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Chapter 1

In this chapter we represent The event of Ariel and Fe Resort and Restaurant. And it
contains the Background of the Study, Statement of the Problem, Objective of the
Study, Scope and Delimitation and Definition of terms in technical aspects.

Background of the Project
Computer is important nowadays. It makes life more convenient and people
where able to make work easier and faster. And because of computer, works of man will
be more reliable and produce accurate results. This study was made for the purpose of
removing manual process that people manipulate and do thing that beneficial to them.
Computer stands the one that has an important role in our modern way of life. The
proponents choose the Reservation System for Ariel and Fe to manage their reservation
faster and without wasting their time in making reservation. The system that the
proponents choose has Features that the user can manage and easy to understand by
the other people if they are well trained. The propose system can Add, Save, Update,
Search, Delete, Print records, and Manage account . They can use it in their working
problems. Ariel and Fe Resort and Restaurant has a problem in manual recording and
filling up information. It will take a lot of time in filling up and writing a lot of data. Some
files of the Customer are just stored in a cabinet on the Managers office. The CRO or
Authorized person who manages the system will take time to search files when
customer wants to verify something. Sometimes other forms of the Customer are lost
because of insufficient storage and security. The proponents want to aid the problems
of Ariel and Fe Resort And Restaurant so the proponents proposed a system that can
help them and make fast and better services in their Company. This system will being
able to make a retrieve and restore data. And it will also provide different fill-up forms for
different event reservation.

Statement of the problem
The main problem that the proponents observed was that he information
generated using existing reservation system (the manual system) is not that accurate
and clears for both the customer and the management. The proponent also observed
that the Customer Relations Officer took a hard time retrieving the needed information
about reservation form and customer.
In the problem process in reservation of events, retrieving and restoring data, human
error and hard manual process. The proponents also cited the problem in putting a data
to the record book the CRO or Manager can possibly write wrong details and misspelled
words. And difficulty for the CRO in making new forms for event reservation and lack of
security for the files.

1. Data Redundancy occurs
The Customer Relationship Officer does not check if the new customer record
already exists.
2. Details are not complete and clarified
Some customer do not fill out all the requirement information in the forms and
some do not write the appropriate information needed.

Objective of the Project
General Objective
The study aim to develop a reservation system for Ariel and Fe Restaurant to
help them solve underlying problems with their manual reservation system such as
consuming time money and effort.

Specific objective
Specifically, the proposed system aims:
1. To help speed up the process of Ariel and Fe Restaurant.
2. To automated the manual reservation of Ariel and Fe.
3. To standardized the reservation system with the list of guests.
4. To reduced the amount of time to and effort consume by the customer to reserve.
5. Provide user account and password to ensure the security of stored files.
6. To least their expenses in making reservation.

Significance of the project

Reservation System for Ariel and Fe Hotel restaurant is very Significant to those
who reserves and to the manager who makes reservation. Instead of wasting their time
and effort of making reservations manually, the proposed system will make a better and
much easier way of reserving foods and occasions. Less burden to those who waste
their time in signing up the manual system.

The Following is Significant of the Project:
To the CRO.
By the use of the System, works of the CRO can be less and easy to retrieve data and
collecting information needed comparing to the Existing System(manual system) and it
well beneficial to them because it will not take too long for the reservation process. And
he / she manage the confirmation of a reserve for each events.
To the Management.
With the help of the System, the manager is the one who beneficially can easily
access, retrieve the events that the Customer reserves all the way he/she reserves
something, manage the summary and report for the reservation of the event and it can
add, edit and delete records.
To the Restaurant.
In the help of the system, it will beneficial to their Company especially to their
Reservation process.
To the Accountant the accountant is the one in charge in managing the reservation
of the payment of the customer.

Scope and Delimitation
The main scope and delimitation of Ariel and Fe Resort and Restaurant is to create a
computerized reservation form. Thus, it will reduce the number of time need to fill up the
form physically. The system will also provide the information about packages of the
restaurant gives information about the company. The system will also provide the
reports of the customer. It can also Add, Save, Delete Records and Update events etc.
The System is not Online-Based System so it cannot provide a long-term access for the
future user unless the proponent will updated the system or maintenance it, and when
the Customer have a reservation problems they need to go in the restaurant to report
their problems.

Definitions of Terms
Reservation: the action of reserving something.
Standardized: cause (something) to conform to a standard.
Delimited: determine the limits or boundaries of a system.
Scope: the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it
is relevant.
Aims: a purpose or intention; a desired outcome.
Event Management is the proposed system for Ariel and Fe Resort and Restaurant.
Reservation is the main area of this system. But it can also retrieve and restore data of
the Customer.

Manager the manager are the ones that benefit for the proposed system for them to
have a better service.

CRO the CRO is the one in charge in managing the reservation of the restaurant.