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If you see Boot unix(no sync) during booting, unix is not loaded properly.

once again from beginning.

1.Login as root in SBY IOP,
2.Give shutdown 0 and yes. Swith off the power switch at back side after
seeing single user mode in screen.
3. once again switch on.type a and press enter.->insert unix cartridge in drive
-> give bo c in VHC7.0 prompt.
4. Follow instructions as given in paper
5.Give no for question Do you want to format the winch
6.Give yes for question Want to create file system other than root
7. Follow instructions in paper to complete loading of BAC,CPC,BMDC. It will be
easy only. Just follw paper.
For BAC:
Goto /usr/cdot amd give RESBC
For CPC:
Goto /code/audit and give RESPC
Goto /code/audit and give RESDC
For Language option ,give 06
8. After loading all cartridges, we have to once again boot.Login as root -> give
shutdown 0 -> switch off the switch at back side -> Switch on -> type a
and enter -> VHC7.0 prompt will appear -> give bo alone. (not bo c)
9.Now booting from hard disk will take place.. Ensure that no error occurs while
booting. If any error came(eg. Excessive Dup Blocks present),we have to load all
cartridges once again.
10.After booting, IOP will come to Warm start level.set the site id using command
set-site-id in CRP. Site Ids are case sensitive.
11. We have to copy Rgen,Tncircle.
12. Install insatlces(Follw instructions in paper.thats enough),Create Opr -> cdr
And add $LOGNAME != cdr in /u/u.prof. add CRPAPP=2,export CRPAPP in
13.For ICC-6 port we need to change value.(see the paper)
14.Copy ED,Bc from ACT IOP and copy it in this newly loaded IOP
15. Copy BD(one day enough) after latest Dumpp happens.Wait for next dumpp to
16.If needed ,we can use the waiting time(Waiting for next dumpp after copying
BD)to create user names and changing password for admn,Root accounts.
17,Remove the CDR cable while starting to copy ED and copying it in newly
loaded IOP. Keep it removed till loading all the BMs
18.After the next dumpp,we are ready for Init system
Procedure for Init system:
1.Give init iop,2,1(verify if 2 is warm start) in the ACT IOP.Verify if RED
Lamp caomes in IOP LED in ADP
2.Give init iop,5,1(Verify if 5 is INS-ACT) in newly loaded IOP. Chek if
RED indication in ADP for IOP changes to amper.
3. Give init-sys,IOP-0,Power-on command.Switch off AM (6
frame in
CM) and switch on and give reset in all the cards in AM frame. Do this
immediately after executing init sys command.
4. First AP,CM and system clock will come. After that all bms Will load
5Only 2 BMs will load at a time It will take 45 min to 1.15Hrs for all BMs
to load.
6.If any BM does not came , give hardware reset and bring it in.
Init system will end after all the BMs came in. Now newly Loaded IOP will be in
INS-ACT State. Other IOP will be in warm state.
Load all cartridges in Other IOP also,(starting from first step)
Procedure for Sync:
1.Goto $PRCDATAP, open file sync_grp5,put # at the beginning of all lines.(
command is shift :1,$s/^/# )
2.give command put-swu-oos:iom,iop-0 and put-swu-ins:iom,iop-0 (Here I
have assumed that IOP-1 is loaded first and made inservice. IOP-0 is being loaded
now.) [Attention is neede in this step. Dont put away aleady ACT IOP inti OOS ]

Checks in the end:
1.check displ-iop-level and check if both iops are in duplex,
2.check displ-lscnt-oos
3.check displ-ls-sts
4.check mtr reading for few numbers and verify if both are same in two IOPs.
Make call and verify if mtr reading gets incrementd appropriately in both IOP.
5.check rad,crad
6.check displ-trm-satatus for few trunks

1. Change year in rgen files like ncbr,tgcbr