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Ref. No 7438/DAK/2014 Dated 02-10-2014

Healthcare Crisis in Valley due to defunct referral Hospitals: DAK
Will file a PIL seeking probe into hospital deaths.
Srinagar Oct 02: President Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Dr
Nisar ul Hassan today in a statement said that there is healthcare crisis in
valley due to defunct premier hospitals. SMHS, Lal Ded, GB Pant,
SKIMS Bemina hospitals which have been ravaged by devastating
floods have not been made operational yet. These referral hospitals have
not been properly disinfected so far thus putting patients and doctors to
risk of infections. The damaged machinery has not been restored or
replaced without which tertiary care hospital is like a boat without oar.
The damaged oxygen plants, the lifeline of hospitals, have not been
made functional and there are no blood bank facilities.
Governments claim that hospitals are working normally is hoax as
on ground hospitals they are non functional. Patients in the valley are
left to the mercy of Almighty as the referral hospitals are out of service
and they have nowhere to go.
Authorities are in deep slumber, shying away from their responsibility
and as if they have nothing to do with the difficulties of people.
The restorations of hospitals have to be the highest priority of the
government and it is not only its responsibility but its duty.
Rather than making referral hospitals operational, doctors of GB Pant
hospital, the only tertiary care hospitals for children, have been directed
to work in district hospitals thus government is in no mood to restore the
services of referral hospital.
DAK will file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking a probe into
hospital deaths during floods. There was no alert to hospitals and the
stranded patients were not rescued timely with the result 13 precious
lives were lost in SMHS and scores of infants died in GB Pant and LD
hospitals. We are moving to court to fix responsibility of deaths and
punish people involved in criminal negligence.
Government has failed in assessing the magnitude of floods and was
not prepared for managing floods which endangered human lives.