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(A FUN Persuasive Game for In-class active learning! By Patricia Souza ! "##$%
Using the persuasive strategies &e 'ave learne( a)out in out te*t)oo+ ,ic+ five volunteers to ma+e a one-t&o
minute s,eec' to t'e rest of t'e class-
Here is an envelope of money I found around my house- .'e ,erson &'o is t'e most ,ersuasive gets to +ee,
all t'e money-
Instrution to the volunteer! /ou 'ave one to t&o minutes a,,ro*imately to convince t'e class t'at you s'oul(
get all t'e money in t'is )ag- /ou must use t'e means of ,ersuasion s'o&n on t'e Persuasion 0ar( you (ra& (et'os
,at'os or logos% to convince t'e class to give you t'is money-
Instrutions to the lass! 1emem)er t'at ,ersuasive (evises are not al&ays true an( t'at ,romises are not
al&ays +e,t- /our 2o) is to c'oose t'e ,erson &'o convinces you most t'at t'ey s'oul( get t'e money- .'in+ of t'e
,ersuasive tools t'ey use as &e &ill )e (iscussing t'em after t'is activity-
"ame Piees! .&o envelo,es of money 3 several consolation ,rizes 4 Persuasion 0ar(s 4 5onroe6s 5otivate(
Se7uence 0ar(s an( 4 sets of 8ogical Fallacies 0ar(s-
HO# $O P%A& !
'() *hoose a +udge( .'e 2u(ge &ill facilitate t'e game an( )rea+ any ties- .'is s'oul( )e t'e teac'er in most
,() Persuasion ards -Ethos. %ogos or Pathos)! Fan t'e car(s out face (o&n so t'at only t'e &or( 9,ersuasion6
is visi)le to t'e volunteer s,ea+er an( 'ave eac' volunteer c'ose one car(- :ac' volunteer 'as to use t'e
met'o( of ,ersuasion s'o&n on t'e face of t'eir ,ersuasion car(-
/() 0onroe1s 0otivated Se2uene! Give eac' volunteer s,ea+er a 5onroe6s 5otivate( Se7uence car(- S,ea+ers
must use t'is se7uence in t'eir ,ersuasion to get t'e money- A s,ea+er &'o )rea+s out of se7uence from
5onroe6s 5otivate( Se7uence loses one ,oint for eac' se7uence t'ey get caug't (oing out of or(er-
3() %ogial 4allaies *ards! ;ivi(e t'e au(ience u, into five grou,s- :ac' grou, is a su,,ort system for only one
of t'e volunteer s,ea+ers- :ac' s,ea+er &ill ,ic+ mem)ers for t'eir o&n su,,ort grou, ,rior to t'e start of t'e
game an( t'is su,,ort grou, &ill 'el, t'at s,ea+er (evise a ,ersuasive argument- .'e grou, &ill go over t'e
(ifferent ty,es of logical fallacies so t'ey &ill )e rea(y to ,ounce on some ,oor s,ea+er &'o tries to use a logical
fallacy an(<
1.) Su,,ort grou, tries to fin( fallacies in arguments ma(e from s,ea+ers ot'er t'an t'e s,ea+er t'ey
2.) S,ea+er tries to ma+e t'e argument &it'out using any of > logical fallacies (escri)e( on t'e car(s
3.) S,ea+er loses one ,oint for every logical fallacy s,ea+er is 0AUG?. ma+ing
5() Evidene! Fan evi(ence s'eets out face (o&n- :ac' s,ea+er ,ic+s @ ,ieces of evi(ence- From t'ose @ ,ieces
of evi(ence t'e s,ea+er can only use one to use as )ac+u, to t'eir ,ersuasive claim ()ecause t'is is only a one-
t&o minute ,resentation-
S$RA$E"IES $O #IN ! -Eah spea6er starts 7ith 5 points eah)
1.) 0atc' t'e o,,osing s,ea+er em,loying logical fallacies 3 using 5onroe6s 5otivate( Se7uence out of
2.) Stay organize( using 5onroe6s 5otivate( Se7uence an( (on6t use logical fallacies= an(
3.) Be res,ectful to t'e 2u(ge- If a tie occurs &inning is at t'e 2u(ge6s (iscretion (2u(ge must not )e )ias
must 2u(ge )y t'e merit 7uality of content an( (elivery of t'e s,ea+er6s argument%-
A-% S,ea+er< :nvelo,e of money!
"-% Su,,ort Grou,< ;oor ,rize eac' (a can(y )ar eac' or somet'ing li+e t'at%-
@-% 8osers< 0onsolation ,rize eac' (may)e a ,e,,ermint or somet'ing%-
1.) Persuasion ;efine( (,g @B>%< 0an any)o(y tell me &'at it means to ,ersua(e accor(ing to our te*tC (.'e
,rocess of attem,ting to c'ange or reinforce attitu(es )eliefs values or )e'aviors%-
2.) 5onroe6s 5otivate( Se7uence (,g @>$%< is a five-ste, ,attern t'at integrates a ,ro)lem-solution a,,roac'-
0an any)o(y tell me &'at t'ose five ste,s areC
3.) Strategies for 5otivating /our Au(ience< D'at (i( you learn a)out t'e strategies of motivation an au(ience
(et'os logos 3 ,at'os%C
4.) 8ogical Fallacies (,g @>#%< D'at are t'e (ifferent logical fallacies t'at a(vertisers an( s,ea+ers often utilize
an( &'at (o t'ey meanC (0ausal Ban(&agon :it'er-or ?asty Generalization Personal Attac+ 1e(
?erring A,,eal to 5is,lace( Aut'ority Non-se7uitur-%
5.) S,ea+er6s ,ersuasive met'o(s (,g @EB%< D'at (o you t'in+ of t'e s,ea+ers6 met'o(sC 8et6s tal+ a)out t'em
one at a time-
a- 5et'o( use(C
)- Use( effectivelyC
c- D'at (i( you li+e most a)out t'at s,ea+erC