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Animals senses
Humans have ve senses that help them to
see, hear, smell, feel and taste but many
animals have special senses that help them
to sense things differently from humans.
Read about some of them.
Its difcult to see in the water or at night so
whales, dolphins and bats use echolocation to
help them move around. An echo is a sound that
bounces off an object and returns to where it comes
from. These animals use echoes to understand the
size, shape and direction of the object so that they
can swim or y around it.
Infrared vision
Snakes dont see colours
like we do; they see
very different colours
which tell them how hot
things are! This is called
infrared vision and it
helps snakes to nd food
and to sense danger.
Snakes can move very
fast so be careful if you
see one! Can you see
the snake in this picture?
Its using infrared vision
to nd the mouse.
There are 10000
chemoreceptors on the
human tongue. They are
what help us to taste
our food. Some animals,
like the earthworm have
chemoreceptors all over
their bodies! Earthworms
live in the earth. They
do not have eyes so they
need the chemoreceptors
to nd food and other
Owls are awake at
night when it is dark.
To help them, they are
very good at hearing
and smelling. They also
have very big eyes which
collect lots of light. This
helps them to see much
better. Owls also have
special necks which can
move right around to see
whats behind them!
1 Read again and answer.
1 What is an echo?
2 Why do owls have big eyes?
3 How does infrared vision help snakes?
4 How do the chemoreceptors on our tongues help us?
5 What colours help bees to fnd fowers?
6 What are sensilla?
2 Read again and correct the sentences.
1 Echoes help animals to understand the colour and taste of an object.
2 Owls have special necks so that they can smell better.
3 Infrared vision tells snakes how cold things are.
4 Earthworms have chemoreceptors all over their tongues.
5 Bees see the same colours we see.
6 Sensilla help animals to hear better.
3 What special sense would you like to have? Invent a sense and draw and write
about it! How does it help you to do things?
Like this ant, many insects have very small hairs
called sensilla all over their bodies. These hairs help
them to sense movement in the air or water around
them. This tells them if they are in danger and helps
them to understand what is happening around them.
Ultraviolet light
When insects like bees look at owers, they
dont see the same colours we see. Their world
is coloured by ultraviolet light. To bees, a yellow
ower might look purple or blue. Darker colours
help bees to nd owers and make their food,
which we call honey.