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Guidelines for Preparing and Submitting Building Permit Application Forms

1.Download, completely fill up and sign the appropriate Building Permit Application Form
from the quezoncity.gov.ph website.
2. Applications for Building Permits require the following attachments:
Locational clearance certificate from the Citry Planning and Development
Office(CPDO), with the following CPDO-initialed photocopied attachments:
- Transfer certificate of title
- Real estate tax receipt and bill (current year)
- (if applicable) Lease contract/ award notice, deed of sale, memorandum of
agreement or joint venture agreement
- Barangay clearance
- One (1) set of architectural plans
Fire safety correction sheet
Three (3) sets each of the following technical documents, signed by the appropriate
- Lot/location plan
- Architectural plans
- Sanitary/plumbing plans
- Electrical plans
- Mechanical plans
- Fire protection plans
- Geotechnical plans
- Structural computation
- Project specifications
- Bill of materials/ cost estimate
The three (3) sets of plans must be organized in thre (3) folders labeled as follows:
- Owner
- Department of Building Official
- City Assessor
3. Bring the complete application form (with all the necessary attachments, properly
arranged), to the Information Window of the Department of Building official, located at the
floor, Quezon City Hall High-rise Building.
4.Use of Priority
The Priority Lane services building permit applicants who are senior citizens, pregnant
women and women with small children
5. Green Building
Application covered by the Green Building Ordinance should proceed to the Green Lane
6. Applicants who are not qualified to use the priority Lane or are not covered by the Green
Lane, should get their queue number and wait for their number to be called.
Make sure that you are present at the waiting area hen your number is called, because
there is no back-tracking of number.
If your number is called five (5)n times and you are not present, the receiving officer will
proceed to call the next number.
7. Once your number is called, proceed to the designated window and submit your complete
8. The receiving officer verifies the completeness of your documents.
If complete, you will be issued a computer-generated follow-up/ acknowledgement
receipt. You can check the status of your application after ten 10 working days
through SMS (text) or call through landline (telephone number 444-7272 and ask
the operator to connect you to the Department of Building official)
If incomplete, the documents will be returned to you for completion, with the
checklist of needed documents given to you.
9. If your application is compliant with the provisions of the National Building Code of the
Philippines, you will be given an Order of Payment at the releasing section of the
Department of Building Official (DBO). Then pay the indicated amount at the cashier of the
City Treasurers Office (ground floor, Annex Building) and get your Building Permit from
10. If your application is noncompliant with the provisions of the National Building Code of
the Philippines, the documents will be released through the Releasing Section and returned
to the applicant with the instruction to complete indicated in the attached Advices of Action.
Additional attachments are required for the following cases:
Metro Manila Development Authority Clearance (if the building is near or beside a
Department of Public works and Highways Clearance(if the building is along a
national highway)
Environment Clearance Certificate from the Department of Environment and Natural
Resources (DENR) if the structure is a new hospital, shopping mall, school
condominium, gas station and other projects with environmental impact
Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)/ Air Transportation Office (if the
structure is a telecommunications site, tower or antenna)
Bureau of Health Devices and Technology(BHDT) Clearance of Department of
Health(for telecommunications structures)
Quezon City Governments Subdivision Administration Unit (SAU)(for developments
involving townhouses, condominiums and the like)

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