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Latikesh Sharma

Senior Producer - TV 9 channel, Maharashtra

Mumbai, Maharashtra
latikeshsharma@gmail.com - 09920685852
Senior Producer
TV 9 channel, Maharashtra - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Curriculum Vitiate of Latikesh Sharma
Latikesh Sharma
704,B Wing , Risabh
Sangavi nagar , next to Aden Bakery
Mira Road(East )
Contact Mobile Telephone no 09920685852/09029092571
Email id
I possess effective communication skills and have good experience of professional journalism. I have fluency
in my language and also have a good awareness of the surroundings and a good knowledge base. I have the
efficiency to perform duties well and complete assigned tasks.
A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively. Multi skilled with a
ability to build strong working relationships with fellow reporters , video editors and news editors
Professional Experience :
Currently working as senior producer for TV9 channel Maharashtra .(from November 2010 till date . )
As a senior producer currently working on assignment desk .
Job responsibilities :
Co-ordinating with reporters and stringers for the stories and breaking news
Taking decisions to assign the stories ideas suggested by reporters and stringers . In big breaking news going
himself to cover the story .
Taking part in the meeting to finalise the Day Plan and developing the new story ideas .
Co-ordinating with the helpine numbers team to pursue the stories of the callers . Deploying the ob for the
live and Discussions .
Produced three crime shows for the channel .
I have produced three crime shows for the channels named MOST WANTED , AB BACHNA MUSHKIL HAI
I have researched ,written and directed these shows . these shows were recreation based .
Worked as senior associate producer for News 24 channel (BAG FILMS ) for 2 years .
Job profile: As working senior Associate Producer I co-ordinate with all reporters to give assignment and follow
up till the assignment completed . I also write the news package for the reports file by the reporters . I research
and find out the stories ideas for the reporters . I suggest the story board and slug for the pkg. I also co-
ordinate with all the stringers in Maharsahtra for stories .
I also cover the major stories and file report .
Beside this I prepare the day plan for the next day and look the deployment of o b vans. .
#Played an important role to launch NEWS 24 CHANNEL IN MUMBAI .
I was associated with the start of news 24 channel in Mumbai . I have played an active role in the launching
of the channel in Mumbai .
#Before this I was working as a news co-ordinator in BAG FILMS MEDIA LTD.
At that time bag films was producing news based Programmes For star news and DD news .
For star news we were producing much popular crime show, SANSANI ' and
Beside that i was also contributing humour based show ' POLL KHOL '.anchored by famous actor SHEKHAR
I have taken the exclusive interview of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena president Mr. Raj Thackray .
In In Mumbai Television (1998-2005)
In In Mumbai television (A HINDUJA GRUOP OF COMPANIES )I have started my career as a script writer . I
was writing anchor scripts for a crime based program named 'Panchanama'.
Later I have been promoted to look after the Maharshtra Assembly election bulletin held in the year of 1998-99.
I was responsible to write the anchors scripts beside writing voice over and doing research for the position of
candidates and election results.
Promoted as a News co-ordinator
Later i have been promoted as a News Coordinator in the channel . being as a News co-ordinator i have
produced the prime time bulletin ,right from finalising the run down to executing the bulletin .
Experience in reporting:
Political stories
For in Mumbai television I have interviewed most of the prominent leaders of the Maharshtra beside the leaders
of national level .
Appreciation : one of my interview with Mr. Viswanath Pratap Singh, the former prime minister of India was
appreciated by the news editor and the part of that interview was published in all the leading newspaper
including The Times of India .
Presented stories and participated in ALL INDIA RADIO programmes .
I had presented stories and participated in discussions of ALL INDIA RADIO programmes in RANCHI in the
year between 1994 to 97.
Name - Latikesh Sharma
Date of birth - 09/11/1971
Educational qualification - Post Graduate
Fathers Name- Shree Sudarsham Sharma Mukul
Language known - Hindi ,English , Marathi and to some extent Bengali.
Hobbies - Reading and watching films.
I here by declare that the above mentioned information is true and best in my knowledge.
Thanking you ,
Latikesh sharma