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Basic Last Will and



This Last Will and Testament template is a very basic one, but is still a legal
expression of your last wishes concerning the disposal of your Estate.
There are two steps in making your Last Will and Testament:
Step One: Prepare the Last Will and Testament
Fill in the blanks in the Last Will and Testament form by either printing or typing
in your information on to each blank line. For example, the Last Will and
Testament starts, I, ____________________,. If you are making your own Last
Will and Testament, print or type your name in the blank space. Then complete
the Will by filling in all the other blanks on this form. It is recommended you
complete this in your own hand, on a typewriter or a computer. Never allow a
spouse, or beneficiary to fill in your Last Will and Testament, as this could be
declared invalid.
Review your Last Will and Testament to see that it says what you want it to say
and is kept updated. If you have any questions of any nature whatsoever, talk
with a lawyer licensed in your state.
Step Two: Signing the Last Will and Testament
You must sign your Last Will and Testament in full in front of two independent
witnesses who should have no interest, or share in the Estate. This includes family
members, beneficiaries, Executors, Trustees or appointed Guardians. Each witness
must also sign in front of you and the other witness.
NOTE: This form is for completing a very simple Last Will and Testament. If your
Estate and/or wishes will be complicated, you are advised to seek the services of
a professional advisor who can assist you to draw up a valid Will.



DATED: _______________________________

Last Will and Testament

I, the undersigned,
(Full names)

(Identity number)

of (residential address) .

hereby declare that I am of sound mind and that this is to be my Last Will and
Testament. I hereby revoke all previous Wills or testamentary writings made by me.
I nominate (full name) .

(Identity number) ..

(Residential address).....

to be the Executor of my Estate. Should he/she be unwilling or unable to act as
Executor, I nominate (full name)

(Identity number) ..

(Address) .


I direct that the Executor of my Estate shall/shall not be required by the Master of the
High Court or other competent authority to give security for proper performance of his
duties. (Give details of security to be given or draw a line through if not applicable).

Page 1 Signed by TESTATOR: ...

WITNESS 1: .. WITNESS 2: ....

I direct that my Estate shall devolve and be distributed as follows:

Special Bequests:

After my special bequests I bequeath the residue of my Estate to:


In witness whereof I have signed this Will in (place) ...


on this .. (day) of .. (month)..

In the presence of the undersigned witnesses who, in my presence and in the
presence of each other, have signed this two-paged Last Will and Testament as
TESTATOR Signature: .. Date:
WITNESS 1. Name:..

WITNESS 1. Signature:... ID Number: .

WITNESS 2. Name: ..

WITNESS 2. Signature: ID Number: ..