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Health and nursing care concept

Concept of caring in nursing:

Caring is universal.
It influences the way people think, feel and act.
Many nursing theorists have tried to define caring. Ms. Florence Nightingale
was first among them.
Caring is the heart of nursing.
Benner (holistic theory)
o Caring means connectedness or involvement.
o Caring helps patients understand and adjust to illness.
o She defined health as a state of being individualized by ones values,
personality, and lifestyle.
o She believes, treatment for illness is worthless if not applied to
Leininger (trans-cultural theory)
o Caring is nurturing. It depends on needs of individual and must reflect
the patients own culture.
Watson (trans-personal theory)
o She focused on care and not cure
o Caring leads to internal healing will ultimately results in increase in
Swansons theory
o Caring has 5 dimensions:
Being with
Doing for
Ethics of caring: the principles of ethics are applied even in caring. Ultimate
goal is to protect human dignity.
Expressions of care:

In caring expression of care is very important. Nurse has to develop skills in
expressing care in various ways. Those are as follows:
o Spiritual: Being aware of and honoring patients beliefs.
o Presence: Being with
o Touch:
Skin to skin
Eye contacts (non-verbal)
Protective - to prevent injury.
o Listening: Collecting and interpreting patients information.
o Knowing: understanding client and avoid making assumptions.
Health care and nursing care:
Health and nursing care aim at fulfilling health needs of human being. Health is
defined as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing and
not any absence of disease or infirmity.
Difference between health care and nursing care:
Criteria Health care Nursing care
1 Definition
It is defined as magnitude of services
rendered to individuals, families and
communities by the agent of health
services or professionals for the
purpose of promoting, maintaining,
monitoring or restoring health.
Nursing care is arts and
science to deliver care
artfully with compassion
caring and respect for
each client, dignity and
Approach Broad approach for providing health
It is a part of total health
Agencies, govt. and NGOs. Personalized care and
Comprises of medical personnel,
nursing personnel and paramedics.
Nurses of various levels
of education as a part of
health team.
Focus Improve health status of people
through group efforts.
Improve health status
through comprehensive
family health care focus.

Level Provided at community level Provided at family and
individual level.
Only health related aspects are
covered. Mainly the focus is on
physical illness.
Care focus on complete
care to family.
Planning Care provision is planned through
planning of N. health programmes.
Care provision is planned
through family nursing
care plan.

Similarities between health care and nursing care:
1. Both are services to mankind for betterment of his health and thus life.
2. Nursing care is a part and partial of health care.
3. Both believe in philosophy every human has right to be healthy.
4. All the activities in both are based on scientific principles.
5. Universal precautions are followed in both to prevent cross infection.
Though nursing care is a part and partial of health care it is a backbone of whole
health care system.