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Undergraduate surgical textbooks

Clinical Surgery
Cuschieri A. Grace P A. Darzi A. Borley N. Rowley D I.
Paperback. 832 pages. Published Aug 03
Blackwell Science. ISBN 0632063947
Blackwell's Clinical Surgery has established itself as an excellent indispensable resource for
undergraduate medical students and house officers. The first edition was Awarded 1997 BMA Certificate
of Commendation. Written by an outstanding team of editors and expert contributors, the new updated
and revised edition has been designed as a complete learning guide. Unlike competing titles, Clinical
Surgery covers the following all in one book! Symptoms and signs of surgical disease Diagnosis and
investigations Treatment and procedures. The book is divided into five sections: Clinical Skills and
Investigations Perioperative Care The Management Of Acute Surgical Illness and Trauma General
Surgery Specialist Surgery The new edition features: Revised chapters with updated and refreshed
material, written in a systematic format to aid learning and enhance understanding 15 new chapters with
more information providing you with everything you need to know 'at a Glance' boxes for the most
common surgical conditions and common clinical presentations 'Must Know/ Must Do' boxes - to aid
learning and revision through self-assessment Clinically orientated information on practical procedures
Evidence Based Medicine references for further reading and research Excellent full colour illustrations
and a new attractive and easy to use format The second edition of Clinical Surgery is perfect for
undergraduate and junior doctors alike as well as other health professionals who need a comprehensive
account of surgery in all the major medical specialities. With a strong emphasis on clinical practice and
the necessary knowledge and skills, this is a must-buy for anyone going on a surgical rotation. Clinical
Surgery is intended to teach you everything you need to know about surgery at the start of your career.

Hamilton Bailey's Demonstration of Physical Signs in Clinical
Lumley J S P.
Paperback. 512 pages. Published Nov 97
Butterworth-Heinemann. ISBN 0750616210
Careful history-taking and the elicitation of physical signs remain of vital importance to surgical diagnosis.
This text, presented in simple language, gives a guide to the interpretation of physical signs in each area
of the body. It is aimed primarily at medical students starting their clinical training.

Clinical Surgery
Henry M H. Thompson J N
Paperback. 824 pages. Published Dec 04
Elsevier Saunders ISBN 0702027197
A comprehensive and attractively presented 4-colour textbook of clinical surgery aimed primarily at
medical students but also of use to junior doctors, allied health students, nurses or anyone who needs a
comprehensive and systematic textbook of surgery. Features include information boxes and clear
illustrations. Provides students with coverage of every aspect of surgery and has been designed and
written to be the 'surgical companion' to Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine. Also offers an online version
to all purchasers of the book.

Essential Surgery
Burkitt G. Quick C R G
Paperback. 720 pages. Published Oct 01
Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 0443063753
This surgical textbook attempts to explain the pathophysiological basis of surgical diseases and of their
management to bridge the gap between the basic medical sciences and clinical problems. It uses a
problem-solving rather than a disease-oriented approach to diagnosis and treatment. The book includes
information about epidemiology, disease prevention and the provision of health care. It tries to relate the
community aspects of surgical problems to aetiology, disease prevention and primary care. the book
contains outlines of common surgical operations, to enable students and junior doctors to explain
operations to patients and to allow them to participate intelligently in the operating department, as well as
giving them an understanding of how to prevent complications. There is a major section on accident
surgery related to the general surgeon.

Principles and Practice of Surgery
Garden O J. Bradbury A W. Forsythe J L R
Paperback. 656 pages. Published Mar 02
Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 0443064938
Learning about specific diseases that are usually treated with surgery, as well as understanding the
principles of managing surgical patients, is integral to the education of undergraduate and postgraduate
students and an essential precursor to the study of operative surgery. The new 4th edition of this book
presents a systematic approach to these key topics and familiarises students with surgical processes and
protocols. In this edition a new editorial team, along with a large number of contributors, offers a current
and up-to-date approach to each subject. Stronger links to the renowned companion text, Davidson's
Principles and Practice of Medicine, give students a seamless method for cross-referencing relevant facts
and ideas in general practice and surgery

Browse's Introduction to the Symptoms and Signs of Surgical
Browse N. Black J. Burnand K G. Thomas W E G
Paperback. 456 pages. Published Jun 05
Arnold. ISBN 034081571X
This book teaches the clinical features of surgical disease, stressing the importance of a thorough history
and examination. Revision panels summarise key points. The book includes over 400 clinical

Lecture Notes on General Surgery
Ellis H. Calne R. Watson C.
Paperback. 416 pages. Published May 98
Blackwell Science. ISBN 0865427682
"Lecture Notes on General Surgery", now in its 9th edition, remains a concise textbook of surgery, which
has helped hundreds of thousands of students pass finals. In addition, many MRCS candidates now use
the book as a rapid revision aid on the principles of surgery. This edition has been completely revised and

Colour Guide: Surgical Signs
Campbell B. Cooper M
Paperback. 152 pages. Published Dec 99
Churchill-Livingstone. ISBN 0443061459
This colour guide to clinical signs is aimed primarily at undergraduates, but can also be used as a revision
aid for postgraduate surgical examinations. The emphasis is on common conditions, but rarer diseases
which present with classic clinical features are included. Some common and important conditions produce
few specific signs which are difficult to photograph, and depend on special investigation for diagnosis,
such as upper gastrointestinal cancer and pancreatitis. There are scans and radiographs for some of
these, while others, such as oesophageal carcinoma, have been purposely omitted.

Surgery at a Glance
Grace P A. Borley N R
Paperback. 176 pages. Published Feb 02
Blackwell Science. ISBN 0632059885
Surgery at a Glance is designed to be a concise, readily accessible guide and revision aid to
undergraduate surgery. Arranged into sections, each topic is presented as a double-page spread in the
familiar style of the At a glance series. The key facts are accompanied by clear but informative line
diagrams illustrating the essential points. Although not intended to be a complete text of surgery, this
book will enhance and complement any of the major texts by providing a quick revision or directing further
reading about a topic.

Surgical finals: passing the clinical
Kuperberg G. Lumley J
Paperback. 200 pages. Published Nov 95
PasTest. ISBN 090689638X
One of a series of books designed to help medical students pass their finals, this title focuses on the
Surgical Clinical Examination. The book offers advice on preparation for the long case, short cases and
viva. 90 popular cases are included with tips on history taking, examination schemes, tables of different
diagnoses and diagrams. Each chapter concludes with a list of favourite viva questions enabling students
to test their own knowledge and to practice mock vivas with colleagues. In addition, the book includes a
syllabus checklist, a recommended reading list (including short book reviews) and a revision index.

Churchill's House Surgeon's Survival Guide
Gompertz R H. Rhodes M. Poston G J.
Paperback. 352 pages. Published Apr 00
Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 0443062234
This book is a practical manual aimed at helping newly qualified doctors become efficient and reliable
house surgeons.

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery
McLatchie G. Leaper D
Paperback. 950 pages. Published Dec 01
Oxford University Press. ISBN 0192626388
The second edition of the "Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery" continues in the tradition of providing a
succinct overview of the principles, techniques and procedures of surgery. The content has been fully
revised to meet the requirements of modern surgical practice. It is written in the concise style of the
handbook series, providing an accessible pocket reference for medical students, housemen, junior
surgical trainees, nursing, paramedical and rehabilitation staff. The coverage includes the assessment
and preparation of the patient, anaesthesia and critical care, inflammation, wound healing and infection,
the key components of general surgical practice as well as chapters on other surgical specialties,
including plastic, paediatric and orthopaedic surgery. There are also step-by-step descriptions of some
common operative surgical techniques, practical hints and procedures, and a chapter on signs, symptoms
and rarities.