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Lessons Learned
Configuring Motion and Motion Recording in the
WS5000 Software
Created on: Dec 26th, 2012 - Last modified: Sep 27th, 2013

How to configure motion and motion recording in the WS5000 software.
Video Management
Endura WS5000/WS5200 All Versions
Cameras must be recorded on motion.
Note: Motion Detection must be enabled on each camera and each camera must be assigned to a
recording pool.
In the WS5000 program, click on Setup.

Click on the Devices tab.

Select a camera from the list on the left.

Click on the Motion tab that is populated on the right window of the screen.

Draw a blue grid over the video window.

Click the checkbox "Activate Zone".

Save the desired settings by clicking Apply on the bottom right hand corner.
note: For information on what each of the settings on this page does, please see the Motion
section beginning on page 32 of the WorkStation Advanced System Management Software Manual
note: If the current settings do not cause an alarm to be triggered on motion, lower the Threshold
Percent. Consider changing to Threshold Blocks, as it can be easier to get an idea of the number of
blocks that need to experience motion as opposed to the percentage of blocks that need to experience
motion, see LL#11294 for details.
note: If using Threshold Blocks in the configuration, please be aware that if additional configuration is
needed, and whenever this page is accessed again (in the future), the dropdown box will default back to
Threshold Percent. Be sure to change this back to Threshold Blocks prior to applying any changes
each time this menu is accessed.
note: For best results, utilize the Preview motion checkbox to ensure that the Sensitivity and
Threshhold Blocks values are appropriately triggering when motion is present in the scene, and
conversely are appropriately not triggering (from minor pixel shifts such as shadows or lighting)
whenever the scene is still.

Repeat steps 3-7 for all cameras to be set as motion recording. 8.
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Article #12138 | Buildings Business Knowledgebase http://buildingskb.schneider-electric.com/view.php?AID=12138
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Next, create a Motion Recording Schedule -
In Setup, click on the Recording Schedules tab.

Click Add, to add a new recording schedule and name it something unique.

On the right hand side under the first section, Assign Dates and Times, click on the arrow icon and
choose Add.

Click OK to keep all of the defaults.

In the next section, click on the Event-Based Recording tab.

Click on the arrow icon and select Add.

Locate the Motion Alarms and click Add to add the alarm to the Assigned Events.

The next two sections provide a way to specify the camera(s) to be recorded when the motion alarm is
triggered. Cameras can be added individually or by group. (Only one of these sections needs to have
cameras added).
Article #12138 | Buildings Business Knowledgebase http://buildingskb.schneider-electric.com/view.php?AID=12138
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Schneider Electric | Terms and Conditions

Select the camera(s) and click Add to add the camera to the Assigned Cameras section.

Click the OK button to accept the settings.

Repeat steps 6-10 for each camera.

The camera alarms should now appear in the schedule list.

Pre and post alarm recording settings can now be applied.

Expand the alarm so that the camera is displayed.

Right click on the camera and choose Properties.

Configure the Pre and post alarm settings as desired. For information on what these settings do, please
see LL#10016.

When finished, click the Apply button on the bottom right hand corner to save the settings. 17.
Article #12138 | Buildings Business Knowledgebase http://buildingskb.schneider-electric.com/view.php?AID=12138
3 z 3 2013-12-04 15:27