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Oscar Wilde

This is to certify that this project report entitled DRAMATIZATION OF OSCAR WILDES
..,submitted in partial fulfillment to . (COURSE OF STUDY),
during the academic year, 20 , is a bona fide record of work carried out under my
guidance and supervision.

Signature of the Project guide

1. Introduction and Purpose
2. Methods and Techniques
3. Output of the Project
4. Conclusion
5. References


The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education decided to allot 20 marks for
compulsory project work in all non-laboratory subjects with the objective of combining
practical training with theoretical learning.
For students who take admission to Class XI in 2013, the written papers in such subjects in
their higher secondary exam in 2015 will carry 80 marks each while the remaining 20 marks
will be allotted to project work. Three topics have been selected:
i. Dramatization of a Story
ii. Extension of a Story
iii. Writing an Autobiography.
Out of the three topics only one can be chosen as a project
After learning the utility of project work, I chose the first topic, Dramatization of a Story, as my

Objectives of the Project -

We will be able to
i. make the play lively by adding suitable dialogues
ii. write dialogue to retell the story as a play.
iii. develop presentation skills.
iv. enhance the organised writing skills

There are some definite steps in the making of the project of Dramatization of a Story. We
have chosen a suitable story for the project. Our teacher has provided us with the routine of
day-wise activities. Only ten periods have been fixed up for the whole task. We have worked
in groups. An account of the collaborative activities along with methods and techniques are
given in this chapter.

i. We chose Oscar Wildes short story, THE SELFISH GIANT for the project of
Dramatization of a Story
ii. We read out the story aloud in the class.
iii. We wrote the following headings on the board: Setting, Characters, and Events.

i. We were asked to describe the different settings in the story
ii. Our teacher asked us to have a group discussion so that we would have a clear concept
about this kind writing
iii. We were asked to be simple in expression and honest in dealing with events.

i. We were asked to describe the sequence of events by using prompts such as, what
happens in the story? What happens next?
ii. The responses were recorded on the board.
iii. Reviewed the main events of the story.

i. We began by writing Scene One. on the board
ii. We thought about the setting and characters involved in the scene. In this way we the
story into scenes and gave a heading to all of the scenes.
iii. We formed groups. Each group was assigned a scene. We acted out the scene, using
speech and movement.

i. We performed in group and the rest thought about ways to refine the plot by modification
of dialogue anything else.
ii. We outlined the improvisation and modifications on the board.
iii. We repeated the same activity for improvement.

i. We developed a manuscript following the instructions of our teacher. I read the draft
again and reviewed it on completion
ii. Our teacher asked us to read the manuscript once again. I showed the draft to our teacher,
and he suggested me for rectification and modification
iii. Copies of the manuscripts were distributed to each group; and they were asked to read the
parts of the play once again. They were also asked to give their suggestions to make it
more coherent. I rectified and modified the manuscript.

i. We reviewed every scene, its dialogue, and physical setting and recorded the agreed
dialogue. We showed our individual works to the teacher.
ii. Roles were assigned through trials, and the best one was chosen for performing a
particular role.
iii. Selected students were asked to read out or act put their part and the dialogue was tuned,
as required.

i. The copy of the script was given to each student. . Other students were assigned some
duties such as adding music, arranging the stage, monitoring the activities, preparing
props etc.
ii. A director was selected for conducting rehearsal. Rehearsal started.
iii. Rehearsal without script

i. Stage Performance.
ii. I performed my role in that part.
iii. We wrote a review of the performance. It was our Home-task.

i. We read out our review of the performance.
ii. Finally, I submitted my Project Report.
iii. Our teacher evaluated the project work as an individual work by giving emphasis on
writing skill, presentation of themes and total product.

The end product of this collaborative project work is the dramatized version of the story. The
script we developed of the story is a rough draft. We modified it during rehearsal and
performance. The script is given below:

Dramatization of a Story
A One Act Play

Based on:
The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde
Characters: * The Giant *Little Girls and Boys * Snow and Frost * North Wind * Autumn *
Place: The Giants Garden


What are you doing here?
[The children run away.]


THE GIANT : So I built a high wall all round it, and put up a notice-board

I heard the children whispering outside the wall on their way to school.
TALL GIRL : Now we have nowhere to play.
SHORT BOY : We can play on the road.
SQUARE GIRL : But the road is very dusty.

GRACEFUL GIRL : And full of hard stones.

ROUND BOY : I dont like it.

GRACEFUL GIRL : Lets walk around the wall when our lessons are over. At least we
can talk about the beautiful garden inside.
TALL GIRL : How happy we were there.

ROUND BOY : He is a very selfish Giant.
[The Giant opens a door in the wall and shouts at the children.]
THE GIANT : AAAGH! My own garden is my own garden; any one can understand
that, and I will allow nobody to play in it but myself!
[The children scatter.]
OLD GIANT : Then the Spring came, and all over the country there were little blossoms
and little birds. Only in my garden it was still Winter ..
The birds did not come to sing, and the trees forgot to blossom. The
people who were pleased best were the Snow and the Frost.
SNOW AND FROST : Spring has forgotten this garden so now we can live here all the year round!


NORTH WIND : This is a delightful spot; we must ask the Hail to come on a visit.


AUTUMN : He is too selfish.


The Giant jumps out
of bed and looks out.
Through a little hole
in the wall the
children have crept
in, and are sitting in
the branches of the trees.


THE TREE : Climb up! little boy, said the [ It bent its branches down ]

THE GIANT : the little boy was too tiny. It was then that my heart melted.





TALL GIRL : Now we have somewhere to play.

SHORT BOY : This is so much better than the road.

SQUARE GIRL : Yes, the road is so dusty, and the dust makes me sneeze.

GRACEFUL GIRL : And the grass is so much nicer than all those hard stones.

ROUND BOY : I like all the flowers.

GRACEFUL GIRL : And the trees.

TALL GIRL : How happy we are all here. Thank you, Mr. Giant.

ROUND BOY : Thank you. You are a very nice Giant.
THE GIANT : But where is your little companion? The boy I put into the tree.

GRACEFUL GIRL : I dont know.

ROUND BOY : He has gone away.

THE GIANT : You must tell him to be sure and come here tomorrow.

TALL GIRL : I dont know where he lives.

SQUARE GIRL: Ive never seen him before.


SHORT BOY : Im sorry, but I dont think he lives around here.


(Getting up and looking out the window.)


(Suddenly he rubs his eyes in wonder, and looks and looks.)


The Old Giant leaps down the stairs, into the snowy garden and to the grassy patch where the
child is standing. When he draws close to the child and examines him, his face grows red
with anger.


LITTLE CHILD : Nay! But these are the wounds of Love. They are necessary.

THE GIANT :(Falling to his knees) Little child, who art thou?


The Child climbs into the OLD GIANTs arms. The winter melts
away before them as they walk into an ever expanding garden.

Present Value
The project we undertook was accomplished within scheduled time limit. But we need enough time to
make our project work more appealing and enlightening.
Having completed the project work, we have learnt the following:
1. How to enhance the organised writing skills
2. How to develop presentation skills.
3. How to make the drama lively by portraying the characters which

are independently alive.
4. How to make the play lively by adding suitable dialogues
5. How to write dialogue to retell the story as a play.
6. How to indulge us in creative thinking .
7. How to enjoy working together and to learn by way of discussing
8. The importance of body language or gesture in communication.
9. . Importance of the setting, dialogue, music, and props in a
10. How to use the script in learning language effectively.

Future Value
The particular project work will help others in the following way:
1. They will get a ready script as an example of the said project
2. They will be able to rectify and modify the script so as to make it
more apt.
3. They will learn how to do the project work, dramatization of a
4. They will learn how to do the stage performance

While preparing the project I have used references from the following books
and websites

Name of the books:

1. The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde
2. Project Management a Practical Guide - John Quilliam &
Dermot Duff
3. Project Management - Shivprasad Koirala

Name of the websites:
1. http://www.britishcouncil.in
2. http://www.ehow.com/how_5951355_create-sample-project-plan.html
3. http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Successful-Project-(for-School)