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Titan Company Ltd. (formerly Titan Industries Ltd.

)[3] is an Indian designer and manufacturer of

watches, jewellery, precision engineering components and other accessories including sunglasses,
wallets, bags and belts. It is a joint venture between the Tata Group, and the Tamil Nadu Industrial
Development Corporation.[1] Titan is the world's fifth largest wrist watch manufacturer and
exports watches to nearly 32 countries around the world. Some of the well known brands of Titan
include Fastrack, Sonata, Raga, Edge, Octane, Xylys, Titan Eye+ and Tanishq, Goldplus, Zoya.

Company history

Logo Unvieled at 2013 rebranding

Titan was established in the year 1984,[1] becoming the third Indian watch manufacturer after
HMT and Allwyn. Titan formed a joint venture with Timex Group, which lasted until 1998, to set
up a distribution network across India. Titan is the 5th largest Watch Manufacturer Company in

TITAN has now become Titan Company Ltd. The company operates in five areas - Watches,
Jewellery, Eyewear, Fragrances/Perfumes and Precision Engineering.[4]

Titan watches account for more than 60% share of the total Indian market and are also sold in
about 32 countries through marketing subsidiaries based in London, Aden, Dubai and
Singapore.[1] Titan offers various brands including Steel, Regalia, Raga, Nebula, Sonata, Fastrack,
Zoop, Orion, Purple, Obaku, Automatic, Tycoon, Bandhan, Octane and the HTSE series. Titan has
claimed to have manufactured the world's slimmest wrist watch branded as Titan Edge with a total
thickness of 3.5 mm and a movement of 1.15 mm.[5]

In July 2011, Titan launched the HTSE (High Tech Self Energized) collection of watches which
run on light.[6] According to Titan, these watches can be charged with as low as 200 lux of light,
which makes them chargeable with light even from a candle.[6] On 16 November 2011, Titan
Industries acquired Swiss watch maker Favre-Leuba for Euro 2 million.[7]
Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering Division of Titan was started in 2002 to manufacture parts for automotive
and aerospace Industries. The product range includes pointers, dashboard clusters like fuel gauge,
temperature gauge, gear shift indicators, clocks, injection molded plastic parts, electromechanical
assemblies for automobiles and press tool, molds, jigs, fixtures for other industries.

Tanishq is the jewellery brand from the Titan stable and one of the pioneers of branded jewellery
and ornaments in India. The name Tanishq has been derived from "Ta" (the first two letters of Tata)
and "Nishk or Nishkh" (meaning gold coin or necklace in Sanskrit).[8] Tanishq is one of India's
largest brands in India. Zoya, Titan's latest jewellery brand, has joined Tanishq as one of the fastest
growing jewellery brands in the country.

In September 2013, Titan unveiled the everyday French Luxury Perfume line, Skinn. With three
masculine and three feminine fragrances, Skinn has already begun to leave a mark on the Indian
Other accessories

In March 2007, Titan entered the prescription eyewear segment under the brand name Titan Eye+.
Titan also produces sun glasses, bags, belts and others under the fastrack brand name.
Corporate identity

After 25 years, Titan Industries Ltd. changed its name to Titan Company Ltd. in August 2013 to
more closely reflect the range of lifestyle products the company sells and plans to sell. It also
unveiled a new logo at this time.[3] Titan company limited