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Comparison of adjectives

There are three forms of comparison:

- positive
- comparative
- superlative
A - Comparison with -er/-est
clean - cleaner - (the) cleanest
We use -er/-est with the following adjectives:
1) adjectives with one syllable
clean cleaner cleanest
new newer newest
cheap cheaper cheapest
2) adjectives with two syllables and the following endings:
2 - 1) adjectives with two syllables, ending in -y
dirty dirtier dirtiest
easy easier easiest
happy happier happiest
pretty prettier prettiest
2 - 2) adjectives with two syllables, ending in -er
clever cleverer cleverest
2 - 3) adjectives with two syllables, ending in -le
simple simpler simplest
2 - 4) adjectives with two syllables, ending in -ow
narrow narrower narrowest
Spelling of the adjectives sing the
endings -er!-est
large larger largest leave out the silent -e
big bigger biggest
Double the consonant after short vowel
sad sadder saddest
dirty dirtier dirtiest hange -y to -i (consonant before -y)
shy shyer shyest
!ere -y is not changed to -i"
(although consonant before -y)
B - Comparison with more - most
difficult - more difficult - (the) most difficult
all adjectives with more than one syllable (e#cept some adjectives with two syllables -
$ - % to $ - &)
C - Irregular adjectives
good better best
bad worse worst
much more most uncountable nouns
many more most countable nouns
little less least
little smaller smallest
D - Special adjectives
'ome ajdectives have two possible forms of comparison"
common commoner / more common commonest / most common
li(ely li(elier / more li(ely li(eliest / most li(ely
pleasant pleasanter / more pleasant pleasantest / most pleasant
polite politer / more polite politest / most polite
simple simpler / more simple simplest / most simple
stupid stupider / more stupid stupidest / most stupid
subtle subtler / more subtle subtlest
sure surer / more sure surest / most sure
Difference in meaning with adjectives:
farther farthest distance
further furthest
distance or
later latest
latter #
# last
older oldest people and things
elder eldest people (family)
nearer nearest distance
# ne#t order
"djectives - Comparison - #$ercise 1
)ill in the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives"
*#ample: new - +++++ - +++++++
,nswer: new - newer - newest
%) old - -
$) bad - -
-) difficult - -
&) large - -
.) good - -
)ill in all the gaps with the correct forms of the adjectives"
*#ample: ++++ - newer - +++++++
,nswer: new - newer - newest
%) - longer -
$) - - worst
-) modern - -
&) - - nicest
.) - - nearest
/) - - flattest
0) popular - -
1) - happier -
2) many - -
%3) - - cleverest
)ill in the missing words into the gaps" 4ind the first two words in each tas("
%) strong - stronger5 good -
$) coldest - colder5 happiest -
-) nice - nicer5 bad -
&) angry - angrier5 much -
.) more boring - boring5 sunnier -
/) more interesting - most interesting5 worse -
0) hard - hardest5 new -
1) most e#pensive - e#pensive5 cleanest -
2) fast - fastest5 old -
%3) shortest - short5 most difficult -
Comparison of adjectives in sentences -
#$ercise 1
6ut in the adjective from the first sentences into the second sentence in its correct form
(comparative or superlative)"
*#ample: 7 have a fast car8 but my friend has a ++++++ car"
,nswer: 7 have a fast car8 but my friend has a faster car"
%) 4y father is heavy" 4y uncle is much than my father"
$) The test in 9eography was easy8 but the test in :iology was "
-) )lorida is sunny" Do you (now the place in the ;',<
&) 'tan is a successful sportsman8 but his sister is than 'tan"
.) 4y mother has a soft voice8 but my teacher=s voice is than my mother=s"
/) ,my has a beautiful baby8 but my daughter has the baby on earth"
0) 7 live in a large family8 but my grandfather lived in a family"
1) We have only little time for this e#ercise8 but in the e#amination we=ll have even time"
2) >ucy is clever8 but arol is than >ucy"
%3) !ave you visited the old castle< 7t was the castle we visited during our holidays"
6ut in the adjective in bold from the first sentence into the second sentence in its correct
form (comparative or superlative)"
*#ample: 7 have a fast car8 but my friend has a ++++++ car"
,nswer: 7 have a fast car8 but my friend has a faster car"
%) This is a nice cat" 7t=s much than my friend=s cat"
$) !ere is *mily" 'he=s si# years old" !er brother is nine8 so he is "
-) This is a difficlt e#ercise" :ut the e#ercise with an asteris( (?) is the e#ercise on the
&) !e has an interesting hobby8 but my sister has the hobby in the world"
.) 7n the last holidays 7 read a good boo(8 but father gave me an even one last wee(end"
/) 'chool is boring8 but homewor( is than school"