer
)DD/* of all Govt Depts+ Treasury department and .an,ing authorities!
The DD/s are prominently responsi.le for data entry issue in
payment procedures in vie- of electronic payments! Therefore+ the
department has implemented the system for most of the payments in
District Treasury -ithin a span of 2 months!
The Director of Treasuries and 0ccounts+ 0!1! has revie-ed this
issue during DT/s conference held on 2#-0%-2014 to ascertain the
status of implementation at grass root level+ the operational issues+ and
the facilities to .e provided to the DD/s to ma,e it successful at 2u.
Treasury level also in the coming days!
3ased on the feed.ac, provided .y the DT/s+ the follo-ing user
manual is provided to disseminate the information regarding the
procedure to .e follo-ed .y the DD/ in preparation of .ills to facilitate
them to ,ey in the error free data to ensure smooth payments in the
Treasury in electronic mode!
DD/ 4ogin:
Screen 1: Welcome Screen
DDOs can access the application through following
URL "ttp:--treasury:ap:go;:in-ddore/
The DDOs have to login with their User ID and
Select "#enf #an$ details% su& module under "a'
&ills% (odule!
The following screen appears!
Step 1:
3eneficiary details entry:
The .eneficiary details i!e!+ the .an, account num.ers and other details
of all employees and DD/ have to .e updated in 5 3enf Details entry6
screen availa.le in 51ay.ills6 module of 7'M2 pac,age!
'egistering DD/ current 0ccount um.er
The DD/ code in the a.ove screen -ill .e automatically populated
-ith your DD/ 8ode!
9hen you are entering first record+ you have to feed I&28 code and
.an, account num.er of DD/ current account in Treasury 3an,
I&28 code and DD/ 088/ fields respectively!
There is no provision for deletion or editing of this num.er at DD/
4evel+ once it is confirmed!
If there are any errors found at a later point of time+ this should .e
.rought to the notice of Treasury concerned -ith necessary proof
).an, pass .oo, copy* so that it -ill .e intimated to DT0 -here the
account num.er or I&28 code or .oth can .e updated!
:mployee .an, details:
&or every employee+ the details have to .e fed .y the DD/!
Type employee code in the a.ove screen! The name of employee
-ill automatically .e displayed!
Type I&28 code of the .an, .ranch in -hich the employee is
maintaining .an, account for receipt of his salary and other .enefits
should .e provided in 5I&28 code6 field! /nce the data is fed+ the
name of the .an, .ranch -ill .e displayed for cross verification!
The MI8' code -ill automatically .e displayed in the 5MI8' code6
field+ if availa.le in the data.ase! 9henever it is not automatically
filled+ you may type te;t 5MI8'6 in the field or if you ,no- the MI8'
code of that .ranch+ the same may .e intimated to Treasury
concerned so as to update the same in central data.ase duly
intimating it to DT0!
The DD/ has to enter the .an, account num.er of that employee!
Third 1arty 3an, details:
In this case+ no employee code is re<uired! 2,ip this field!
Type the party name clearly -ithout any errors!
Type I&28 code in 5I&28 code6 field! ame of the .ranch -ill .e
displayed for cross verification!
MI8' code -ill .e displayed automatically! If it is not displayed+
follo- the steps prescri.ed in previous section!
:nter the .an, account num.er of third party and press 52u.mit6
for confirmation!
=ie-ing the data completed
The DD/ can vie- the list of .eneficiaries using 54I2T6 .utton!

0 file -ith hyperlin, name ddocode.txt -ill .e displayed on the top of
screen as sho-n a.ove!
The list -ill .e displayed as follo-s!
ote: In any case+ if any num.er is found -rong after confirming the
.eneficiaries account num.ers in the a.ove screen+ the account num.er
can .e deleted as follo-s:
Deletion or Modification of 0ccount num.ers
Case 1: Before the beneficiaries account number details
are registered in bank portal by DTA:
The DD/ can delete the details of any .eneficiary using the option 53enf
3an, details delete6 + if they are not registered in .an, portal .y DT0!
The details of such .eneficiary details -ill .e availa.le in the said screen
as follo-s:
The DD/ can delete any record ).eneficiary details* .y clic,ing in
corresponding chec, .o; provided under delete column
Case 2: If the beneficiary beneficiaries account numbers
details are already registered in bank portal by DTA:
In this case+ the a.ove screen loo,s li,e this:
There are no records to delete in the a.ove screen!
In this case+ the DD/ has to approach respective Treasury office
for deletion$modification of any .eneficiary details of their office! The
Treasury /fficer -ill delete such .eneficiary details in Treasury data.ase
)since they are already registered in .an, portal .y DT0*+ so that the
DD/ can add the correct details of such .eneficiary again in 7'M2
pac,age! )There is no provision for modification of details+ e;cept to
delete and add!*
Step 2:
3ill preparation$generation in DD/ 'e<uest module
no change to the e;isting process!
Step 3:
T3' um.er generation :
2ame as e;isting process
Step 4:
T3'-3eneficiary details entry
(ote! t"# !e$%&"! '"&"!( )*&&'+
0 su. module 5T3'>3eneficiary details entry6 is provided under
51ay.ills6 module of 7'M2 pac,age!
&or every .ill su.mitted to Treasury+ the details of .eneficiaries have to
.e provided for transmission of amount to the .eneficiaries? accounts!
The DD/ has to enter the T3' num.er in the a.ove module as input!
Then net amount of the .ill -ill .e displayed as in the follo-ing screen!
Then DD/ has to select the party$employee in the 5party name6
Then the amount related to the party$employee is to .e entered in
50M/@T6 column! The DD/ has to chec, the correctness of the
amount fed and clic, on insert .utton for inclusion of the record
in .eneficiaries list for the claim!
Then the screen loo, li,e the .elo-! The entry can .e deleted if it
is -rong .y clic,ing in chec, .o; at the end of this record!
If the net amount is to .e distri.uted among several employees$
.eneficiaries+ then the a.ove process has to .e repeated for each
.eneficiary! 3y adding records+ the list -ill .e displayed as sho-n
.elo-! 0ny record can .e deleted .y clic,ing in chec,.o; provided
against each record until the list is confirmed .y pressing 52u.mit6
The user -ill get 2u.mit .utton -hen the distri.ution of amount
among the .eneficiaries made .y the DD/ tallied -ith the net amount of
the .ill! 0t this stage+ the DD/ has to chec, the correctness of the
.eneficiary details and press 52u.mit6 if all records are correct! If any
record is -rong the same can .e deleted as stated a.ove and re enter
the correct details and finally 52u.mit6 the details!
F! BI""# $!%$A!%D &#'B(IT%D I) *!(# (D'"%:
0 su. module 5T3'>3eneficiary details entry6 is provided under
51ay.ills6 module of 7'M2 pac,age! The DD/ has to enter the T3'
num.er in the a.ove module as input! Then the system displays all
employee details on the screen! The DD/ has to chec, the correctness
of the details and su.mit them if every thing is correct!
This completes the su.mission .ill to the Treasury online using DD/
claims module along -ith .eneficiary details for transfer of amounts to
the .eneficiaries? accounts directly from the Treasury
If a .ill passed in Treasury and the amount is not credited to
.eneficiaries? 0ccount due to erroneous account:
In such case+ the details of such .eneficiary have to .e rectified
-ith the procedure mentioned at 2tep 1+ for permanent change in the
data.ase! 2imilarly+ the Treasury /fficer has to ma,e the same change
in the .eneficiary data of that particular .ill .y o.taining the proof to
ensure correctness details of .eneficiary!
,no- the payment status of a .ill:
The DD/s can ,no- the status of a .ill using 5Treasury .ill details6 su.
module in 5General 2ervices6 module of 7'M2 pac,age!
In the a.ove screen+ select district code+ 2T/ code and the to,en
num.er+ as sho-n .elo-!
o- press 52u.mit6 .utton.
8ase1 :
In the a.ove screen+ the fist ta.le indicates the .ill passing status in
Treasury! The second ta.le indicates the status of transmission of
funds! 0s seen from the second ta.le+ the payment status is 5success6!
That means+ the payment is successful to the .eneficiaries!
8ase 2:
In some cases+ the payment status -ill .e 52uccess6 .ut the .eneficiary
may not get the amount into his account! This state specifically occur+ if
the .eneficiary account .elongs to other than 23I ):&T transmissions*+
-hich is .ecause of technical issues in .an,! In this case+ the fact
should .e intimated to Treasury -ith necessary evidence )proof li,e copy
of pass.oo,*! The Treasury /fficer shall .ring it to the notice of DT0 to
reprocess the payment! If the same situation occur in case of 23I
0ccounts+ the Treasury /fficer shall re process the payment+ duly
ma,ing necessary chec,s!
8ase ":
The status remains .lan, even after " to 4 days from the date on -hich
the .ill is sent to .an,!
This is .ecause the payment status is not received .y DT0 from .an,!
This should .e .rought to the notice of DT0 through Treasury /fficer
concerned to update the status!
This status report is useful to the DD/s to intimate the payment
details to the .eneficiary -henever re<uired! &or instance+ if the 324
re<uests the DD/ to furnish payment details+ the details can .e given to
324 so that they can chec, the credit details in their pass.oo,!
I# ,*e- o. te ")o,e det"*&ed p!e'e#t"t*o#/ te Ro&e o. DDO *#
e&ect!o#*c p"(0e#t' *# #%t 'e&& *' "' .o&&o-'1
'ole of DD/ in e-payments
- Data entry of beneficiary details (Employee / 3
-Entry of beneficiary details (Bank Account Numbers)
-Preparation of Pay Bill in H!" packa#e$
%eneration of &B usin# DD' claims module for pay bills/ ot(er bills$
-&B ) linked beneficiary details
-*erification of beneficiary accounts
-&(orou#( understandin# of H!" data entry re+uirements
Note1 The department is not responsi.le for any delay or failure in
transmission of funds to the .eneficiaries? accounts+ if the DD/s do not
follo- the procedure prescri.ed in this manual!
P!ep"!ed )(
E P"(0e#t' te"0
D*!ecto!"te o. T!e"'%!*e' "#d Acco%#t'
A#d!" P!"de'