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We are closely monitoring the erection activities at site based on approved drawing

and IS Codes. Any mismatch/discrepancy and interferences between interdisciplinary activities

were being resolved at site to save any delay in execution. We are issuing SORs to the
contractors for the activities which were either deviated from the drawing or deviated from the
standard (i.e. IS, IEEE & IEC standards). We participate in the daily morning tool box meeting
to ensure the compliances of safety standard before starting jobs and to ensure that workmen
are familiar with hazards and precautions of daily involved activities. We are furnishing some
examples which evidence our involvement at site:-
1. In HT Switchgear panel: - During end termination joint of single core 11 KV grade cable,
we observed that length of end termination kit is 300mm more than the length of cable
termination chamber. We discussed this issue to the vender i.e. M/s Siemens with
corrective action based on our past experiences which were agreed by them. We
completed the entire procedure without stopping the job.
2. Fire detectors were fouling with proposed route of HVAC ducts. Hence we relocated the
fire detectors position in the approved drawing at the site level in the coordination with
our designer on the very first day of starting the erection activities of FDA system at
DGPP. It had saved the rework.
3. Similarly, height of lighting fixtures was more than proposed HVAC duct height which
had to run parallel to the lighting fixture in DG control room building and DG substation
building. This arrangement should have caused shadow in the buildings. Hence to avoid
this, height of lighting fixtures was brought to the bottom of duct. This modification was
communicated to the contractor immediately to avoid rework.
4. We introduced checklists of critical construction activities which will help in minimising
the safety violations at site. These checklists are being complied on daily basis to ensure
adherence with safety measures before starting job at site.
Civil Works
1. Sand filling is replaced in all over the areas as of DG plant instead of Boulder filling in all floor and
foundation for cost reduction.
2. IPS flooring is implemented over pota stone flooring to minimize the cost and time saving.
3. White wash was replaced by Emulsion paint in some area to minimize the cost.
4. DM water tank foundation was made of Brick work instead of RCC to optimize the cost.
5. 132 KV cable trench is converted to Ducting pipe to minimize the duration of Job.
6. 50x50x6 angle replaced by 65x65x6 in two direction of precast slab instead of 4 directions and same
was implemented in Drain area.
7. Brick work wall, door and window were removed from pump room auxiliary bay for easy access and
maintenance and to minimize the cost.
8. Grid -7A brick wall was omitted for easy maintenance of equipment.
9. In transformer area mouth part cable trench wall made of brick wall instead of RCC to minimize the
cost in small portion of job.
10. Burnt oil pit depth was reduced to minimize the cost.
11. Window was provided in auxiliary bay staircase for easy ventilation.
12. Changing the 132KV cable trench into ducting helps to save the screed concrete to minimizing the

Mechanical works
1. The MOC for the compressor line from Duplex compressor to DG was changed from GI to CS pipe
since the process pressure of line is 30Kg/M2 which was suggested to contractor before starting of
fabrication to avoid the rework and helps in saving time with cost of contractor.
2. There was no space to accommodate the flexible steel pipe to absorb the DG vibration in the inlet
line of DG Lubrication line which was re-routed in the drawing followed by fabrication and erection
3. Platform has been introduced above the auxiliary utility line for DG to auxiliary equipment crossing
just above the walkway to avoid tripping hazard.
4. Layout of Auxiliary Equipment for DG was changed in view of building functionality in defined
5. A maintenance platform was proposed for HT and LT radiator top maintenance.
6. The SS spiral wound graphite filled gasket was recommended over ceramic gasket to enhance the
overall functionality.
7. There was no provision of condensate trap in Exhaust duct line of DG which was incorporated for
the better maintenance.