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Human Resource Management is a management function involving procurement of
suitable human resources, train and develop their competencies, motivate them reward them
effectively and create in them an urge to be part of the management team whose aim should be
render, dedicated, committed service for the success and growth of the organization.

The term human resources spell the total sum of the components (like skills, creative
abilities) possessed by all employees and other persons (like employed, employees, owners etc.)
who contribute their services to attain the organizational objectives and goals. Human Resource
Management is much broader compared to the term personnel management either at the
components level or in coverage at organization level. The comparison personnel is Human
Resource Management is presented. (C.B.Mamoria, S.V.Gankar)

According to Byars and Rue, Human Resource Management encompasses those
activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resources of an organization.
According to Ivancevich and Glueck, Personnel/human resource management is the
function performed in organizations that facilitates the most effective use of people (employees)
to achieve organizational and individual goals.

HRM is a process of consisting four functions acquiring, developing, motivating
and retaining human resources. The acquisition function starts with planning (for the number and
categories of employees required) and ends with staffing. The development function has three
dimensions-employee training, management development, and career development. The
motivation function includes identifying the individual motivational needs of employees and
identifying ways to motivate them. The retention function is concerned with providing a
conductive work environment to the employees and nurturing them to make them feel committed
and attached to the organization.

There is a vast difference between modern HRM and the personnel management that
was prevalent decades ago. By the end of twentieth century, the managerial philosophy that has
defined the personnel function has undergone radical changes. Over the past eighty years, the
scientific management approach and the human relations approach appeared and then
disappeared too. The human resource has gained prominence in the recent times.

The scope of Human Resource Management is vast. All major activities in the working
life of the employee from the time of his entry into the organization until he leaves, retires come
under the purview of human resource management. The most important activities undertaken

Planning, job design, job analysis, procurement, recruitment, selection, Induction,
Training and development.
Compensation, rewards, benefits retrial, medical and health care.
Motivation- motivational aids, bonus, incentives, profit sharing non-monetary
Relations grievance handling, participation, collective bargaining And there aspects of
cordial relations conductive to manual understanding and
Employee evaluation and performance improvement, Human Resource, audit; and


The Government of Gujarat had reorganized the erstwhile Gujarat Electricity
board (GEB) into seven separate entities with functional responsibilities of trading, generation,
transmission and distribution respectively. The Gujarat state after unbundling of erstwhile
Gujarat electricity board, Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company limited came into existence on 15-09-
03. The company has started commercial function w.e.f 15-April-2005. The company is engaged
in distribution electricity in 7 districts namely Bharuch, Narmada, Surat, Tapi, Dangs, Navsari
and Valasad in south Gujarat. Company has the vision of providing customer satisfaction
through service excellence.
The company is responsible for reliable and affordable power distribution to
residential areas, commercial complexes, streetlights, water works, agriculture, traction as well
as industries. Major functional areas of DGVCL are as under.
Operation and Maintenance of HT/LT lines, Distribution Transformer Centers (DTC),
Protective equipments etc.
Erecting and installation of new HT/LT lines, DTC, Service connections, protective
equipments etc. Design, development and implementation of system improvement schemes.
Identification and implementation of Govt. /Non-Govt. sponsored schemes.
Rural Electrification activities viz. Jyoti Gram Yojana(JGY), Rajiv Gandhi Gramin
Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY), Tribal Area Sub-Plan(TASP), Tatkal, SCP, Well
Electrification, Border Area Development Plan, Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana
Demand side load management. Reduction in losses, Revenue enhancement, Reliable and
quality Power Supply.
Electricity is distributed by DGVCL to 1.54 million consumers through 18,652 Circuit
Kilometer (CKm) of HT lines, 32035 CKm of LT lines and 30460 transformers in 6 Districts
of South Gujarat

Major activity:-
The brief description of various O&M activities during 06-07 of DGVCL is as under:-
1. Power restoration to 3.37 Lacs flood affected consumer during unprecedented flood
conditions in August-06 within only 6 days which is a record in itself. At some of the places,
staff had reached the site to start the restoration work before water receded.
2. The work of segregation of Agriculture Load for actual JGY electrification work in declared
516 Nos of villages completed.
3. Computerized consumers service center started at Surat, Bharuch, Valsad and Navsari city
and process under way for such centers in tribal areas.
4. More than 1 Lacs single phase defective meters replaces and Zero Level will be achieved
by December 07.
5. 100 % financial target as well as physical target achieved in APDRP Scheme with 118 Nos.
feeder bifurcation work, 1373 Nos. of DTS review and consumer indexing for more than
Lacs of consumers.
6. Highest amount among all DISCOMs settled by arranging 219 Nos. of Crores settled in one
day which is also highest ever amount.
7. 4 Nos. of new sub-divisions created namely Bamroli, Saroli, Dindoly & Godadra for
providing better services to the consumers.
8. 8 Nos. of New sub- Station opened.
9. All Modules of E-Urja made live in pilot Circle.
10. RGGVY Scheme sanctioned in 6 Districts by REC and 70% works completed in Bharuch
Circle with release of 12595 Nos. of BPL House hold connections.
11. Drives for Lok-Adalats and Execution of Decrees
During the year, totally 62 Nos. of Lok-Adalats were arranged for settlement of Civil Suits
pending in various Courts, settled 432 cases involving Rs.235.34 Lacs for Rs.141.86 Lacs
and recovered Rs.31.30 Lacs. Additionally, 16581 Nos. of time bared cases involving an
amount of Rs.1399.66 Lacs. Were settled for Rs.795.95 Lacs and recovered Rs.205.76 Lacs
during the year by arranging 157 pre-litigation Lok-Adalat at various Courts.

Quality Policy
To meet with the expectation of its customers and interested parties through continual
improvement excellence services and deployment of policies.
o To remain a leading DISCOM in the counter By:
Providing reliable and quality power at competitive cost as per GERC and other regulatory
Providing Prompt, efficient and effective consumer services.
Establishing mechanisms for continuous monitoring, reviewing and up gradation of electrical
distribution Systems in an environmentally acceptable manner for Sustainable growth
Strong Commitment towards motivating employees and association through appropriate
training and processes to support identified management services using ISO 9001:2000

Quality Objective
To reach higher Standards in reducing AT& C (Aggregate Technical Commercial) Losses
Ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply by reduction in:
o Transformer Failures
o TTS (Transient Trip pings)
o SFs (Sustained Faults)
Ensuring Quality and Reliability of Power By:
o Transformer failures
o TTS (Transient Trip pings)
o SFs (sustained Faults)
Customer Satisfaction through service excellence
Continual Improvement through trainings Line staff
Maintaining optical level of stock at RSO
Surat Circle Valsad Circle Bharuch Circle
Division S/Dn Division S/Dn Division S/Dn
Surat U 7 Navsari City 0 Bharuch City 2
surat R 7 Navsari (O & M) 10 Bharuch (Rural) 6
Surat I 6 Valsad City 0 Ankleshwar (I) 3
Bardoli 5 Valsad (R) 7 Ankleshwar (Rural) 6
Vyara 7 Vapi (O & M) 5 Rajpipla 5
RSO (Navsari) Vapi (Ind.) 3 RSO (Bharuch)

Organizational setup (Chart)

The various awards/ ratings for outstanding performance were received by the
company. The details are as under: SEB Ratings 2005.
Rated as the most progressive power utility of the country by India tech foundation
ICRA and CRISIL rated the state Electricity Utilities
Gujarats progress in the ratings has been phenomenal
FY 2003: 7
FY 2004: 5
FY 2005: 2
FY 2006: 2
Received India Tech Excellence Award.
Quality management System in confirms with ISO 9001:2000 Certified. And its corporate
office and all circle office .All the seventeen Division Location are under Process of ISO
Share capital: - Authorized share capital: 50, 00, 00,000 Equity shares each of Rs. 10 Issued,
subscribed and paid up capital: 50,080 equity shares of each of Rs. 10 each fully paid-up
(previous year 50,080 equity shares) held by the holding company Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd
and its nominees.

Personal department, time keeping, Recruitment and selection, performance,
Appraisal, training and development Promotion and Transfer Resignation from Service, Wage and
salary administration, security administration, personnel record maintaining, transport, liasoning
with government authority, accident and provident fund, employees state insurance, mediclaim,
electrical maintenance, general and personnel administration discipline reaction, primary function
and also Procurement Department are as under Human Resource Department Procurement
Department Work as like a all material Provided to HR Department. HR department are as under
the work of Procurement Department. All HR Department Requirement fulfillments of
Procurement Department, etc. are involved in Human Resource management.

Human Resource Planning processes can be explained as follows.
Organizational objective and policies
Demand forecasting
Supply forecasting
Implementation through change
Recruitment and selection

Addl. General Manager (HR): He is reporting to the Chief Engineer of the company for the
Establishment related activities of the company Viz. Human recourses development,
Staff Welfare,
Training to employee,
Transfer of employees,
Appointment / Recruitment of new manpower,
Promotion of Staff/ Employees,
Disciplinary action against Staff for negligence in duties, etc.
Industrial relations, Unions,
Fire and safety,
Court cases related to service matters,
Staff/ Employees Grievance resolutions,
Staff set up,
Compassionate appointment,
Grant of medical claims, Higher grades & increments,
TA bills,
Conduct of professional exams, Maintenance of seniority,
Leave & salary administration, CPF, etc.

Dy. General Manager (HR), Personnel Officer / Industrial Relations Officer,
assistant secretary, Superintendent of Establishments are working under Addl. General
Manager (HR) for the above activities.
At corporate level, Personnel Officers / Industrial Relations Officer are
reporting to the Dy. General Manager (HR) and looking after the above activities.