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Dando Drilling International

Multitec 4000
The Multitec 4000 is the latest addition to Dandos line of
high performance multipurpose top-drive rotary rigs and is
the smallest in the range so far. With a pullback of 4000kgf,
the rig is designed to be ultra-compact, lightweight, easily
transportable, and capable of a wide range of drilling
techniques for the water, mineral, geotechnical and
geothermal sectors.

Multitec 4000
Chassis Fabrication
Steel box section construction
for the main chassis designed to
ensure lowest weight possible
while maintaining high strength.
4 hydraulic levelling jacks ftted,
operating on a three point system
with manual isolating valves.
Tool rack will be incorporated to
safely carry rods and augers.
Rig Safety
3 Emergency stop buttons.
Hydraulic system protection via
relief valves.
Track System
11.8 inch (300mm) wide rubber
tracks with twin speed tracking
ftted to an expanding chassis to
ensure stability on side slopes but
compact size when negotiating
tight areas.
-Rig width expanded: 1400mm
-Rig width closed: 940mm
-Approx. ground pressure: 2.2psi
-Current track clearance max:
Tracking Controls
Umbilical tracking via pilot control,
to ensure safe operating distance
while the rig is in transit.
Optional radio remote tracking
with manual backup is also
Power Pack
Powered by a Kubota 1505t tier 3
direct injection turbo diesel engine
developing 42hp (31kw).
This lightweight modern diesel
engine has a proven track record
in many applications and is
reliable and compact.
Steel box section construction
with a pullback capacity of 4 tons.
Chain & gear reduction sprockets
are driven via a hydraulic motor,
mounted on a tilting frame &
capable of drilling at 45 to 93
20 (500mm) mast slide to place
mast foot on the ground whilst
drilling vertically or at angles.
Working stroke: 2.2m (other
strokes are available.)
Breakout Clamps
Double breakout clamps with
adjustable rod guides.
General purpose winch for tool
handling and wireline work.
Rotary Head
Multiple options are available for
hammer drilling, coring work or
multi speeds for general purpose
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