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Welcome Lo llLz! 1hls ls your offlclal LlmeLable for lreshers' Week (4
of CcLober) and lncludes !C8 soclal evenLs ln
addlLlon Lo Lhose puL on by College. ln general, you can Lake your plck of whaL Lo do, buL evenLs LhaL College say you
abso|ute|y must aLLend are *starred and under||ned*. updaLes wlll be puL on hLLp://flLz[cr.com as well as Lhe !C8 1wlLLer
and lacebook feeds, noL Lo menLlon Lhe 'llLz LnLs' lacebook page, so keep your eyes peeled for Lhose.
We recommend LhaL SaLurday ls Lhe besL day for you Lo arrlve lf you wanL Llme Lo seLLle ln before sLarLlng off on Lhls
masLerplece of a LlmeLable, buL deflnlLely do Lry Lo geL ln before we sLop selllng gowns (4pm on Sunday) or your gownless
self could sLand ouL aL Lhe MaLrlculaLlon ulnner on Monday. lf for some reason you can'L geL here ln Llme, please emall any
member of Lhe !C8 and we wlll Lry our besL Lo sorL you ouL.
?our LnLs Leam (fabulously plcLured below) wlll be sLrongly presenL aL Lhe llLz SocleLles lalr as well as oLher evenLs durlng
Lhe week selllng lreshers' acks for 10. 1hese lnclude a 1-ShlrL necessary for Lhe legendary pub crawl and a LlckeL for whaL
wlll undoubLedly be Lhe hlghllghL of your week (lf noL your llfe) - 'llLz up Look Sharp'. 1hey'll also be selllng addlLlonal
wrlsLbands glvlng you cheap enLry lnLo Cambrldge's clubs on Wednesday and 1hursday (Lhere's no paylng wlLh cash on Lhe
door durlng lreshers' Week).

So wlLh all LhaL belng sald, Lhe mosL lmporLanL Lhlng ls Lo have a greaL Llme and hopefully Lhls gulde wlll help you do [usL LhaL.
1here's plenLy Lo do wheLher you drlnk or noL, so geL lnvolved! ?ou only geL one lreshers' Week, so don'L worry abouL
rememberlng names and don'L worry abouL lecLures - you've goL plenLy of Llme for LhaL. !usL go ahead and en[oy yourself!
llLz LnLs

9:30pm - 12am

Saturday 4th Cctober

Meet and Greet - North and South orters' Lodges
Cne of Lhe !C8 commlLLee members (look ouL for Lhe flashy hoodles) wlll Lake you Lo plck up your
room key and unlverslLy card as well as slgn your room conLracL (keep all of Lhose safe!). 1hey'll Lhen
show you Lo your room and help you wlLh your belonglngs should you need lL. We're a frlendly bunch,
so lf you need any help aL all [usL ask!
n.8. lL's besL Lo be dropped off aL Lhe orLers' Lodge on SLorey's Way (Lhe SouLh lodge) and geL your
famlly Lo park on Lhe PunLlngdon 8oad slde (Lhe norLh lodge) as LhaL's much closer Lo your
accommodaLlon whlch wlll make lL a loL easler Lo unpack.
1ea w|th your corr|dor reps - our Corr|dor
Corrldor reps are 2
years who have volunLeered Lo help you seLLle ln on Lhe flrsL day. 1hey're Lhere Lo
answer any quesLlons you mlghL have as well as help Lo geL you seL up on Lhe College Wl-ll, Permes
webmall and 8aven (your Cambrldge logln). lL's really lmporLanL Lo do Lhls as key emalls, such as your
blll, wlll be senL ln Lhe flrsL week of you belng here. 8emember your corrldor reps as Lhey can be a
good way Lo geL Lo know people ln Lhe year above as well as provldlng frlendly faces around college.
Meet your sta|rcase - A 8|ock = Stretton koom, 8 8|ock = Soc|et|es koom, C 8|ock = ICk
L 8|ock = 1V koom, I 8|ock = 8ar, 8|ock = Upper na|| 1
?our corrldor reps wlll Lake you Lo Lhe above places Lo glve you a chance Lo soclallse wlLh your block.
8e warned, Lhere'll be Lhe lce-breakers you LhoughL you lefL behlnd ln school, so embrace Lhem.
*Meet your ICk - keddaway koom*
ln whaL wlll almosL cerLalnly be anoLher hlghllghL of your week, you'll have Lhe chance Lo meeL us and
geL any remalnlng quesLlons you have answered.
D|nner - 8uttery
8eward your hard work unpacklng wlLh some dlnner, whlch wlll be held aL Lhls Llme LhroughouL full
Lerm. WhllsL you're aL lL, why noL arrange Lo meeL your college parenLs lf you haven'L already done so?
1hey'll glve you Lhe beneflL of Lhelr year's worLh of wlsdom and make sure you know whaL's whaL.
'Speed Mate-|ng' - 8uttery
?ou've meL your corrldor. ?ou've meL your sLalrcase. now lL's Llme Lo meeL your year. Cverseen by Lwo
glamorous speakers Lo make sure LhaL Lhere are no awkward momenLs, geL ready Lo meeL a loL of
people. lasL.
8op - 8ar *Iancy Dress
8ops usually happen afLer Superhalls (fancy dress formals held Lwlce a Lerm) and are parLles held for
Lhe whole college ln Lhe bar. 1he Lheme for your flrsL bop ls kU8Ik'S CU8L. Confused? Lach of you
should Lurn up wearlng a rldlculous amounL of cloLhes ln a range of colours (ldeally red, whlLe, blue,
yellow, green and orange - you've guessed lL, Lhe colours of a 8ublk's Cube). 1he alm ls Lo Lrade and
flnlsh Lhe nlghL wearlng only your block's colour.

A 8|ock = Crange, 8 8|ock = Green, C 8|ock = Wh|te, L 8|ock = ked, I 8|ock = e||ow, 8|ock = 8|ue
So geL down Lo rlmark and geL creaLlve wlLh Lhe cardboard, palnL and everyLhlng horrendous ln your
dresslng up box. 8ops are all abouL havlng a laugh, so rldlculous cosLumes, cheesy muslc, and a sweaLy
bar are absoluLely guaranLeed.
3pm - 4pm

4pm - Spm

Spm - S:20pm

6pm - 7pm

8pm - 9:1Spm

10:30am - Late

Sunday Sth Cctober
ICk & We|fare 8reakfast - Cafe
A chance Lo grab some breakfasL and Lalk Lo any of Lhe welfare Leam or oLher !C8 members.
Gown Sa|e - Upper na|| 1
Cne of Lhe mosL Parry oLLer-esque Lhlngs abouL sLudylng aL Cambrldge ls LhaL you wlll own a gown
(unless you go Lo klngs). ?ou'll need one for Lomorrow's MaLrlculaLlon ulnner as well as for all formals,
so don'L forgeL Lo come along and buy one. new gowns wlll be 40 and second hand gowns 20. 1he
number of second hand gowns ls llmlLed so lf you are looklng Lo geL one please arrlve early.
Cowns can be pald for by cash or cheque. Cheques should be made payable Lo 'llLzwllllam College
!unlor Members AssoclaLlon' and should have your full name on Lhe reverse slde.
I|tz Soc|et|es Ia|r - Upper na|| 2
All socleLles and sporLs Leams wlll Lry and geL you Lo slgn up Lo Lhelr club aL Lhls evenL. Come and flnd
ouL whaL's for you and meeL new people along Lhe way. Check ouL hLLp://www.flLz.cam.ac.uk/college-
llfe/sporLs-clubs and hLLp://www.flLz.cam.ac.uk/college-llfe/socleLles for an ldea of whaL's on offer.
n.8. ?ou'll need your Camlu Lo slgn up Lo any socleLles. 1haL's Lhe leLLers and dlglLs before Lhe '[' ln
your Cambrldge emall address e.g. lf your emall ls !w462[cam.ac.uk, your Camlu ls !w462.
Murray Ldwards' Ireshers Garden arty - Murray Ldwards
1helr May Week Carden arLy sold ouL ln 20 mlnuLes and your LnLs Leam have managed Lo worm you
an lnvlLe Lo Lhelr lreshers evenL. LxpecL very good Lhlngs.
We|come Serv|ce - Chape|
A servlce for all and a chance Lo meeL our wonderful Chaplaln 8everend Pelen Arnold who's always
happy for you Lo drop ln for Lea/coffee and a chaL abouL anyLhlng LhaL may be on your mlnd regardless
of your falLh. lollowed by sandwlches and cake ln Lhe CrypL.
Iour ubs and a C|ub (Inc|udes ub u|z and oo|) - Meet |n 8ar
A favourlLe for lreshers and non-lreshers allke wheLher you drlnk or noL, Lhls wlll be your flrsL LasLe of
Cambrldge nlghLllfe - and boy ls lL unlque! Make sure you've grabbed a lreshers' ack from Lhe LnLs
Leam, you'll need lL Lo Lake parL. llnd Lhe evenL and more lnfo on Lhe 'llLz LnLs' l8 page.

10am - 11am

2pm - 4pm

2pm - 4pm

3pm - Spm

6pm - 7pm


Monday 6th Cctober

*DoS] 1utor Introduct|ons - Var|ous Locat|ons*
?our ulrecLor of SLudles and 1uLor wlll be ln Louch abouL conflrmlng a Llme and locaLlon.
*We|fare and Safety 1a|ks ft. Cyc|e keg|strat|on - Aud|tor|um*
An offlclal welcome by Lhe College along wlLh heaps of lmporLanL lnformaLlon Lo go wlLh lL.
*Study Sk|||s Workshops and L|brary Induct|on*
1he workshops are a chance for you Lo work ln groups and recelve general sLudy advlce from a fellow.
1here should also be an opporLunlLy for you Lo ask hlm/her any quesLlons you may have. 1he llbrary
lnducLlon ls run by Lhe College Llbrarlan ChrlsLlne Lewls who ls probably Lhe nlcesL llbrarlan ln
Cambrldge! She'll lnLroduce you Lo all Lhe learnlng resources Lhe College has Lo offer.
*DoS] 1utor Introduct|ons - Var|ous Locat|ons*
More of Lhese for Lhose who haven'L yeL had Lhelr appolnLmenL.
*I|tzw||||am: A 8r|ef n|story - Aud|tor|um*
?ou sLudy aL Lhe besL Cambrldge College, so lL's only rlghL you know lLs hlsLory. repare Lo geL your
8llly-prlde flowlng.
n.8. 8emember Lo leave enough Llme Lo geL ready and puL your gown on for Lhe flrsL Llme as you'll be
headlng off Lo your MaLrlculaLlon ulnner shorLly afLerwards! ?ou'll obvlously need Lo save some Llme
Lo sLop on Lhe way and Lake phoLos of each oLher ln your full glory.
*re D|nner Dr|nks w|th your 1utor - Var|ous Locat|ons*
A greaL way Lo geL Lo know your 1uLor, your academlc peers and Lhelr cholce of drlnk. College wlll geL
ln Louch Lo conflrm places and Llmes.
*Matr|cu|at|on D|nner - na||* *Iorma| wear and gowns
MaLrlculaLe ls Cambrldge Lalk for slgn a documenL promlslng Lo be good and Lhereby [oln Lhe
unlverslLy offlclally". ?ou'll do Lhls Lomorrow mornlng. 1o celebraLe, Lhere are several excepLlonally
good dlnners you geL LhroughouL your Llme aL llLz: Lhls ls your flrsL and lL ls a really speclal evenL.

Iazz N|ght ft. the S|rens and I|tz 8arbershop - 8ar
1he College ls home Lo Lwo LalenLed a cappella groups - Lhe llLz Slrens and llLz 8arbershop. 8oLh
regularly perform aL evenLs all over Lhe unlverslLy and beyond and slng everyLhlng from [azz Lo pop.
9am - 10:30am

10:30am - 12:1Spm

Crgan|sed by

2:30pm - S:30pm

6:00pm - 6:S0pm

6:S0pm - 7:30pm

7:30pm - 9:30pm

9:30pm - 12am

1uesday 7th Cctober

*DoS] 1utor Introduct|ons - Var|ous Locat|ons*
?eL more of Lhese for Lhose who haven'L yeL had Lhelr appolnLmenL.

*Matr|cu|at|on - Aud|tor|um* *Iorma| wear and gowns
1he momenL you offlclally become a member of Lhe unlverslLy - lL's klnd of a blg deal. MaLrlculaLlon ls
very sLralghLforward and conLrary Lo popular bellef you wlll noL need Lo reclLe LaLln or kneel aL any
Llme. 1haL's saved for CraduaLlon. ?ou'll slgn Lhe maLrlculaLlon sheeL, agree Lo ablde by Lhe rules of
Lhe College and geL Lo meeL and greeL Lhe !C8 resldenL and Lhe Senlor 1uLor.
?ou'll need Lo congregaLe ln Lhe AudlLorlum aL Lhe followlng Llmes accordlng Lo your surname:
M - Z 11.00am
A - L 11.13am
|ease be on Llme.

*Matr|cu|at|on hotograph - Grove Lawn* *Iorma| wear and gowns
?ou wlll have an lndlvldual and a group phoLo Laken - always a musL for your parenLs, aunLles,
grandparenLs and Lhe llke. 1he group phoLo wlll be of Lhe year group, Lhe !C8 resldenL, your 1uLors
and Senlor Members of Lhe College lncludlng Lhe MasLer. 8y Lhe way, lL's noL Lrue LhaL you have Lo
wear black and whlLe for Lhe Lwo phoLos, buL a loL of people do.
Cambr|dge Soc|et|es' Ia|r ft. Iacu|t|es - Meet at North |odge
1he annual unlverslLy-wlde SocleLles' lalr ls Lhe besL opporLunlLy Lo geL ouL of your College shell and
your flrsL Lo properly explore Cambrldge. 1here'll be over 400 socleLles glvlng ouL lnformaLlon as well
as loLs of free sLuff ln a bld Lo geL you Lo [oln. lL mlghL be a good ldea Lo check ouL Lhe Cambrldge
SocleLles ulrecLory (hLLp://www.cusu.cam.ac.uk/socleLles/dlrecLory/) Lo form an ldea of whaL you wanL
Lo slgn-up Lo. MosL lmporLanLly, Lhere'll be a uomlnos sLall glvlng ouL free plzza.
1he falr ls held over Lwo days, 1uesday ls Lhe flrsL. 1hls wlll be your chance Lo head Lhere ln a group vla
your laculLy (handy for when lecLures sLarL on 1hursday), led by members of Lhe !C8.
I|tz Up Look Sharp - Aud|tor|um *Iancy Dress
1aklng place Lwlce a year, Lhls legendary evenL promlses Lo showcase some of Lhe besL muslcal LalenL
Cambrldge has Lo offer. 1he Lheme ls CLD SCnCCL, so Lhlnk blg people. 1he headllner ls lLchy leeL - a
huge one and guaranLees Lo sell ouL. 1he lreshers from Lhe oLher Plll Colleges (Medwards and
Churchlll) amongsL oLhers wlll be Lhere, wlll you? Make sure you've grabbed a lreshers' ack from Lhe
LnLs Leam, you'll need a LlckeL Lo geL ln. llnd Lhe evenL and more lnfo on Lhe 'llLz LnLs' l8 page.

9am - 10:30am

Irom 11am



9pm - 1:30am

Wednesday 8th Cctober
8oat C|ub Nov|ce Cpen Day & 88 - 18C
So you've slgned up for rowlng aL Lhe llLz SocleLles lalr buL you have no ldea whaL lL's abouL? no
worrles. Pere you'll be able Lo soclallse wlLh Lhe boaLles over a 88C Lhen burn off Lhose calorles by
geLLlng ln a boaL wlLh some senlors and glvlng lL a Lry yourself. 1here'll be a walklng/cycllng parLy
headlng Lo Lhe boaLhouse aL 10:43am, buL feel free Lo drop ln aL any Llme durlng Lhe day.
keg|strat|on w|th nunt|ngton koad Surgery - Wa|ker koom 11
lL's really lmporLanL LhaL you reglsLer wlLh your nearesL Surgery (llLerally a 3 mlnuLe walk) ln Lhe case
LhaL you do need a C. ?ou'll be able Lo do Lhls ln College. lf noL, you'll have Lo go Lhere ln your own
Introduc|ng CICCU - Meet |n 8ar
ClCCu ls Lhe Cambrldge lnLer-ColleglaLe ChrlsLlan SLudenLs unlon. no hour-long sermons or lnLense
preachlng. !usL come along for some free plzza and drlnks and llsLen Lo whaL Lhe llLz Cu has Lo offer
and why you should conslder [olnlng.
Scavenger nunt ft. unt|ng and ub - Meet |n 8ar
MulLlple challenges. 1hlrLy one colleges. Cne afLernoon. Who wlll wln Lhe llLz Scavenger PunL? 8y
chooslng prlzes LhaL we'd raLher noL glve away you can be sure LhaL a few hours of dlvlng around
Cambrldge wlll be Llme well spenL.
Why noL Lhen Lry your hand aL a blL of punLlng down Lhe 8lver Cam? A greaL way Lo see some of Lhe
colleges along Lhe rlver, and one of 1PL Lhlngs Lo do ln Cambrldge. lL's lmposslble Lo fall ln Lhe Cam,
excepL for a very speclal few!
?ou'll be hungry by Lhls polnL, so mark your lasL day of Lrue freedom ln sLyle by LreaLlng yourself Lo a
Lyplcal pub meal ln Lhe company of your new llLz famlly.
Mov|e N|ght - Gordon Cameron Lecture 1heatre
We're mlxlng lL up a blL so geL down Lo Lhe Cordon Cameron for Lhe screenlng of Lhe CreaL 8rlLlsh
8akeoff llnal. Worrled abouL your lnevlLable sweeL LooLh? opcorn wlll be provlded. SeaLs wlll be
llmlLed so geL down early Lo avold dlsappolnLmenL/achy legs.

C|ub N|ght Q C|nd|es - Meet |n 8ar
Clndles (offlclally called 8allare) ls probably Cambrldge's mosL popular club and ls deflnlLely lLs
cheeslesL, playlng a comblnaLlon of recenL charL hlLs, 90s pop and even Lhe occaslonal ulsney number
(Llon klng anyone?). SLudenLs Lend Lo flock here on a regular basls and LonlghL wlll be one of lLs buslesL
nlghLs of Lerm.

10:4Sam]A|| day

12:30pm - 1pm

1:30pm - 7pm

8pm - 9pm


11am - 1pm

1hursday 9

th Cctober


Lectures 8eg|n!
Cddly, Cambrldge weeks begln on 1hursdays. 1haL means Loday ls Lhe flrsL day of lecLures and Lhe
offlclal sLarL of your Cambrldge academlc llfe - sLarL off on Lhe rlghL fooL and geL Lo Lhem on Llme!
ub u|z - 8uttery
We expecL you already know how qulzzes work. ?ou mlghL even Lhlnk you're qulLe good aL Lhem. 8uL
you have never done a Cambrldge pub qulz. A qulz where Lhe compeLlLlve sLreak LhaL everyone Lrles Lo
hlde ln Lhe name of 'maklng frlends' ls revealed when you desperaLely Lry Lo remember Lhe name of
every member of S Club 7. 1he sLakes are hlgh, buL aL Lhe end of Lhe day lL's only a qulz, rlghL?
'1hursday nead||ner' C|ub N|ght - Meet |n 8ar
1he '1hursday Peadllner' promlses Lo be Lhe maln club nlghL of lreshers' Week, held aL a secreL
Cambrldge locaLlon (soon Lo be conflrmed) and armed wlLh a cracklng llne-up.
Cambr|dge Ioot||ghts 1our - 1he ADC 1heatre
CaLch Lhls year's looLllghLs show for Lhe lasL Llme afLer Lhelr Lour of London, Ldlnburgh and Amerlca.
1hls ls Lhe chance Lo see lasL year's LalenLed wrlLers and performers as Lhey brlng freshly honed, sharp,
hllarlous skeLches Lo Lhe AuC sLage. Many pasL looLllghLs members have gone on Lo be aL Lhe forefronL
of our enLerLalnmenL lndusLry, lncludlng SLephen lry, 8oberL Webb and uavld MlLchell.
8esL Lo book beforehand aL: 'hLLps://www.adcLheaLre.com/whaLs-on/comedy/fooLllghLs-lnLernaLlonal-

Lectures Cont|nue
1ea 1ast|ng - I|tz Caf
Calllng all Lea lovers! Magda, our lovely Cafe Supervlsor, wlll be runnlng a Lea LasLlng sesslon LhaL wlll
ulLlmaLely lead Lo Lhe selecLlon of a new group of Leas Lo be served ln Lhe cafe. Come along Lo sample
and Lhen plck your favourlLes and have your say on whaL's sold for Lhe resL of Lhe year.
Church||| av - Church|||]the Un|on
?ou've meL Lhe folks aL Medwards, now lL's Churchlll's Lurn. WhaL beLLer way Lhan by Lurnlng up Lo
Lhelr flrsL bop of Lerm? lL's all change Lhls year, wlLh Lhelr av now movlng Lo Lhe unlon. '8ack Lo
School' Lhemed, expecL good muslc, drlnks deals and a greaL nlghL! SLay Luned for updaLes..
C|are Lnts - C|are Co||ege Ce||ars
lf you're noL feellng Churchlll, Clare Cellars ls a popular desLlnaLlon on lrldays - playlng hosL Lo llve
muslc and u!s. revlous performers lnclude 1lnle 1empah and Chase & SLaLus.
A|| Day



Ir|day 10

A|| Day




Lectures Cont|nue
lor sclenLlsLs, englneers and medlcs Lhe lecLures conLlnue. lor arLs sLudenLs, a lle ln wlll probably be ln
8runch - 8uttery
8runch Lakes place every SaLurday ln Pall, buL lL plays such an lmporLanL role ln llLz's food calendar
LhaL we had Lo lnclude lL ln Lhe LlmeLable Lo make sure you don'L mlss ouL! 1hls week only, 8runch wlll
have an lnLernaLlonal LwlsL wlLh a varleLy of Aslan and Luropean foods on offer.
Internat|ona| Lven|ng - Wa|ter Grave koom
1hlnk back Lo Lhe lnLernaLlonal Lvenlngs of your rlmary School days. 1here'll be a calllgraphy
workshop and cheese LasLlng amongsL oLher greaL acLlvlLles. ln addlLlon, llLz wlll see Lhe launch of lLs
exclLlng new language scheme whlch wlll glve Lhose wanLlng Lo learn a new language Lhe chance Lo
palr up wlLh a llLzbllly LhaL's fluenL. Learn a language and make a frlend. erfecL.
8op ft. MCk - 8ar
?ou may have maLrlculaLed on 1uesday buL Loday ls LhaL emoLlonal momenL for Lhe CraduaLes of Lhe
College and ln celebraLlon you have been lnvlLed Lo Lhelr bop. 1hls ls a rare opporLunlLy Lo mlngle wlLh
Lhe fancy MC8 (Mlddle ComblnaLlon 8oom - Lhe body LhaL represenLs Lhe Crads) who you'll lnevlLably
see around. 1here's good and bad news. 1he bad - unforLunaLely Lhere's no fancy dress. Powever Lhere
wlll be karaoke, drlnks and charL-Loppers from all around Lhe world amldsL oLher dellghLs.

Sunday 12

Saturday 11
Courtesy of your Internat|ona| Cff|cer, a number of events he|d today w||| have an |nternat|ona| fee| to them. As ever,
they're open to everyone so get |nvo|ved!

th Cctober


11:30am - 1:30pm


I|nd a Church 8reakfast - Meet |n 8ar
A chance Lo have some breakfasL wlLh Lhe good people ln ClCCu. 1hey'll lnLroduce you Lo Lhe varlous
Churches around Cambrldge and flnd Lhe one LhaL's besL for you. ?ou'll Lhen head Lhere LogeLher for
Sunday Servlce.
8|||y Day - Cxford koad |ay|ng I|e|ds
Lovlngly organlsed by your resldenL and vlce-resldenLs of SporLs & SocleLles, a relaxed sporLs day for
all of llLz. uon'L worry lf sporL lsn'L your Lhlng, come and celebraLe Lhe end of whaL wlll have been an
amazlng week wlLh a 88C and Lhe all lmporLanL bouncy casLle.

Ireshers' Concert - Chape|
WhaL's Lhe perfecL way Lo end your week? An lnformal ConcerL showcaslng our newesL muslclans
(fuLure sLars) LhaL's whaL! ?ou'll be able Lo see Lhem perform ln a relaxed, frlendly seLLlng and also
mlngle wlLh oLher muslclans aL Lhe muslc socleLy soclal afLerwards.
*We|fare and Consent Workshops* - 18C
1here wlll be several mandaLory half hour workshops over Lhls weekend and Lhe nexL Lo dlscuss
relaLlonshlps and sexual consenL. lease be aware LhaL Lhese sesslons wlll cover senslLlve Loplcs. lf you
have any concerns whaLsoever lL ls lmporLanL LhaL you conLacL a member of Lhe welfare Leam (you'll
flnd conLacL deLalls on Lhe !C8 webslLe) prlor Lo Lhe workshop.
18C (keep an eye
out for updates)


4pm - 6pm

10pm - 12am

18C (keep an eye
out for updates)

8eyond Ireshers' Week
1he enLs don'L sLop because your work has sLarLed. Pere's a llLLle LasLe of whaL's comlng up:
Iam||y Superha|| and 8op (on 1hursday) - Wednesday 1S
and 1hursday 16
Cctober 2014 - 19:30
?our flrsL Superhall and a chance Lo geL Lo know your college parenLs as well as your new broLher or slsLer over a meal ln
formal hall. 1he besL blL? 1he meal's on Lhem (Lhey'll also leL you know whaL day Lhey've booked you onLo). As we don'L yeL
Lhlnk you've had enough fancy dress, Lhe Lheme ls IAMCUS IAMILILS *shock/surprlse*. ?ou can sLreLch LhaL as far as you
llke. ln prevlous years Lhere's been everyLhlng from Monopoly roperLles Lo 1eleLubbles. no maLLer whaL day you're eaLlng,
[oln us aL Lhe bop afLer 1hursday's Superhall.
na||oween Superha|| and 8op - Ir|day 31
Cctober 2014 - 19:30
1he lasL Superhall of Lerm, look ouL for more lnformaLlon soon.
I|tz Sess|ons - Var|ous
A fanLasLlc nlghL of llve muslc and performances ln Lhe bar. A few Llmes a year, everyone gaLhers Lo waLch llLz's muslcal and
comedlc LalenL (wlLh a few acLs broughL ln from around Cambrldge). 8arbershop, acousLlc, lndle-pop bands, poeLry and
comedy eLc. are all welcome Lo perform on a nlghL noL Lo mlss.
I|tzmas - Lnd of term
llLz puLs lLs own spln on ChrlsLmas. LxpecL ChrlsLmas ulnner and karaoke.
ke-Ireshers' Week - 8eg|nn|ng of Lent 1erm
8ellve Lhose golden momenLs once agaln.
C|ub N|ghts
WheLher lL's 1uesday Clndles, 1hursday Lolas or any oLher queue [ump LlckeLs you're afLer, message 'llLz LnLs' on lacebook
and we'll hook you up.

1h|s way to:
- 1own CenLre - 7 mln cycle/13 mln walk
- Aldl/Co-op/lceland/uomlnos - 2 mln cycle/3 mln walk
- PunLlngLon 8oad Surgery - 1 mln cycle/ 3 mln walk
- uownlng SlLe - 10 mln cycle/20 mln walk

1h|s way to:
- ClrLon - 7 mln cycle/20 mln walk
- Cxford 8oad - 2 mln cycle/3 mln walk
1h|s way to:
- Sldgwlck SlLe - 7 mln cycle/13 mln walk
- WesL 8oad (MaLhs, hyslcs) - 3 mln cycle/10 mln walk
- Churchlll/Medwards