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This post is a bit of a specialized one.

Today we are conquering negativity, self doubt, worry, and many

other mental chatters that causes us heartaches. This is my super simple, super easy crystal and Reiki
trick to get the good stuff flowing and the bad stuff out. Ill tell you how to do it, then why it works.
If you dont know which hand is your receiving hand and which one is your sending hand, its pretty
important to figure that out first. The most common ways of discovering are:
Right hand sending, left hand receivingthat simple
Dominate hand sending, non-dominate hand receiving
If neither of them are conclusive then clear your mind and just send Reiki with one hand then the other to
decide which one is the better sender.
Now that thats out of the wayput a rose quartz in the receiving hand, black tourmaline in sending hand, run
Reiki. If doing on yourself it is way easier to wear bracelets than to hold stones, but having clients hold the
stones is perfect because it gives them something to concentrate on.
Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is a lovey dovey crystal. It supports you in a soft and heartfelt manner. When you need to boost
the heart chakra energies, find love in yourself (and others), and surround yourself in good vibes, rose
quartz will help.
It works in this set up because placing a piece in the receiving hand while running Reiki, youre open to more
of those wonderful loving caring energies. The rose quartz will help calm you down, slow and/or stop worry,
and help foster confidence in yourself.
Rose quartz is a harder crystal so its easier to take care of than our friendSelenite. When rose quartz gets to
feeling icky, and youll really be able to tell, you can run it under cool water or stick it in salt to clean it right
up. Alternately you could bury it in the earth for a couple of days or a week, just be sure to mark the spot so
you dont lose the crystal. Youll want to clean rose quartz after every session you use it in, just like any
Black Tourmaline
Black tourmaline is a crystal likeselenite where you never need to clean it. It is a powerhouse negativity sucker
upper as well. It will clean a room pretty quickly, especially when paired with selenite and/or rose quartz. Ive
never had to energetically clean my black tourmaline pieces and theyve gone through a lot.
Putting a piece of black tourmaline in your sending hand while running Reiki causes negative bits to be
sucked up and dealt with quickly and easily. A client holding a black tourmaline will more easily release
negative energies, and this will protect you because those energies will go to the tourmaline rather than chill
out in the room during the session.
The Two Together
I highly suggest using rose quartz and black tourmaline together. I use it a lot when doing Reiki on others.
Ive experimented with other pairings, but these two have personally given the best results.
The rose quartz swoops in with love, who couldnt use more love energies? And black tourmaline works as
the attitude checker, sweeps up the negative Nellys and shoves them out the doorever so gently.
When using black tourmaline on its own I felt the person seemed rather empty afterwards and that is why
the rose quartz was added. It gave a boost of calming energy and love.
Try it out and let us know how it worked for you in the comments below!

I evaluate a gemstone in a number of ways. First, it falls into one of these categories: Heart Stone, Grounding
Stone, Guard Dog Stone, High Energy Stone, Trauma Stone, Mental Stone, Stress Tone, Luck Stone, Psychic
Stone, Money Stone, Arthritis Stone and Master Healer Stone. I created this system over the years because
each stone has unique skills. Some, like the Master Stones, are diverse, multi-skilled and affect more than one
chakra in our aura. Now, lets explore Black Tourmaline, the biggest dawg on the block!

Heres a nice example of a black tourmaline crystal. Note the vertical striations around it. This is typical on all
Tourmalines, regardless of color. Further, it is trigonal within its crystaline structure. It is one of the few
gemstones in the world that have piero and piezoelectric abilities. Making it very powerful and helpful to all of us.
A Guard Dog Stone is one that can protect you either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. They
guard you energetically. It might be from physical danger, such as when a person is a firefighter, in the military
during a war, or as a police person. Or if you have a dangerous kind of job such as construction. Where there is
danger, you should be wearing Black Tourmaline
Danger is perceived differently by us as individuals. There could be someone next door that you dont trust. Or
you have someone at work who stresses you out (usually the boss or a coworker). Or theres an office gossip
that is trying to make you look bad to your boss. Theres a hundred different ways that we all wish we had a
guard who could protect us in times when we feel vulnerable and unable to completely defend ourselves. And
this is where a Guard Dog stone can be worn in necklace form to help support you.
Some stones can do one or two levels of protection, but rarely are able to handle situations on all four levels
that may arise. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are the four levels. For example, obsidian material
(obsidian, mahogany obsidian, snowflake obsidian and apache tears) REFLECT back energy that is coming your
way. Obsidian is glass and all glass reflects. Agate, Jasper, Jade, Turquoise, Malachite will ABSORB the hit
coming your way, which is why it will change color (grows pale) over time if you are being attacked on any level.
Topaz guards on the mental level only. Amber and Amethyst guards only on the physical level. Theres only one
that can deal with any type of heavy energy on all four levels and that is Black Tourmaline.
Black Tourmaline (Schrol) is the top dawg of all the guard dog stones when it comes to being psychically
attacked. It can also be a psychic vampire of a person who has a victims mentality and unconsciously sucks
energy out of your (and everyone elses) aura. Or, it can be a full blown, conscious attack by a sorcerer or
sorcerers. It stops people who want your auric energy (pranic) dead in their tracks and they wont take a drop of
energy from you. When there is danger or perceived danger, Black Tourmaline will absorb it and transmute it,
leaving you untouched. It is a feminine and masculine energy and what is termed androgynous because it will
rebalance on either side of the body as well as any field in your aura, as well as protect your chakras.
If you have to work with people who are energy stealers (or attackers), then wearing a black tourmaline
necklace will completely protect you from them. And lest you dont know what an energy vampire is, let me share
it with you. This is a person who unconsciously gravitates to people who she (and sometimes he, but more often
a woman) feels is stronger than her or himself. This individual unconsciously feels that you can protect them in
some way. When she/he gets around you, within minutes you may begin to feel tired. You may not be able to
focus or think clearly. You may become forgetful. After she/he leaves your auric space you will certainly feel like
a washed out dishrag. And you may crawl through the day feeling absolutely exhausted. It takes a good nights
sleep to get you back in order. THAT is a sign of an energy vampire. And Black Tourmaline will stop that from
happening to you.

Lets see why Black Tourmaline is so good at what it does. It contains properties that other Guard Dog stones
do not.

There are many types of Tourmaline that are all thrown together under this one, recognized label. But, they are
all different. Im not going to get into a discussion on any other than the black variety, however. Black Tourmaline
is known as Schrol or Aphrizite. It is always black, striated and column-like. It has the amazing properties of
being piezoelectric (like the quartz family). It means if this stone is heated up (think energy-wise here: it will heat
up and react to an incoming energy) a positive charge develops at one end. There is a negative and positive to
all tourmaline. These charges REVERSE themselves when the gemstone cools (or, in energy-speak, when the
incoming energy is TRANSMUTED by the piezoelectric energy of the Black Tourmaline and sent BACK TO THE

Here is a group of tumbled and polished black tourmaline nuggets
This is a huge difference between Black Tourmaline and other Guard Dog stones. It receives the negative or
heavy energy, reverses it/transmutes it through its piezo and pyroelectric abilities, and then sends it BACK to the
sender! Talk about instant, rubber band karma! And this is WHY you want to use Black Tourmaline in serious or
ongoing situations of stress or danger in your life. Sooner or later, the SENDEE is going to get so much of what
he or she is sending out to youthat they QUIT doing it. And they leave you alone (or change jobs, or move or
get out of your space, permanently). To my knowledge, there is no other gemstone Ive ever know that has this
ability. Thats why Black Tourmaline is top dawg of the Guard Dog stones.
The Chemistry is NaFe3(Al,Fe)6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4, Sodium Iron Aluminum Boro-silicate Hydroxide and it is
in the Silicates class. It is a trigonal (3 sided) crystal system. It has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale
(Diamond being a 10 and the hardest of all gemstones). It can be found in Brazil, Colorado, the Appalachian
Mountains, Germany, Cornwall, England, Sri Lanka and many other places in the world. Most Black Tourmaline
sold in the USA comes from South America and specifically, from Brazil.
Tourmaline, in general (there are many varieties) were known in the Mediterranean area for thousands of
years. In 1703 it was imported by the Dutch from Sri Lanka to Europe. The Dutch used the Sinhalese name,
Turmali which means stone with mixed colors. And so, the word Tourmaline, was birthed.
Tourmalines all have striations or vertical ridges that run the length of the crystal. All tourmalines form in either
igneous (fire) or metamorphic (pressure) rocks. It is usually found in granite pegmatites with Lepidolite, a matrix
material, microcline or spodumene. These rocks are created out of fire or pressure. And Tourmaline can handle
both with ease.

Pluto is the primary ruler of this stone with Uranus as a secondary ruler. Because it is piezoelectric and
piroelectric, Uranus comes into play. Uranus rules electricity and electromagnetic activity on all four levels of our
existence. And due to the massive ability of Black Tourmaline to transform and TRANSMUTE energy like a huge
power station, this falls under Plutos domain. Few stones actually transmute energy and when they do, Pluto
comes into playbig time.
People who need this Guard Dog gemstone are Neptunian types. That means if there is three or more hard
aspects to a persons Neptune there may be boundary problems. The person cant say no or they allow others
to abuse the privilege of them. Frequently, they end up being the victim because they have no firm, solid
boundaries between themselves and others, in order.
And also, the reverse is true here. If a person is Neptunian as described above, they turn out to be the biggest
psychic vampires we have. Either way, Black Tourmaline can be of help to the SUCKER and the SUCKEE. In
the case of the person who is doing the stealing of other peoples energy if they wear Black Tourmaline, that
activity is stopped by the stone. It wont even get out of the psychic vampires aura. Instead, it is transmuted right
then and there and rendered harmless to all, including the psychic vampire. For those who are at the other end of
the scale and unconsciously seen as a gasoline station of energy for the psychic vampire, wearing the Black
Tourmaline necklace stops it from occurring.
Sun sign of Pisces/Virgo can really use this gemstone (as well as already discussed Neptune prominent
people). And, they can be either the victim of a psychic vampire, or be a psychic vampire, themselves. Both sun
signs get caught up in the caretaker syndrome and they think they have to bleed themselves dry (on every level)
in order to save others. This unconscious crucifixion complex will do nothing but make them susceptible to
being drained by the very people they are care giving too. Those caught up in this lesson are learning healthy
boundaries of giving and taking, rather than sacrificing themselves, body and soul, to the person who needs help.
And of course, the end of this story is they end up with a chronic disease and usually die before the person they
are care giving too Whats wrong with THIS picture???!!!! There are lots of fine and subtle lines to learn here
and these people are the most vulnerable to having their energy stolen by the sick person; hence, you wear a
Black Tourmaline necklace when you are around them. It will create a permanent energy boundary that the care
giver has yet to erect for themselves.
Anyone, regardless of their sun sign, who is of a victim mentality or a care giving mentality really need to be
wearing a black tourmaline necklace quite often. This gem gives boundaries to the individual and helps them say
no and really mean it. Or to finally recognize they are really strong and capable too and stop looking at the rest
of us as gas energy stationed to be stolen from.
If there is a transit or progression of Saturn where the person is getting worn down by continual and heavy
loads they must carry, (care giving being one of many) Black Tourmaline can help ease the pressure and stress,
but also give the person more strength to plod along with their load.
Any time there is a transit or progression of Pluto in the persons natal chart, they may be involved in a
bullying issue. Or, their self esteem is getting cut to ribbons by a clique or a group of children/teens or adults.
Or, the person is facing a test of their faith, their world is tilting and changing, can use this stone. There is a group
of people who have the need to experience sorcery and usually, they are the ones who are hooked energetically
by such a person. Psychic attack occurs under this framework. Black Tourmaline can stop the attack cold and
dissolve a sorcerers hook into any chakra within minutes of the necklace being worn. As well as send it back to
him and her. Sweet, instantaneous rubber band karma.

Here is some black tourmaline rough.
When transiting or progressed Saturn or Pluto create stress for you in an office where you dont get along with
coworkers, a demanding and unfair boss, or if youre in a public relations or people job, Black Tourmaline gets the
energy rebalanced so there is a fair give-and-take. And it will, over time, get the person or people out of your
spacepermanently. The old saying of what goes around, comes around, applies to Black Tourmaline. If a
person has it in for you, theyll be getting back exactly what they put out.
Having to do anything stressful like a lawsuit, going to court, getting fired from a job, a divorce, house
foreclosure, a move across country are Pluto-like changes.

In the medicine wheel, Black Tourmaline is North (earth) East (Earth and Air) energy. This is a minor direction,
but they are more powerful than a single direction simply because it is two energies combined. Twice the power.
This is the direction of the magician and this is truly where magic can occur. Black Tourmaline is one of the few
stones to be from this particular direction. It is magic in action on a third-dimensional playing field but also has the
ability to transform and transmute any energy that comes near it in any dimension. If thats not magic, I dont
know what is! This is also the direction of the serpent and of course, snakes in general trigger a lot of peoples
deepest fears. Black Tourmaline can deal with such deep fears and ease them considerably or completely.

Anyone can wear this necklace. If you are going into a stressful or confrontational situation, wear it. If you
have a nasty work environment, always wear it. If you need to travel and that is stressful on you, take your Black
Tourmaline necklace with you. If you have a fear of flying, this is a terrific companion to wear during that flight. No
more white knuckles and sweating.
Stress is defined by the individual. What may scare me wont scare youand vice versa. If you are stressed,
wear this necklace.
Everyone can benefit from Black Tourmaline. I never allow children under twelve to get around my necklaces
simply because they can break and then swallow a beador worse, potentially choke on it. This is a ground rule I
have across the board for all gemstones.
Schrol is the only type of Black Tourmaline. All the other colors of Tourmaline belong to different groups
geologically speaking. But ALL Tourmalines are piezoelectric and pyroelectric. Of all the Tourmalines, Black
Schrol is top dog when it comes to protecting a persons energy resources from other people and situations. The
other Tourmalines have different venue and use, and they will be covered in coming blogs in the future.
This gemstone works with all chakras, but has the most influence over the ROOT chakra. It is about rooting
and grounding the person completely within their body. When a person is in their body, then this gemstone can
work at maximum to protect them energetically. It also helps to ground Neptune people. Or anyone of any
zodiac sign that is out of their body.
There is a focus on the adrenal glands. When one considers what stress is, or how we see it, the adrenals
are always involved. Fight and flight hormones come from the Adrenal glands. When we are scared (another
word for stress), then the Adrenals jump into action and produce cortisol and adrenaline. When a person is in a
high cortisol, PTSD situation, please read my three blogs entitled Cortisol/PTSD in the archives of
http://medicalastrologybyeileennauman.blogspot.com. Read the four blogs from November 28, 29, 30 and
December 1, 2009 for help with this situation.
Black Tourmaline cannot fix cortisol problems. However, it can be an adjunct or support to primary medical
action via a Functional Medicine specialist. See: http://www.functionalmedicine.org/findfmphysician/index.asp to
find one near where you live.
Many people report that by wearing a black tourmaline necklace that they feel an energy pick up. Sometimes
these people are hanging out of their body (space cadet syndrome) and the gem anchors them solidly back into
their physical form. Theres always more energy if youre locked into your body energetically rather than hanging
out of it, instead. And, people who are exhausted, tired, or are adrenal exhausted can find help above, but also
will feel a bump up of energy by wearing Black Tourmaline.
A person with any illness can wear the necklace because of Black Tourmalines ability to transmute
negative/heavy energy. Over time it can actually help the person work through the dis-ease in a positive way.

There is no right or wrong time to wearing this Guard Dog gem. When you feel youre under stress or going
into a stressful or confrontational meeting, then wear your necklace. When youre not stressed, theres no need
to wear it.